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vrskaandrea: Thank you for the review. It is a rollercoaster. This is Loki's Playhouse. There is going to be many rides :D Michael beating a rabbit with a clock is funny to imagine. Thank God he didn't drink the Drink Me bottle *Wipes brow* Phew. I got some ideas for Cas I haven't decided which one to use yet. Gabriel's will be the most angst out of them all.

Nicole Miklos: Thank you for the review yeah Michael is a badass. Being a warrior and possessing a hunter he has picked up several skills. Michael!Dean throwing that axe and hitting the wolf's back is quite hot to imagine *Heart eyes* lol.

Malic Malic: Thank you for the review. Yes I prefer angst but I don't mind a few crack eps. Writing this part of the story has definitely helped lighten my mood. That is such huge praise about Loki thank you *Heart eyes*

SliverDragonFlyMoon: Thank you for the review.

Jack reaches the top of the beanstalk. He walks along the path and looks round at the clouds with an awestruck expression. He failed to notice the angel standing on the clouds.

Yes there is an angel on the clouds.

The Archangel Michael stumbles across the clouds trying to maintain his balance. If he had a halo and his wings were visible he would have looked the part.

It wasn't hard catching up to the former nephilim. Jack took his sweet ass time on the beanstalk. Sometimes the kid had to stop to take a breath or two. At one point Jack stopped to admire the view. His little face lit up as he took in the breath-taking view. Michael was close to grabbing his nephew but a bird decided to fly past. The next thing Michael knew he is covered in bird's crap. While Michael had to wipe to his face while keeping his other arm on the beanstalk Jack managed to climb the rest of the way up.

How is Michael on the clouds well as soon as Michael's foot hit the pavement the ground under him begin to crumble. This left Michael balancing on the clouds.

Damm you Loki!

"JACK!" Michael screamed.

Jack picks up the pace and skips towards the giant door. The former nephilim paused outside the entrance. He bangs the door with his fist. When there is no response Jack looks up and clears his throat.


A deep rumble came from the other side. Jack takes several steps back and watches as the door opens. A woman stands at the entrance with her arms folded. She had brunette hair tied up into a bun, hazel eyes and her skin is covered in warts and spots. The woman is enormous compared to Jack Michael had to guess she is about 50ft tall. The woman looks down at the kid. She had a strange look on her face. Michael wasn't sure whether she is mad or happy to see Jack.

"You again."

The woman raised her eyebrow. Again Michael couldn't tell what she is feeling. Her face is blank and her voice lacked emotion. Jack beams at the giant woman.

"Hello again. I was wondering if you had more of that delicious food." He pats his stomach. "I am feeling quite hungry."

She snorted.

"It was only bread and butter."

"The best bread and butter I have ever tasted."

Jack's smile widens. How can anyone say no to that face. The woman sighs and scratches her head. She mumbled to herself and looks over her shoulder. She then looks back at the former nephilim and nods.

"Alright. Don't get used to this." She steps to the side. "You can come in."

Jack sprinted through the door. The woman scoffs and shakes her head. She then closes the door.

Michael eventually got to the door. He knew he couldn't knock. He will have to find another way in. He walks down the side of the building and runs his fingers along the walls hoping to find an entrance. He stops when he finds a hole.

The archangel gets down on his knees and peers through the hole. He saw the giant woman putting a plate down in front of Jack. The plate is about the size of a swimming pool. The slices of bread are the size of the Impala. Jack didn't seem bothered by the extreme size difference. The former nephilim is already halfway through the bread. The kid must have been starving.

Michael crawls through the hole. He runs to a nearby table and hides behind the post. The woman is at the counter preparing a dish while Jack is finishing his meal. Michael wanted to run out, grab his nephew and get the Hell out of here. The logical side of the archangel knew he had to wait. Loki wouldn't make it this easy.




A giant boot slams down on the ground. The ground vibrates causing Michael to increase his grip on the post. The archangel hides in the shadows and watches as the large boots storm across the room. Michael couldn't see Jack due to the giant's thick baggy trousers being in the way.

"FOOD IS READY!" The woman screamed.

The giant moves round to the other side of the table and sits down. Michael looks at the spot where Jack was. He blows out a sigh of relief when he sees the former nephilim is gone. At least the kid had the common sense to hide.

A growl came from the giant. He sniffs the air and looks round the room.

"Fee-fi-fo-fum. I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be alive, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread."

Michael pokes his head out from his hiding spot as soon as he heard the giant's voice. He looks up and up at the giant's face. The giant had a scruffy beard, his eyes are focused and a look of determination spreads across his face. Despite the messy appearance Michael knew that face.

Michael then paled and his legs turn into jelly. He grips the post and ignores the tremble in his hands.

"Father." He gasped.

The giant wearing his father's face looks round the room trying to find where the smell was coming from. Seeing the hunger in God's eyes made Michael uncomfortable. God licks his lips and again sniffs the air. Michael glanced at the small box. The lid slides over and Jack peeks out of the box. When the giant looks in Jack's direction the former nephilim ducks and quickly closes the lid.

Jack in the box. Michael sighs and shakes his head as his focus shifts back to his fake father.

Now the shock is gone Michael knew that wasn't his father. It looks like father, sounds like father it is definitely NOT father. Michael's snarls. Seems the Trickster took the term The Big Guy way too seriously. Making father a hungry giant who eats humans that is insulting. Michael is offended.

Loki is definitely going down for this.

"There is no human here Chuck." The woman puts the plate down in front of him. "Its your favorite."

Not-Chuck folds his arms and glares at his wife.

"I can smell him."

She scoffs.

"You are imagining things my dear. Eat this before it turns cold."

The giant scowled and looks down at his food. After finishing his meal he clears his throat and shouts.

"Wife! Bring me my goose."

The giantess turns on her heel and walks into another room. Moments later she returns with the goose in her arms. She places the goose on the table and returns to her chores. Not-Chuck leans forward and stares at the goose.

"Lay!" He ordered.

A golden egg comes out of the goose. The giant grins and picks up the egg. He plays with the egg in his hands. It reminded Michael of his father's joy when he created something new admiring the creation like it is a piece of art.

The giant's eyes become droopy. He yawns and lays his head on the table. The egg rolls out of his hands and his eyes close.

Michael looks at the giant's sleeping form. The archangel steps out from his hiding spot and walks towards the box. His eyes remained locked on to Not-Chuck as he approaches his nephew. He then pushes the lid off.

Jack looks up when light floods in. Michael beams down at him.

"Jack." Michael said his voice full of warmth. He reaches out with his hand. Jack scrambles back and brings his knees up to chest. Michael frowns. "Jack?"

" Dean. " Jack looked surprised. "What are you doing here?"

Michael laughs.

"Not Dean. It's me Michael."

Jack shakes his head.

"I'm not stupid. I would not forget the person who tried to hurt me."


"Jack." Michael turned worried. "It's me. Michael. The archangel."

Jack climbs out of the box. Michael steps towards him. Jack jumps back and glares at him.

"Stay away from me!"

Michael raises his hands.

"I'm not here to hurt you."

"What you are doing here?" Jack demanded. "Did you follow me?"

"I...I..." He takes a deep breath. "Jack this is not real Loki is messing with your mind."

"I don't know Loki."

"Sam, Castiel, Gabriel."

Jack furrows his eyebrows. He showed no sign of recognition. Michael cursed under his breath. He was right this level is far from easy. Loki had to turn the kid against him. The archangel is slowly losing his patience. He couldn't stand here all day and convince Jack he is one of the good guys. Michael had no choice but to do this the hard way.

He goes forward and grabs Jack's arm.

"Let go off me!" Jack yelled.

Michael pulls the kid forward. He wraps his arm around Jack to hold him in place while using his other hand to cover Jack's mouth. Jack tries to break out of the archangel's grip. Michael increases his grip and prevents Jack from moving his hands.

"I'm sorry." Michael said in his nephew's ear.

The archangel leads the former nephilim towards the hole.

The goose flaps her wings frantically and cries out in panic when she spots the intruders. The noise caused the giant to stir. Not-Chuck blinks and let's out a yawn. He groans and rubs the back of his neck. His vision cleared and he saw his beloved treasure panicking.

"Hey. He frowns "What's got into you?"

He follows the goose's gaze and looks down at the ground. His eyes widen as he sees the two tiny figures. The giant quickly stands up causing the table to shake. The familiar look of hunger returns to his eyes.


He then leaps over the table and charges towards his prey.

"Get out of here!" Michael yelled.

Before Jack could protest Michael shoves him through the hole. Michael goes to follow but suddenly something wraps round him and lifts him off the ground.

The archangel glares down at the giant's ridiculously long fingers. He pounds his fists and tries to pull himself free. Turns out fake God had super strength just like the Big Guy. The giant brought Michael up to his face. His big round eyes meet Michael's small narrow ones.

"I knew it. I knew a human was in my house." He leans forward and sniffs the tiny archangel. "Hmm." The giant smiles and his eyes sparkle. "You smell so divine."

I wonder why. Michael snorted to himself.

"So many flavors. Bacon, beef and pie."

Michael frowns.

I thought he was referring to my angelic nature.

Michael grimaced at the way Not-Chuck is looking at him. Dean's diet is really not helping Michael in this situation.

The giant tilts his head back and opens his mouth. Michael started fighting when he looks down at the giant's ginormous mouth.

Then the giant let's go.

Michael falls in.