S:1: Chapter 4:

It was a beautiful day in some unknown tourists caverns, near the D-Team's home town.

"Welcome to the caverns, folks. As you enter, please stay with your tour guide. Parts of the cavern are still undeveloped and extremely dangerous and we don't wanna lose anyone." A man behind a microphone announced while the Alpha Gang is in an undeveloped part.

"Urgh! Dr. Z better be right about a dinosaur being in this cave." Ursula groaned hitting a stalactite.

"Well, how many times has he been wrong?" Zander asked.

"I can't count that high! But at least those annoying tourist didn't follow us into this area." Ursula growled.

"I wonder why. This is the nicest part of the cave." Ed wondered leaning against an unstable stalactite which caused it along with a pile of rocks to cave in on them.

"Lucky for you Ed, I have one hand free to pummel you with!" Ursula responded.

"Yeah. Lucky me." Ed said in fear while a dinosaur card capsule bounced off the rock pile.

(Opening Theme: The Asterisk War Opening 2 English Dub by NateWantsToBattle)

(The opening theme starts with the Stone tablets when the six elements divided into a bright light)

The battlefield is bright

(Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie came into a scene of flames with Blaze and Fang behind them)
The sun it shines today

(Rex Owen and Rainbow Dash appeared in with wind while riding Ace and Whirlwind)
Our emotions and shadows are cast away

(Applejack stands in an earthly field when Razor came out of the ground)
But everyone's aware
That soon enough it's bound to go down

(Sonata Dusk and Rarity dazzlingly spin around in front of Iry and Scales with a gush of water)
The light will fade out

(Max Tayler and Chomp along with Twilight Sparkle and a mysterious Ceratopsian appeared with lightning behind them)

Even dreams we had that came out of our lowest times

(Zoe Drake and Fluttershy were surrounded by leaves as Paris and Maya came out from them)
Will be forgiven by the world, by you and I

(Dr. Z lashes out his arms with Terry, Spiny, Tank and the Alpha Clone Dinosaurs being summoned behind him)
Now close your eyes and reach out
Let me guide you

(The D-Team and the Rainbooms pull out their Dinosaur cards)
If not alone, will you go with me?

(The D-Team and the Rainbooms prepared their Dino Holders and DinoShots)
We'll fly high

(They slashed and Fired)

Ringing out to break apart

(Ace started by using his Ninja Attack)
And like the spear you pierce my heart

(Chomp and the mysterious Ceratopsian charge in with Electric Charge)
I'm screaming out to you

"You're my star! Will you shine forever?"

(Iry uses Water Whip then Blaze activates Elemental Power)
Live on and guide this madness

(Fang shoots his Fire Cannon then Whirlwind jumps up and zooms down with Atomic Bomb)

All of the things that we need are in front of us

(Paris unleashes Nature's Blessing then Maya uses Diving Press)

Love will guide you
And pick you right up off the ground

(Scales uses Water Whip also, but two appear on his tail then Razor charges with Crystal Breaker)
We have a purpose
We'd rather die before we back down

(The D-Team and the Rainbooms' Dinosaurs battle the Alpha Gang's Dinosaurs and the Alpha Clones)
And I'm screaming out
Louder than before

(The Rainbooms were glowing and the pony ears and wings appeared)
"Maybe someday you'll get
This is the Asterisk War!"

(The D-Team and the Rainbooms and their Dinosaurs appear on top of a tall rock as the title appeared)

At the D-Team's school parking lot, most of the D-Team was ready for the field trip with Rarity, Applejack & Fluttershy being invited.

"It's mighty nice of Y'all to let us come with you on a field trip in case there's trouble, Zoe." Applejack spoke all ready to go.

"Max is gonna miss the bus." Zoe worried.

"I know. He forgot his Dino Holder again." Rex mentioned getting a chuckle from Zoe.

"Oh dear. Max can be pretty forgetful sometimes." Fluttershy said.

"Well, good thing his head is attached." Zoe chuckled.

"Yep. That's Max." Rex agreed when Max finally arrived.

"I'm here! I made it!" Max called out.

"That was pretty quick." Rex responded.

"Yeah. I took a shortcut through the library." Max panted.

"Honestly darling, you have to work on keeping track of your Dino Holder like I do with my Dino-Shot." Rarity commented.

"Is your Dino Holder on silent mode I hope?" Zoe asked.

"Oh, thanks for reminding me. Okay, all set. Let's go already! Who are we waiting for?" Max asked impatiently after silencing his Dino Holder.

"Well, listen to you. You're a good one to talk." Zoe answered.

"No kidding." Rex agreed.

"I'm here. Everybody ready? Hello, nice to see you. I'm Michelle, science field trip leader extraordinaire." The teacher named Michelle introduced while the students watch her make a fool of herself.

"Well, there is something you don't see everyday." Fluttershy whispered.

"Why do we have to get stuck with her?" Rex asked in a groan.

"I don't know I kinda like her." Max answered.

"Hehe. She kinda reminds us of Pinkie Pie in some way." Applejack giggled.

"Well, I hope she calms down a little bit." Rex hoped.

"She's just excited about the field trip." Zoe said.

"So, I'm excited too. You don't see me dancing around." Rex commented watching Michelle dance.

"Hate to tell you but she's always like this." Max mentioned.

"Alright, now that everyone's here and we're all warmed up, let's get on the buses and hit the road." Michelle announced in excitement.

"I just hope she's not the driver." Rex hoped in annoyance.

Back inside the caves, the Alpha Gang was still trapped in the rock pile from the cave in and are starving.

"I'm hungry." Ed spoke weakly.

"Yeah." Zander agreed.

"Can anyone tell me how long we've been buried under these rocks?" Ursula asked feeling like skin and bones.

"I'd check my watch and tell you. But I seem to be buried in rocks." Zander answered.

"Ah, you know what sounds good? Chowder. Maybe red, but the white is nice too." Ursula hallucinated licking her lips.

"Hurry up and say it." Zander whispered to Ed.

"I'm not sure about this, Zander." Ed refused in fear.

"She's starting to lose it. Say it before it's too late. This is our only hope." Zander told wining the argument.

"Ursula, Zander just said something about a… OLD LADY!" Ed blurted out which actually got Ursula angry which actually made the rock pile shake while the card capsule secretly opened & the dinosaur (along with it's move card activate, showing it's element is Earth.

"How dare either one of you even utter those words?! I'll crush you! Let me hear you say that again, Ed. You think I'm old, don't you? I know you and Zander were talking behind my back." Ursula shouted while she freed them from the rock pile.

"Well, what do you know, Ursula. You managed to get us all freed from the rock pile." Zander quickly observed causing Ursula to stop shaking Ed.

"I did? Oh, what do you know? Oh, I'm too weak and hungry to clobber you. Let's go find some food before Ed starts looking like a donut." Ursula groaned weak and hungry.

"Hm. Donuts." Ed & Zander said following Ursula while the dinosaur that just appeared without them noticing revealed to be a Euoplocephalus which roamed into another cave.

Back at the school's parkin lot, Zoe and Fluttershy were about to enter the bus when Michelle noticed them.

"Are you Zoe & Ms. Fluttershy?" Michelle asked politely.

"Yes, we are." Zoe answered.

"Hi there. Could you both do me a big favor & sit next to the new girl, Amy when you get on the bus? Try to make her feel welcome." Michelle asked.

"Oh, alright then." Zoe accepted. "That would nice." Fluttershy agreed getting on the bus where they found the girl named Amy.

"Hi, are you Amy?" Zoe asked when Amy noticed her & Fluttershy sitting next to her.

"I… uh… yeah, that's me." Amy shyly answered.

"She kinda reminds me of you, Fluttershy." Zoe whispered.

A few moments later, the bus was on its way to the caves, while Zoe & Fluttershy were conversating with Amy.

"Field trips are fun, huh? You know, just getting out of a classroom. Which trips are your favorite? I like museums, but places like caves, I like those the best." Zoe asked.

"Yes. I like trips that involve nature trails with so many animals." Fluttershy agreed.

"Today's trip should be fun." Zoe said. "Mmm-hmm. Yeah." Amy quietly nodded.

"I wonder what the problem is." Fluttershy whispered to herself when Amy heard a conversation from the girls sitting behind them.

"Are you okay?" Zoe asked when Amy sat back down.

"I heard 'lizards'!" Amy answered.

"Oh. Do you like lizard, Amy?" Zoe asked again.

"Yeah. A lot." Amy nodded. "We love lizards too." Fluttershy smiled.

"No way. Really?" Amy asked. "Yeah. I think they're really cute." Zoe answered.

"And I think that they are amazing creatures like other animals. Do you have one for a pet, Amy?" Fluttershy asked.

"No, not anymore. I don't." Amy sadly answered.

"Oh. I'm sorry to here that." Zoe apologized seeing Amy sad again.

"What's wrong? Are you okay? Do you want us to get Michelle?" Fluttershy asked in concern.

"No, I'm alright." Amy denied.

"Oh. Okay." Zoe accepted while they were unaware that Rex was listening.

At least an hour later, the field trip has made it to the caves and began the tour with Michelle leading them. But the Rainbooms & the D-Team noticed Amy was behind everyone else.

"Why is she so sad?" Rex asked.

"I don't know. We just started talking about lizards and she got really quiet all of a sudden." Zoe answered.

"When we were talking, I could tell that she was depressed." Fluttershy added.

"It's hard being the new kid at school. Plus, she seems really shy." Max said.

"Almost as shy as me." Fluttershy quietly replied.

"Yeah." Zoe agreed.

"And now for the most exciting part of our adventure! The highlight of all fieldtrips, my favorite part of the day...lunch!" Michelle announced excitedly.

"Hehe. Somethin' tells me she and Pinkie Pie would get along just fine." Applejack chuckled in amusement.

Somewhere in the caverns, the Alpha Gang were back to wondering around while they were starving.

"I'm so hungry. Ed's starting to look like a hamburger." Zander groaned in hunger when Ursula started sniffing.

"Oh, I think I smell a mirage." Ursula spoke when Ed started sniffing too.

"It's not a mirage! There's definitely food right over there!" Ed called out pointing to the direction of the smell.

"Let's go!" The Alpha Gang decided heading towards the source of the smell of food.

Back at the fieldtrip's location, the entire class was starting to enjoying there lunches. Especially the D-Team & the Rainbooms.

"Yeah. I love lunch." Max smiled when he ate one of his Onigiri in one bite.

"Max, please chew your food and slow down while you're at it, darling." Rarity deadpanned in annoyance when Zoe, Fluttershy & Applejack noticed Amy alone.

"Alone again." Amy sighed in sadness.

"Amy? Do you wanna have lunch with us?" Zoe asked.

"We'll be happy to have you join us. If you don't mind us asking." Fluttershy politely joined in when Amy noticed a small lizard.

"Hi little guy." Amy greeted attempting to pet the lizard when it crawled away. "Wait." She begged following it.

"Amy! Don't go down there! It could be dangerous!" Zoe warned following Amy along with Fluttershy & Applejack.

"Hold on, sugarcube! We're supposed to stay with the group!" Applejack yelled.

"Come back!" Amy pleaded trying to catch the lizard.

"Amy, where are you going?" Zoe asked getting Amy's attention.

"Oh. I was after that." Amy pointed towards the lizards.

"The lizard? Why?" Zoe asked.

"I guess it was because... because it kinda reminded me of Hanna." Amy answered showing them her phone. "Hanna was my pet Iguana. I had to leave him behind when we moved." She sadly explained.

"That's so sad." Zoe sadly responded.

"Very. I'm very sorry to hear that." Fluttershy apologized when they heard screaming.

"That doesn't sound good. Let's go see what's up!" Zoe told.

"I hope there's not major trouble goin' on back in our spot." Applejack hoped when they headed back when she noticed Amy stopped by seeing the same lizard.

"So, there you are." Amy noticed when the said lizard was crawling away from her. "Wait. Come back." She pleaded running after it again.

"Oh, for Pete's sake! Amy!" Applejack called out following Amy.

Cutscene back to the picnic area, we see Michelle at tug of war with Ursula for her lunch with the Alpha Gang being there.

"Let go of my lunch, whoever you are!" Michelle demanded.

"Tell her who we are, boys!" Ursula told with a growl.

"Here to harang..." Zander started.

"A zis boom bang..." Ed added.

"The Alpha Gang!" Ursula finished before she got back to the tug of war.

"Is that so? You're no match for Michelle, science teacher & fieldtrip leader of doom. Any super perky." Michelle responded.

"I like her!" Ed love-struck when Ursula kicked him in retaliation.

"You know, perky is annoying. And you can stop hiding your age with your young makeup, old lady." Ursula insulted.

"Old lady?! You're so old, you got Abe Lincoln's picture in your year book. How do you like that?" Michelle insulted back.

"Oh, is that so? You're so old, the dead sea was getting sick." Ursula insulted in retaliation.

"Ha, ha, ha! You're so old, I heard you're selling old hot dogs at Custer's Last Stand." Michelle kept insulting.

"Well, you're so old, the key on Ben Franklin's kite was for your apartment!" Ursula insulted again when Max & Rarity noticed her.

"Hey, are you in this field trip too, old lady?" Max asked in insult.

"Darling, please. You know she's very sensitive about that." Rarity warned.

"I AM NOT OLD AND QUIT CALLING ME THAT!" Both Ursula & Michelle snapped at the same time.

"Oh, it's you two." Ursula realized while Zander & Ed noticed too.

"So, you and Rarity know who this despicable woman is Max?!" Michelle asked making Max nervous.

"Guys, look." Rex pointed showing that one of the Dino Holders & Dino Shots went off.

"The Dino Holder!" Max responded knowing it's a dinosaur's signal.

"That means a dinosaur must be nearby in this area." Rarity realized when Ursula succeeded in snatching Michelle's lunch.

"Ha ha! We'll take it to go if you don't mind!" Ursula taunted when the Alpha Gang ran into another cavern.

"Come back here!" Michelle demanded when she tripped. "No! My delicious lunch! How could you do this to me?" Michelle sobbed.

"What is it, guys?" Zoe asked arriving back with Fluttershy.

"According to this, there's a dinosaur right near us." Max whispered.

"So, what do we do?" Rex asked.

"What we always do. We have to go and find it." Max answered when they agreed.

"Wah! They took my lunch!" Michelle complained when she noticed the D-Team & the Rainbooms trying to sneak off. "Hey, where do you all think you're going? We need to stick together more than ever now with those sandwich stealers on the loose. " She asked which stopped them.

"Uh, we'll be alright. We have Rarity & Fluttershy with us." Max excused.

"Hey you guys, where did Amy go?" Michelle asked looking around for Amy.

"What?! Oh, she's gone!" Zoe gasped in fear.

"Wait, where is Applejack?" Rarity asked seeing Applejack isn't back.

"Oh, dear. She must have followed Amy back into the cavern. I hope they're okay." Fluttershy hoped with worry.

Back in the cavern where Amy is, she caught the lizard while Applejack finally caught up to her while Razor was out in chibi mode.

"It's okay. I won't hurt you." Amy smiled when Applejack walked up.

"Goodness gracious, Amy. You really scared me! You shouldn't wondered off like that." Applejack spoke when they saw the Euoplocephalus approach them. "Woah nelly." She eye widened when the Euoplocephalus noticed the lizard.

"Leave him alone!" Amy warned when instead of attacking Amy, the Euoplocephalus licked her instead. "Hehehe. That kinda tickles." She giggled being nuzzled by the Ankylosaur.

"Huh. Guess, that's one of your cousins, Razor. Can't expect less when they're that gentle." Applejack noticed.

"So hey, are you all alone here by yourself? Like me and my friend?" Amy asked while gently set her head against the Euoplocephalus' snout. "Are you hungry? I still have my lunch here. Try it. See if you like it." She offered giving him a piece of lettuce.

"Well, I'll be. Those two are warmin' up to each other already." Applejack chuckled.

"What do you think?" Amy asked hearing a delighted roar from the Euoplocephalus. "You like it. That's good. Here, take the rest of it." She offered when they all heard voices.

"Now what's going on?" Applejack asked.

Back at the field trip, the voices revealed to be everyone who was looking for Amy & Applejack but no success.

"Those evil lunch looters got Amy & Applejack, I just know it. They came here for grub and they got the brave teenager and that poor girl." Michelle feared. "What do I do now?! What do I do now?!" She repeatedly whined when the Rainbooms & D-Team noticed.

"Now's our chance." Max signaled.

"Okay. Let's go." Zoe agreed.

"I just hope we run into a vegetarian this time. I wouldn't like to see my Scales' natural predators in this cave. Especially with Applejack trying to protect Amy." Rarity hoped when they secretly scooted away.

Back in the cavern, Applejack and Amy along with Razor and the Euoplocephalus when he backed away.

"You wanna get away from people too, don't you?" Amy asked hearing a roar from the dinosaur. "Okay. Follow me." She told which the Euoplocephalus followed her.

"We better go after them just in case they need help." Applejack suggested when she and Razor followed also.

Cutscene to another cavern, the Alpha Gang was about to enjoy the lunch they stole from Michelle.

"Alright everyone. Gather around. It's lunch time." Ursula announced opening up the rag.

"I'll bet it's cheese burgers with French fries and a pickle." Zander guessed.

"I hope it's a big fat stake." Ed hoped when they found out it was three packaged boxes of rice.

"Is she kidding? Just rice?" Zander asked in surprise.

"There's cookies for dessert. I'll eat it." Ed noticed with a hungry look.

"Well, if we were hungry enough, we could pretend it was cheese burgers." Ursula suggested.

"Well, I'm hungry enough." Zander agreed when they finally started eating right when Ursula heard her Alpha Scanner beeping.

"Huh? Oh, what now?" Ursula groaned answering the scanner seeing it was Dr. Z who was calling.

"What's going on there?! You've been in that cave for two days! Where's my dinosaur?!" Dr. Z asked with an angry look.

"If I knew, I'd probably barbeque it!" Ursula answered annoyed when she hung and got back to eating.

Back to the D-Team and the Rainbooms, they got into the cavern that Applejack & Amy wondered into right when they summoned their dinosaurs in chibi mode.

"This is where Amy and Applejack went! I hope they didn't run into the dinosaur." Zoe hoped.

"Well, if they did, I'm sure Applejack is protecting Amy, dear Zoe. Though I wish I have hiking boots since we're in a cave." Rarity wished. "Applejack will owe me if any of my attire gets ruined." She added.

"The signal is coming from right up ahead." Max informed as they headed further down into the cavern.

Moments later, Applejack, Razor & Amy along with Euoplocephalus arrived at another cave with a lake in it. And the lake was crystal clear.

"Wow. It's beautiful." Amy spoke in amazement before Razor ran over to get a drink.

"Yep. And it looks mighty tasty to these two right now." Applejack noticed bending down to Razor's level. "Ain't that right, Razor?" She asked with the Euoplocephalus drinking the water as well then lift its head up only to hit a stalactite.

"Oh, poor thing. I bet that really hurt your head. Heal!" Amy attempted which caused the Ankylosaur to look at her in confusion. "I know. That didn't help much, did it?" She asked getting another friendly nuzzle.

"Aww. Looks like you two are gettin' along so well." Applejack when Amy started crying. "What's wrong now, sugarcube?" She asked in concern.

"Gentle eyes. My best friend Hannah, had eyes just like yours." Amy sobbed while the Euoplocephalus comforts her.

"Like I said, they're getting along just fine. And Amy's gettin' the comfort she needs." Applejack observed with agreeing grunt from Razor.

Cutscene back to the Alpha Gang, they finished eating everything from Michelle's lunch and are finally stuffed after two days of starvation.

"I'm alive again!" Ursula smiled being stuffed along with Zander & Ed.

"That was the best imaginary cheese burger I never had." Zander said.

"And the little cookies were a perfect end." Ed added with delight when they noticed the same Alpha Scanner was beeping again.

"Oh yeah." Ursula remembered when she answered seeing it was Dr. Z again.

"URSULA! How dare you hang up on me?! I sent you there on an important mission!" Dr. Z snapped.

"We're fully aware of that, Doctor. But it's hard to do evil on an empty stomach." Ursula explained.

"You know what's going to be even harder? When I replace you three slugs with droids!" Dr. Z threatened getting their attention. "Now, go get that dinosaur or that cave will be your final resting place!" He ordered.

"Alpha Gang out!" The Alpha Gang saluted getting back to their mission for collecting the dinosaur Dr. Z wanted.

Back at the other cavern, the D-Team & the Rainbooms were still searching for Applejack and Amy which wasn't easy as it looks.

"It's like a maze in here." Rex observed looking around.

"I know. How are we supposed to know which way to go?" Max asked.

"Just pick one." Zoe answered.

"I'll use instinct!" Max decided while not aware of where he's about to go.

"I don't think that's a good idea...Aaaaah!" Fluttershy screamed when they all felt into a hole.

Back to the cave with the lake in it, Applejack & Amy were napping with Razor and the Euoplocephalus when the D-Team & the other Rainbooms' landed, which woke them up.

"So much for your instincts." Zoe groaned.

"I told you it wasn't a good idea." Fluttershy said in "I told you so".

"Well, Max is lucky I didn't ruin my outfit or my hair!" Rarity complained.

"Huh, well it took Y'all long enough to find us." Applejack chuckled getting up.

"Oh, hi there, Zoe. Fluttershy." Amy greeted getting up also along with the Euoplocephalus.

"Amy, Applejack, look out!" Zoe alerted when everyone else got a good look.

"Wow! A Euoplocephalus!" Rex identified.

"Amy, you need to get away from that dinosaur! It's dangerous!" Zoe alerted.

"Don't worry about that. He won't hurt me. You see? He and I are really good friends." Amy said hugging the Euoplocephalus.

"It's alright. Those two are fine and lookin' happy together." Applejack smiled.

"Wow. You are?" Zoe asked.

"What now?" Rex asked in whisper.

"That's a good question." Max answered in confusion.

"Oh, I think it's very sweet." Fluttershy quietly cued.

"Amy, I think we should all go back to the group." Zoe suggested.

"But Hannah's all alone here. I can't abandon him." Amy denied revealing she named the Euoplocephalus.

"Amy..." Zoe concerned when the Alpha Gang suddenly arrived.

"Well, just look at what we have here." Ursula spoke getting everyone's attention.

"It's the old lady." Max insulted again which offended Ursula as usual.

"Darling, once again, you are fully unaware of the agreement we had with Sonata about that." Rarity reminded.

"Will you quit calling me that?! I'd make you pay for it, but I got work to do!" Ursula snapped pulling out Spiny's & the Alpha Spinosaurus' cards. "And now Spinosaurus and Alpha Spinosaurus, go!" She summoned slashing both cards which sends both Spiny & his Alpha clone into battle mode.

"Woah! No way." Amy responded in surprise.

"Alright! Razor, Hannah needs us!" Applejack decided turning Razor back into a card & load it from her Dino Shot. "Unleash the Power! Make an Earthquake, Gastonia!" She commanded when Razor was covered in rocks and burst out in battle mode.

"Amy, you're too close to him!" Zoe warned in concern.

"But I wanna..." Amy argued when the rest of the class arrived.

"Hey, what's going on down there?! What are you kids and the Rainbooms doing down there?!" Michelle asked getting the D-Team & Rainbooms' attention.

"Rats! The whole class is here now!" Max responded when they heard rumbling.

"Um so sorry to make it sound worse. But we have um, bigger problems." Fluttershy reminded pointing to the battle.

"Huh, what do I have to lose? Let's help Applejack, Scales." Rarity decided turning Scales into his card, loaded it into her Dino Shot & fired it. "Unleash the Power! Unleash your Hurricane, Saltasaurus!" She added when Scales got covered in water and burst into battle mode.

"Oh, this is not good! This is not a good positive teaching situation at all! Wait, I'm the teacher here, I get paid with the small bucks." Michelle gasped in shock watching Scales take on the Alpha Spinosaurus while Razor & Hannah did the same with Spiny. "Now remember your studies, children. If George Washington were here, he cut down the cheery tree and... no, no, no, that doesn't make any sense. What about Albert Einstein? We'd all certainly learn from that guy. Maybe not in this situation. Well, if Davy Croc showed up, he'd lassoed those critters... Come on kids, climb off where it's safe. We'll help you up. Aaah! You're on your own!" Michelle fled with the rest of the class due to the cave beginning to crumble.

"Oh, finally. She was beginning to annoy me." Rarity huffed as the battle continued with Scales giving Alpha Spinosaurus a tail whip & hind-kick while Hannah clobbered Spiny to the ground.

"We gotta stop this! No hard feelings again, Spiny." Applejack murmured. "Razor, help Hannah!" She told when Razor was next to Hannah, Hannah activated his move card causing both of them to summon a saber out of crystal on the end of their tails and slashed both Spiny & Alpha Spinosaurus with them.

"Hey, what was that move?!" Ed asked in surprise.

"The Gastonia and that other dinosaur used Quake Saber!" Zander identified.

"I want to see a counter attack, you two! Or else, none of us are getting out of this cave!" Ursula demanded when Spiny & Alpha Spinosaurus swatted stalactites which were about to crush Amy when Hannah shielded her.

"Oh! You're protecting me, aren't you?" Amy asked with Hannah looking down at her.

"Not for long! Shock Wave!" Ursula commanded causing Spiny & Alpha Spinosaurus to unleash Shock Wave while Hannah blocked it with Quake Saber when both dinosaurs pushed him, making almost land on Amy in the process.

"No!" Rex cried out before moving Amy out of the way when he caught her.

"That was awesome Rex! Is she okay?" Zoe asked in concern.

"Yeah, she's fine. Looks like she just fainted." Rex answered when Spiny & Alpha Spinosaurus head bashed Hannah three times in a row, forcing him back into his card.

"We did it! Now, let's hurry up and grab that card!" Ursula smiled as the Alpha Gang rushed to grab Hannah's card & move card.

"Sorry! Too slow!" Max denied getting both cards first.

"Hey! We earned that card fair and square!" Ursula complained.

"That's a laugh! And now you're gonna pay for what you did to Amy!" Zoe swore about to slash Paris' card. "Fluttershy, let's do this!" She turned to Fluttershy who loaded Maya in her Dino Shot.

"Yes. You just made this personal!" Fluttershy agreed.

"Go! Dino Slash! Go Parasaurolophus, Awaken!" Zoe commanded sending Paris into battle mode.

"Unleash the Power! Blossom Maiasaura!" Fluttershy joined in as leaves surround Maya and she came out in battle mode also.

"Alright! Now you no good varmints have done it!" Applejack angered with Razor & Scales joining in with Paris & Maya.

"Come on, Spiny & Alpha Spinosaurus! We need help!" Ursula pleaded when both Spiny & Alpha Spinosaurus charged.

"Rarity, you and I take the clone! I know just the move card to use! This is for Amy & Hannah! Quake Saber!" Applejack commanded causing Razor to use Hannah's Quake Saber and slashed Alpha Spinosaurus.

"Most certainly, Applejack. Tidal Wave!" Rarity joined in when Scales unleashed a huge wave that washed Alpha Spinosaurus away & back into its card.

"Fluttershy, let me give Maya a boost up! Metal Wing!" Zoe commanded also when both Paris & Maya summoned the Pteranodons.

"Aaah! They're coming this way!" Ursula screamed when the Pteranodons started pecking.

"Pay 'em back for what they did!" Zoe snapped when both Paris' crest emitted ear-piercing sound waves along with Maya which caused rocks to fall on Spiny, forcing him back into a card. "That did it." She responded.

"Way to go, Zoe." Fluttershy high-fived.

"My poor Spiny & his clone!" Ursula cried grabbing both said Spinosaurus' cards before she got pecked again. "Leave me alone! Stop pecking!" She begged when the Alpha Gang bailed.

"Oh, thank goodness." Fluttershy sighed in relief while their dinosaurs went back to chibi mode.

"Hey, Amy...?" Zoe started when Amy woke up. "You're safe. It's all over with." She informed.

"Where's Hannah?" Amy asked looking for Hannah.

"The Euoplocephalus..." Rex started.

"Don't worry, he's fine. I know for certain he wasn't hurt." Zoe answered.

"That's a relief. But do you know where he went?" Amy asked again.

"Well, darling, he..." Rarity started trying to come up with an excuse.

"He went somewhere so he can be with his friends." Rex finished.

"That's a relief... for him. I guess that means I'm alone again." Amy saddened again.

"Wrong. You have...me." Zoe told pulling out her hand.

"And me." Fluttershy joined.

"Don't forget us too, darling." Rarity said pulling out her hand along with Applejack.

"That's what friendship is about, sugarcube." Applejack smiled.

"Really girls? I'm so glad!" Amy accepted smiling along with them.

Moments later outside the cave entrance, the D-Team & the Rainbooms joined up with the class and Michelle was obviously shaken up from the battle.

"Alright, listen up, everybody. Let's have a review of what we saw in the cave today. And what did we see? Some stalactites & rocks, had a little lunch and that's about all." Michelle spoke trying to come up with an excuse. "Everybody got it? Everything else you'd be thinking shall be erased from your memory. Just like Michelle's job will be erased in anybody were to mention about any dinosaurs." She added wanting the class to forget the battle while Zoe, Fluttershy & Amy noticed the same lizard from earlier coming out of Amy's overalls.

"Hey, you found the lizard." Zoe noticed.

"Actually, it's him that's found me." Amy corrected when all three of them giggled.

Later on a Zoe's family's vet office, Reese helped Fluttershy build a glass cage perfect size for Amy's new lizard.

"Make sure it doesn't get too much ultraviolet light. Use a heater to keep it warm. And you should mist it with water everyday." Reese instructed Amy.

"Thank you so much Reese. As always." Fluttershy smiled.

"Sure likes lizards, doesn't she?" Max asked.

"The important thing is that she's a lot happier now than before." Rex said.

"Of course. Everyone needs friends." Zoe pointed out.

"That's the purpose of friendship for ya." Applejack agreed.

"Thanks for the advice Reese." Amy thanked.

"Why, you're very welcome." Reese accepted.

"Glad that you made another new friend, darling." Rarity smiled.

"So Amy, any ideas about what you're gonna name him?" Zoe asked.

"Oh yeah. Say hello... to Hannah III." Amy named now that she's got a new lizard and the Rainbooms & D-Team got another dinosaur.

"Now, we get to add Hannah the Euoplocephalus to our collection!" Max announced with the Rainbooms and the D-Team now has collected 19 dinosaur cards.

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