NARU-NO-SLYTHERIN: A Sailormoon-Harry Potter crossover.

Disclaimer: Very few of the characters in this story are mine. The rights to characters in Sailormoon belong to their creator, Naoko Takeuchi.
The world of Harry Potter belongs to J K Rawling. The only ones that are mine are "Andrea MacRandal" and "Gruoch and Girric MacFergus".

Oosaka Naru, of Juuban District, Toyko, Japan, finds herself in a magical-school somewhere in Scotland! Her responce: "Why?"

Chapter 01: The letter.

"It is going to be a beautiful morning!" Oosaka Naru thought as
she sat up in bed, yawned, and stretched. Then she opened her eyes and

Then she saw the owl perched at the foot of her bed.


"HAHAUE!?" Naru screeched as loadly as the owl as she retreated
to the head of her bed. "There is.. fukurou.. on my.. bed!"

Naru then whispered to herself as she curled into a ball for
protection, "Let this not be more meido.. meido.. gekai.. meido.. gekai..."

Naru's mother came as fast as she could into her daughter's room-
only to stare momentaritly, wide-eyed at the owl! Then, she noticed the
mail-pouch down the owl's breast, and her tensed muscles relaxed and she
started again to breathe normally.

"It is a carrier-owl, Naru-chan!" Oosaka-Sama reassured her daughter.
"It will not hurt you!"

"But.. why is it here?" Naru asked.

Remembering something she was told as a young girl, Oosaka-Sama
allowed the owl to perch on her arm as she removed the letter from the
pouch attached to the bird.

"Come, Naru-chan!" She told her daughter, "Breakfast is ready..
and there is something I need to tell you, if this is what I think it is."

As the sun was rising over the Juuban District, Naru knelt at the
table waiting for her Okaasan. The owl soon flew to Naru, and perched on
a windowsill.

Naru than opened the letter addressed to her, breaking the wax seal
and removing the parchment:

1 Naru Oosaka

2 Rear-Left Corner Bedroom, Second Floor, Osa-P Jewelers

3 1010 Kikunohana

4 Juuban District

5 Tokyo

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump,
Intenational Confed. Of Wizards)

Dear Miss Oosaka,

I am pleased to inform you of your nomination for entry into Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is a wonderful opportunity and
should not be passed by. Please take a few days and discuss this with your
parents/guardian(s). Inclosed is a list of books and items needed by fourth
years. We await your decision by owl no later then the end of this month.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Naru re-read the letter twice to be sure of what she read, then slowly let
out her breath. "Why.. did I get this messege?" She managed to ask in a quiet,
shaky, voice.

"Because you are mahoutsukai, musume.." Mrs Oosaka said, "As was my
Ojiisan." Mrs. Oosaka giggled. "Actually, I thought Ojiisan was Sennin!"

Naru slowly breathed in this fact. "Hiijiji was mahoutsukai, Kaasan?
Are you mahoutsukai?"

"Iie. I am not magical! I am 'Muggel'," Naru's mother smiled and slowly shook
her head, "what Ojiisan said mahoutsukai call non-mahoutsukai." Naru thought she
saw a small tear slide down her Mother's cheek:

"I was just lucky enough to know a Sennin."

Later that evening, Naru sent her reply to Hogwarts.

Three weeks later, two gentlemen- one thin and hawkish, the other large
and rotund- stepped into Osa-P toward the end of the day. As they looked around,
Naru took a certain interest in the strangers.

'There is something about them...' Naru thought as she gazed at the strangers.

"May I help you?" Naru's mother asked.

"Hai." The thin man answered. "I am interested in your OLDEST pieces."

Mrs. Oosaka then, with a smile, went and brought out several black laquer

"I hope these will do!"

The thin man looked carefully at the gems, then he caressed them as if feeling
for something. "Hai." He smiled. "These will do nicely. Akiyuki always had a rare
gift for gems!"

Mrs. Oosaka was almost speechless. "You.. KNEW.. Ojiisan? Hold on.. I
remember.. seeing you.. when Naru was born!"

"As I was there there when you were born, kind woman," the thin man smiled, "and
your mother! And, I was here to see you Ojiisan into the next world- as we told each
other we would be. I even stayed for the funeral. We went to the same school of
senjutsu. I an Severus Snape, Master of Potions at Hogwart's! My companion is Rubeus
Hagrid, Hogwart's Groundskeeper and Keeper of Magical Creatures!"

"'Ello, m'lady! I am 'agrid." The giant took Oosaka-Sama's hand. Then he smiled
down at Naru. "An' you mus' be Naru!"

"Ohayo, Snape-Sensei! Ohayo, Hagrid-Sama!" Naru bowed.

"I would guess you are here to escort my daughter to school?" Mrs. Oosaka

Snape took on a dignified air. "Hai." Then a relaxed smile returned to his face.
"Do not worry. I will guard Naru's life with my own."

"Arigatou, Severus-Sama!" Mrs. Oosaka gracefully bowed. "I owe you much."

"Iiede, it is Hogwart's, Oosaka-Sama, who may well be in your debt," Snape's eyes
flashed, "and in your daughter's!"

Naru was astonished at the thin man's pronouncement. But, she had little
time to wonder.

"Well.. come along, then!" Snape announced. "We must not be late!" He than
turned to Mrs. Oosaka. "I trust.. everything is ready? Does Naru have her key to her
deposit-vault at Gringott's?"

"Key?" Naru asked. "Vault?"

"Hai." Snape replied. "For your school in the magical arts! Akiyumi-Sama said he
would make sure his family was well-prepared to attend the school again if they ever did!"

"Here is the key, Snape-Sama!" Naru's mother produced a key with an exquisite alabaster-
pendent hanging from it.

"Will.. I be able to come back home?" Naru asked a bit nervously.

"Hai." Snape reassured her. "Holidays and Summers are free-time. Come along, then,
Naru-chan! Let us leave."

As Naru and her two escorts passed the "Leaky Cauldron" Pub, Snape turned to the young

"From here on, Oosaka Naru-Sama, it would help you.. VERY MUCH.. to keep
an opened mind!" Then, Hagrid walked *through* the wall of The Leaky Cauldron!

"Hai, Sensei!", Naru said just before she and Snape followed Hagrid into the pub.

"'Ello, all!" Hagrid cheerfully greeted the patrons.

"'ello, you'sel', 'agrid!" A wizard said with a crooked smile, "Back from
the East? An' 'ow was the gathering?"

"Jus' fine it was! Snape an' me are bringing the young girl back!"

"And where is the witchling?"

"She is with me." Snape spoke with the seriousness of someone gaurding a treasure.

"Then she is in good hands, Severus!" An old crone cooed, then smiled down at Naru.
"Japanese, she looks! Konnichi-wa, Imouto-chan!"

"Konnichi-wa! Watashi-wa Oosaka Naru!" Naru bowed.

"Oosaka?" The witch' smile broadened. "I thought you had the aura of Akiyuki-Sama
about you! Konnichi-wa, Naru-chan! Welcome to Hogwarts'!"

"You *knew* Hiijiji?" Naru whispered in a low, shaking voice.

"Hai!" The old hag bowed with a smile. "Always dignified and studious, he was! But,
with a gentle, caring heart. Not one of those Practical-Jokers, he was not, iyaa! But, he
was able to keep a sence the humour in all things. We always said he'd have made a right-
good Samurai, he would have!"

"Hai. He would have. In another time." Snape smiled with a far-away look in his eyes.
Then, Snape was brought back to the present. "Come, Oosaka-Sama! It is time for you to gather
your things! Hagrid and I will guide you through Diagon Alley. But, after that, you will be
on your own to the train. Follow my lead, Naru-chan." Snape then struck a pattern of bricks
on the back-wall, which opened onto Diagon Alley. "Your next steps will be the most important
in your life, here.. and, ours."

Soon, Naru, with her two wizard-chaperones, were walking into Gringott's.

Once Naru, Snape, and Hagrid were in the grotto of Gringott's, they made their way to
the goblins. Soon, Naru happened to see an inscription ingraved on the stone floor:

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

"Has anyone tried to rob the vaults?" Naru asked.

"Gringott's 'as records of a *few* robbery-attempts..", Hagrid said with a far-off look.

"Have any been successful?" Naru asked.

"No." Profesor Snape smirked.

Soon, Naru was at a teller's window.

"Present your key."

At the goblin's gruff command, Naru's pulled out the old key with the alabaster pendent.

"Ahhah.. White Dragon! Oosaka-account. Come, girl! Extend you wand-arm and open your hand."

Naru obediently did as she was told, then gasped as the goblin-teller drew out an obsidian-knife.

"Nani-yo?" Naru asked the goblin. "What are you...?"

"Verifying you are who you say you are!" The teller answered. "And? If you are?
Then, make the Oosaka-key your key!"

"And.. If I am not who I say I am?" Naru enquired.

The goblin grinned, reminding the girl of a shark.

"Oh." Naru meeped, then winced. "OH!"

Three drops of blood spilled onto a parchment, and were then mixed with the soot of
a burning candle. The resulting-"ink" then magically spread until ity formed the lineage
and family-tree of Oosaka Naru.

"Yes yes." The goblin noted. "Imdeed the grest-granddaughter od Oosaka Akiyuki! Very
well, then! Hand over your key. Now."

When Naru handed the key to the teller, he dipped the tip of the key into the
remaining-ink! The golden key flashed a blood-red, then returned to its original-color.

"Good good! Now, go! To the vault!"

Soon, Naru was riding a mine-car down into the bowels of Gringott's, and among the
catacomb-like vaults which held the deposits.

"The vault of the Oosaka-Clan!" The accompanying-goblin hissed, and took the key and
unlocked the vault.

And Naru gazed at the gems, astonished! She had *rarely* seen gems of such quality!
"The BEST of every STONE much be here!" She breathed out. "I have only HEARD of such things!
Even in our STORE! And stones there were among the best in NIPPON! Hai!"

"Yes yes!" The goblin grinned. "Obviously, the Oosaka-Clan has not lost their ABILITY
with GEMS! Yes!"

As Naru pondered the goblin's words, her ears twitched, and her eyes fell upon a stone..
a black opal of rare and mysterious beauty! Slowly Naru reached for it.. then slowly withdrew
her hand, remembering the warning carved in the floor!

"May I.. see that opal?" Naru pointed to the strangely-shining black stone. "Onegai?"

"You may, indeed!" The goblin snapped out. "Rarest of rare! Calls out to its owner. Yes."

"Its.. owner!" Naru gasped, as she studied the gem. "May I take it with me? Onegai?"

"You are Oosaka?" The goblin stated more than asked. "Opal is yours! See it glow?
The fires within call to you!"

Naru closed the opal inside her hand, as the stone seemed to pulse against her fingers.
"Is there a way to have this fitted into a brooch?"

"It shall be as you asked, Oosaka-san!" The goblin carefully slipped the opal into a silken
purse. "Come! We shall see to your needs."

As The trio left the bank, Naru looked around:


"Your cauldron will be the easiest to get, first, Naru-chan." Snape grinned. "Plus, you
shall be able to carry everything ELSE in it. Come!"

Soon, the cauldron was procured and filled with the needed school-supplies:
Cauldron, parchments and quills, books, robes and hat, and the ever-required-broom!

"Snape-Sama? Hagrid-San?" Naru asked. "Why should I have need of a broom?"

"You will be expected, Naru-chan," Snape grinned, "to learn to ride it."

"Nani? 'Ride.. it'?"

"Hai." Snape chuckled as Naru's eyes bugged-out.

"Well.. 'Ere we are!" Hagrid called out. "Ollivander's!"

"Ahhh! Severus!" The old corpse who was Ollivander bowed to the Potion's Master. "And
Hagrid! Good to see you two *worthies* in my establishment, again!"

"'Ello, Ollivander!" Hagrid boomed out. "Me an' Snape are 'ere wi' a new student at
'Ogwarts! 'Ollivander? I'd like you to meet..."

"Oosaka *Naru*, if I'm not mistaken!" The old corpse suddenly livened up. "And I rarely am!
You've an aura about you that reminds me of your Great-Grandfather! Welcome to Hogwarts, Oosaka-
chan! May I see your dominant hand, onegai?"

"Hai!" Naru raised her arm up to the old wizerd.

"Hmmm... very well, then, Oosaka-San! Wait here a moment? And, we shall see *just* how
much of old Akiyuki-kun you have in you!"

Soon, the old wand-seller came out with a box. "Reed, 7 1/2 inches! And a very *special*
one! Now. Let us see if this wand, indeed, fits you, Oosaka-chan. Take it, and wave it around

Naru closed her eyes and concentrated. Then, she lightly circled the wand around her! And
a gossamer blue seemed to imminate from the wand to protectively-enshroud the young woman.

"YES!" Ollivander smiled. "The wand if definitely you! As, it was Akiyuki's! With a *slight*
difference! True reeds are very special people, yes. Very rare. 7 1/2 - Inches, with Moonstone
and nephrite! Yes. And, unicorn-mane! Come, Oosaka! Oh! And, Severus, we have a small matter
to discuss whenever you have the time!"

"'Moonstone and.. naphrite'?" Naru breathed out in wonder.

"Do not worry, Ollivander!" Snape replied. "I shall make time. Come along, Naru-chan! We
still have a bit to do before you meet the Express."

Soon, Naru found herself wondering through the cats, owls, toads, snakes, rats, and other
animals of the Magickal Menagerie! And in a short time, she found herself contemplating a rat:

'You say you are *meant* for me, natsumi-san?'

'Hai.' The rat smiled. 'How else would I be able to converse with you, if we were not
destined to walk the same road! We were *meant* to find each other, Oosaka Naru, as you were
meant to find others. Others, I will say, more important than me. Hai.'

''More.. important'?' Naru wondered. 'Dano.. how will I meet these important people?'

'Some.. you have already met, Naru-Sama!' The rat nodded. 'Others.. will *meet* you, in
their appointed time! And, you shall know what to do. Hai!'

'If you say so, Ichimatsu-san!' Naru bowed.. and placed the rat on her shoulder. 'Come!'

Soon, Naru and Ichimatsu were searching for the Hogwarts' Express:

"I am glad Snape-Sama and Hagrid-san explained the train-station to us," Naru sighed.
"Demo.. I wish they could have stayed to show us the way in!"

"Hai!" Ichimatsu sqeaked. "'Platform 9 3/4'.. 9 and 3/4.. 9 and 3/4..." The Rat continued
to ponder.

And Naru closed her eyes.

"Platform is cloaked, Ichi-kun!" Naru smiled. "We must forget sight! Hai. Use touch..
and hearing..."

"Ho.. speaking like shamaness, already, Naru-chan!" The rat squeaked. "Yes.. Platform
9 3/4 is..."

"THERE!" Naru squealed, and positioned her lorry-ful of book and supplies through the
"wall" to Platform 9 3/4. Soon, Naru and Ichimatsu were settled into a booth as the train
started-off for Hogwarts'.

As the train sped along, Naru started reading a few of her textboooks. "Never hurt to
start to see what I am in for! Hai."