Story summary: Following the rescue of Henry from Neverland, Emma and Regina turn their attentions to preparing for the arrival of their very own True Love child by building their own relationship.

Author's Note: It's been a VERY long time since I've written something new in SQ fandom. A long time ago I wrote a fic titled "Never Lie to Your Doctor" where Regina found out she was pregnant in Neverland. This story follows that and also my other Neverland fic, "A Mother's Heart." You can find both fics here on FFnet.

Thanks go to Carolyn for her encouragement, beta reading, and editing.

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She's Having My Baby


Chapter 1

Emma hugged Henry from the left, her left arm wrapping around his back, her eyes squeezed shut with the effort to hold back her tears of relief. The hug wasn't as tight as she wanted it; they were both in heavy coats guarding against the cold night. But she was aware of another arm, another body in the hug: Regina. She opened her eyes and found dark lashes squeezed shut, tears gathering underneath as the brunette was also trying to rein in her own emotions.

They had Henry back. They had once again triumphed. Only together. Emma shifted her arm, the movement bringing her hand against Regina's side, enough of a disruption that the dark lashes opened, brown eyes meeting Emma's, still filled with the emotions of relief and love for their son's safety.

"You did it," Emma murmured, the awe from witnessing the golden heart created from a combination of Emma's DNA and Regina's magic as it entered Henry's unmoving chest.

"We did it," Regina corrected, and it could have been stern, just like Regina's snark of old, secure in knowing more than the blonde. But Emma tangled her fingers in Regina's when she heard the catch in her voice.

Henry's movement, easing back from between them, caught their attention then. "Moms?" he said, the collective term seeming to fall easily from his tongue.

"Hey kid," Emma gruffed and covered the emotion crowding out her voice.

"Yes, Henry?" Regina said, her voice higher, light, her own method for covering feelings of vulnerability.

Emma started to smirk then compressed her lips as she caught Regina deliberately purse her own lips and turn her head to avoid Emma's gaze.

"Can we go home now?"

"That's the plan, kid," Emma said easily.

Regina stepped away and nodded. "We captured Pan's shadow and we'll use that to fly back to Storybrooke."

"Can I watch?" Henry asked, even as he smiled at his mother.

The brunette turned her hands over each other, tugging off her gloves. Emma took in the brunette's figure for the first calm moment since everything had nearly gone pear-shaped. She felt her cheeks heat, recalling one night of sweet passion. A derpy smile tugged at her lips when her gaze intersected Regina's middle. They were no longer just Henry's moms, Emma thought.

Glove-free hands cupped Henry's cheeks and Regina kissed his forehead. "You stay here. Regain your strength. It won't be long and then we'll be home."

Henry nodded, accepting the instructions. As he went back to lay down Emma moved after the brunette, grasping Regina's wrist before she was out of reach.

"Hey," she whispered.

"What?" Regina asked, her tone conveying anxiety and tension in the single word.

"Be careful," Emma pitched back, less tense, but similarly earnest. Regina arched an eyebrow in surprise. "You need rest too," Emma insisted.

"I'll rest when we're safe back in Storybrooke," Regina replied. Reading her, Emma sensed annoyance in the brunette's voice.

"We should talk," Emma said. Meaningfully, she dropped her hand from Regina's wrist and brushed Regina's middle, while looking directly into the dark eyes.

She started to lean forward, just a second was all she would need to brush their lips together, she thought. But a warm hand pressed hard into her collarbone stopped her. Regina glanced over Emma's shoulder toward Henry. Emma didn't; her gaze remained fixed on Regina.

"Not here." Regina turned away and walked up the wooden steps, leaving Emma to stare up after her.

"Mom?" Henry's voice called Emma.

Emma turned. "Yeah?"

"What happened while you were searching for me on Neverland?"

"Lots of things happened. Pan was a trickster," Emma said easily. "Liked his games."

"No," Henry said. He situated himself higher on his pillows, smoothing the blanket over his legs. "Between you and Mom."

Emma glanced toward the opening where Regina had disappeared. She weighed how much he could discern and how much she should say without Regina there to speak for herself. She decided on a simple summary and turned back to face Henry. "Your mom and I both love you very much. We were terrified when you went missing. So we decided we had to work together."

Henry canted his head, his eyes narrowing slightly. Emma knew that meant he didn't quite believe her.

"Can you wait until we can both talk to you?" Henry's look didn't subside, but he nodded and didn't ask again, instead rolling onto his side to sleep.

Silence fell as Emma felt the jolt of the ship as it was rising into the air. She was a little alarmed. She was certainly not used to flying ships, having seldom even been on an airplane. She sat down on the side of Henry's bed and nervously plucked at loose threads in the blanket.

"Is my dad going to stay in Storybrooke?" Henry's voice broke the silence as the ship's flight seemed to level out.

Emma blinked, blindsided by the change in topic, but also clueless as to the answer. "I don't know. He's just reunited with his own father. So...maybe. That's a question for him, I guess."

"Will you let me see him?" Henry asked. "Get to know him?"

"I didn't not want you to know Neal, Henry. He wasn't around when you were born, and as far as I knew, he never would be."

"What about now?"

"We'll see," Emma said. "Things might be changing once we're back in Storybrooke."

David leaned hard on Mary Margaret, still weak, but alive, from his bout with the Dreamshade poison. Following them down the gangway positioned by the dwarves lining either side like sentry guards, Henry leaned on his mother Regina. The stocky men reached out and patted the boy on his back and shoulder, welcoming him home.

Emma smiled. Henry was still weak, but he was alive. She had not thought it possible. Watching him give his heart to Peter Pan had devastated her. She recalled it all so vividly that she would likely have nightmares for weeks to come.

Regina catching Henry's collapsing body and running. Emma frantically clearing the way through to the skiff they had taken to Devil's Island and then tearing through the brush toward the coast where the Jolly Roger lay. She hadn't even thought for one second about her parents who went after the vanished trickster.

Safely aboard the Jolly Roger, Emma and Regina sat sentinel over their unconscious child. They had talked of his earliest moments of life with each of them. It was then that Regina - beautiful, smart Regina Mills - had hit upon an incredible idea. She created a new heart for Henry from a sample of Emma's own.

Afterward, palms resting together on Henry's sleeping chest, Regina had lifted her head and met Emma's gaze. She smiled softly through tears sparkling in the corners of her brown eyes. "Thank you," she said

Regina's lips had quivered, looking kissable, and Emma had started to lean forward to seal a connection she could feel. Above them, however, the sounds of Emma's parents and Hook clambering aboard the ship disrupted their private moment. They'd emerged, prepared the sail with Pan's shadow, and flown home.

Standing to the side, Emma felt out of place as she watched her parents together. Mary Margaret asked David, "How do you feel?"
David winced but gamely smiled. "Pretty good, actually. I think the water must be working."
Hook preened and Emma rolled her eyes. "Aye, it is. Dreamshade overtook my brother the moment we left Neverland."
Brightly her mother assure, "Gold will find a cure. You'll be okay."
Emma caught her father's side glance. "I have to admit, there was a minute there I didn't believe we were all going to make it out of that place."
Her father smiled at her. "Well, we did." She could almost hear the undercurrent, Now do you believe?
Emma looked away from her father and spotted Regina standing off to the side away from the revelers. Just as she took a step toward her, Mary Margaret's loud voice made her jump. "And we owe a lot of it to her. Regina helped save us all."

Giving her mother a startled look, Emma felt the astonishment of others roll over her. Out of the corner of her eye, Emma thought Regina looked equally surprised at Mary Margaret's open praise.

A lot of surprises on this trip, Emma thought. She stood back as her parents were greeted and Henry was cheered, Emma studied her hands then stuffed them into the pockets of her overcoat in an attempt to hide that she was filled with uncertainty.

Sensing movement close by, Emma jerked her head up to see the crowd leaving, walking with David and Snow at the head toward the center of town. Emma spotted Regina moving slowly behind the crowd She walked alone, taking her gloves from her hands, which should have been a move of casual elegant arrogance. But instead Emma saw only that the brunette felt exactly like Emma: out of place and dazed.

As her gaze drifted down and away from Regina's face, Emma caught sight of the woman's waistline. Fancifully - it had been barely two weeks after all - she thought she saw a gentle bump and remembered what had been revealed shortly after their arrival to Neverland. What had transpired on the boat. Regina carried proof of a connection that went beyond them both being Henry's mothers.

She and Regina had not always seen eye to eye on how to get their son back, nor had they a chance to discuss the woman's pregnancy, even as Regina ducked behind trees periodically to throw up.

Trying to look and sound nonchalant, Emma gradually moved closer to the other woman as they walked on the street.

"You, uh, wanna catch a bite?" Emma asked.

Regina canted her head. "We are all going to Granny's where, I presume, we will be eating."

"I, uh," Emma lifted a hand to her hair and sifted down through the locks to keep her nerve steady. "We haven't really had a chance to talk."

"We're talking now."

"I mean, about…" Emma gestured gingerly.

Regina hastily grabbed Emma's fingers before they could make contact with her belly. "Miss Swan!" she whispered with a hiss. "Do not touch me."

"We should to talk about how to handle this," Emma said.

"You've had two weeks."

"We were busy!" Emma protested.

"No. It's too late."

Emma felt the blood drain from her face. "Regina, it's going to be impossible to hide."

"Emma, who's going to believe me that it's anything but a trick by the Evil Queen?"

"You heard Mary Margaret. She said you saved them, saved us."

When Regina didn't immediately say anything, Emma realized someone else had come up. She moved her gaze from Regina's to see Hook approaching. She smiled at him, grateful he'd saved her father.

He leered back. "So, Swan, fancy another ride on the Jolly Roger?" he asked.

Emma hesitated, so flat-footed by his innuendo she didn't how to respond. Regina moved away from her and she jerked to action. "Regina! I'll talk to them."

"Pirates seldom take no for an answer, Miss Swan," Regina said, not looking back.

Hook shrugged affably. "The Queen has the right of it, Swan. You're a fair partner in a fight, and a pretty sight. Join me."

"You're not staying in Storybrooke?" Emma asked.

"I seldom put into any port for long," he replied. "Besides, what's a pirate to do in a sleepy fishing town? Even one so magical as Storybrooke." For someone who disliked fishing, Emma thought, Hook was casting his line with determination.

She fretted; Regina was getting further and further away with every second. Wanting no confusion with Hook, even while she was confused about her situation with Regina, Emma squared her shoulders and met his gaze directly.

"Safe sailing, Killian. Far be it from me to keep you from your love of the sea."

Hook eyes widened with surprise but he said nothing.

In the silence, Emma exhaled with relief and stepped quickly around him. She lengthened her strides. She fixed her gaze on the dark-haired woman moving even faster half a mile ahead. Slowly but surely Emma closed the distance between them. When she was close enough she thought to shout, "Regina!"

Instead of turning, Regina raised an elegant hand, snapped her fingers, then vanished in a purple cloud of magic.

Emma arrived just where Regina had been standing. "Damn!" she cursed.

Dispirited, Emma stomped the rest of the way to Granny's.

Ensconced in a booth at Granny's near the back, Regina spied David and Mary Margaret with their heads bent close, whispering. Neal - Baelfire - talked with Belle and his father Rumplestiltskin never moved far from his side. The dark magic user seemed emotionally open in ways Regina would have never associated with the always scheming imp she knew.

Hook hovered near Emma who hovered near her parents. Each time Emma smiled at the pirate, Regina felt a sharp stab in her chest. When Rumple delivered a small potion bottle to David and the man drank, Emma seemed to find it was time to step away. She hugged her parents and the Charmings departed the diner shortly thereafter. Having seen the goopy loving looks between them, Regina had no doubt they were going to spend the coldest parts of the night in one another's arms. Regina barely suppressed her sigh at the Good couple once again enjoying a happy ending.

Emma moved toward the back of the diner; Hook followed. The blonde stopped to talk with Tinkerbell who was talking with Neal. Regina would have laughed at the sleight of tongue Emma employed next, but in a few seconds, Tinkerbell and Hook were left alone. Emma had walked off with Neal. So, maybe the pirate wasn't on Emma's list of suitors.

Neal - Baelfire posed a different set of problems in Regina's mind. He was Henry's biological father, whereabouts unknown even to Emma for more than 11 years, contributing to the blonde's abandonment issues. But now, seeing Emma tip her head back and laugh at something Neal said created a pit in Regina's stomach. They were Henry's birth parents. Emma moved reticently around Neal, that was plain, but it was also clear to Regina that Emma had not simply slept with Neal all those years ago as a one-night stand, but out of real feelings.

How could their one night, even filled with magic as it had been, ever compare with that? Regina thought sadly. She turned away from the and put her arm around Henry's shoulder.

"Hey, Mom," Henry said. "You haven't eaten."

Her smile a bit forced, Regina determined she would not say a word until Emma did. "I'm fine, dear. Have you eaten?"

"I'm not really hungry, either," he replied. "You wanna go home?"

Regina inhaled. Before Neverland, before he'd been kidnapped, she had done a pretty unforgivable thing, wiping Henry's memory of their conversation and planning to destroy Storybrooke with the failsafe diamond.

"I'm very glad to have you home," she said. He headed for the door and she followed him. Emma met them coming down the steps.

"Ma!" Henry leapt into Emma's embrace. When he let his birth mother go, he cast his gaze back and forth between the two of them. "So, tell me how bumpStorybrooke's still standing?"

"We stopped the failsafe," Emma said.

"Last thing I remember here was watching Mom try to slow the diamond down. Telling us we should all escape," he said. "I looked away and saw Tamara sneaking around at the mouth of the cave. I thought…" He trailed off. "She had something in her hands. I thought she might cave in the entrance. Trap us all in there."

Emma inhaled. "So that's when Greg and Tamara grabbed you."


While they were talking, Henry had continued to lead them down Main Street. He was looking around at everything and wearing a dazed smile. He waved at some of the shopkeepers who hadn't gone to the celebration at Granny's. "I'm glad everything's back to normal," he said.

Regina saw Emma fidget and lick her lips. "Well, um, there are a few … there will be some… changes," Emma said. "Your mom and I kinda -"

Regina cut her off. "Henry shouldn't be overwhelmed."

"I'd like to know everything that happened," Henry replied.

"You should rest. You don't need to hear it all tonight," Regina said.

"You will tell me, though, right? No more secrets?"

As they stood at the end of the path leading up to the mansion, Henry's earnest question took in Emma, too. The blonde rolled her lips and nodded. "No more secrets," she agreed.

"I believe your parents will be awaiting you at the loft, Miss Swan," Regina said.

"Yeah, okay. I'm gonna go, just for tonight, though. See you tomorrow yeah? Kid?"

"Love you, Ma." Henry kissed Emma and the blonde enfolded him in her arms before kissing his head.

"Love you too, Henry." Lifting her gaze from Henry's hair, Emma's eyes were a soft green, Regina easily recognizing the tender look from their shared night. "Have a good night, Regina."

Regina swallowed and said nothing. Henry enfolded himself under her shoulder and she wrapped her arm around his back. "Good night...Emma," she said. Emma smiled.

"Good night, Ma," Henry said and dashed into the house.

Regina followed him. When she turned to shut the front door behind her, she saw Emma standing in a pool of light from the streetlamp. She gripped the pickets of the fence, the tender look and smile still evident on her features. Emma radiated determination.

Regina's stomach fluttered and she unconsciously covered it. Emma's smile quickly loosened her fingers from around the pickets and the blonde stepped back to the sidewalk.

Regina followed Emma's progress as the woman passed in and out of the pools of lamp light. Finally she closed the front door of the mansion.

As if on cue, she heard Henry moving around in the kitchen. "Hey, Mom, where are the leftovers?"