-Three Years Later After Liam's Arrival-

"Scrooge, you never told me you had a child?" Said Flammel Whitefeather, one of the millionaire donors to Scrooge, she had a brow raised, and eyed the small duckling that was toying around with a dozen or so small blocks with letters carved into them.

The last time she had been here she hadn't seen any ducklings around, but that was one year ago, now here she was, visiting the duck she was donating to and seeing a small duckling crawling around like he's been here all his life. Obviously it didn't belong to Launchpad, or Mrs. Beakley, the guy didn't seem like the type to have a child, and the former was already committed to her job, it looked like she didn't want any children at the moment.

Scrooge, from his seat across Flammel, looked up from his tea and then turned to also eye his 3 year old son, the small duckling was playing with a bunch of blocks Mrs. Beakley had bought, it was spring, and he was sporting comfortable black trousers and a magenta T-shirt, his indigo eyes where unnaturally focused on the blocks as if he was testing them.

Scrooge hummed and then turned back to his biggest donor, shrugging his shoulders "Picked him up on my last trip." he merely said.

Flammel raised another brow as she took a sip from her own tea "Picked him up'? is he. . your son?".

Scrooge raised a brow at this as if she were stupid.

Spluttering she rephrased her sentence "I mean is he your biological son?"

This garnered a blank look from him as if he were thinking over his thoughts before he spoke "He's mine, yes."

Flammel gave him a look of mile surprise "really? i never pegged you for the children type."

Scrooge scoffed "Something changed my mind i guess you could say." his tone clearly said he wasn't going to explain more, so she didn't ask.

Flammel hummed, they were quiet again, both sipping at their tea with the sounds of Mrs. Beakley vacuuming off in the hallway somewhere and the clanking of well placed blocks.

". . What's his name?" Flammel finally asked, a bit curious about Scrooge's new found son.

"Liam, Liam McDuck, he's 3." Scrooge stated, adding the last bit since he knew she was curious.

"Liam? how simple, would you mind if i meet him?" she asked, placing her tea on the table.

"I don't see why not, Liam! why don't you come over! just. . . be warned he isn't. . . average i guess you could say."

Flammel raised another brow at this, confused more than curious now, how can a duckling be. . . un-average-

She was cut off from her thoughts when the small duckling toddled up to Scrooge and was lifted into his lap "Liam, why don't you say high to our guest, this is Mrs. Flammel WhiteFeather, my biggest bank donner."

Flammel watched as the small duckling blinked, looked up from Scrooge to her and then seemed to look at her, it was a look that made her uncomfortably shift and glance away, but then he spoke and she turned back to him, finding a happy smile on his face "Hewwo Mrs. Fwammel." he chirped, it was adorable but to Mrs. Flammel it sounded so fake, like he was trying to sound like the 3 year old he was and was messing up his sentence on purpose.

She gave the duckling a strained smile "O-Oh yes, it's nice to meet you too Liam, you know you look so much like your father." it was a straight lie, yes the duckling had Scrooge's feathers, but he looked different, must have been the mother he takes after.

Liam gave her an odd look before speaking "Than' you-" what he said next left Flammel sputtering "you wook wike youw fathew too, you shouwd watch out, he's been 'aking youw money fow a wong time now." Flammel sputtered in both shock and offence, but Liam merely giggled at her and turned back to Scrooge who didn't know whether to apologize or be amused with what Liam had just said "Can i go pway in the gawden?" Liam chirped, as if he hadn't just insulted and shocked the duck before him.

"Yes you may, just make sure to ask Launchpad alright." Scrooge allowed the duckling to scramble off his lap and toddle/race out of the living room to search for said pelican.

After the small one was out of the room Scrooge turned back to Flammel who was still sputtering, but instead of looking embarrassed she seemed quite annoyed, probably because his son just insulted her father "Look, Mrs. WhiteFeather-"

"Scrooge! w-what w-what is your son!?" she hissed.

Scrooge raised a brow and folded his hands over his lap, a frown pulled on his bill "My son is my son, look, he didn't mean to offend you-"

"Offend! how would he know about my father?! Sir Scrooge pardon my offense, but there is something wrong with your son!" she said a matter of factly, face screwed in slight disgust, it was true though, that duckling was unnatural in many ways than one, there was just something about him that made her shiver where she sat, that look in his eyes, an expression that should never be on a ducklings face.

Scrooge's face deepened into a blank expression, eyes dark and bill pulled into a deep frown "Mrs. WhiteFeather, i would appreciate it if you didn't talk bad about my son."

Flammel squawked at him and proceeded to gesture over to said duckling of her distaste, the small one toddling just passed the door with Launchpad right on his heels "But Scrooge!-"

"Mrs. Flammel WhiteFeather, if you can't say anything nice about my son, then it would be appreciated if you left, now." Scrooge's tone was dark and stiff, eyes narrowed.

Mrs. Flammel sputtered, but seeing the look on his face she couldn't help but quiver and leave, taking up her purse and bidding everyone a 'good day'.

All the while, Scrooge picked up his refilled cup of tea again and sipped it without any guilt prior to this moment.

He watched as Liam toddled around the garden with Launchpad in a monologue about his prier days before becoming Scrooge's driver, he sighed and took a sip of his tea, he was going to have to have another lecture with Liam about what to say to their guests 'that boy, how many times am i going to have to tell him to reduce his power.'

"Hey Uncle Scrooge! where's Liam! I want to test something out with him!" Della Duck appeared before him, dressed in her average outfit of brown shorts, moss green camo t-shirt and her basic blue scarf that she got for a Christmas present from Donald last year.

Scrooge raised a brow and gestured outside with a lax tilt of his head "Outside, any reason why?" he asked in suspicion, it hadn't been the first time Della 'needed' Liam for some kind of 'test', nor where they rarely something 'good'. It had been a month since the last 'test' that Scrooge was sure was just an excuse to see how far Liam's 'special abilities' went, it also ended in a huge explosion that demolished a quarter of the forest in the Estate backyard. He didn't want to have to go through another month of Gardner's, construction workers and special geographers to fill in another forest worth of land.

The 10 year old shrugged and twirled a suspicious silver stick in her hand "Nothing much, just wanted to try something out with him."

Scrooge scrutinized his niece before sighing "No explosions then, what-so-ever." the threatening tone went right over Della's head as she pouted "Fine fine you're no fun." and then she was gone, dashing out of the back doors and into the yard to find the duckling.

Shaking his head, Scrooge went back to sipping his tea, his thoughts drifting back to his earlier thoughts of Liam and his future guests 'one of these days, i swear.'

A second later the sound of screams pierced the air, followed by a screeching Launchpad who raced across the lawn to who knows where, chased by Della who had Liam in her arms.

Scrooge groaned, he wasn't looking forward to see what Della had done this time.