Chapter 1 - It's Happening Again

(Author's Note: I know I keep saying the last Pit .exe was the end but I really didn't want to let it go, lol. Also didn't upload to Archive of Our Own yet because that'll just be two uploads of my same story on the internet. I feel it's not necessary.

This fanfic has themes of realistic violence along with cartoon violence. It also has some real world problems that might be scary. If you think you can't handle reading it anymore, please don't force yourself, it's okay.

This story is a continuation of the Alternate Good End in Pit .exe 2. So same as before, the protagonists are unnamed and genderless using the pronoun "they". This fanfic will be different because I'm aiming for a fanfic that will make you think more than feel, hope you folks find it interesting!)

(7 years later)

The sound of a noisy alarm clock wakes me up, so early that the sun hasn't even begun to rise. Today was a typical day of working my office job, it's honestly pretty boring. A day of nothing but filing papers, sending reports, taking the boss's orders, and the occasional procrastination on the internet. It's a dull routine for me, but it's my current life. Which is all the more reason to celebrate any small victories and joys you come across along the way.

My favorite part of this job is the lunch break, I'm sure most of my co worker's can agree with me on this. Right now it's that time where I can escape to the long awaited break room. A room that pauses the chaos of our workload and stress with the purpose to have lunch, chat with others, and just relax for however long you can. I like to sit at the table with magazines and newspapers to skim through the pages.

I ate a sandwich as I flipped through this week's paper. There were articles about car accidents, health and gardening tips, food reviews by famous critics, all the usual stuff... On the very back page, flipping the bundle of paper over revealed the most unsettling event. It read:


From being a competitive hobby to a complete waste of one's time, people have a wide range of opinions on the topic of video games. But what happens when such a fun and harmless thing becomes unexpectedly fatal?

Recently a young boy was found dead in his room with a video game as the culprit. An autopsy shows no health problems or physical damage that could cause this. Though on the screen of the game was something blurry and sinister. It appeared to be that child's body, mutilated with severed limbs and covered in blood. His family was devastated, they're trying to press charges on the store that sold the gameā€¦"

The newspaper article had two photos, a picture of the blurry dead child on the screen and a photograph of the game store. Everything about it gave me an uneasy feeling of nostalgia. About 7 years ago, I experienced something similar from a game. A cursed video game that once caused me trouble, I'd even say it was tearing my life apart at its seams. Though it didn't kill me, I'd hate to go through that nightmare again.

Over the years, I eventually let go of gaming because life demanded more out of me. The hobby I shared with an old friend of mine, who I barely talk to nowadays. Perhaps this newspaper article was here to remind me of the things I have almost forgotten. These newspapers and magazines on this table are free to take home, so I took the liberty of clipping the article and stuffing it in my pocket.

I checked the clock, break time was almost over. So I ate the rest of my lunch as quickly as possible and went back to my work desk. If I finish my work quickly, I can leave immediately after. When I get back home, I'll try to chat with my friend and tell em about this article. It's been more than a while.