Violet couldn't help but think about what Charlie's father said to her...why did he say that?

Since he and his wife raised a loving son,shouldn't he be himself, right? As soon as she got into Charlie's room she could already tell he was in the shower, washing up.

Benny had dumped the melted chocolate onto him by accident. She waited for him to come out. She sat on the bed that he had told her to sleep in when she first got there. Life had changed dramatically in a short time.

By the time Charlie came out of the bathroom, he already had on his chocolatier suit. He had his top hat in his hand. He could see Violet on the bed looking upset. He came over to her to see what was wrong with Violet

"Violet, what's wrong? You look quite upset.",said Charlie.

"Oh, uh ,everything's fine, Charlie.",said Violet with a fake smile.

Her face tried to not to let Charlie worry about her. Charlie was too smart and he already knew what was wrong with her, so he scootched over to Violet on the bed. He would see if he could get her to talk about what is going on with her.

"Violet are you sure?",asked Charlie.

"Yeah, I'm sure Charlie. Let's continue our walk in the candy gardens, shall we?",asked Violet.

"No Violet, we shouldn't. Just wait here a sec.",said Charlie.

Violet was silent. She agreed with Charlie by nodding at him, watching Charlie as he shut the door and left with her.