Chapter 26: The Return.

"What the heck is that thing?!" Voyd asked.

"Whatever it is, it's going down!" Violet shouted as she fired a large force field blade at the creature, only for it to have no effect as the creature's hand absorbed it.

"Well, let's try this!" Mr. Incredible said as Elastigirl trampolined him and he punched the creature's hand, only for his hand to get stuck as the creature laughed tauntingly and Mr. Incredible flew back onto the ground once he pulled his hand free. The creature then spit more of the green acid-like liquid out of its mouth, forcing them to dodge as it splattered and hit several buildings, melting away the paint and exposing the unpainted husk underneath.

"Holy macaroni! How do we fight something like that?!" Dash asked before a shadow cast over them from the sky. They looked and saw a giant black airship about the size of the Helicarrier that had a small craft heading from it in their direction. The most distinct thing about the airship, everyone noticed, was the large red R on the side of it.

"Oh, no, it's not…!" Mr. Incredible said.

"Forget your plans and prepare for trouble!" said a female voice.

"While you're at it, make it double!" said a male voice.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"

Ah, do I really need to introduce these guys? You all know who says this drivel.

"(SIGH!) Team Rocket?! Don't tell us you're the ones who brought us this overgrown snot drop to play with?!" Violet said.

"Why, yes. We were trying to conduct an experiment to find a solution to make ourselves invincible, and this creature was born out of an insane chemical mixture!" James said.

"You've seen for yourselves that our plan to squash you out won't fail this time! The Blot is invincible!" Jessie said.

"The Blot?" Voyd asked.

"That's its name. Since it looks like a giant ink drop, it's only fitting." Meowth said.

"Well, what's that green stuff it's spewing? More importantly, what's your plan?" Eric asked.

"That green stuff is called Thinner. It can melt anything just like acid, even your suits and flesh." Meowth said.

"And, not only that, but the Thinner Gas it breathes can allow it to control people. Blot, give them a demonstration." Jessie said. The Blot then spotted a nearby brown-haired woman and breathed the Thinner Gas. The Incredibles watched in horror as she ended up breathing it and started coughing before she stopped. They then looked and noticed her blue eyes turned a light eerie green. The Blot then pointed at a crowd and the woman rushed towards them with immediate violent aggression. While all this was happening, the airship descended and out came several Team Rocket soldiers, all armed with weapons and Pokemon.

"And that's not all. Speed Demon, I'm sure you've seen this before. Once you realize what happened, you probably won't even want to fight us. Your spirit will be crushed! Guard, seize him." Jessie said. A guard walked past with a baton and was about to whack Dash with a baton, when Dash held up his hand and gripped it so tight he couldn't move it. Team Rocket didn't know it, but Dash had just done a puzzle that he had done by now a hundred times.

"Aunt Mirage + Thinner Gas = Green Eyes = Mind control =..." Dash stopped at the last part, having realized what it led to.

"Hey, Guard, what's taking so long?!" Jessie asked.

"I'm trying, but this kid won't-HUH?!" the guard said, having noticed his baton was gone from his hand. He looked and saw Dash holding it and glaring at him with his teeth clenched so hard, it would take the strength of a mule to pull something out of his mouth. Dash raised the baton and, without warning, struck the guard in the face, causing his nose and mouth to bleed and giving him two black eyes as he fell backwards, groaning in pain. Everyone looked shocked as Dash faced the rest of Team Rocket.

"TEAM ROCKET!" Dash yelled so loud that the others had to cover their ears. HE then rushed towards the evil goons with the baton raised as he yelled in pure rage.

Team Rocket's sinister plan has backfired, leaving them in the cross-hairs of a furious Dash. They'll soon learn that when they push even one of the Incredibles too far, nothing will keep them from striking back. What does Speed Demon have planned for the sinister agents? Can the Blot be defeated, or is this the end of the Incredibles?! Find out next time on Dash and His Incredible Aunt!