Name:Bowser Kenneth Koopa Jr

Nicknames:Junior(Mostly), BJ, Bow-Bow, Bowsey



Bowser Jr is the youngest and of the family. He's very playful for his age which he often plays with his toys and older siblings in video games. He can be a tattletale mostly to Roy or Larry whenever their doing something to get in trouble and tells Ludwig or Bowser on them. Has an artistic talent which he loves to paint and draw a lot of pictures. He can be stubborn at times, like his father, which he sometimes refuse to listen to others and throw tantrums if things don't go his way. Even though he's a mini version his father, he can be sweetheart if you get to know him better when you see that he's just like any other kids his age. He's a troublemaker which he tells lies and pulls tricks on people while Larry joins on the fun as well. Feel lonely sometimes when his father or siblings don't have time to spend time with him. If he gets hurt or bullied, his older brothers and sister will definitely beat you up too death





Brothers:Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Morton, and Larry

Favorite sibling: "I love all of my siblings and I can't have a favorite! Their all the best brothers and sister I ever had"

Fun facts:

-The honorary member of the Koopalings

-After the events of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle, he's in good terms with the Mario and friends and promises not to be evil towards them

-Keeps a toy version of the ludship which Ludwig gave him it for his birthday

-Hates eating vegetables especially spinach and broccoli

-His troublemaking side may be influenced by Larry

-Favorite dessert is cookies which he sometimes steals some from the cookie jar

-Still wants Peach to be his mom so he'll be more happier to have her as a mom