(Bruce, Selina, and Elle's location)

"Okay, so where are we?" Bruce says walking out of the gas station with Selina, holding a map.

"I don't know, we could be anywhere, we could be in Japan." Selina responds sarcastically, annoying Bruce until they see Elle sitting on the curb.

"Hey, you alright?" Selina asks sitting on one side as Bruce sits on the other.

"No, I think I'm sick." Elle grumpily states rubbing her arms and shoulders as she shivers in the cold wind.

"We should go back inside, we could be seen out here." Selina states, reminding them that they're still on the run.

This comment has her and Bruce helping Elle up and into the gas station where Bruce grabs a jacket and puts it around Elle's shoulders while she sits on the floor.

"Thank you." Elle says touched by his kindness as she pulls the jacket tightly around her.

Sitting across from Elle, Bruce and Selina continue to look at the map they have.

(at the GCPD)

"What do you got Garcia?" JJ asks after she calls them back.

"Okay, as it turns out, there is only one abandoned Shell gas station, it's ten minutes outside of Gotham and it is also twenty miles away from an abandoned farmhouse that recently had the storm cellar placed under some serious renovations." Garcia explains.

"What kind of serious renovations?" Prentiss questions.

"Most of that information is sealed, but the basics are that it was expanded much larger than it was before and that the owner claimed they had to have it look like a maze, for unknown reasons." Garcia responds.

"Well that would be a perfect spot to keep four hostages." Rossi states.

"Do you have an address?" Hotch asks.

"Sent it to your phones, now." Garcia says cheerily.

"Thanks Garcia." Reid states and the call ends.

"Alright, so, half of us get the people at the gas station and the other half go to the farmhouse?" Morgan asks clearly trying make sure exactly what they're doing.

"Sounds good." JJ says agreeing with Morgan's plan which has everyone else nodding.

"Let's get Gordon and his team ready." Hotch says and leaves the room with the rest of them following him out.

JJ, Reid, Morgan, Gordon, and a team of other GCPD agents go to the farmhouse while the rest of them go to the gas station.

(at the farmhouse)

"Alright, split up. You guys take the farmhouse, the rest of us will take the storm cellar." Gordon says as he points to small group then motions to rest of them to follow him in the storm cellar.

Gordon, JJ, Morgan, Reid, and several other agents walk down the steps with their guns out, searching the cellar.

(at the Gas Station)

Hotch, Prentiss, and Rossi reach the gas station making the car screech when they stop, getting Elle's attention.

"Someone's here. Get behind me." Elle says as she stands up to arm herself with an umbrella allowing Bruce and Selina to stand behind her.

The gas station door opens and Elle nearly assaults Hotch with her umbrella, though he catches it before she can.

"Hotch." Elle sighs, relieved, and drops the umbrella to hug him which he reciprocates.

"Where's Jerome?" Elle asks after she parts from the embrace.

"Who?" Rossi questions confused.

"Jerome, he has red hair, kind of creepy, he helped us escape." Selina explains.

"He said he was right behind us, so where is he?" Elle asks again, this time concerned.

"I'll call Reid." Rossi says and pulls out his phone.

(in the storm cellar)

Reid's phone goes off so he stops to answer it, causing Morgan to stop as well.

"Yeah, Rossi. No, we haven't found anything yet. What?" Reid asks after he picks up, getting Morgan's attention.

"I've got something over here." Both Morgan and Reid hear JJ shout from across the cellar, so they decide to follow the shout.

"Hold on a sec, JJ's got something." Reid says before following the shout yet staying on the line.

Morgan, Reid, and Gordon run into the room JJ's in and see her checking a redhead's pulse then ultimately shake her head, indicating he's dead.

"Yeah, we found him." Reid states over the phone.

(at the Gas Station)

"Alright, thanks Reid." Rossi says then hangs up and looks at Hotch and Prentiss's direction, shaking his head.

Hotch and Prentiss exchange looks before turning their attention to Elle and the kids.

Elle starts shaking her head in disbelief as tears start to form in her eyes before either of them even say anything.

A few hours later, Elle is lying on a stretcher outside of an ambulance truck talking to Prentiss.

"He became my best friend in the years of being in captivity, I just can't believe he's gone." Elle says still upset about Jerome's death.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Prentiss exclaims as she comfortingly places a hand on Elle's shoulder then walks away as they load her into the ambulance.