No One's POV~

The plan was simple, restrain the Nine-Tails, use the Reaper Death Seal, seal half the power of the Nine-Tails into Minato to kill that half forever, and then seal the rest of the Nine-Tails into newborn Naruto. The plan was simple, fast, and a sure way to keep not only Naruto safe, but all of Konoha as-well.

What could have gone wrong?

They should have known that things wouldn't have been that simple, that Kurama would have struck the moment Kushina's guard was down. It was only a miracle that the two had enough energy to move and take the blow before baby Naruto was skewered.

And now here they where. Standing tall and exhausted before their newborn baby like strong shields. Pierced threw the middle of their chest and abdomen like a kebab, it was surprising that they were able to hold the large limb back.

It was Minato that first spoke through the blood in his mouth, he could feel the large abnormal hole in his chest cavity that shouldn't be there, ribs snapped from the middle, outward in order to make room for the unwanted appendage. He could feel his heart beating, faster and faster and faster, as if trying to make up for the blood it was quickly losing.

He ignored the pain in his throat, the way his mind promptly blanked at the unexplainable pain that exploded in his chest, he didn't have time to focus on his pain, not when his wife went through the same thing, not when the fox was still loos.

He focused his attention on his wife, dazed and horrifically anguished, "I said that this was the father's duty." he croaked, barely able to see past his wife's fiery red hair.

Kushina smiled, tilting her head back with the same dull gaze of pain and exhaustion, how much time did she have left? "Then all the more, since I'm his mother!"

"Why you-!" Kurama snarled. Straining against the chains that still held him, and hissing daggers and killing intent on the two that managed to stop him.

Said couple could only ignore the angry demon behind them, like Minato thought, they didn't have time to focus on trivial things such as a Foxe's anger at the moment.

"This is the first time I lost an argument." Kushina brokenly chuckled, she went into a coughing fit and wheezed "Okay, I understand that you're determined to do this." she mumbled.

Minato weakly smiled and pulled back from his wife, giving her enough room to straighten up properly, and to proceed with the sealing "Thank you, Kushina."

Then he moved.

Flicking his wrist to swipe at the blood running down his chin, he semi shakily began with another seal, though it wasn't fast as he remembered doing it a hundred times before, he was still glad to have been able to do it now "Summoning Jutsu!" and before he began his target sealing, he needed to give something to a friend before he was gone for good.

In a poof of smoke a frog appeared just a few feet away, it floated just an inch off the ground with its limbs crossed as if it was angry, but once it caught sight of the familiar, orange and very much pissed off fox behind them. It's expression was quick to morph into one of horror, "Nine Tails!"

Then its eyes landed on their familiar summoner and it once again gasped "What?! Lord Fourth too! What's the meaning of this?!" It screeched, gesturing to the situation they were currently in.

Minato sighed and took a breath, it was getting harder to breath "Gerotora, I'm going to give you the Sealing Formula's key. Take it immediately to Master Jiraiya and store it away." he instructed.

Movements now slowed, and daze like, Minato pulled out said scroll and shakily handed it to the frog who quickly looked it over and nodded at the dying man, a certain look of respect and determination in it's eyes "You have my word. I confirm the key is in my possession." It slammed its hands together "And now, I'm off!" and in a poof of smoke, it was gone.

Then there were four.

Minato sighed in relief "That should do it."

The Reaper above them grinned maliciously, and pulled the dagger out of its mouth, giving the weapon a slimy taste, it raised its arms up as a sign of attack. Ready to begin its one job in the mortal realm.

Minato winced, he could practically feel his heart beating in his chest, and it was going slower by the minute, he was running out of time, he voiced his problem out to his wife "Kushina, my time is running out. I'm going to start the Eight Signed Seal. I want to put some of my chakra in Naruto too." Minato turned his gaze to his child, his first and only child. The son he would painstakingly be leaving behind for how many years. He wondered if the boy would ever remember them, would ever get to know his lineage, and would ever get to grow up to be a strong and passionate young man, either like Minato, or Kushina. . . . . maybe he would end up being both.

Minato smiled "It'll be quite a while before we can see him. Let's tell him what we want to say."

Kushina felt crushed at the words that left her dying husband. She didn't want to have only a minute with her son, she wanted years, she wanted years where she could tell him everything, where she could teach him the things she herself has learned over her life. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with her first and only child. . . couldn't she have that?

"Naruto. . . . " she croaked out, what should she tell him? "Don't be picky. Eat lots and grow strong. Make sure you bathe every day and stay warm. Also don't stay up late. You need lots of sleep. And make friends. You don't need a lot of friends. Just a few .. . . Ones you can really, really trust." Kushina breathed out. . was it getting warmer out here? "I wasn't very good at it, but keep up with your studies and practice your ninjutsu hard. Remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. So don't get too depressed if you can't do something well. Respect your teachers and upperclassmen at the Academy." Kushina's eyes widened, then she smiled "Oh, and this is important. It's about the Three Prohibitions for a shinobi; be extra careful about lending and borrowing money. Put your mission wages into your savings account. No alcohol until you're twenty. Too much can ruin your health, so drink in moderation. Another Prohibition is women. I'm a woman, so i don't know too much about this but. . . . All you need to remember is that this world is made up of men and women. So it's only natural to take an interest in girls. . . " Kushina giggled "But just don't get hooked on bad women. Find someone just like me. Speaking of the Three Prohibitions be wary of Jiraiya Sensei, you know."

Minato smiled at the offhanded insult. Sullenly watching as his wife paused in her speech in order to take deep breaths. . . how long does she have?

"Naruto, from now on, you're going to face lots of pain and hardship. Be true to yourself. Have a dream and have the confidence to make that dream come true! There's so much. . . " she finally felt the tears of anguish slide down her face, she didn't want this! she didn't want to leave her child behind to face the cruel world alone! to leave him behind when she only had the chance of meeting him in the span of an hour. . . . . . but did she have a choice, "Oh, so much more that I want to pass on to you. I wish I could stay with you longer. I love you. Minato, I'm sorry I used up your time." Kushina whimpered.

Minato smiled and deftly shook his head "Oh, it's okay." . . . . . should he say something? he should. . shouldn't he. . . .this was his last chance physically talking with his son. . . . his last chance until who knows how long. . . . maybe he should "Naruto, my message to you is. . . I guess it's the same as your nagging mother's" he winked teasingly, only catching a glimpse of his wife's bleeding and teary face.

. . . . with slow movements he finally finished the seal "Eight Signed Seal." a blinding white engulfed all of the area. Shrouding the space in a light that made any other watchers quick to shield their eyes.

And as the couple were engulfed in chakra, Minato couldn't help but frown at the sudden ominous feeling he gained as he finished the seal. It was as if something bad was coming, something worse than the Nine-Tails, something that would be out of his control. A sudden look of fear crossed over his face, but before he could process the thoughts of direful consequences at both his and his wife's death, his mind went blank, and all he felt was nothing.

It was minutes before everything returned to normal. The light fading into nothing and leaving the devastation it had caused. There was little sound around, other than the rustling of leaves, the burning village of Konoha a mile away, and the rustling of shrubs from fleeing animals, all was quiet.

Back at the blast sight, the charred bodies of Minato and Kushina where seen laying face down in the dirt, each had respective holes in their chest and abdomen, and were definitely dead.

The Nine-Tails was nowhere to be seen, the only thing left that such a beast was there in the first place was the large imprint it left in the ground, and the claw marks embedded in the earth from him trying to escape before he was sucked into the newborn.

Said newborn, Naruto, was silent on the altar, bare, naked and shivering in the cold air of the night. A prominent black symbol sat pleasantly on his stomach, slightly red in agitation, but looking to be alright, it wasn't seconds later did it disappear into his skin, as if it hadn't been there in the first place.

On that day, Naruto Uzumaki was born, and on that day his life had been changed for the better or for worse. The sounds of his cries were heard throughout the forest. And all who heard it, couldn't help cower in confusion. It was as if the very sound of the newborn's sobs, brought a curse upon the village.

Thank you for reading this story, and i hope you like it, this is probably the first step to doing antagonist canon characters or oc's, so really this is my first Antagonist story and thank you.

The people i would like to thank for inspiring me are~

- Mysana, and for their Naruto story "Red Eyes in the Dark"

- Gleam, and for their Naruto story "He had no Fingers"

- Daystar Clarion, and for their Naruto story "Dancing with Demons"

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