Hi, my name is ME1905 (obviously not my real name but you know what I mean) and this is my first fanfiction. I've been reading them for several years now and I was debating whether or not I should upload one and I'm still not sure seeing as how I'm quite busy at the moment. But it does provide some relaxation from work and upcoming exams and whatnot. So, yeah, I'll try to upload when I can but don't expect me to start throwing out chapters every week or so.

Now, as for the story, it's a crossover between Mass Effect (btw, the ME in my username are short for Mass Effect because I BLOODY LOVE MASS EFFECT!... excuse that little outburst) and RWBY (I BLOODY LOVE RWBY, THANK YOU MONTH OUM FOR BLESSING US WITH GREATNESS). A bit of a strange mix but I love both franchises to bits.

As for the story, you should know, if you read the description, that it is about a quarian because I personally love the quarians (thanks to the cinnamon roll that is Tali, she's the best, especially when she is drunk, thank you, Citadel DLC). Speaking of Tali, this quarian is basically the male version of Tali. Same general appearance (apart from the obvious differences e.g gender), same background and same personality because as I said, Tali is the best (in my opinion, the other mass effect characters are great). Also, there's a harem which won't be big, in fact it will just be the members of team RWBY because they are all great in their own unique ways: Ruby is the cutest, Weiss is pretty much the tsundere (for those who don't know, it's an anime term for someone who denies that they care for someone, often violently, though luckily for our quarian, Weiss won't be violent like that), Blake is the closet pervert (we all know you are, Blake, when you read that type of literature *cough* Ninjas of Love *cough*) and Yang is my personal favourite, being the sexy and punny one (also, our resident quarian will actually find her puns funny which sounds completely insane now that I've written it but he will).

Now, as for background, the mass effect universe and RWBY universe are the same and this is set before the events of Mass Effect and if I get far enough into the story, I think I will write about the events of Mass Effect and have male Tali and team RWBY in them. It's also set, in terms of RWBY, after volume 2 but with massive changes, for example, Salem and the rest of her faction like Cinder don't exist and aren't plotting any nefarious plans so you don't have to worry about anything like Pyrrha's death. As for the White Fang, they've been dealt with and those like Sienna Khan and Adam are imprisoned. It's basically RWBY but with a normal highschool life, at least in Remnant terms because I'm pretty sure being taught to slay monsters which are attracted to negativity is not on any curriculum in our world.

Anyway, sorry about all the word vomit but I had to get that out of the way so that there won't be too many questions about what exactly is going on in this story's version of reality. Also, our quarian's name is Talo'Zorah Nar Rayya (I know, imaginative but I don't want to spend too much trying to figure out a name because it would probably take 10 million years … or something). All I have left to say is that I hope you give this story a review and that you follow it and I apologise for any grammar mistakes I make or if I don't write an engaging story, I am an amateur writer. Any feedback would be wonderful and I'd be grateful.

Disclaimer: I don't own the wonderful franchises known as RWBY and Mass Effect. They belong to Monty Oum (May he rest in peace) /Rooster Teeth and BioWare respectively.

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Year 2183, Location: The Rayya

Talo'Zorah Nar Rayya was nervous. Then again, most would be when they are about to embark on their first journey away from the only home they've known, on their own.

You're probably wondering what exactly is going on and I shall explain. Talo'Zorah is a member of the nomadic race of people known as the Quarians, a people known for their particularly gifted minds when it comes to technology and engineering in the universe. They are part of a galactic community consisting of various alien races which inhabit the galaxy and these include the respected Asari, the scientific Salarians, the militaristic Turians, the bloodthirsty Krogan, the Hanar, the Volus, the Drell and other such species. At the centre of this community is the council, the government body which presides over the stability of the galaxy, ensuring peace is maintained between the races. On the council, there are three councillors who represent the main three species, the Asari, the Turians and the Salarians.

As you can see, there's a problem there, seeing as how the rest of the species don't have councillor to represent their people. Sure, the elcor and volus may have ambassadors but it seems unlikely that this status quo will be shifting any time soon. Despite this unfairness, the council does do its job and tries to maintain peace throughout the galaxy while they sit in the Citadel, a massive construct which is the home of the council and it accommodates many due to its vast size. It is truly enormous and it is believed to have been built by an ancient civilisation that we call the protheans who once had an enormous empire, spanning the galaxy. They are also believed to have built the massive constructs throughout the galaxy called mass effect relays which when used allow a ship to travel faster than the speed of light. This allows someone to travel from one point in the galaxy to another mass effect relay in a short amount of time when it would usually take a ship years upon years to travel. Yep, the protheans were truly amazing so what befuddles many is where exactly did they go since they disappeared nearly 50,000 years ago, leaving behind only the citadel, the mass effect relays and random artic acts that are still being found to this day.

Anyway, like I said, Talo'Zorah is a Quarian, a nomadic race who also happen to possess the biggest fleet of ships the galaxy has ever seen. You'd think that these people would be a respected species amongst the galactic community. Nope. The truth is, being a quarian is difficult because many are predjudiced towards Quarians unfortunately due to a past mistake which has caused the entire galaxy a great deal of grief.

Approximately 300 years ago, the Quarians who lived on their home planet of Rannoch decided that they would create their own synthetic workforce, machines that would serve them and so, using their knowledge of synthetics, they created these machines and named them the Geth (Khelish for Servant of the People). They were the most advanced VI possible but not AI because Artificial Intelligence is illegal in the galaxy because of the dangers of a freethinking machine. But, while the geth weren't sentient, they were all connected together by a network and slowly began to gain sentience. Then, one day, a geth unit asked its quarian supervisor the question which terrified the Quarians and condemned them to their fate: "Does this unit have a soul?" The Quarians were terrified of this turn of events and what do people do when they confront something they are scared of and don't understand: they use violence. The Quarians decided to eliminate the geth but like any other species that was threatened, the geth also responded with violence and after a long conflict, which claimed billions of Quarians, leaving only a few million left, the geth drove their former masters from Rannoch though they didn't follow them.

You'd think it couldn't get any worse but it did. The council learned of their carelessness and stripped them of their embassy as punishment. So, the Quarians were left to their own devices afterwards and so, they tried to find a new world to colonise but were met with no success and they gave up because of the lack of options. As a result, the Quarians were confined to their fleet of ships and were left to wander the galaxy as nomads and over the years, many became prejudiced towards them for many reasons, the creation of the geth and the negative stereotypes that surround them with many seeing them as thieves, beggars, nomads sadly. On top of all of that, to add insult to injury, they developed a certain medical condition over the years onboard the ships. Their ships were known for their sterile environments and spending years aboard these ships and no where else, it led to the Quarians developing incredibly weak immune systems which means they can't be exposed to the open air for too long or they'll die from a simple bacteria which wouldn't even phase one of the other species. So, they were forced to confine themselves to environmental suits for the rest of their lives, making life even more difficult.

So, there you have the history of the Quarians, a gifted and shunned people, but now I believe we should get back to our scheduled programming.

Talo'Zorah is a quarian and he is waiting for the biggest moment of his life. He is aboard the ship known as the Rayya, the ship he has lived on for his whole life (which is why the rest of his name is Nar Rayya, meaning "of the Rayya") and behind the door in front of him are the 5 admirals of the admiralty board who lead the Quarians and he will approach them about his pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is a rite of passage that all Quarians go through and its when they leave the flotilla behind to search for a gift, something of use to the fleet and they present it to the captain of the ship they wish to be a member of. There are roughly 17 million Quarians on the 50,000 ships of the fleet and conditions are cramped, meaning everyone has to pull their own weight.

Talo is waiting in nervous anticipation, rubbing his hands together and messing with them, a habit he has always had, to settle his nerves but failing spectacularly. Talo, like all Quarians, has a humanoid shape but two fingers and a thumb on each hand and their lower legs bowed backwards. He is garbed in a violet environmental suit, with gold highlights on certain parts. The suit hugs his body, showing that it is lean but with toned muscle due to a life spent on a ship, maintaining it, years of manual labour. The only feature that can be seen through the cloudy visor of his helmet was his fluorescent eyes and you could see just the tip of his small nose.

Talo waited for what seemed like hours, the 17 year old Quarian wondering when he would get to see the admirals but with every moment, he became more anxious. Now, Talo always was a shy individual who had trouble talking to authority figures but he was still a strong willed individual. So why was he so nervous?

Well, when your father happens to be one of the admirals, that does make you feel nervous, especially when you don't have the best relationship with him. Talo's father wasn't a bad father as in he hit his kids, no far from it. He was just distant and absent most of the time, in fact, all the time. It had been that way as long as he had remembered, even before his mother died but it seemed to get worse after Talo's mother died as if Rael'Zorah was trying to cope with the grief by burying himself in his work. The only positive of the whole situation was that Talo's aunt, Raan, another admiral, was behind the door and she was closer to him than his own father.

Suddenly, the door opened and Talo almost jumped out of his suit (not literally) and his name was called: "Talo'Zorah Nar Rayya!". So, steeling his nerves, Talo walked through the door, leaving the queue he was standing in behind and walking past the young quarian who just left the room, to go on his own pilgrimage. He tried to walk into the chamber with a confident gait but he was probably failing spectacularly and looking like a complete idiot.

The five admiral stood before him, his father, Rael'Zorah, his aunt, Shaala'Raan vas Tonbay and the three others, Daro'Xen vas Moreh, Han'Gerrel vas Neema and Zaal'Korris vas Qwib-Qwib [NEVER ASK ABOUT THE NAME OF HIS SHIP]. Every year, the admiral would come here to give the pilgrims the right to leave the flotilla. It always seems unnecessary to have all the admirals here to just give people permission to leave but it was tradition and a formality. 'Although Xen looks like she'd rather be anywhere else', Talo thought, glancing quickly at the admiral who seemed to be tapping her foot impatiently.

As soon as Talo reached the centre of the room and stood before the admirals, Rael started to speak to him.

"Talo'Zorah Nar Rayya, you are about to set out on your pilgrimage and you shall find a gift for your chosen captain and the flotilla. This is an important stage of your life, you have been prepared for this for a long time and it is within the interests of the fleet and our people that you bring back a truly great gift. So, we give you the right to leave the flotilla and return when you have found your gift and know that even though you may end up far from the fleet, know that you will always be a proud member of the flotilla. Good luck, pilgrim. Keelah sel'ai."

He finished with the typical quarian phrase and in response, the four other admirals and Talo said, "Keelah se'lai." With that, Talo turned away from the admirals, taking one last look at his father. Throughout their brief meeting, the admiral remained businesslike and even during the little speech, he didn't even show any pride in his son. He treated him like any other quarian and not his son, with cold indifference.

'Boshtet', Talo thought slightly bitterly. He'd always had a cold relationship with his father but he'd hoped he would have shown some warmth on this day but no. It was always the same. But, luckily, Raan showed a warm expression that Talo could just see and showed a grateful expression that Raan could just see, acknowledging her warmth and pride in her nephew. That was enough to make him forget about his father and so he walked out the room and he seemed to have a little skip in his step. Externally, he didn't appear any different. Internally, he was bubbling with excitement.

"IM GOING ON MY PILGRIMAGE!", he squealed/screamed in a manly fashion inside his head. If he'd said it vocally, he would have probably died of embarrassment with a red face [Quarians have red blood like humans so I'm assuming they get a red blush]. He rushed down to where he would get his ship, passing by other Quarians like the flash, without a care in the world. Very soon, he saw his little ship, the type that was given to all pilgrims since the Quarians couldn't afford to spare a fancy, large ship for every pilgrim so each pilgrim had a small, hardy ship and while it might not be fancy, Talo didn't care.

He was given his ship and before he knew it, he was jettisoned out into space. At the helm, Talo piloted the ship through the flotilla, bobbing and weaving between the ships before he left the fleet behind and the last thing he heard from the fleet was "Good luck, pilgrim".

After a few minutes of empty space, that's when Talo came face to face with the colossal structure known as the mass effect relay, which easily dwarfed Talo and his ship and the quarian was left in awe of the prothean's technology. Shaking his head, the young quarian approached the structure and very soon activated his FTL drive and soon experienced what FTL travel was like.

Just like that, his pilgrimage had begun.

Now, even though, FTL travel is fast, travelling from one point of the galaxy to another still takes a large amount of time, easily a couple of hours.

"I should take a nap. It will be several hours before I exit FTL travel", he said, knowing all about FTL travel.

With that in mind, the young quarian found a comfortable position in his seat and slowly dozed of in to the world of dreams and just before he did so, he recalled his last conversation with his auntie Raan, the night before.

Flashback time:

"Auntie Raan, please, stop worrying, I'll be fine", Talo said, trying to calm his slightly flustered Aunt.

"It's my job to worry, Talo and you're about to go off on your pilgrimage so don't you tell me not to worry", Raan said in a mock annoyed voice which had a slight teasing element to it.

"Alright, alright", Talo chuckled.

But, then Raan's expression, or at least her eyes, gained some seriousness as she says in a serious yet soft tone, "just promise me you will be careful. The galaxy is a dangerous place and many are not fond of our kind".

Talo had been told plenty about the prejudice that many Quarians suffered when they left the fleet and while it did sadden him that people would hate him for a mistake that his ancestors made, he knew that he could handle it. He schooled his expression into a serious one.

"Auntie Raan, I promise I'll be fine. I'm a pretty good engineer and I most definitely know my way around a gun", he said reassuringly. Those were understatements as even amongst Quarians, Talo was a gifted engineer and technician and he has been given weapons training and has proven that he knows how to use a shotgun and he is also proficient with other such guns as well.

"Though I'm glad that you worry … unlike some people", he said his smile slowly turning into a frown and Raan realised he was taking about his father.

"Nephew, your father does care. He … just has a lot of difficulty expressing that", she said to try and reassure him but Talo wasn't truly convinced by her and he is reminded of that fact he'll have to stand in front of him tomorrow, even if it's only for a short while and that was the only thing he was not looking forward to.

Shaking off the depressing thoughts, Talo regains his smile.

"Anyway, Auntie Raan, I would just like to say … thank you. For everything. For taking care of me. I don't know what I would have done after mother died if it hadn't been for you", he said gratefully to the older woman. He just needed to express his gratitude before he set off and probably not see her again for a long period of time.

In response to this, Raan smiles and her eyes seemed to glisten slightly and she pulled her nephew into a warm embrace even if they wore their environmental suits.

"You're very welcome, Talo and know that I will always love you", she says warmly to her nephew.

Talo reciprocates her hug and says, "likewise".

Releasing her nephew from her embrace, she says to him, " good luck, Talo and once again, please be careful".

In response, Talo says, "Don't worry, besides, what's the worst that could happen?"

Now, neither of the family members are human so they are not familiar with Murphy's Law and so neither of them know that if you don't want things to go wrong, you NEVER, EVER ASK THAT QUESTION.

End of flashback.

After 5 hours of restful sleep, Talo was suddenly woken up by the sound of an alarm and when he opened his eyes, he realised two things, one, his ship had exited FTL travel and two, he was face to face with a ship that clearly dwarfed the quarian's ship and had rather sinister intentions.

Talo then realised when he scanned the ship that he was in deep trouble because the inhabitants of the ship were not only pirates. They were Batarians. Of all the things he could've encountered on his pilgrimage, it had to be batarian pirates. Talo looked up at the giants ship in fear while his eye twitched in annoyance at his luck. Batarians were generally an unpleasant people, both in looks and temperaments with their green skin and four eyes and the fact that slavery was a part of their society.

There was silence between the ships as they were stuck in a standoff. The Batarians were the first to act as they shot at Talo's ship, causing it to shake and its pilot to shake about as well.

"Bosh'tets!", Talo shouted angrily.

He was angry but he knew he couldn't fight them since his own ship had no weapons whatsoever and so he had only one course of action: he turned Tail and ran, or in this case, flew away. Of course, the Batarians wouldn't relinquish their prey and were in hot pursuit.

While Talo was flying away from his pursuers, he was berating himself for his carelessness.


Eventually, he started spewing a bunch of curse words in his language that he normally would not even dream of saying, especially in company but when you are about to be enslaved or killed, I think you are at the liberty to say whatever you like.

The Batarian ship continued to assault the tiny ship, managing to land a few solid hits on the vessel. This is when Talo started to truly panic as he realised that this could be it; only 5 hours into his pilgrimage and he's already about to die like an idiot because he was an idiot.

But, then, Talo saw what could be his saviour: a field of asteroids to his right. The spaces between the space rocks were small enough to keep something as big as the batarian ship out but his ship was small enough to fit. It would be a tricky and dangerous manoeuvre but it was his only option at the moment. So, after saying "ancestors, protect me", he bolted for the treacherous asteroids and started bobbing and weaving between the rocks, leaving the space ship behind.

Talo didn't even try and look behind him as he was too focused on the danger in front of him as he navigated the asteroid field and it was only 10 minutes after he broke through to the other side that he finally looked back and noticed the absence of a giant dreadnought of doom.

Talo let out a sigh of relief and also realised at that moments that he had no idea where in the galaxy he was and decided to check. He was in the Sol system; hardly the most exciting of places in the galaxy [wonder how that will change for Talo] and so Talo decided to set off again for the mass effect relay and then pay attention to where he wants to go.

But, he realised that he had a slight technical problem. His ship was, quite frankly, messed up by the batarians' attack and it was in no shape for FTL travel, considering the damage to the mass effect drive.

Talo let out a few curses as he accepted his situation.

'Alright, my ship is in no state to use the mass effect relay, I have enough food and sterilised drinks to last two months and of all the systems I had to be stuck in, it was the one with no civilised life that can actually help me', he thought, taking into account all the factors that show that the odds are against him.

"Come on, you are not going to die here. You promised Auntie Raan you would return safely", Talo said to himself defiantly.

Not willing to just roll over and die, Talo began to formulate a plan in his head.

'First step is to find a planet where I can rest and find resources to patch up my ship and work on the FTL drive', he though calmly.

With that in mind, he searched up everything known about the Sol system. "Okay, what do we know .. 9 planets, one sun and it seems only one of the planets is viable for life", he said to himself while looking at the data.

"The planet has no name. That's helpful", he deadpanned to himself. "Seems nobody bothered to name these planets because of how boring they are" (oh, how that view will change, Talo. Just you wait).

So, setting course for the unknown, viable planet in question, Talo set off in his damaged ship.

It didn't take long for Talo to find the planet. It appeared to be an average planet with ocean covering the majority of its surface and it had what appears to be 5 land masses. There was a strange shaped one in the top left corner while in the middle, there was the biggest landmass which was mostly covered by greenery but the left had a large section which was covered in sand. Directly north of the biggest land mass was another one which was completely covered in snow while to the right of the biggest mass was another land mass which had what appears to be a variety of ecosystems. Finally, there was another land mass directly south of the rest of them. It seemed pretty normal all things considered with its shattered moo… wait, WHAT!

That's right. The planet had one moon which wouldn't be that shocking. No, what was shocking to Talo was that one side of the moon was shattered with pieces of it suspended in space. It looked like a plate that had been broken. Talo honestly had no idea what to think about this and was wondering:

"What in the name of the ancestors could destroy half a moon", he wondered in awe and slight terror, thinking about something capable of a feat such as this.

Shaking himself free of his awe and terror, he refocused on the task at hand and he decided he would land on the largest land mass to see what was down there. Bracing himself for a reentry, Talo bolted down towards the planet at high speed breaking through the atmosphere.

When he broke through, he saw that he was flying over a forest and that it was night. Talo took in a moment to take in the view as he could see mountains in the distance and as he looked around, he saw something else which shocked him.

Civilisation. There was a city in the distance with thousands of lights shining in the darkness and also, just a few kilometres away from the city was a large structure, standing like a beacon [hah, see what I did there … okay I'll stop. Yang probably would've found it funny].

Talo, realising what he was seeing, said, "there are people on this pla-"


A sudden hit at the side broke Talo from his reverie and he was thrown about in his ship like a rag doll.


Whatever Talo was about to say died in his throat when he saw what was the source of his anger. He thought the batarian ship was bad but this monstrosity would've made his suit very wet if he was a von.

It was a giant, black bird. And when I say giant bird, I don't mean like a bird the size of a bed, I mean one the size of one of the smaller ships in the flotilla. THAT'S STILL PRETTY DAMN BIG!

Talo didn't know at the time but he was facing a nevermore, one of the most dangerous types of creatures of Grimm that inhabit the planet of Remnant. And as if a ship sized bird with beady red eyes full of hate and a terrifying white mask didn't make it horrific, the fact that it was launching feathers at Talo tripled its scariness rating. It was like a flying thresher maw (a giant, carnivorous worm which also spews acid).

Poor Talo screamed at the top of his lungs, "WHAT THE FU-" but was cut off by a feather hitting the engine of his ship and causing it to spiral down to the ground.

Underneath all the alarms and noise coming from the ship, you could just hear the terrified screams of the young Quarian as his ship spiralled out of control and hit the ground with a boom that resounded across the forest. The impact knocked the poor quarian unconscious and he rejoined the land of dreams. Little did this Quarian know that he had started a journey which would be full of adventure, friendship, hilarious hijinks and maybe even a little bit of love.


While all of this happened, Talo didn't know that he had two spectators. There was what appeared to be a middle aged man with silver hair, brown eyes and glasses and his outfit mainly consists of an unzipped black suit over a dark green, buttoned vest and green shirt. He also wears black trouser shoes and long, dark-green pants. He holds in his hands a cane and in the other a coffee mug which never seems to be empty.

This man is Professor Ozpin, the enigmatic headmaster of Beacon Academy and one of, if not, the most powerful huntsman on Remnant.

The other figure was a stern looking, middle aged woman with blonde hair in a bun and green eyes behind a pair of glasses as well. She wears a white, pleated top with a black skirt and black boots and strangely, a black and purple cape. Her accessory, also strangely, is a riding crop.

This woman is Glynda Goodwitch, another teacher at beacon and an accomplished huntress in her own right.

While she was stunned at the unknown transport that came from the sky and fell down into the Emerald Forest, Ozpin was unfazed, having gotten used to such strangeness over his long live(s).

"Professor, did we just see what we saw", Glynda asked the headmaster in disbelief.

"Yes we did, Glynda. It's like I said after the initiation", he replied enigmatically.

A smile curled on his face.

"This is going to be an interesting year".


Oh my lord. This took forever to write. It'll probably get even worse. Well, I hope I didn't disappoint. I'm sorry if I appear rather amateurish in my writing because this is my first story. I do know that I'm going to have lots of fun writing this. And I do hope you will enjoy it.

Also here are some definitions: Bosh'tets are basically bastards or similar curse words, Keelah se'lai literally means "By the homeworld I hope to see one day" and von means someone who has a weak bladder. Just for clarification.

Like I said at the beginning, I'd appreciate a review and if you followed my story.

And with that, peace!