Hello everybody, my name is TaiChiXWarrior. I like to read fanfiction, which makes me wanted to try writing my own stories. My favorite story genre is Romance (especially fluff) and Adventure.

This book will be my Author Note/Announcement book, so I will upload every news about my current situation and other things.

Before I wanted to start my own story, I wanted to warn you guys that I'm a very new writer, my grammars are very awful, I have very bad wordings´╝îso I wish you can understand me if you find my stories are hard to read.

So up to the next thing.

I'll be using my phone to write stories, I have no idea how will it be presented on larger screens, so I apologise if my stories is really short.

Due to my busy high school life. My uptades will be very slow, so I apologise for future inconvenience.

The next thing I wanted to talk about is my upcoming stories. Most of my stories might be pokemon stories due to my favourite anime being Pokemon XY XYZ and my likings towards PMD. I might do other series like Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, RWBY and others, but it depends on my strive to write stories like that and my understanding of the original series.

There are two kinds of story that I enjoy reading and might write in the future. A story which included a very good and non rushing plot, character development, and logic; And story which has godlike character at the start with logic explanation, character bashing, and a good and non rushing plot.

So this is all I can inform you for the basic of my stories. If I think of anything I need to inform you guys, I will update this immediately.

So thank you for reading and we will see again in the future.