To say Harry was surprised was an understatement. It had been 10 years since the Hogwarts Final War, and he finally moved on. Both physically and mentally. The deaths of his friends and family had weighed heavily on his mind, causing him to fall into a deep depression. Neither Hermione nor Ron had been able to dig him out, much less Ginny. Ron, in his typical fashion, had left him, using his newfound fame to enter his beloved Chudley Cannons instantly, bypassing both the necessary interview and the quidditch tryouts. Hermione had been conscripted into the unspeakables and promptly disappeared from his life, immersing herself into the magical powers of love. She had chosen this subject due to the words of Dumbledore, and how harry had used it to defeat the worst British Dark Lord in 5 centuries. After a year of minimal contact, she had moved to France, arguing that the pursuit of knowledge preceded everything else. She then argued that they would keep in touch, obviously omitting the fact that even when she had been living next to him they had practically stopped talking, ash she spent all of her time researching.

He had dated Ginny for 4 years before that died off. It had been both a mix of abrupt and a long time coming. After the final battle, they had gotten together for a long steaming reunion, and they had kind of gravitated towards one another. They had been going great for the first year, but soon the discrepancies started acting out. Once the initial fad of defeating voldemort ran out, Harry was content on fading into the background, satisfied that unless something extraordinary happened, he'd probably not become the main attraction of everything. Sure, people would always recognize him, but hopefully there would be no new derogatory articles suspecting him of becoming a dark lord, or that he had a massive harem with 4 veelas and a draconian woman of all things. Ginny meanwhile, definitely was not content. Once the Daily Prophet stopped posting daily articles on their behalf, she started going out more and more, forcing Harry along. She started attending pureblood parties, making waves upon waves on their society, trying to bring up the attention surrounding them. She truly was in love with both fame and the Boy who lived, certainly not Harry.

Their relationship quickly deteriorated in an alarming degree, and suddenly exploded in a sudden explosion the night before their fourth anniversary. Harry had taken to visiting the hogwarts Library in his spare time, making up for both his horrible teachers (really? Lockhart? I mean, come on dumbledore!) and his own horrible decisions (divination?), the hogwarts war had made things painfully obvious as to how well prepared he actually was in terms of both power, and knowledge. Harry had had to stand aside and watch as his teachers and some of with friends fortified and warded the castle. He had had to watch as both flitwick and Mcgonagall animated the metal armours well enough that they actually managed to fight off acromantulas. He then watched as he struggled to fend off death eaters while helpless as his friends fell next to him. All to end with an expelliarmus. Once the battle was over, and he saw his friends grieving, as he felt his own tears fall, gently covering tonks and fred with a blanket. And through all of this, he reviewed his actions on the battlefield. He had been useless in the preparation for the battle. Mostly useless during the battle itself, the only one he had fought was voldemort, and it hadn't been a fair battle. He had somehow invoked an effect similar to priori incantatem with his own expelliarmus, killing voldemort in the process. Truth to be told, after cutting up his own soul som many times, it was surprising he didn't die due to tripping on his own feet, his own soul so violated it was barely clinging to his body. He was completely useless after the battle too. Despite his own experiences in the medical wing, he had not been able to help the incredible dark wounds all his fellow classmates supported.

Thus, after he settled down from the war, he took to visiting the Hogwarts library. Mcgonagall had given him unlimited access to both the wards and the restricted section of the library. Furthermore, using the room of requirement, he could further his own studies. In fact, it was actually due to this masterpiece of magical engineering that he managed to complete both his studies and a masters in the ICW's "The Magyks Of Battleurgy", a comprehensive course on everything encompassing warfare. This included a touch of History of Magic, where they studied the most dangerous dark lords, which, surprising Harry, included Grindelwald and not Voldemort (because according to the ICW, Voldemort was more of a rebel against his own particular government, and posed no threat to the world as a whole, unlike Grindelwald, who managed to conquer most of Europe), warfare tactics, here they studied both ancient mythological battles, which he was surprised actually took place such as the battle of Troy, as well as more modern tactics employed by muggles. Furthermore, it trained them as battle medics, teaching them how to cauterise wounds, remove dark curses, and quickly, and efficiently heal someone enough to keep them operable with the minimal amount of magical energy. The subject of wards were studied almost religiously, they invited in both goblins and dwarves, using them as assistant teachers. It also took intensive studies into both what the british called Light, and Dark magics. There, it was simply called Attack Magyk, in fact, it completely opened his eyes. What was the difference between using wingardium leviosa to drop a boulder on someone versus a rotting course that killed them all the same? The difference was actually made pretty obvious to him once they started. A boulder could miss and crush someone's hand, versus a rotting curse that hit the hand still managed to kill the victim unless treated immediately.

In fact, what the british called light magic was mostly used as distractions, for example, a stupefy's bright red spell hiding the near invisible muscle deteriorating curse that followed, or a lumos maxima that blinded the opponent, leaving them open for a quick bone smashing curse straight to the chest. In fact, the only curses the ICW considered to be unforgivable were the Avada Kedavra, a curse that naturally slowly deteriorated your mental capacity, which actually explained how Voldemort and some of his more fanatical followers such as bellatrix lestrange, insane woman all around, or Malfoy, who in their right mind thought it a wise idea to unleash a powerful dark artifact on a school full of children?, became after decades of work. The curcio was also an unforgivable, as the pain the victim felt equated to pleasure upon the caster. The more pain the victim felt, the better the caster, all around a horrible curse. The imperio was actively used in battle scenarios, and encouraged to be used on animals in their own day to day lives, so as to not be caught unawares by the 'extra' mind once used in battles. The final test on this curse was one of the hardests, at least for most people, as they brought in a full blooded Veela, and they then had to throw off the curse while also fielding off their allure. Completely throwing it off constituted as a 100% pass, as well as an automatic grant on using the curse. Throwing it enough to tell someone they were imperioused was a pass, but those who passed that way still had to take a course on how to cast it. He had been one of the few that threw it off in under 5 minutes.

It had taken him a bit of time to adapt to the curriculum, and even more time to find the correct way to use the room of requirement, but once he had adapted, there was no stopping him. Using a time dilation feature he had discovered, he immersed himself in the room, time passing at a 1:10 ratio (meaning if 10 hours passed within the room, only 1 would pass in outside) There, he managed to complete the necessary 6 years in half the time, using the mannequins conjured by the room on hard mode to practice, as well as memories of his own battles, dodging the spells there as if they were real. The result was an unprecedentedly quick graduation. From there he took a job as an ICW Hitwizard, a fact that actually resparked both his own fame in Britain (it was incredibly difficult to enter the ICW Hit wizards) and what he had realized was a dwindling romance with Ginny. So, after touring multiple countries and fighting evil dark and light Lords (yes, there were evil light lords, as well as nice dark lord). He was resigned to returning home to Ginny, wondering if she would be as dismissive as he had slowly come to expect of her. Sure, he may have focused just a tad too much on his job and studies, but that was no excuse to ditch their dates midway on the few days he could visit. Thus, he slowly meandered home, making up his mind to give his relationship another chance. He went to muggle london and bought a large bouquet of flowers, intent on surprising Ginny. She thought he arrived tomorrow.

He frowned a bit upon reaching Grimmauld Place, the wards were closed to him. He weaved through them, a task easy enough for him as he was both experienced in wards and was keyed in. Quickly taking out his old Holly wand while palming the deathstick in his other hand, he slowly paced down the cobblestone path, silencing his feet and erasing his scent. He stalked down the corridors, using all of his ingrained knowledge to its full extent, silencing the door hinges as well as the steps, spreading his magical awareness as a sort of sonar. He stopped at a guest room, registering two presences within, both on pressed to the right of the door. Maybe some kind of ambush? Waiting for him to open the door only to attack him? He thought of other scenarios, maybe Ginny invited guests? No, she would've told him. Determining his previous hypothesis to be the most probably, he quickly went to the master bedroom, and, using a spell he found in the room of requirement when looking for interesting and useful combat related spells, he became immaterial, phasing through the wall, only to stop in shock, his wands clattering to the ground. The two presences instantly separated, the womans legs unhooking from the man's waist, all while her hands fumbled at pulling her dress down. Meanwhile, the man quickly bent down pulling up his pants, all while Harry slowly registered what his mind refused to process.

The two people quickly turned around, Ginny's face slowly turning red as her eyes watered, all while Dean refused to meet his eyes, his head hung a bit in shame.

"H-Harry…. I-i-it's not what it looks like! I Swear!" Ginny cried, hiding her own face with her hands. Harry stayed silent, processing this new information, his Avada Kedavra eyes shining more brightly than ever, each eye glowing with power. His magic fluttered about him, causing him to unconsciously levitate a few of the smaller objects around him. Soon, the two adulterers before him shivered, feeling the mounting pressure as his aura oppressed their own. Ginny slowly cried. "I-I'm sorry!It was a one time thing!I promise, it meant nothing!"

"Get out" it was barely a whisper, yet Ginny recoiled as if slapped. "P-please Harry!"

"I know we were having problems Ginny. But this is unforgivable. Congratulations, you've killed our relationship. Now get out" Harry stated, his magic whipping about the room. By now Dean was sweating. The wards, as if responding to their masters orders started bearing down on them, the pressure slowly becoming insurmountable. Harry, once again noticing Dean, ejected him from the ward scheme, and watched him get violently ejected from the premise, leaving only a bloodstain as a memento (the wards were quite vicious, they were set up by the blacks after all). Ginny ogled at the blood, and then looked back at Harry fearfully.

"For the good memories we once had, now all tinged by your betrayal, I will let leave peacefully. Tiffy!" Harry shouted, and with a small pop a relatively nice looking house elf appeared, bawling about how she hadn't been able to tell her master what her mistress was doing, all because her mistress forbade her. After reassuring Tiffy she was still a good elf and he wouldn't be freeing her, he ordered her to pack up ginny's things and get her out within the next minute. Ginny by now had realized the effect of her actions. Sure, they had had their share of problems, but it was salvageable. Not anymore. She had thrown it all away, her future, the quality of life she was living, any possible children they may have had, all for a night with Dean. Merlin, what had she done?! As these thoughts ran through her mind, Tiffy finished packing and took her hand, looking at Harry for his next order.

"Harry, I-I" She was cut off suddenly as Harry nodded and her perspective changed from the inside of their-Now Harry's house to the edge of the burrow. Tiffy released her hand and went to comfort her dear master, inwardly seething at the mean ugly woman her master had been with before. Harry meanwhile, looked around the house, noticing that all of a sudden it felt completely foreign to him. He looked out of the window, staring into muggle london, and suddenly realised something. He had nothing keeping him here anymore. Andromeda and Teddy had left for france some time ago, as that country was more acceptant of werewolf offspring. Hermione had also left to the romance capital, besides, they weren't exactly talking anymore. Ron was a right and upper prat, galvinating this way and that. Ginny, his only tie to this place, was cheating on him. The only things that remained here were actually bad memories. Maybe he could find some new friends? Build better memories?


The bad ones were incredibly horrible, filled with deaths and loss,they would taint anything they came in contact to. This place would taint anything it came in contact with. He had to leave this place. Thinking this, he summoned his bare necessities into his bottomless pouch, and quickly turned a cup into portkey, which deposited him into South Africa, near the south african school of Magic, a place known for its animagus teachings.

It was finally time to honor Sirius's legacy.

Years after the final battle of Hogwarts, Harry, after leaving the British Isles behind, once again finds himself in an incredibly dangerous situation. while galvinating about in his animagus form, accidentally finds himself adopted by Artemis and Her Hunters! Now, he must keep his cover, lest he be discovered and killed.