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Home flashback 12 years ago

In a dark lab orochimaru and hiruzen look, it can be noted that there are several tubes and large boxes with people inside, hiruzen looks at all that situation with anger, disappointment, sadness to see that his apprentice made such atrocities.

- You fell a lot Orochimaru.

Orochimaru laughs and soon they all can hear a huge roar coming from the village, hiruzen and orochimaru are surprised and curious about what it should be that did that.

"Did you do it, Orochimaru?"

The sannin laughs and then speaks.

"No, it seems your village needs you old man, you better go and let me out of here in peace or several people will die.

Elsewhere jiraya along with minato are facing the fox next to other ninjas who are trying to defeat it, the combat follows desperately as the ninjas are trying to protect their home and their families but their opponent and the fearsome 9-tailed fox and little by little it overcomes them. Golden chains hold the fox holding it still and meanwhile Minato and jiraya make an incredible sequence of seals at great speed, at the end an invocation appears in the form of a golden scale, kushina recognizes therefore is a prohibited jutsu of the uzumaki clan. Minato approaches Kushina.

- Kushina, I need the naruko to seal part of the kyubi inside her, I know she does not approve of this but our only chance because her chakra will still develop and she can get used to this fox chakra.

Kushina looks minato and makes an expression of doubts and certain fear, she remembers all the prejudice by being one of the keepers of the fox and to think that its daughter would suffer the same fate it left him scared by her.

"Murder, you said you were going to seal half of it, but the other half came back to me?" And what will happen to you?

Minato catches naruko carefully and looks kushina

- I will live because you 2 are my family, I and the sensei jiraya we worked hard in this invocation because we feared that the fox could flee and we planned this plan of backup, we would be unconscious for a while but we will be alive

Kushina agrees, minato and jiraiya make the sealing and the fox is divided in 2 parts getting one in each plate of the balance getting balanced and after that the chakra returns to kushina and a part goes to minato, Jiraya falls unconscious and minato also. In another place a masked ninja observes everything and laughs but soon it disappears, in the laboratory Hiruzen is wounded but managed to hurt even more orochimaru but the sannin flees, fugaku uchiha arrives next to tsunade and other anbu and all speak at the same time

- Hiruzen-sama

Tsunade begins to cure Hiruzen and after that he alerts them about orochimaru, all by order of hiruzen begin to look for something important in the laboratory and Tsunade finds after opening a door a baby in a huge glass sphere, they think and then decide to take the child of the while do this and see the child hiruzen speech.

- He…

The anbu, fugaku and tsunade observe the child who looks well with orochimaru but you can see their snake eyes that have a different color from their being black instead of yellow, the child starts to cry and tsunade holds it well.

"He has a son, but why and who is the mother?"

A silence spreads around the place and one of the anbu soon speaks.

- We `ll kill him?

Hiruzen approaches and picks up the child, staying in his arms the child opens his eyes and smiles at Hiruzen making him think.

"It might be a chance to fix my mistakes over orochimaru,

He looks at nearby ninjas and speaks in a serious, firm voice.

- He will be Sarutobi Kain an orphan of the village of the leaf and his father is a classified classified S rank and in case one of you say something about it without my authorization the punishment will be the execution

Everyone who were present are surprised but nod their heads positively, a few minutes pass and upon arriving in the village they notice the destruction and leave for the hospital where Kushina and some others are injured, Hiruzen looks at the baby that is with Tsunade and him sees the mark of the curse and tsunade looks at Hiruzen and speaks.

"Why are you going to take care of the boy?"

Hiruzen stops and tsunade for too.

"He's an innocent child, and it's not his father's fault that he's a bad person."

Soon they return following to the hospital and receive news that minato and jiraya are domindo and will probably take 3 days to wake up, they are also informed about the masked man and about naruko being a new jinchuriki of the 9 tailed fox, Hiruzen looks naruko and feel sorry for

he remembers what Kushina has been through but she is the daughter of the 4 hokage who is a hero so he will not have many problems but Kain will have many problems in being someone standard with a wanted and hated father.

End of Flashback / Introduction

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