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Chapter 43 – Battle of Fairy Tail

Alzack cursed as he continued looking for Laxus and the Thunder Tribe. He'd covered street after street, searching for any trace of the four but had come up with nothing. The Gun Mage was getting more worked up and pissed off as time ticked down from the three-hour time limit that Laxus had set.

"There you are, Alzack!" Jet called out as he and Droy jogged over to their guildmate.

"There's nobody this way! How about in your direction?!" Alzack asked the Speed Mage and Plant Mage hopefully.

"Not even a hint of them!" Droy bit out angrily at the situation they found themselves in.

"Damn it… Look what they did to Bisca." Alzack was reaching his last nerve. "I won't stand for it! Laxus!" He kicked a small crate against the wall of the building they were in front of, shattering the wood as he raged.

"Hey, calm down, Alzack!" Droy called out to the Gun Mage.

"How can anyone be calm?! We only have three hours to find and take down Laxus!" Alzack nearly growled at the other man.

Vee Vee Vee Vee Vee

A line of purple-black glyphs rapidly appeared in a square around the three Mages, along the street, the walls of the buildings and even on the rooftops. A visible Magic Barrier flashed into existence, scaring off the nearby citizens.

"What?!" Jet whipped around, seeing that they were trapped.

"A Jutsu Shiki?" Droy cursed at seeing Freed's Magic.

"Damn it!" Alzack was not in the mood for any more holdups on his search for Laxus.

"They laid traps throughout the whole town?" Droy realized why it had been so hard to find Laxus or the Thunder Tribe now.

"Freed must've set all of this up beforehand!" Jet cursed at the fact that the Thunder Tribe had clearly plotted all of this out without any of them noticing.

More glyphs appeared in the air before the three Mages before transforming into legible words.

Rule: Only the strongest Mage may leave the boundaries of this Jutsu Shiki.

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" Droy questioned the rule.

Jet stiffened up as he quickly figured it out. "They want us to take each other out!"

"That's a bunch of bullshit, Freed!" Droy cursed, shaking his fist at the floating words. "You never had any intention of fighting us, did you?!"

"Damn it, we're trapped here." Jets crossed his arms and ground his teeth while glaring at the barrier. "We're not about to play by Freed's bullshit!"

"Forgive me." Alzack whispered, just loud enough for Jet and Droy to hear him. Both men turned to face him, only to see the Gun Mage with a hard look on his face. "I have to save Bisca. I don't have time to sit around this trap all day!" He used his quickdraw skills to pull his revolvers and shoot from the hip. "Tornado Shot!"

Two powerfully swirling tornados slammed into Jet and Droy, crushing both of the men against the Jutsu Shiki barrier. When the magic within the two bullets ran out, both Droy and Jet hit the paved street unconscious. The sudden and unexpected attack from their friend and guildmate left them completely defenseless.

The barrier vanished a second later as Alzack jogged away, looking down in self-recrimination while cursing under his breath at what he'd had to do.

-Guild Hall-

Glyphs formed in the air at the door. After a second, they changed into readable words to announce the progress of the game.

Battle of Fairy Tail: Update

"Hm?" Makarov looked up at the words, Ur standing by his side to read them as well. "What's this?"

Jet vs Droy vs Alzack

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Makarov angrily demanded of the Jutsu Shiki.

"Why would they be fighting each other?" Ur narrowed her eyes at the words.

Winner: Alzack

Jet and Droy: Unable to continue

Remaining Fairy Tail members: 81

"Those damn…" Natsu glowered at the words, having guessed the reason for the sudden fight.

Gajeel made a sound of disgust as he read the update. "Bastards never intended to fight everyone. They set this whole damn thing up to make everyone fight against each other."


"How long will you let the fairy cannibal feast go on, Gramps?" Laxus looked at the update with uncaring eyes.


All over town, Mage fought Mage.

Members of Fairy Tail fell into Freed's Jutsu Shiki traps and were forced to battle one another until only one was left standing. The victor would then be permitted to leave, only to eventually end up trapped by another trap and forced to fight again.

"Vijeeter! Hold still!" Nab called out as he chased after the nimble Dance Magic user.

"This is not the time for a fight amongst ourselves, but it seems we truly have no choice." Vijeeter grimaced as he moved in to fight Nab.

Elsewhere in town, various fights were all happening simultaneously. Magic was being wielded and townspeople were scattering any time the fighting got close to them. Several townsfolk yelled at the Mages to stop breaking things as the fighting continued and more of the Fairy Tail members fell to each other.

-Guild Hall-

Battle of Fairy Tail: Update

Max vs Warren

Winner: Warren

Krov vs Nigy

Both taken out simultaneously

Wang vs Joey

Winner: Wang

Wakaba vs Macao

Battle Begun

Mickey vs Laki vs Chico vs Elie

Winner: Mickey

"Stop it! Will you punks just cut it out!" Makarov yelled at the rapid number of updates.

"So there are Jutsu Shiki traps all over town forcing everyone to fight each other?" Happy tilted his head with a thoughtful look as he read over the updates. "Is this really what Laxus meant when he said 'Battle of Fairy Tail'?" The blue cat's tail flicked back and forth, showing off the agitation that he felt at the situation.

"If it wasn't for that damn rule, we would already be hunting Laxus down." Natsu exhaled smoke through his nose, his Magic still maintaining a heat haze around him from his bubbling anger.

Ur looked at the Magma Dragon Slayer with understanding, but felt the need to speak. "What good would that do though?" Seeing Natsu look at her, the Ice Make Mage continued. "If you and Gajeel charged out of here like the others, you'd have been caught in the Jutsu Shiki traps too. All that would've done is force you to fight your friends over and over again, just like what's happening to everyone else."

"This is nothing like the normal brawls within the Guild, Natsu." Makarov looked at the Magma Dragon Slayer. "Everybody is fighting as hard as they can to try and save the girls. This isn't a situation that can be handled the normal way. Laxus has pushed things too far."

"What happened to him anyway?" Natsu questioned Makarov after a long moment to think. "Laxus was never the most friendly guy in the Guild; but even just a few years ago I couldn't see him doing something like this."

"I wish I knew…" Makarov looked at the floor in sadness, wondering what had become of the child that he'd helped raise since he was a baby.

Battle of Fairy Tail: Update

Remaining Time: 2:18

Remaining members: 42

"Forty-two people?!" Makarov had been ignoring the constant updates while talking to Natsu. "It's not even been an hour yet and we've already lost almost half of our people?!"

-Magnolia ~ Clothing Shop: Musyanyoka-

"Oh?! I've found Gray!" Bickslow laughed, acting like he was surprised.

"It's Gray!"

"It's Gray!"

The little totems floating around Bickslow repeated his words.

"Bickslow…" Gray nearly growled at the Thunder Tribe member.

"Come on! Let's play!" Bickslow stuck out his long tongue, revealing his Fairy Tail Guild Mark on it.

-Guild Hall-

"So, old man, are you ready to surrender yet?" Laxus appeared in the middle of the Guild, but his form wavered and crackled like static for a moment before settling. "You're already down half your people and none of my Thunder Tribe has even fought yet." Laxus grinned at Makarov mockingly.

"Laxus!" Makarov glared at the image of his grandson.

"A Thought Projection?!" Happy pointed out the type of Magic that Laxus was using.

"Not even an hour has passed yet and we're close to winning without having done anything." Laxus mocked with a sneer on his face. "I think that sums up who should really be in-charge of Fairy Tail from now on; don't you think so, Gramps?!"

"You little brat." Makarov stared at Laxus with his clenched fists at his sides. "You trapped the strongest female Mages in the Guild with Evergreen's Magic, then locked Natsu and Gajeel in here for the first hour of your three-hour time limit! You've rigged this mockery of a battle before it even started!"

"It's called preparing for battle, old man." Laxus scoffed at his grandfather's rage. "With the girls as the prize for this game and the Dragon Slayers having to sit out for a while, I forced the weaklings to fight to determine if any of them belonged in MY Fairy Tail!" Laxus looked like he was about to spit in disgust. "But of course none of them were worth a damn! Weaklings, the lot of them! They have no place in the Fairy Tail that I will build from now on! Not a single one of them can stand up to my Thunder Tribe!"

"We still have Gray out there!" Happy flew into the air. "He and Natsu spar all the time! He won't lose to your Thunder Tribe!"

"Gray? Really?" Laxus looked like he was about to laugh. "You're really pinning your hopes on that loser?" He looked at Makarov in amusement.

"You shouldn't underestimate my student, brat." Ur looked at Laxus unflinchingly. "Do you think I've just been sitting around doing nothing since I joined the Guild?"

"I don't even know who you are." Laxus didn't look impressed.

"Ever since I joined the Guild, I've been able to restart the training that was interrupted for my wayward disciple." Ur informed the arrogant Lightning Mage. "Underestimate him at your own peril."

-Magnolia ~ Clothing Shop: Musyanyoka-

"Do I look like I'm here to play with you?" Gray questioned Bickslow coldly.

"Aww, is Gray upset?" Bickslow chuckled at the younger man. "Don't be such a downer! Let's have some fun!"



Two of the little totems repeated.

"H-Hey… Can you two not fight in my shop?" The owner trembled, but asked anyway. The middle-aged man clearly saw the tension and knew a fight would break out.

"He'll pay for everything." Gray told the man, never taking his eyes off Bickslow.

"Huh?!" Bickslow put his hand to the side of his head, right where his ear was covered by his hood. "What was that Gray? You sound awfully confident for someone younger than me!" Not getting any reaction from Gray beyond a cold glare, Bickslow made the first move. "Hyaaahooo!" He leapt and went for a wide kick, looking to take out Gray's legs. The Ice-Make Mage jumped over it easily. "No go, babies!"

"Let's go!"


The little totems flew through the air towards Gray and fired beams of magic at him, blasting apart the floor and anything else they hit.

"My shop!" The shop owner cried out in distress, even as he ran outside to get far away from the fight between Mages.

Gray ducked and weaved around the beams as they tore up more and more of the clothing shop.

"Line Formation!" Bickslow called out and the little totems stacked themselves together into a totem pole before firing a slicing wave of magic at Gray.

"Kh!" Gray sidestepped outside the path of the slicing arc, watching it cut a mannequin's arm off and then split the shelf behind it so cleanly that none of the clothes were even disturbed as the wood and cloth separated, leaving a few centimeters of space between the two halves.

"Well, look who's all nimble!" Bickslow pointed at Gray, his long tongue sticking out again.

"Ice-Make: Armor." Gray's body was quickly covered in dense and intensely cold armor, similar to a knight's, helmet and all. A mostly transparent sheet of ice acted as the visor of the helmet, allowing Gray to see while still being protected. "Ice-Make: Floor!" He placed his hands together and the entire floor of the shop froze over in thick ice. "Ice-Make: Cage!" Another creation was formed the second the floor was frozen. Thick, dense, and intricate bars of ice rose from the frozen floor and reached the ceiling. The ceiling of the shop instantly froze over in the same thick ice, locking the two Mages inside.

"You little!" Bickslow grabbed hold of a shelf to keep himself from slipping on the ice beneath his feet. "You think you can trap me here?!" He tried not to let his surprise be heard in his voice that Gray could create much faster than Bickslow remembered.

"I just did." Gray thanked Ur silently for restarting his training that he'd so foolishly walked away from in his quest for revenge against Deliora as a child. He'd never been able to create constructs so rapidly before being under her tutelage again.

"Come on, babies! Victory Formation!" Bickslow called out.

He got no response.

"Babies?" He turned to look at his totems only to find all five of them frozen over, encased in balls of ice that were now stuck to the floor. "What?! When did he manage to…?!"

"Ice-Make: Cold Excalibur!" Gray put his hands together and formed a large greatsword out of ice. The sword was strong, exuding a frost into the air, and Gray had made it as strong as iron. It wasn't as clean as he would've liked it, knowing that intricacy in Molding Magic was a sign of mastery, but he'd only reached this level recently thanks to Ur.

"X-Formation!" Bickslow crossed his arms in front of himself as he saw Gray coming at him with the huge ice sword. Four mannequins flew between Bickslow and Gray, being slashed in two by the ice sword and then instantly frozen over.

"The hell?!" Gray blinked behind his visor.

"My version of Seith Magic, Puppetry, takes wandering souls and places them into dolls!" Bickslow grinned at Gray. "You can freeze the dolls, but the souls can easily move into other dolls!"



Four more Mannequins were already floating in the air behind Bickslow.

"Until you run out of dolls!" Gray charged at Bickslow again with his Cold Excalibur. The frozen floor wasn't a problem for him, his shoes had ice spikes on the soles to act like cleats, giving him traction on the slick ice.

"IF I run out of dolls!" Bickslow laughed as he hopped up onto the top of one of the shelves and ran across the unfrozen wood while his four mannequins fired beams of magic at Gray.

"Ice-Make: Shield!" A large, flower-shaped shield formed between Gray and the beams, letting them explode harmlessly against the ice.

Another explosion was heard, but from further away, making Gray whip his head around to see what had caused it. Bickslow was beside the front exit of the shop, using his fifth mannequin to blast at the bars of the ice cage that was trapping them both inside the shop.

"That won't work." Gray touched the back of his ice shield and with a flex of his Magic, sent it flying forward, smashing the four attacking mannequins against the wall. "Hyah!" Gray swung the Cold Excalibur, sending a wave of ice to freeze the four mannequins to the wall. He was after Bickslow a second later.

"Fire, baby!" Bickslow sent his mannequin at Gray, firing beam after beam at the Ice-Make Mage. He quickly pulled off his mask while Gray sliced apart the mannequin, two of the beams having struck his ice armor, but hadn't done much more than crack it. "Figure Eyes!" Bickslow revealed his face, which had a black human-shaped figure on it, as he opened his eyes. His pupils and irises glowed an eerie green as he looked at Gray.

Only to have to dive out of the way as the greatsword of ice slashed at him.

"What the hell?!" Bickslow demanded, seeing the entire front exit to the shop now being a wall of thick ice.

"Did you think everyone in the Guild just forgot about your Magic?" Gray questioned Bickslow, pointing the sword at the man. "Even Happy has the Magic of the Thunder Tribe memorized. Each of you possesses a secondary Eye Magic to compliment your main Magic." Gray looked at Bickslow through his mostly transparent visor. "But everyone knows that Eye Magic requires direct eye contact to work. If anything breaks the direct line of sight between your eyes and the target, then Eye Magic won't work."

"You…you…" Bickslow seethed at his trump card being nullified before he'd even used it. "Baryon Formation!"

Gray's eyes widened as he heard the movement behind him. He turned around and saw the last five mannequins in the shop all spinning in a circle formation. In the center of the circle was a massive amount of swirling magical energy. "Ice Make: Shield!" The thick flower-shaped ice began to form just as the combined beam fired.


The shop was filled with smoke from the blast.

"Koff…koff…" Bickslow waved his hand in front of himself as he tried to clear away the smoke. "Hahahaha! So much for all your smart talk, Gray!" He laughed at finally putting the punk in his place. "Come on, babies! Let's get you back into your regular bodies; then we'll go hunting for the rest of the weaklings."

There was no answer.

"What?" Bickslow blinked as the dust and smoke started to clear. "No way!" He gawked at seeing all five of the mannequins impaled by the Cold Excalibur, encasing them in thick ice.

"Ice-Make: Hammer!" Gray nearly roared from behind Bickslow.

"Gah!" Bickslow tried to turn around, but only succeeded in slipping on the icy floor and falling on his ass. The last thing he saw was a huge hammer made of ice slamming into him from above and flattening him against the frozen floor.


Gray let go of his ice hammer and sat down, leaning his back against the wall as he breathed deeply and slowly, his breath coming out in gusts of frozen white air. "You prick." He looked at the unconscious and partially frozen Bickslow. "If I had been any slower, you'd have killed me with that." His shield had barely formed in time to take the brunt of the blast. His armor was mostly gone now too, having absorbed a bit more of the impact of the Baryon Formation attack before it had shattered too.

He was injured, bleeding, and kinda tired. But Gray Fullbuster had won, taking down the first member of the Thunder Tribe.

-Guild Hall-

Battle of Fairy Tail: Update

Bickslow vs Gray

Winner: Gray

"What?!" Laxus's Thought Projection exclaimed upon seeing the update.

Ur simply smiled (just a little smugly) and silently congratulated her disciple. "Anything else you want to say about my student?" She turned her eyes on Laxus.

"So, Ice Stripper won, huh?" Natsu actually smiled slightly. "If he'd lost to Bickslow, then I'd have laughed at him."

"One down." Gajeel grinned viciously at the Thought Projection.

"Damn it, Bickslow… How could you lose to Gray of all people?! When did you get this weak?!" Laxus looked like he was grinding his teeth, his rage palpable as noted by the throbbing vein on his forehead and his clenched fists.

"You can miss a lot when you rarely interact with the rest of the Guild, Laxus." Makarov seemed to have some weight lifted from his shoulders as he spoke to his grandson. His eyes were firm on Laxus. "Stop this now and you might get away with just a lengthy punishment."

"The game's not over just because one of my Thunder Tribe lost, old man!" Laxus's rage was clearly building. "You should check the board."

Everyone turned to look at the writing in the air, having mostly ignored the multiple updates.

Battle of Fairy Tail: Update

Remaining Time: 2:07

Remaining members: 9

"When did this happen?!" Makarov exclaimed at seeing the vast loss of members.

"So you defeated Bickslow, big deal!" Laxus smiled darkly. "My other two Thunder Tribe members have been hunting down your fairies en masse!"

"Laxus!" Makarov glared harshly at his out of control grandson.

Battle of Fairy Tail: Update

Remaining Time: 2:06

Remaining members: 10

"It went up?" Happy blinked at the counter.

"Oh yeah, that's right." Natsu perked up thoughtfully. "We do have two members that weren't around today." He looked at Laxus with burning eyes. "So, who do you want to bet on? Gildarts or Mystogan?"

The Thought Projection vanished without saying a word.

-Magnolia Town ~ Outskirts-

A Mage willingly crossed the Jutsu Shiki barrier surrounding Magnolia.

He wore a dark blue cloak and his arms and legs were mostly covered in bandages. The man wore a dark blue bandana with a silver forehead protector, and a green, camouflage-patterned mask that obscured the bottom half of his face to hide his identity from those that looked towards him. He carried multiple Magic Staves on his back, which were held by a dark green strap going across his torso.

Each of the staves bore a unique design: One was a wooden trident with the outer prongs bent inward and then outward, another had a head that looked like an upside down and backwards number '3' with three golden rings pierced through the upper bend near the top, one was topped with a skull that had it's jaw wide open and horns that spiraled from either side, the fourth staff had a large circle atop the head with an eye emblem within, and the final staff had a fan-like mount on the head, though the 'fan' was clearly the fin or wing of some kind of creature splayed open and preserved.

Mystogan, S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail, had returned to Magnolia.

He only took a few steps past the barrier when Freed appeared before him in a swirl of purple-black glyphs.

"Mystogan, you've come." Freed spoke to the higher-ranked Mage; he was able to fight off the sleep-inducing Magic easily enough, but that was because he'd been prepared for it.

"What are you…no…what is Laxus doing, Freed?" Mystogan questioned, his voice heard, even if it was quiet.

"This is the 'Battle of Fairy Tail', that's all you need to know." Freed drew his sword and held it at the ready.

"I see." Mystogan's tone gave nothing away. "You could've been a candidate for S-Class if you'd been around the Guild more often. So, I'll treat you like an S-Class now." With that he pulled the staff with the fan-like head off his back almost faster than Freed could track. A blast of magic lanced out from the staff towards the Jutsu Shiki user, forcing him to use his sword to slice the spell in half.

"That can't be all you have?" Freed looked at Mystogan, only to see that the first attack had been a distraction.

"You're a bit slow on the uptake." Mystogan had all five of his staves planted into the ground before him. "Skyscraper." With the single word, the ground around and beneath Freed's feet began to warp.

"What is this?!" Freed demanded only for a massive explosion to be his answer. He was rocketed into the air so quickly that he was able to see as a white dome of magic energy destroyed a portion of the outskirts of Magnolia instantly. "Impossible! No one could destroy so much land with a single spell!" Freed couldn't believe what he was seeing as he came to a stop in the air. The space around him warped as a tear formed in the very air near him. The glowing red eyes of a titanic demon appeared from the void as it was pulled open, revealing the abomination's hideous visage. "Gah!" Thick black bands wrapped around Freed, restricting his movement completely as the massive demon reached out to grab him. "What kind of Magic is this?!" He closed his eyes and when he opened them, his right eye was a glowing purple with a black sclera.

The world around Freed was torn away as he snapped out of the powerful illusion that he'd been placed under. "To think you could make such an illusion so easily." He glared at Mystogan and pointed his sword forward. "Dark Écriture: Pain!" He wrote out black-purple runes in the air with a single swipe of his sword and sent them blitzing towards Mystogan.

"For having Eye Magic, you don't see very well." Mystogan's form wavered away as the rune passed through his mist body.

"How?!" Freed looked around, having only heard about such spells like this one before. It only took him a fraction of a second to look up when he felt the buildup of magic power above him.

Five Magic Circles, each a different color and size, hovered in the air above him like a tower.

"Five-Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song!" Mystogan's voice came from behind Freed. A massive pillar of pure magical energy descended through the five Magic Circles and slammed into Freed before he could even turn around to face Mystogan.

Freed was forced to one knee by the powerful spell, even as he held up his sword to block at least a small portion of the magic energy slamming into him. When the spell ended, Freed's red jacket was barely there, more tattered strings than actual clothing.

"I…will not fail…Laxus…" Freed stood to his feet and turned his sword on himself. "Dark Écriture: Darkness!" The runes appeared for a brief second on Freed's chest before disappearing. A powerful aura of black Magic surrounded the green-haired Mage as his body transformed.

Freed's body had turned into a dark-colored, demonic creature, with horns coming out of his head and his right eye now covered with scales. Mystogan narrowed his eyes at the spell and the feeling it gave off. As one that had traveled the world and studied much of Magic, he knew this would be classified as a forbidden spell based on what it had done to Freed's body and Magic alike.

"Darkness Breath!" The demonic Freed roared and whipped up a dark wind that formed a powerful tornado which he sent straight at Mystogan.

Three of Mystogan's staves were wielded, one in each hand and one held in the air through magic. "Three-Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water!" Mystogan incanted as three Magic Circles appeared in front of him.

The howling, black tornado hit the defensive spell, only to be rebounded straight back at Freed. The transformed Mage didn't stick around to be hit with his own spell though. "Dark Écriture: Wings!" A small set of runes touched Freed's chest and purple-black wings of magic appeared from his back, allowing him to fly out of the path of his rebounded spell. He wasted no time in flying straight at Mystogan with his fist surrounded by a dense orb of Darkness Magic. "Darkness Flare Bomb!" He clearly intended to use his transformed body's strength to slam the powerful spell straight into Mystogan.

"Four-Layered Magic Circle: Clear Bell!" Four of Mystogan's staves floated through the air and stabbed themselves into the ground around Freed as he flew in for his attack. Four Magic Circles, each of them glowing with a silvery-white light, stopped Freed dead in his tracks. The transformed man simply hung in the air before his Darkness Flare Bomb dispersed.

"Grah! Agh! Raarhhh!" Freed struggled and bellowed before the four Magic Circles flashed brilliantly and removed his transformation, reverting him back to his original state. He hit the ground as the spell ended, worn out from the use of his forbidden spell, but still trying to force himself upwards.

The four staves around him floated upward into the air, and then back to Mystogan. The S-Class Mage caught two of them and crossed them over each other. "Two-Layered Magic Circle: Closed Tome!" Two Magic Circles, one dark red, the other a brilliant azure blue, appeared around Freed as he struggled to his feet. The red Magic Circle was beneath his feet, while the azure circle was above his head.

"Wha…?" Freed couldn't even ask what was happening before his body glowed with red and blue magic energy and he collapsed to his knees and then onto the ground. He struggled to maintain his consciousness, his sheer determination to not fail Laxus was the only thing fighting off the effects of what was clearly sudden Magical Exhaustion.

"Sleep." Mystogan, once more with all five of his staves strapped to his back, walked past Freed, heading for the town proper.

Freed was out like a light from Mystogan's powerful sleep Magic, not to wake up for many hours, or until Mystogan lifted the spell.

-Guild Hall-

Battle of Fairy Tail: Update

Freed vs Mystogan

Winner: Mystogan

The Jutsu Shiki gave the update before slowly dispersing away into the air and vanishing. The multitude of traps and runes could only be maintained with such perfection while Freed was conscious. Had he made a single ward, even a powerful one, it could've operated for days, perhaps a week without any input or magic energy being supplied by Freed. Unfortunately, multiple traps, several with different rules and restrictions, all spread throughout Magnolia, and the ward around the Guild Hall, on top of the ward enclosing the entirety of Magnolia Town itself, all added up to requiring Freed to actively focus on them in order to maintain the rules of the 'Battle of Fairy Tail' that had been decided on by Laxus.

"The Jutsu Shiki has been broken!" Makarov beamed at the success of Mystogan. He sat down on a nearby bench and let out a heavy exhale. "Finally, we can end this ridiculous game." Makarov placed his hand on his chest, feeling the telltale pain that signaled his blood pressure had gotten far too high. The stress of this incident, seeing his 'children' laying waste to each other at the whims of his grandson, had gotten to him far more than he'd let on.

"Master?" Ur leaned over to check on him in concern.

"I just need my medicine." Makarov gave her a strained smile. "My office, top drawer on the right side, if you could."

Ur was off like a shot, running upstairs towards Makarov's office as fast as she could.

"You two, I leave Laxus in your hands." Makarov looked at Natsu and Gajeel as the two Dragon Slayers were already heading for the door. "Just…don't go too far."

"He'll live." Gajeel acquiesced, tossing a careless wave over his shoulder.

"He's got to pay for what he's done." Natsu looked at his grandfather-figure seriously. "But he's still a member of Fairy Tail; he's still one of us. We won't kill him." The Magma Dragon Slayer promised before leaving the Guild Hall.

"Even now, you still consider him 'one of us', Natsu?" Makarov leaned back against the table behind him, his hand still on his chest. "You're a good brat." He lightly chuckled, even as his chest briefly flared with a sharp pain.

Ur's footsteps coming down the stairs were loud in the silent Guild Hall. In less than a minute she had a glass from behind the bar filled with water and brought it over to Makarov, along with his medicine from Porlyusica.

"Still bitter…" Makarov joked after downing the medicine with the water. Now, he just had to wait for Evergreen to be defeated and her Magic undone. Once the girls were returned to normal, then he'd be able to relax fully and let the worry and stress fall away.

-Outside the Guild Hall-

"Don't get in my way, Salamander." Gajeel breathed in deeply, looking for the specific scent of the lightning bastard that had beaten him down the other day.

"That's my line, Black Steel." Natsu was also inhaling deeply, parsing through the various smells to find Laxus's scent.

Two dragons were now on the hunt.

-End Chapter-


The Battle of Fairy Tail is already almost over at only 1-hour in!

Laxus fucked up in his calculations by writing off several of the members of Fairy Tail!

Gray won his fight against Bickslow!

Ur hasn't just been sitting on her nice ass since she joined up! Gray never completed his training! Well, she may not be able to use her Magic right now, but she can still instruct!

Gray has a noticeable jump in ability after more training, unlocking spells he wouldn't have had until much later without it.

Freed was no match for Mystogan! That's the difference between S-Class and candidate for S-Class!

Now Laxus is being hunted by Gajeel and Natsu!

But what of Elfman and Evergreen?

Keep reading to find out!

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