Name:Ludwig Hans Von Koopa

Nicknames:Kooky, Luddy, Ludo, and Luds

Age:18 years old


Ludwig is the eldest and the responsible one of the family. He's the mature one which he has to be the leader and the voice of reason towards his younger siblings but doesn't participate in anything childish or foolish for his own taste. He is very intelligent for his age but mostly interested in science which he reads books about science and helps out Iggy with his inventions. He does have a fun once for a while whenever it's own interest, sometimes to mess with his younger siblings, or be a kid again. Has a special talent for music which he plays the piano and writes songs. Can be overprotective of his siblings mostly to Larry and Bowser Jr, whenever their being bullied or hurt in other way, he will beat the hell of that person who dares to mess with the wrong koopa. Short tempered at times whenever his siblings gets on his nerves or pull pranks on him. Also has a split personality disorder which is Kooky, his mad and crazy side but he appears whenever Ludwig is loses it or go mad


Birth Parents: Benjamin and Edith

Adoptive Father: Bowser

Sister(s): Wendy

Brother(s): Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Morton, Larry, and Bowser Jr

Favorite sibling: "Hmph, vhy schould I tell zhe likes of you anyways?… I love my siblings equally even zhough zhey get on my nerves…."

Fun facts:

-He's the leader of the Koopalings and the eldest as well

-Speaks in a german accent since his birth father's side is german

-Loves reading Shakespeare plays

-Used to be deaf when he was younger until an explosion made him hear again

-Does swear in german whenever he's upset

-Sibling rivalry with Iggy, who's also the genius of the family

-He used to have a toy submarine(Like the one in Paper Mario:Color Splash) when he was a kid but he decided to give it to Bowser Jr