Chapter 2 - Old Friend, How Have You Been?

After driving through the traffic of this city and returning home, I put my things away and took a shower. When I got out, I went to the kitchen to make something to eat. There was leftovers from yesterday's dinner, so I heated that up in the microwave.

I was so tired that I almost forgot that I was planning to talk to my friend again. Hopefully they'd be able to answer. Last time we talked, I think they mentioned working at some Convenience Store. Though I'm not sure if employees can use phones at work or not.

The microwave signaled that my food was warmed up, temporarily cutting my train of thought. I took the steaming plate of leftovers out and placed it on the kitchen table with a fork. Then I went to get my cell phone and dialed in my friend's number from memory.

I sat down and begun to eat while holding the phone up to my ear. It's been dialing for about 15 seconds now. "C'mon, please be there..." I thought to myself.

Right before it would end with "please leave your message after the tone", someone picked up.

"Uhh... Hello?" No doubt, it was their voice. It's been so long since I last heard it, I just hope they'd still recognize mines.

"Hey buddy, remember me? Been a real long time, huh?" I responded.

"... Ohh it's you! Yeah it's been like forever!... So whatcha doin' now?" They said in their happy voice that'd always cheer me up in the past.

"Finished work about an hour ago and at home. And you?" I asked.

"I'm at work, hahaha!" Said my friend.

"And yet you picked up?! Maaaan, I hope you don't get in trouble cuz of this." I replied.

"Don't worry about it, there's no customers right now!" My friend kept laughing on the other end.

"Ughh, you never change... But that's probably a good thing, ahah." Old memories relayed in my mind, laughing on the phone together restored a feeling of joy I had lacked for years.

"Yeah, haha… So wait, what're we talking about again?" They asked, and admittedly I forgot amidst my excitement.

I told them about the newspaper article, a report of a video game being responsible for a boy who died in real life. And because of what happened to us 7 years ago, this is the only person who'd believe me.

"Oh man, this again?... Should we take action this time around?" Said my friend.

"I was thinking about that. But first, wanna hang out for old time's sake?" I wanted to meet up again not only to discuss this matter, but I really miss them.

"Tomorrow I'm free, if that's not too much trouble for you?" They asked.

"Okay perfect! I'll tell my boss I suddenly got diarrhea and-" Before I could finish my friend blurted out: "People are waiting in line already, OKAY BYE!"

After hanging up, I slowly placed the phone back on the table. I tried to contain my laughter but couldn't stop myself from chuckling. They have always been so silly and they're as funny as ever.

For now I'll just lie to my boss and call in sick for a few days so I can reunite with an old friend. Meanwhile, I should be taking care of things and getting ready for bed. I have a strong feeling that tomorrow will be a real adventure for us.