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Chapter 40 – Sorcerer Weekly, Laxus's Discontent

The magazine 'Sorcerer Weekly' comes out every Wednesday. It's a popular magazine for Mages that covers all of the latest magical items, introduces the hottest Guilds, and runs photo spreads of the prettiest female Mages.

Unsurprisingly, Mirajane and Lisanna have been models for the magazine any number of times. Both have done everything from modeling fashionable clothing to the pin-up and gravure shoots. Even Erza and Cana have graced the pages of Sorcerer Weekly on a few occasions, when the offer was right.

"Since they're sending a reporter to do a special piece on Fairy Tail, I do want to make a good impression." Lucy giggled as she sat at a vanity while Cancer worked his magic on her hair. "Maybe I'll get scouted for a photo shoot too?"

"It's perfect-ebi!" Cancer finished styling Lucy's hair, leaving her locks with a glimmering luster and her hair styled up into a bun/ponytail combo with two long locks framing her face to make her eyes 'pop' a bit more.

"Oh wow," Lucy marveled at the style. "I might be sporting some dangerous beauty today." She laughed lightly at her own joke. But it might be hard to keep Natsu's hands off of her if it turned out her Mate liked this look as much as she thought he would. "Amazing work as always, Cancer." She beamed at her Celestial Spirit friend.

"No problem-ebi!" Cancer posed with his scissors in hand.

"If I get scouted for a photo shoot, the whole continent will see my appeal!" Lucy declared as she stood up with a playful cheer.

"Why would you even want to be famous-ebi?" Cancer questioned his friend and Key Holder with a chuckle. Lucy had never cared overly much for fame and fortune. After becoming part of the Dragon's Den, she'd desired the love and warmth of family life more than popularity.

-Fairy Tail Guild Hall-

The ruckus and clamor were at an all-time high (outside of a brawl) as the Mages of Fairy Tail partied and went about their day simultaneously. Some were taking Quests, others returning from Quests, some were laughing and drinking, while others were simply having a meal. A typical day at Fairy Tail, except for the louder than usual antics.

"Geez, it's more chaotic than normal." Lucy, dressed in a midriff-bearing, spaghetti-strap tank top with a bow over the chest and black booty shorts, commented as she looked over the Hall.

"True, but it's normal life as well. So why should we mind?" Erza smiled as she walked up to Lucy. They both gave each other a once over, Erza even lightly licking her lips teasingly. "Quite a nice outfit, Lucy."

"You've got new armor, Eza." Lucy grinned back.

"The other set had gotten a bit tight around the chest." Erza shrugged, but Lucy noted that her new Heart Kreuz armor was a bit more decorated. With wing-like adornments near the neck and on the elbows, along with the Fairy Tail Guild Mark being proudly emblazoned on the left side of the breastplate.

"I see." Lucy leaned forward, resting her arms on the railing in front of her. Her booty was framed amazingly by her black shorts and she grinned at Erza when she saw the Requip Mage checking it out. Not like she didn't feel at least a dozen other people looking as well, but that was bound to happen and wasn't really a big deal. "I'm surprised the disciplinarian of the Guild is letting them carry on like this."

Erza smiled back after unashamedly checking out Lucy's ass. "We are still in the midst of what could be called a re-opening party, are we not? It's a time of celebration, so they can get away with a bit more than normal."

"A 'bit'?" Lucy looked at the rambunctiousness with a raised eyebrow.

"Ohhh! Titania!" A male voice that was unfamiliar to Lucy cried out from behind. "This is too much…she's the real deal…cool! Cool! COOL!" A blonde man with a camera around his neck cried out loudly as he literally slid across the floor on his knees. His hair had a prominent point that was styled straight up atop his head. He had sunglasses resting just over his forehead, and (if Lucy wasn't mistaken) was wearing a Fairy Tail shirt from the outside gift shop. This was Jason, a top reporter from Sorcerer Weekly. "It's Erza in the flesh! COOL!"

"Is he from Sorcerer Weekly?" Lucy stood up straight again while looking between Jason and Erza. "He's over energized…"

"He's here a bit sooner than I expected." Erza confirmed that Jason was indeed from Sorcerer Weekly. "I should apologize for the mess…"

"No problem!" Jason cut her off with an excited smile. "I was really hoping to see the Guild as they actually are!" His gaze drifted over to Lucy, the Celestial Mage smiling cutely and was maybe using her Magic to have small sparkles appear around her.

"I'm Lucy, part of Erza's family, nice to meet you." Lucy introduced herself.

"Do you think I could ask you two a few questions?" Jason looked between the two beauties, his excitement almost making the man vibrate in place.

"I have no objections." Erza agreed easily.

"Sure." Lucy smiled at getting a little attention from the reporter.

Jason whipped out a notepad and a pencil so fast that Lucy thought it might've been Requip Magic. In less than a blink the reporter was ready and asking his first question. "So, Erza, how many suits of armor do you have available to Requip?"

"Over a hundred different sets." Erza answered with a small smile.

"A h-hundred?!" Jason wrote it don't without even looking at the page. "COOL!" His hair spike seemed to get sharper at the information. "Which one is your favorite?"

"The Bunny Girl outfit." Erza smiled and Lucy nearly choked on her own breath at the response.

"B-Bunny Girl…?" Jason was writing even as he gaped at Erza's response.

In a flash of Requip Magic, Erza was now decked out in a sexy Bunny Girl outfit. A large amount of cleavage was shown, it clung to her curves like a second skin, and she had black stockings covering her legs. Atop her head was a matching set of black bunny ears. "I find the ears quite charming."

"COOOOOOLLLLLL!" Jason cried out, at both the information and the impromptu show.

"You're going to get Natsu riled up if he sees you in that." Lucy giggled behind her hand, eyeing Erza up herself.

"I know…" Erza winked at Lucy before Requipping back into her new Heart Kreuz armor.

"Lucy, was it?" Jason turned his attention to the blonde woman. "What type of Magic do you use?"

"I'm a Celestial Spirit Mage." Lucy smiled, holding up her keyring. "Currently the only one in Fairy Tail."

"COOL!" Jason jotted the information down quickly. "How many Spirits do you have?"

"Not one hundred…" Lucy looked over at Erza with a grin. "Right now I have eleven forms." Indeed, Lucy's keyring contained two Copper Keys, three Silver Keys, and the last six were Gold Keys.

Jason quickly took the info down before someone else caught his eyes and he bolted over to them. "Gray! It's really Gray!"

"Who're you?" Gray questioned the overly excited man that had just run up to him.

"Probably the reporter that Master mentioned yesterday." Ur shrugged as Jason stopped near Gray. This could be good for some amusement.

"So why do you strip at the drop of a hat?" Jason asked the Ice Make Mage.

"I don't!" Gray shot from his seat and stomped on the tabletop. "Don't go treating me like some pervert!"

"Gray, you're in your boxers right now." Ur pointed out while sipping from her drink. Given that he'd been fully dressed just a moment ago, it was honestly kind of impressive how fast he'd shed his clothing without realizing it. She still didn't know how he'd developed this weird habit.

"When did that happen?!" Gray looked down at himself in shock.

A sudden flare of fire erupted from a different part of the Hall, followed by a loud voice. "Where's the reporter that I heard about?!" Natsu demanded, looking around with a scowl.

"Natsu! You said that you'd behave." Lisanna reminded her Mate, while also devouring all of the flames he released with a happy sigh. Natsu's flames were the absolute best!

"It's Natsu! Natsu the Salamander!" Jason was literally bouncing in his excitement now. "He's the one Mage that I had to meet most of all! Coooollll!"

"Is…Is he gonna be, okay?" Lucy asked Erza, starting to get concerned about Jason's level of excitement.

"You're the guys that're always writing those bad things about me!" Natsu accused Jason, and Sorcerer Weekly through him.

"Yes!" Jason agreed, his excitement through the roof.

"About how I broke this thing, and smashed that thing, or destroyed the other thing!" Natsu growled at the reporter. His reputation was filled with his destructive acts because of Sorcerer Weekly!

"Cool! Cool! COOL!" Jason cheered even as he was accused. "I don't know what to say! It's you and you're so awesomely cool!" He held his hand out to a confused Natsu. "Oh! Can I have a handshake?"

"Shut your mouth!" Natsu decked the reporter across the face, thankfully without using his Magic. Lisanna grabbed his arm and pouted at him, making Natsu grumble, but he quickly gave in to her puppy dog eyes.

Jason's feet left the floor as he spun twice in the air, hit the ground, bounced, hit the ground further away, bounced, and then came to a stop, lying on the floor. At some point during his sudden flight, he'd managed to pull out his notepad and pencil and start writing his impressions of his meeting with Natsu down. "Awesome! This guy has style! I've never met anyone as cool as him before!" He wrote it down quickly.

"He's a pro…I'll give him that." Lucy deadpanned at Jason continuing his job even after getting punched in the face.

"Oh! It's Elfman! Cool!" Jason bolted from the floor to go for a quick interview with the Beast Take Over Mage. "So, Elfman, what's 'Manly' to you?!"

Elfman set down the newspaper that he was reading to answer. "Strength, perseverance, and determination to succeed!" He nodded firmly to the reporter.

"Are you looking to make S-Class this year?" Jason questioned the A-Class Mage as his pencil flew across the notepad.

"Well, I'm always hopeful." Elfman chuckled at the question. "I try to do my best on all of my Quests, and do enough of them to raise Fairy Tail's reputation. But in the end, it's up to Master Makarov to decide who is picked for the S-Class Trials."

"Cool!" Jason's pencil came to a stop a second after Elfman's words, a testament to his writing speed. "Cana!" He was off like a shot to the next Mage that he wanted to talk to. "You're going to do a photo spread for us again, right?!"

"Depends on what you're paying!" Cana laughed at the over eager reporter. Gildarts probably would've punched Jason for the question had he been around.

"Juvia is here too?!" Jason looked at the Water Mage sitting across from Cana. "COOL! Juvia blinked at the man, not used to the energy that poured off of Jason like a fountain. "How do you like Fairy Tail in comparison to Phantom Lord?"

"He never sits still, huh?" Lisanna giggled as Jason got his answer only to bolt across the Guild to another member.

"Awesome! It's Happy! Tell me! Why're you blue?" Jason asked the flying cat.

"Because I'm a cat." Happy's answer made no real sense, but Jason eagerly wrote it down anyway.

"He better not write something bad about Fairy Tail." Natsu followed Jason with narrowed eyes.

"So, are the rumors of a love triangle between the Team Shadow Gear members true?" Jason asked the trio curiously.

"No comment!" Jet and Droy exclaimed in unison.

"No, there's no love triangle." Levy denied entirely, waving her hand to brush off such a rumor. "We don't see each other like that." A metaphorical spike shot into both men at Levy's words. The two had dark clouds form over their heads as they slumped over the table they were at.

"Master Makarov!" Jason slid over to the short old man on his knees. "What're your hopes for the new guild hall?"

"I'd like us to continue on as we have. Taking Quests, completing them, and seeing all of our members return safely." Makarov answered with what HAD to be a prepared response.

A moment later and the lights in the Hall dimmed as the sparkling curtains drifted across the stage.


"Is Mira gonna sing?!"

The person that appeared as the lights focused on the stage wasn't Mira, but Gajeel in a white suit, matching hat, sunglasses, with tiger-striped boots on his feet and a guitar styled to his liking in his hands.

"GAJEEL?!" The entire Guild cried out at seeing the man.

"He wanted to do it, and I figured it couldn't hurt." Mira shrugged as she sidled up to Natsu's side and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.


Gajeel strummed the chords and began to sing as a mic with small wings floated over to him. "There ain't many Guilds that would take a man like me…" He began his song, twanging the strings and making more than a few people wince.

"Is this gonna be a song-story?!"

"Even a wolf can come to like those that feed it! I'll show even my enemies how I can sing as if they are friends~" Gajeel continued his song, along with the rather bad guitar playing.

"His playing sucks, but I get the feeling he's singing about something deep." Gray remarked at the performance.

"He's singing from the heart." Ur agreed, wincing at another particularly bad twang from the guitar. "Too bad his playing isn't compensated the same way."

"You can do it, Gajeel!" Juvia cheered the Iron Dragon Slayer on. She was the one that told him to try and get along better with others, after all.

"I wrote this little tune that I call 'Best Friend', I hope you like it." Gajeel spoke into the microphone. He strummed the guitar haphazardly, making a less than pleasant sound. "Colorful, colorful! Zubidoobah! The melody of love… Is played in an iron-colored meter… Tah-tah-tah-tah… Shalalah…"

"Couldn't hurt, huh?" Natsu was covering his ears at the sounds coming from the guitar.

"I didn't expect his playing to be this bad." Mira admitted, covering her own ears.

"Zubidoobah… Shalalah…" Gajeel continued, heedless of the complaints about his playing.

"What is this song supposed to be about?!" Someone yelled from within the darkened Guild Hall.

"Bite into it hard… It's as sweet as honey…" Gajeel sang along with more off-beat and off-key strumming. "Shalala… Lalalalah…"

"COOOOOLLLL!" Jason exclaimed loud enough to be heard over the music. "Intentionally absurd lyrics combined with top-notch scat vocalizations! This song is gonna be this year's biggest hit!" He praised the bad playing genuinely.

"Hey, man!" Max had his hands over his ears from the noise. "Are you tone deaf or something?!"

"Zubidoobah…" Gajeel kept singing, ignoring the complaints and the objects being chucked at him while he played.

"Cut the 'Zubidoobah'!"

"Somebody stop him!"

"Fairy Tail is just the coolest!" Jason cried out his excitement and joy as he continued to write in his notepad.

A few days later, the special article was published in Sorcerer Weekly. All sorts of questions and answers had been transcribed into the pages and several pictures that Jason had taken as well. It really showed off Fairy Tail's infamous rambunctious nature and spread that reputation far and wide across the continent. Lucy was just happy that the picture that Jason had taken of her as the 'New Fairy' had come out well, showing off her cuteness.

But the far and wide spread of Sorcerer Weekly also led the article to fall into the hands of those that would happily mock Fairy Tail as well.

-Carota Town-

At a bar in the small town of Carota known as 'King Bar' a trio of people were reading the Sorcerer Weekly and laughing at the Fairy Tail Guild article. All three men were small-time Mages, not even belonging to any Guild. But they felt plenty safe in laughing at the Fairy Tail Mages in the article.

"Those idiots at Fairy tail have no class!" One of the men laughed.

"It baffles me why they have any kind of reputation at all!" His buddy slapped the table as he chortled loudly.

"Why would any Guild have a swimming pool?! That doesn't make sense!" The third man crowed out, pointing to the picture of the pool in the article.

"Look at this guy! He looks like a total wimp!" The first guy pointed at a picture showing a few of the members all together. "I bet I could beat him easily!"

The three didn't notice that someone had entered the bar and heard their words. The man moved closer, walking right up behind the men mocking Fairy Tail. The sudden shadow over them caused the three guys to look up at who was casting it. What they saw was the unamused face of Laxus Dreyar glaring coldly at them.

"Th-That's Laxus from Fairy Tail!" The three men were leaping from their barstools in terror, nearly knocking the table over in the process.

"What's he doing in a boondocks bar like this?!"

"Sorry! Pl-Please forgive us!"

All three men bolted out the door without looking back, running down the street in hopes of escaping any retribution that may be coming.

"Way to drag the Guild's name through the mud, old man." Laxus scoffed at the fallen magazine with the article in it.

"Heeey! Gyahahaha!" A man sitting off to the side of the bar laughed and clapped at Laxus's entrance. "That's a VIP for you! Can send people scurrying with just a glare! It makes me all tingly inside!"

He was a large man whose face resembled a monkey's, with very prominent ears. He had an afro, which had some kind of guild emblem colored into it, paired with similar sideburns. The man also sported gaudy gold teeth. His eyes were hidden by a pair of wavy sunglasses. His body was round in shape, with slim limbs, and seemed to be covered in hair, given that both his hands and upper chest were very hairy. His outfit consisted of a diamond-patterned shirt, with a polka-dotted tie circling its open collar, light pants held up by a belt covered in studs, and ankle-length boots.

"So, you're supposed to be Master Makarov's grandkid?" The monkey-like man laughed. "And you got into the Guild, how? A favor from grandaddy, huh? How pathetic!"

Laxus turned his gaze on the loudmouth, unamused.

"Oooh, now I'm so scared!" The afro man mocked Laxus.

"Zatô… Could you please stop trying to pick a fight?" The barkeep requested nervously, clearly wary of what would happen to his establishment.

"Don't worry, Dallas!" The now named Zatô laughed. "I could pick a dozen fights with anybody from that useless Guild, and your bar wouldn't get a scratch!"

"Zatô?" Laxus looked like he was about to scoff. "Never heard of you."

"Yeah? Sure! I work in the shadows, and keep all of my jobs private!" Zatô chuckled at not being well-known. "I don't get my picture plastered all over magazines like some idiots!" He derided Fairy Tail as a whole.

"I see you feel like dying. Want some help?" Laxus questioned as sparks of electricity started arcing around his body.

"P-Please, sir! I-I wouldn't try to face down Zatô… He's…" The barkeep tried to stop any potential violence and warn Laxus of who the other man was.

"Step outside." Laxus cut the barkeeper off as he stared coldly at Zatô.

"Gyahaaaa!" Zatô placed his head in his open palm with a laugh. "The one going outside will be…" He looked up at Laxus and cast his Magic. "You and only you!"

A wave of invisible force hit Laxus from the side, kicking up a lot of dust as it traveled across the bar and blasted a large hole in the front wall close to the door.

The patrons of the bar cried out in fear and shock at the sudden use of Magic and scrambled away to press their backs against the wall furthest from Zatô.

"Gyahahahaha!" Zatô laughed uproariously. "Like I said, Fairy Tail is full of wimps! Maybe I'll just go out hunting for some of those big-titty Fairy girls tomorrow!" A spark arced across his body suddenly. "Huh?"


Lightning erupted across Zatô's body so strongly a crack of thunder followed it. All of the bar patrons clapped their hands over their ears from the sudden noise that rang in their heads. The monkey-like man was lifted from his barstool as he screamed in agony from the electricity coursing through him. When the bolt finally stopped, it dropped the charred and twitching body of Zatô on the floor with a thump. Arcs of electricity still occasionally leapt from the man's body and even across the wooden floor, which shouldn't have been possible given that wood was a natural insulator.

The dust had cleared revealing that Laxus hadn't moved an inch from the surprise attack. The floorboards beneath his feet were cracked from where he'd resisted the spell, but there wasn't a hair out of place on Laxus nor were his clothes damaged at all. Such was the sheer difference between an S-Class Mage and some random thug that could barely pass for C-Class if he'd been part of a legal Guild.

"Zatô was…"

"How could anybody take out 'Crazy Monkey' Zatô like that?"

"You gotta be kidding…"

"What is that guy?"

The patrons of the bar all mumbled and whispered amongst themselves at seeing the notorious Dark Mage in these parts defeated so easily.

"I can't stand it." Laxus rumbled out as he stared down at the thoroughly defeated loudmouth. "Just when did you decide to turn our Guild into a laughingstock, Gramps?!" He turned from the bar and left through the front door without looking back.

'Th-This is bad! He took Zatô down…' The barkeep, Dallas, thought to himself, looking at the unconscious and charred form of Zatô. 'I just hope that they don't try to come back and get revenge…' After all, the emblem colored into Zatô's hair was for the Dark Guild 'Naked Mummy' that operated in the region.

-Fairy Tail-

"Hmm, is there a job nearby that's easy?" Lucy looked at the Quest Board curiously. She needed to keep taking Quests and completing them if she wanted to raise her rank within Fairy Tail and be able to take on higher ranked Quests with better pay.

"You're not headed out with Natsu and the others?" Nab questioned as he was also looking for a job on the board.

"Nah, not today." Lucy shook her head. "I need to get some more solo experience." She giggled slightly. "Plus, Natsu is taking Juvia on a Quest today since she's new." Left unsaid was that it was practically a pseudo date for the two since Juvia was so obviously interested in Natsu romantically.

"Is that why the 'Sunken Treasure' Quest is gone?" Nab pointed out where the Quest had been hanging earlier that morning.

"Yep." Lucy confirmed with a grin. "150,000 Jewels and for those two it'll probably only be about a half-day of work."

-Natsu and Juvia-

"So, according to the Quest giver…the ship sank around this area a long time ago." Natsu looked at the map that they'd gotten and then at the churning sea in front of them, filled with whirlpools and crashing waves.

"I wonder why?" Happy asked rhetorically, having flown Natsu and Juvia out to reach the Quest location.

"Currents like this will not hinder Juvia!" Juvia stated firmly, wanting to show off her reliability to Natsu.

The Water Mage held out both of her hands and the seawater started to ebb and flow differently. Soon the sea currents altered completely, the eddies subsiding and the crashing waves dying out. Natsu and Happy could only watch on impressed as Juvia split the sea with her power. A path was formed along the sandy seafloor all the way out to the reef where the ship was said to have sunk.

"Wooo~" Natsu whistled at Juvia's power and control. "You're making this look easy, Juvia!"

"Th-Thank you, Natsu-sama…" Juvia's cheeks turned pink as she fought not to cheer at the praise.

The three of them walked along the path that Juvia was maintaining and started searching around the reef. Happy flew up into the air and came back down a few moments later with a smile.

"Found it!" Happy grinned triumphantly. "Over there near the far edge of the reef." He pointed with his paw in the right direction.

With Happy's directions it was easy to find the sunken wreck. The ship had been a small merchant vessel some century or so ago. No one had been in agreement as to what it was carrying, but the Quest giver was convinced that the ship had been carrying a chest filled with valuable gems and precious metals.

"Allow me!" Natsu cracked his knuckles. "Earth Dragon's Heavy Fist!" Rock coated Natsu's arm until a large stone in the shape of a fist completely encased his fist and forearm. With his spell, Natsu punched a massive hole into the rotted hull of the old ship. "After you." He laughed, letting the stone fall away into pebbles from his arm.

"Thank you, Natsu-sama." Juvia was thrilled to be on this Quest with Natsu. All of her new friends had encouraged her to take it too. The obvious approval of her being alone with Natsu made her heart fill with warmth.

The three entered the shipwreck and looked around. Everything was either destroyed by decades of being submerged in seawater or corroded so badly that it might as well have been destroyed. Natsu had tried to open a closed door, only for it to fall off its rusted hinges instead. Happy checked in any small spaces that Natsu and Juvia couldn't easily get to.

"Is this it?" Natsu looked over an old, sealed chest.

"It does look similar to what the client described." Juvia nodded, looking at the drawing on the Quest paper.

"Let's find out!" Natsu grinned and ripped the old, rusted lock off the chest. Opening the lid, the three of them were greeted by the sight of four gold bars, six silver bars, and a varied collection of gemstones.

"Jackpot!" Happy cheered brightly as he saw the rumored treasure was actually real.

"Huh, the Quest giver was correct after all." Juvia had half-expected to find nothing of value at all.

"Welp, let's head out and get our reward!" Natsu shut the lid and hefted the entire chest over his shoulder.

From there it was a simple delivery. The Quest giver, an older man that had been a sailor in his youth and heard the tales of the sunken ship was overjoyed. He happily paid the Mages the 150,000 Jewels and signed the Quest paper as complete. Not only was he in possession of a treasure that many had thought was a myth, but its value FAR exceeded the price of the Quest.

"Well, now that we're done, you want to get dinner, Juvia?" Natsu asked with a smile.

"D-Dinner? T-Together?" Juvia blushed cutely as her heart beat strongly in her chest.

"Well, yeah." Natsu blinked at her question. "We completed the Quest together, and we're friends at the very least, right? Let's eat something good tonight!" He held out his hand to her with a bright grin.

"Juvia would like that, Natsu-sama." Juvia placed her hand in his and the two walked into the town proper hand-in-hand. Juvia was practically walking on air the whole way, not knowing how she could be happier than right now.

"What should we eat?" Natsu questioned, wanting to hear what Juvia and Happy wanted.

"Fish!" Happy declared with a wide smile.

"You had fish for lunch!" Natsu replied with a laugh.

"And? What's your point?" Happy floated along with a laugh.

"How about 'Surf and Turf'?" Juvia suggested while pointing to a sign outside of a restaurant that declared it to be the current special.

"Good idea, Juvia!" Natsu beamed at her, picking up the pace and almost dragging Juvia along as he and Happy headed for the shop.

As she sped up to keep pace with Natsu, Juvia felt a genuine smile blossom across her lips. Her heart was full to bursting right now. She'd never gotten to experience things like this growing up, and now that she was, Juvia never wanted it to end. Walking hand-in-hand, getting dinner together, a bright and clear sky, and a man that clearly cared about her. 'Juvia is so happy!'

"Wow…" Natsu stopped outside of the restaurant and faced Juvia, seeing the smile on her face. "You're really pretty when you smile, Juvia." He complimented her beautiful smile.

"N-Natsu-sama!" That compliment pushed Juvia over the edge, her face flushed and literal steam began to rise from her head.

"Eh?" Happy blinked at the scene. "Is Juvia going to try and steam some of the fish?"

"I don't think so?" Natsu chuckled at how cute Juvia looked as he led her into the restaurant.

It was a good meal once Juvia's mind returned and she could focus on dinner with her crush.

-End Chapter-


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