Bruce Wayne was in his giant mansion waiting for Alfred to return from grocery shopping when he hears a knock on the window in the room he's in.

He stands up and opens the window only to find none other than Selina Kyle on the outer ledge of the window.

"What are you doing here Selina?" Bruce asked annoyed that she showed up on his window sill uninvited again.

"I know Alfred's gone and I need some place to crash for an hour or two." Selina says crawling in the window and closing it behind her, continuing to annoy Bruce.

"Why? What happened at Barbara's?" Bruce asks knowing it had something to do with either her or her apartment.

"So me and Ivy were play fighting and we accidently broke a vase but when Barbara came home, Ivy put the blame on me so now I'm just going to give her some space for two hours tops." Selina explains and Bruce just looks on with a 'seriously' look.

"Ok, fine. Alfred will return home in four hours, so you can stay here for two hours. But only two hours understood?" Bruce asks and Selina nods in agreement.

"So, what do you want to do for two hours?" Selina asks after Bruce sat down on the couch, and a few minutes had passed causing Bruce to sigh.

"We could watch TV?" Bruce suggests putting the book he just picked up down on the coffee table.

"Great, I'll pick." Selina says plopping next to him and turning on the TV.

After an hour of watching tv, Bruce and Selina fell asleep on the couch and then the power goes out, causing Selina to wake up because the tv went off.

"Bruce? Bruce, wake up." Selina whispers nudging him until he wakes up.

"What? What happened to the lights?" Bruce whispers as he sits up to look around the dark room.

"I don't know but I don't think we're alone." Selina says still whispering.

"Maybe it's Alfred." Bruce whispers but before he could shout for Alfred, Selina puts a hand over his mouth and shushes him.

After Selina removes her hand from Bruce's mouth, someone grabs her by the shoulders which causes her to shriek in fear.

"Selina!" Bruce screams and everything goes dark.

An hour later, Alfred returns with the lights on.

"Master Bruce, I've returned." Alfred shouts and all he hears is his own echo.

"Master Bruce?" Alfred shouts again and gets no answer but his own echo.

"Master Bruce?" Alfred asks more quietly as he peers into the room he left the child in only to see it empty as well as trashed like someone put up a fight.

Alfred takes out his phone and calls Detective Gordon.

Forty-five minutes later, Gordon and an entire police force show up.

"Thanks for the call. Where did it happen?" Gordon asks after they shake hands.

"In this room." Alfred says as he leads Gordon to the crime scene.

Right away, Gordon can see evidence that leads him to believe two people were in the room not one.

"Is there a possibility that Bruce had company over today?" Gordon asks walking around the trashed room.

"I don't know, I was out a majority of the day. Why ask?" Alfred asks concerned by the question.

"Well there are signs that a second person was staying here recently." Gordon explains and Alfred just sighs.

"It might've been Selina Kyle, Master Bruce's only friend." Alfred explains and Gordon looks suspicious.

"Selina Kyle? Does she come over a lot?" Gordon asks continuing to walk around the room.

"Actually, quite a bit. Only when I'm not home though. I believe she thinks she'll offend me in some way." Alfred explains as Gordon just nods.

Gordon keeps looking around and finds a plain white mask under some of the clutter that says 'game on' on it in red, possibly blood.

"Can you get this to the lab?" Gordon asks a passing by CSI guy handing him the mask.

"Is that blood?" Alfred asks panicked when he sees the mask.

"We don't know, but I have to call some acquaintances so I'll be right back." Gordon says and takes his phone out of his pocket as he walks out of the house.

"Hey this is Detective Jim Gordon from the Gotham City police department, I need to be connected to the Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia immediately." Gordon says in a concerned tone after someone picked up the phone.

(in Quantico)

The team's in the conference room when a video of Garcia shows up.

"Go ahead, Garcia." Hotch says without even looking up at the screen.

"Ok, I just got informed of two kids in Gotham City being kidnapped and the files already on the table in front of you is everything I got on the kidnapped children." Garcia explains as everyone starts looking at the case files they have.

"Two kids were kidnapped and the GCPD think it's our kind of case?" Morgan asks studying the file intently.

"Yes it is, especially since this appeared under the clutter." Garcia says and a photo of the mask with the red 'game on' message on it pops up.

"Also, it was confirmed that it is blood from the girl who was kidnapped." Garcia tells them and JJ partially looks away.

"Wait, is that….?" Prentiss starts to ask but Hotch just nods as she looks at him.

"Let's go before anymore kids disappear. Wheels up in twenty." Hotch says and they all grab the files then follow Hotch to the plane.

(on the plane)

"So who are these kids?" JJ asks as they all look at the case files.

"Oh yes, you have Bruce Wayne, recently lost his parents which he witnessed. Now he lives with his butler and legal guardian, Alfred. The girl is Selina Kyle, she's an orphan, no family, siblings, nothing. Yet she is a friend of Bruce's which explains why she was at his house when they were kidnapped." Garcia explains as the team exchange looks.

"Do we know why she was at Bruce's house?" Prentiss asks also studying the file intently.

"Uh no but it's assumed she was just crashing there since she's not living anywhere." Garcia answers and the video goes off.

"Ok, why would our unsub go all the way to Gotham City to kidnap two kids?" JJ asks running her hand through her hair.

"Well that's what we're going to figure out." Hotch says and they go back to intently studying the files.