After Charlie had the talk with his father, he went back to his room to let Violet know that he was leaving for work. This would leave Violet all by herself for the day. So, she decided to clean and organize the room around her. While she was busy doing that, she didn't hear the door behind her was opening and shut. The person who stepped through the door was himself, he was using his cane to help himself to walk towards Violet and pat her on the shoulder.

"Ah!",said Violet.

She had almost jumped straight up, her two legs jettisoning her off the ground. Then she spun around to see who the person was that had just tapped her on the shoulder.

"Oh hello, .", said Violet.

"Hello Violet, I came to say how sorry I was. The way acted towards you was wrong. it's just I'm always protective towards Charlie. When it comes down to people being mean to him, I won't stand for it. I didn't understand how much you have grown out of it. I'm sorry can you please forgive me?",asked .

Violet was silent for a couple of minutes before nodding her head in response as the two of them sat down on the bed to chat.

Few Minutes Later~

Charlie had walked into the room to tell Violet that he was back, before he did he spotted his dad and Violet sitting and talking to each other. Charlie decided not to say anything but smiled knowing that what he said to his dad made him understand that Violet is no longer a bad person so without them noticing Charlie had went into the bathroom to shower.