I don't own Castle in the sky or Harry Potter.

Hi guys so I'm doing a Castle in the sky and Harry Potter crossover. I love the movie castle in the sky mix. If you never watch it watch it so you don't miss out on this amazing adventure. This is something you never seen before so come join Hermione and her to friends from the muggle world Pazu and Sheeta on finding laputa.

It was a normal day for a muggle born witch name Hermione. She was getting herself some dinner. She just got back from her 4 year at hogwarts. Now with Voldemort back she is in safe protection. The only other person who new she was a witch is her childhood friend Pazu. She was just about to eat in tell she heard her mom.

" Oh hi Pazu how are you doing today" Ms. Granger great him as he came in.

" Oh hi Ms. Granger is Hermione here" Pazu ask her.

" Yes she is, Hermione Pazu is here" Hermione's mom Said as Hermione went to hug him.

" I miss you so much" Hermione told him.

" I miss you two" Pazu reply and then remember about the mysterious girl. " You need to come and see what I found today" Pazu Said as open up the door.

" Okay Okay I'm coming" Hermione Said as she put on her soo's and then went out side.

She and Pazu talk for a bit intell they reach his house.

" Come" Pazu Said as he lead her to his room.

" Who is this" Hermione ask him as she saw the girl with brown hair with breads and a blue necklace.

" I don't know she was flying from the sky" Pazu told her.

" I don't know how that's possible" Hermione Said.

" Same here" Pazu reply back to her.

" Maybe we should get some sleep do you want to sleep here" Pazu ask her as he got her a blanket.

" Sure I don't mind" Hermione reply little did they know this was the beginning of there adventure.