Welcome readers. This is the third story of the Michael Dean series. For those who have not read the previous stories this is the order.

1. One Time Deal

2. Nothing Else Matters

Read them before reading this otherwise you will have no idea what is going on. It's an AU of season 14.

Remember Michael means our world Michael. AU Michael means the other world Michael.

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Deep in the woods a young woman around in her teens was running from a pack of werewolves. She leaped over the logs and dodged the bushes and trees.

One werewolf jumps from the trees with its claws out. The woman turns and raises her spear. The werewolf goes through the weapon. Its eyes widen in shock. The woman pulls the spear out and chops the monster's head off before it could react.

Another werewolf approaches from behind. The woman turns and stabs the spear in the monster's neck. The werewolf coughed, grace leaking out of its throat. Then it dropped to the ground.

The werewolves attacked from various places trying to get the woman off guard. She reacted quick, killing each one with one stab from her weapon.

The woman runs and leaps over the corpses and goes deeper into the woods. She sees two werewolves out of the corner of her eye. She stops and slides down a slope. She lands in a thick, wet mud that gave off a revolting smell. The woman didn't care. She picks up the thick substance and rubs it on herself. Then she crouched down with the spear still in her grip.

The werewolves stop. They look round puzzled.

"I lost her scent." One said.

Other one sniffs the air and frowns on how abrupt the smell went. It was like the woman vanished.

"She's gotta be here somewhere." The other one says. "We can't leave until we got that spear."

The first one growls but knows his friend was right. Their master has given them a gift. A boost in power and strength. Now they had to give him something in return, this weapon. He didn't go into detail about what it was and why he needed it, he just gave one order that they must bring the spear to him as soon as it's in their custody.

The werewolves didn't dare to ask questions, their new master could send them up in smoke if they pissed him off. The werewolves obeyed and went out early dawn.

It was mid afternoon and so far they had no luck on retrieving the weapon.

"Lets keep going." The other one says.

The two werewolves pick up in speed and sprint through the woods.

The woman slowly stood up. Her face and clothing are caked in mud. She crept through the bushes and keeps her back against the trees. She used anything that can be used for camouflage.

Up ahead was a river. The sun shone on it making the water sparkle.

Once the woman was certain the monsters were out of the area, she strips off letting the long, black cloak drop to the ground. She puts the spear near the river bank in case she needed it.

She stepped in and shivered as the cold water make contact with her skin. She cups the water in her hands and pours on to her hair letting it wash the mud, grit and blood out. She heaved a sigh as the water washed everything away.

Shortly after, the woman stepped out and quickly put the clothing back on to her wet skin.

Her next aim was to find food that will at least fill a hole.

With the spear she killed a rabbit. She rips the rabbit off and rams it through a stick. She didn't want to risk using the spear for cooking.

After finding shelter and making a fire, the woman sat down and turned the stick cooking the rabbit above the flames. She brings the stick to her mouth and blows on to the cooked animal.

Then she dug in ripping the meat off from the bone using her teeth. She swallowed and took another bite as hunger started to take over.

A flap of wings causes her head to snap up. Standing near the tree was a man. He wore a cap and vintage style clothes. His face was smug as he watched the woman with a gleam on interest.

The woman drops the food and grabs the spear. She was up on her feet before he could open his mouth to speak.

"I didn't come here to fight, not if I don't have to." He says.

He steps forward his polished shoes stepping into the leaves. He placed his hand on his chest.


She frowned. She heard the monsters mentioning a Michael. She gripped her spear, her eyes glued on to this potential threat.

"I've sensed you. Ever since I came to this world. You are like me, you bleed new energy. And so does that." He points at the spear. "I'm here to make you an offer. There's a war coming, and I'm building an army. You can join my side, the winning side, if you give me that spear." The woman didn't look interested. AU Michael put on a look of concern. "Someone is gonna come after you. Someone dangerous. He will want that spear. He will kill you for it."

"Let him come." She says.

"I am giving you an offer to join me. I haven't threatened to kill you. If I wanted to kill you, you would be dead by now. If you give me that spear, I can kill him. If it goes in his hands..." A hint of fear flashes across the archangel's face. "Who knows what he would do."

"Let him come." She repeats. "I am not handing it over and I am not joining your army. I work alone. I always have." She increased her grip on her most prized possession. "But thanks for the warning."

AU Michael's face darkens. He was starting to lose his patience.

"You refuse to join me. Fine but I can't leave without that spear. What do we do? Fight? You will definitely lose, probably die, and then I'll just take it." The smug expression returns to his face. "So, Wild One... what's it gonna be?"

The woman studies him before lifting her hood over her hair. She swings the spear towards him. AU Michael blocks the counter attacks and ducks as the spear approaches his head. He raises his foot and kicks his opponent in the chest. She falls on her back. She groaned and turned to grab the spear but AU Michael was faster and stops her before her fingers made contact with the weapon.

The archangel smirked in victory. He could kill her now if he wanted to but he didn't see the fun in that. He wanted to make the girl suffer. Beat her until every bone in her body breaks. AU Michael grinned and started punching her in the face.

His opponent grits her teeth to prevent herself from screaming. Each punch sent a sharp pain that shot up to her head. Spots started to appear in her vision.

AU Michael was winning. She couldn't let him win. She couldn't let him take the spear.

She swipes the archangel causing him to fall on his back. She stands up and grabs the spear ignoring the dizziness that has started to form. AU Michael looks up with a shocked expression.

Suddenly pain shoots through him causing him to scream. He looks and sees the spear in his arm.

The woman pulls the spear out causing him to cry out in agony. This gave her time to escape. Without hesitation, she ran as fast as she can through the woods leaving the injured archangel behind.

She never looked back.

Dean's eyes flung open. He sits up and his eyes dart in various directions like he was looking for something. Then he realizes he was in his bedroom.

The hunter slumped his shoulders and started to relax. His breathing slows down along with his heart rate.

What the hell was that? He thought.

He ran his fingers along his short strands of hair and signed.

"You felt that didn't you."

The familiar voice rumbles in Dean's voice.

The hunter nodded .

What was that? He asked.

"I am not sure but I can feel its power." Michael answered. "It's very powerful. It can cause harm to strong beings like me


"It seems it has already done harm. I felt its impact, I heard the scream. It sounded like him."

The other you.

"Yes. It does not surprise me if he is after it. A weapon that can possibly kill him, he will want it so he can destroy it."

Or use it against you.

"Hmm yeah. Dean. This is serious. I have not sensed anything this powerful in a long time. We have to find it. We have to find it now."