DISCLAIMER: I do not have any right about the naruto work, only my character and customizations in the story3 person pov

POV for 3 people

Workers are shown to be safe because the Hokage's daughter is on site with a member of the Uchiha clan. The gennin trio continues to help move objects while Kakashi continues talking to Zabuza.

- The lazy doesn't help.

Naruto speaks with boredom and can be understood in his words.

- Even if he does nothing ... He's still our useless sensei

Naruko watches Sasuke and nods his head in agreement with Sasuke's words.

- As I'm waiting for the Chunnin exam so I can have some decent training.

Kain speaks in a calm tone but still can't understand how Kakashi's mindset works. He is very different from Hiruzen who in training has always set a goal and has never done anything for no reason.

Kakashi ends his planning with a fog duo.

- Then let's interfere with tracking our enemies to try to keep them from reaching the village.

Zabuza listens as Haku's words as he watches his disciple.

-Yes, you will fight along with Hatake Kakashi to have an advantage over the enemy, should try to separate them.

Kakashi picks up his erotic book and opens it to read.

- Information about my students if any enemies arrive in the village who are prepared to fight.

Get ready because we will leave.

Zabuza turns around and starts walking along Haku to another location. Kakashi follows up to his team where he keeps his book in his hand.

- News.

The trio approaches with words from Kakashi and does not look so tired with the help he is doing.

- I'll be busy for a few hours for an outdoor exploration.

Naruko has his eyebrow raised a little at Kakashi's words, Sasuke doesn't quite understand words, and Kain thinks his meaning is a bum.

- You need to learn situation codes.

Kain smiles and just before Naruko and Sasuke, he decides to decide what is felt.

- if you taught right we could know.

Naruko nods in agreement with kain's words and Sasuke does the same.

- My little gennins don't like my teachings ... It's a shame you won't get rid of me anytime soon.

Kakashi closes the book, he moves his hands making the stamp sequence and the logo hits his palm against the floor causing smoke to spread.

- Hello boss.

The gennin trio watches the puppy with a Konoha bandana.

- Pakkun, I need you to send a message to Hokage.

The gennins keep watching or feeling as they notice a change in Kakashi's tone of voice.

- You are probably preparing to prevent a bridge from being built, it must be confirmed so that I can do my job without consequences for Konoha. Recommends that you enter the realm of summoning to be safer and then talk to the frogs or monkeys summoned by Minato-sensei and Hiruzen-Sama.

Pakkun looks at Kakashi while the Gennin trio seems a little scary at Kakashi's words, because of thoughts of possible deaths, hearing about the consequences becomes a little more difficult for the trio, although they are considered reasonably small and still the same.

Somewhere else

- I feel the presence of a group with more than 5 people approaching this village trash.

Kushimaru looks at the sensor in his group.

- I want you to let me know whenever the group moves or separates, as this will aid our hunt against these invaders.