And yet still I don't own it

Log entry 003

Star date..44.779

11 days after crash

Passenger number 009C2

Today started like any typical day here on the reef, the shallows were warm, the local fish swimming in swarms by my life pod

All was peculiarly peaceful

That is until I heard the groaning of metal echo through the water

I climbed atop my life pod to get a better view of what could have made such a sound, That's when I saw the wreck of the Aurora shaking in the distance, smoke billowing from within

The groaning shriek of tearing metal echoed out once again just before the boom of a distance explosion tore apart my hope of ever getting that heap in working order

Grabbing my SeaGlide i decided to head north-west of my life pod, I remembered seeing pieces of metal scattered about the reef.

If I'm ever going to build a scanner and habitat fabricator I'll need to bring a few pieces back

My SeaGlide has 12% battery left, if I can't find a way to either make batteries or charge the one I have it won't be useful much longer..

The silence between audio logs is starting to feel longer and longer, these logs are fast becoming the only time I speak aloud...

where was I in recounting whoever is listening with this fascinating tale of survival?

Ahh that's right the scrap on the reef

I had trouble Getting the pieces of scrap metal from the aurora In to my life pod.

Once done all I have to do is have the fabricator break down and re shape the metal, 20 minutes of painstaking and exhausting swimming later not to mention countless trips to the surface to fill me oxygen tank and I finally had four pieces ready to break down

I decided the scanner was the better option first since I'll need it to identify local wildlife and plant life as well as figure out how to collect some of the other raw materials the fabricator asks for.

After inserting the data chips for both the scanner and habitat fabricator into my fabricator I've now found out I need a battery as well as the raw titanium

Scrolling through the menu's on the holographic display I've finally found the battery, turns out all I need to make one is copper and two acid mushrooms.

Now if only I had any idea how I go about finding either of these things I'd be set!

Maybe i should try those brittle brown rocks I've seen scattered across the reef?

There are also purple and blue mushroom looming things growing in clumps. They might be my best shot for the acid mushrooms.

I'll have to pick some and hope the fabricator accepts them as a raw material

This will all be so much easier once I can scan each individual thing and have the computer systems tell me what gives me what when brought to the fabricator

Night is falling now, best to turn in before I can get to caught up in my own thoughts

This is passenger 009C2 signing off