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It was Wednesday. Talo's 5th day on Remnant during the late afternoon. Currently, the quarian in question was lying down on his mattress, looking at his omnitool and working on a side project of his that he'd been working on since a few days before his pilgrimage. His very own customised combat drone. Currently, he was developing the program for the drone, uploading strategies and its ability to register commands. He was close to finishing it. After that, he'd have a fully functioning combat drone buddy to fight for him.

While he was working on the drone (he was going to give it a name but he had yet to decide), Talo's mind kept drifting back to the day before, to the moment just after his question to the girls about being his friend. It had been on his mind and for good reason.

Flashback time!

"Thanks, girls" is what Talo just said to the girls who confirmed their friendship.

Outwardly, he appeared calm and happy.

Internally …. Talo was cheering and the child inside him was bouncing up and down faster than Ruby using her semblance while drinking coffee. While it may seem inconsequential to others when people call them their friend, to Talo, it was anything but. Talo was always a bit of a loner and was slightly awkward when it came to social interaction, especially when meeting new people. As a result, he was introverted, didn't actively seek friends and while he worked with other Quarians on the flotilla, he made hardly any actual friends. It didn't help that his father and aunt were two of the admirals and that he had his own issues like his mother dying when he was young and his father being absent pretty much all the time. It didn't have a positive effect on his self esteem and confidence and made him even more of a loner. To distract himself, he would throw himself into work to become an asset to his people and whenever he wasn't working, he was doing his own thing. It was quite strange for a Quarian not to be sociable with other Quarians but then again, Talo wasn't a typical Quarian.

But, with the girls, it was different. For one thing, he was stuck with them most of the time and they also made active attempts to get to know him and he just decided to allow it. He normally would've avoided such things but honestly, he couldn't say no to them. It originally seemed like each members of the two species were interested in the other simply because they were aliens to each other. But, it evolved from that. Talo found that he had enjoyed teaching Ruby how to fix his ship, also talking to Weiss about different topics, reading with Blake and working on Bumblebee with Yang. They simply had a way of making you want to befriend them …. Okay, maybe not Weiss.

Still, Talo had to admit. Having friends. It felt good. And it was easy. Befriending them was easy. He just knew what each of them was interested in and he used that to strike up a friendship like his interest in engineering, desire to learn and his fondness of books.

'If I knew it was this easy to make friends, I probably would have made some on the flotilla. Auntie Raan would've gotten off my back', Talo thought pensively.

Auntie Raan. The person he promised that he would be safe. The same person he hadn't contacted for days. The same person who while appeared kind but also had a devil of a temper.

"Oh Keelah", Talo whimpered.

"What's up, Talo", Ruby asked the alien, worried when she heard his whimper.

"I … may be in a lot of trouble", Talo said worriedly.

All the girls looked up at that, both worried and confused.

"What do you mean, T?", Yang asked.

"I promised my aunt that I would contact her and tell her I was safe before I left .. and I haven't for the past four days. She's going to be so angry", Talo whimpered again, already fearing his aunt's wrath.

"Oh come on, it can't be that bad", Weiss scoffed.

"You don't know my aunt. She is kind most of the time but when you manage to tick her off, ancestors help you", Talo said gravely, actually making Weiss renege on her initial disbelief.

"Ohh, I'd like to meet your aunt, Talo", Ruby said innocently with a big, naïve smile on her face.

"I'm not so sure that's a good idea. She doesn't know about humans and I don't know what her reaction will b- URK", Talo was saying before making a noise that sounded like he choked on something.

The source of his discomfort? The silver puppy dog eyes that were boring in to his soul.

"R-Ruby, why are you looking at me like that?", Talo questioned, squirming uncomfortably under the piercing yet adorable stare from the silver eyed girl.

Talo looked at the others but saw the looking at anything that wasn't Ruby. Weiss was focusing even harder on her work, Blake's eyes seemed actually glued to the pages of her book while Yang had some sweat in her forehead as she played her game.

'You traitors', thought Talo at their perceived betrayal.

Ruby started to look at him even more intensely and he felt his defences slipping in the face of the cuteness.

"I-", Talo started to say before he was interrupted by the sound of knocking from the door, followed by a familiar voice.

"Team RWBY, Talo, May I come in?", inquired the voice of Professor Ozpin.

Ruby broke off the stare ('Keelah!', thought Talo, exhausted at the metal strain placed upon him by Ruby's stare), stomped on the floor while pouting before saying, "yes, Professor."

With that, the professor entered with his signature coffee mug and cane.

"Well, hello, Talo, it has been a few days some we saw each other last", said Ozpin.

The last he's seen of Ozpin was when he was being dragged out of the infirmary by Ruby.

"It has, Professor", Talo responded.

"How are you settling in?", Ozpin curiously asked.

"It has been fine. Team RWBY have been very accommodating", Talo said happily as he motioned towards the girls. Ruby grinned happily, Weiss had a proud look, Blake smirked slightly and Yang had a massive, bombastic grin.

"Well, I'm glad. I had feeling that they would be perfect for the job", Ozpin said gladly with a smile before it turned serious.

"However, you may be wandering why I've suddenly dropped in like this", Ozpin stated to the group in front of him.

"Is there a problem, sir?", Blake asked worriedly.

"That depends on how you view what I'm about to tell you", Ozpin responded.

The alien and girls became serious.

"As I had already told you, Talo, you can't be kept secret forever as the public will find out soon when you slip up and get seen. It's better that we reveal you voluntarily and I'm here to tell you that on Thursday, I'm afraid that we'll have to show you to the school and no doubt the rest of the world", Ozpin said to the group.

While they'd already known that the secret would be out soon, they hadn't really prepared for it, especially Talo.

"Sir", Talo hesitantly began to say, "I'm prepared to show myself to the public. But, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous. Delicate situations like this can go very wrong", said Talo gravely, thinking about the geth rebellion.

"I know but we really have no choice. General Ironwood agrees that the people need to know about this. However, first, we'll reveal you to the students from all the academies who came for the Vytal Festival. We will ensure that they stay quiet about it. As for the rest of the world, that will have to come later", Ozpin explained.

Talo and the girls gave confirmation towards this plan. They all thought it was a sensible idea. But, then, Talo came to a decision.

"Ozpin, there's someone that I want you to meet".

The girls looked at him in confusion while Ozpin's eyebrow raised.

"My aunt needs to know where I am. With everything that's been going on, I haven't had the chance to call her about where I am and she's no doubt worried. I think I will need some help explaining the fact that I'm on a planet of people that no one in the galactic community knows about", Talo explained.

Hearing that, Ozpin had a look of thought on his face before he looked Talo in the eyes.

"Very well".

Hearing that, Talo activated his omnitool and prepared himself to contact his aunt.

"Um, I wasn't lying to you girls when I said that my aunt has a temper when pushed. So, I'd think it's best that you don't show yourself to her immediately", Talo warned the girls as well as Ozpin.

Turning his attention back to his omnitool, he hovered his finger above the call button, breathed deeply and pushed a button.

He was hit almost immediately after a few seconds by a barrage of furious words, even before his aunt's face appeared on the screen of his omnitool with eyes burning with rage.


The others were startled by the raging voice on the other side of the omnitool while Talo noticeably cringed as his hands rubbed together in anxiety.

"Man, she's kinda scary", Ruby whispered to the other girls who all nodded in agreement, slightly terrified of the voice.

The voice of Raan continued to rage at her nephew for what seemed like hours but was actually a minute while Talo stood there and waited for her to run out of things to yell.

Eventually, the voice stopped speaking and panting could be heard before she continued to speak.

"Now … what is your excuse?", Raan asked calmly though the silent anger could be heard in her voice.

Talo gulped nervously while silently reprimanding himself for not noticing Raan call him. If he had, he wouldn't be as in trouble as he is now. He made a mental note to not have his omnitool on silent from now on [yes, I just said that. I know it's not exactly a phone but whatevs].

"Well, Auntie Raan … you see, a craaazy thing happened. I, uh, exited FTL travel and uh, I may have, uh … been attacked by Batarian pirates", he admitted nervously.

Immediately afterwards, Raan started rambling and asking about her beloved nephew's safety though luckily, the spiel was short before Talo continued.

"I'm fine, Auntie Raan, I managed to escape but, uh … there was a problem. My FTL Drive was damaged in the attack, meaning that I'm stuck in the system I'm in but … well, this is were it gets interesting."

Raan looked confused as her nephew said that.

"You see, I was in the sol system and it's only viable planet is one called Remnant. And its people? They haven't encountered alien species before. I'm the first alien species to make contact with them", Talo confessed to his aunt.

Silence. Talo could see her eyes display shock, disbelief and then … belief.

"Auntie Raan?", Talo asked hesitantly.

"… I know you well enough to know that you wouldn't make this up. I'm just … in shock really. No one really knows where they will end up when they go on their pilgrimage but, meeting a species that hasn't achieved space flight yet; that's a new one", Raan admitted while processing this information.

"Uh, yeah, it is, heh heh", Talo nervously laughed before he continued.

"Listen, Auntie Raan, I'm sorry I didn't call you. Arriving on this Remnant and a bunch of other events distracted me. But, I promise I will contact you regularly. I will", Talo apologised, giving Raan a guilty look.

Raan sighed in exasperation before her eyes softened, as did her tone.

"You know, I can't stay mad at you for long. Just don't worry me like that again, ok? I love you.

"I love you too", Talo replied happily with a smile underneath his helmet.

Ozpin and the girls, yes, even Weiss, couldn't help but smile at the familial bond between the two Quarians.

"Listen, Auntie Raan, I want you to meet some of the people I've met. I was able to make a program for the translator so I can understand them and they can understand us. I'm sending you the program now", Talo said as he sent the program.

After a few seconds, Raan acknowledged that she'd received Talo's program.

"Okay, Auntie, I'm going to introduce you to them now", Talo informed his aunt.

Now looking towards the humans in the room, he nodded and they returned the motion.

With that, a red blur zoomed across the room and appeared in front of the omnitool.

"Hi!", Ruby squealed innocently at the startled Quarian.

"You dolt, you should be professional", Weiss scolded the leader as she appeared into the frame.

"Hey, lighten up, Weiss Cream", Yang punned which Talo snickered in response, having encountered that pun before which Yang explained. The brawler walked in front of the screen.

"Just stop", Blake deadpanned to her partner in frustration as she joined the group in front of Talo's omnitool.

Ozpin decided to sit out for the time being.

Raan processed what was in front of her. 4 alien girls. Raan has to admit that they looked a lot like Quarians compared to other species as they had a Quarian like shape and also had hair of various colours, including yellow.

Noticing that the 4 girls were quite attractive despite being aliens, Raan had the urge to embarrass her nephew and so with a cheeky grin on her face and eyes filled with mirth, she decided to wind up Talo.

"Wow, Talo. 4 girls. You certainly weren't this forward on the flotilla. Is there something I should know about?", Raan teased while grinning under her mask.

In response, Talo's face went atomic red.

"Auntie Raan", said Talo through gritted teeth.

Ruby, Weiss and Blake also gained blushes on their faces. As for Yang, she gained a slight smirk, liking the teasing of the flustered Quarian.

"Anyway", Talo said with his face losing the red tint, "these are my friends, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang". He gestured to each of the girls to show who was who.

"Hi, Talo's aunt", Ruby said childishly.

"Greetings", Weiss said with a professional demeanour.

"It's nice to meet you", Blake said courteously.

"Yeah, it's good to meet ya", Yang said, just as cheerful as Ruby.

Raan had to admit that this was … an eclectic group. Ruby appeared childish, Weiss was professional, Blake appeared stoic while Yang was cheerful.

"It's nice to meet you all as well. Pardon me but I'm still getting used to the fact that my nephew is currently with an unknown alien species. Still, thank you for taking care of him. It means a lot."

Ruby responded, "it's ok. We were happy to do so. I mean, he's really nice and HE'S ALO AN ALIEN AND SO OUR YOU AND I JUST COULDN'T PASS UP THE CHANCE TO GET TO KNOW A REAL ALIEN, I MEAN IT'S JUST AMAZING!"

Raan chuckled in response to Ruby's naïvety. She could see that every one of these girls weren't a threat to Talo, even the slightly cold Ice Queen known as Weiss.

Talo decided to get to the crux of the matter.

"Listen, I did want to you to meet the girls but there's someone else. He's an important individual over here. He is going to talk to you about something important."

Thus, Talo had the girls move away from the omnitool after saying goodbye and he invited Professor Ozpin over.

"Hello, ma'am. My name is Professor Ozpin. I'm currently watching over Talo during his stay here. It's a pleasure.", Ozpin said in a good nature.

"Likewise", Talo responded genially.

Ozpin then proceeded to explain the basics of Remnant. Let's just say that Raan was a little less easy to convince about aura and such until Talo chipped in, vouching for Ozpin, having seen Ruby's semblance several times already. Thankfully, his testimony was enough. Ozpin moved on to the fact that Talo was soon going to be unveiled to the students at the academy and then later the world.

Raan's eyes radiated seriousness.

"I have no problem with this but as long as you can guarantee Talo's safety. I know that there are many people who can be scared of things that are different and things they don't understand", Raan said worriedly.

Ozpin grew a smile.

"I promise that I will do everything in my power to ensure that no one tries to hurt Talo or do anything heinous to him. The team of girls you just saw are constantly with him whenever he's not in their dorm and they are some of the most capable students I've ever had. Besides, from what I've heard, Talo isn't completely defenceless", Ozpin promised to the worried aunt.

"I know. It doesn't stop me from worrying", Raan acknowledged.

"Auntie Raan, I'll be fine", Talo placated the other Quarian.

"Okay … but that isn't the end of our problems. Learning that there's now a new species that is capable of these abilities can't be kept a secret. And it doesn't just concern the Quarians. This will have to be brought to the council. They'll want to know about this … that is if they'll even believe us. Telling them that there's a species that can do impossible things will already be unbelieved but if it comes from a Quarian, it'll be even less credible."

Ozpin, knowing about the Quarians' unfair reputation, proposed, "how about I give you some evidence? Images and videos of aura in use. And if that doesn't convince them, perhaps a meeting will be in order".

"That should technically suffice", Raan responded before deadpanning, "the hard part will be trying to get the council to have an audience with a Quarian".

"You'll do it, Auntie Raan", Talo responded hopefully.

"I hope so. Anyway, how are you really, Talo?"

"I'm fine, Raan, really. My ship's being fixed up and it's just the FTL drive that needs work. But I'll find a way."

"I know you will but I'll always worry"

"Yeah. Listen, it's been great catching up with you.

"Likewise. Take care of yourself, Talo. I love you"

"You too. And same here"

With that, Talo shut down communications and Raan's visor disappeared.

"Apologies for doubting you about your aunt's temper. She doesn't seem like the type", Weiss apologised to the quarian, thinking back to the woman's outburst.

"It's fine", Talo replied.

"By the way", Yang started, growing a mischievous smile, "we're the first girls that you've been … acquainted with. Didn't realise we were so special"

"Shut up, please, Yang", Talo remarked with a slight rosy tint on his face.

Yang snickered while Blake said, "your aunt is still nice".

Talo smiled while saying, "she's the best".

Ozpin decided to speak.

"Well, this has proved most enlightening. I must say that we are going to have quite a busy few days ahead of us. Especially me. It's not everyday that you have the prospect of meeting several alien species", Ozpin remarked.

He continued, "I will have to get to work. I shall leave you to your own devices"

He grasped the door handle before turning to the alien.

"Talo .. prepare yourself for Friday. It'll be quite a busy day for you."

"Yes, sir. Also, thank you for talking to my aunt", Talo replied.

"My pleasure", Ozpin said genially.

With that, Ozpin left the room, leaving the girls and alien to continue their shenanigans, all of them thinking about the Friday to come.

Flashback over.

Talo began to think, slightly panicked about the events of tomorrow, 'What will happen to me? Will they take it well? Will they hate me? I've never been in front of a large crowd before! Will I have to give a speech? I don't know wha-'.

His train of thought was interrupted by the door opening and the team of four girls returning, having hung out with Team JNPR.

"I still can't believe that he's still trying to go on a date with me", Weiss said, exasperated.

"He'll figure it out eventually", Blake said, trying to comfort Weiss.

"He really is dense as a brick. Doesn't he realise that Pyrrha is head over heels for him?", Yang questioned incredulously.

"He'll figure it out … eventually", Ruby said, trying to convince not only her teammates but herself (BECAUSE JAUNE IS A DENSE MOTHEF &+*#!).

Wanting to take his mind off of his panicked thoughts, he decided to strike up conversation to take his mind off of the upcoming events of tomorrow.

Saving his drone's program, he shut off his omnitool and asked, "I've been here for a couple of days and I still don't know who this Team JNPR are exactly. Who are they?"

The girls turned to the alien and Ruby replied as they sat down, "they're another team. Their leader is Jaune Arc, the blonde guy you saw the other day, the red head is Pyrrha Nikos, Jaune's partner, the hyperactive ginger is Nora Valkyrie and the guy who keeps her in check is her partner Lie Ren but we call him Ren".

Talo remembered the team that he saw when he was hiding in the closet.

"Jaune isn't the best leader", Yang admits, "he isn't the best fighter, probably one of the worst in the class but he has been improving thanks to Pyrrha's classes. He's a pretty good tactician though and he's a good guy, just socially awkward."

Talo already felt sympathy for the blonde, knowing what it feels like to be socially inept.

"Another problem is that he keeps asking Weiss out on a date and as the Ice Queen she is, she rejects him every time", Yang said.

"It's not my fault he can't take a hint. This all happened because he's incapable of registering sarcasm as I made a flattering but sarcastic remark about his appearance", Weiss admitted, feeling annoyed.

Blake then chipped in.

"It doesn't help that Pyrrha is infatuated with him. He's completely oblivious", Blake remarked.

Weiss decided to take over as she said, "speaking of Pyrrha, she is Jaune's partner and most likely the best fighter in our year"

Talo remembered the kind girl from a few days ago.

"Really?", Talo asked, doubting the heiress' words.

She scoffed, "yes really. She is kind but she graduated the top of her class in Sanctum in Mistral before coming to Beacon. She also won the Mistral Regional Tournament 4 years in a row. She's quite frankly a prodigy … and for some reason, she's head over heels for Jaune."

For some reason, despite how different the leader of team JNPR and the champion were, Talo felt that the two of them would be good together. When he saw the two together, he could see that Pyrrha would look at Jaune lovingly. And although Jaune couldn't see it, there was chemistry there.

"Then there's Nora", Ruby said, looking very tired all of a sudden. As were the other girls.

"What's wrong", Talo asked.

"You saw how Nora acts for a few minutes. Imagine being with her for hours and seeing her daily", Blake deadpanned.

He remembered the girl that outclassed even Ruby in the hyperactive department. She seemed like someone who drained your patience on a regular basis.

"Nora is completely hyperactive. I don't think there's a moment when she isn't completely crazy. It doesn't help that she loves pancakes", Yang said, exhausted.

What are pancakes?", Talo asked, confused.

Unbeknownst to them, thanks to the powerful art of fourth wall breaking, a certain crazy ginger girl heard this question.

"Someone … doesn't know … about … pancakes?", Nora slowly said with a slightly dangerous glint in her eyes.

"I SHALL FIND THIS HEATHEN AND SHOW HIM THE GLORY THAT IS PANCAKES", Nora suddenly screamed. While her teammates looked at her like she'd finally cracked. Except for Ren who was a seasoned veteran when it came to Nora's insanity.

Now, back to our scheduled programming.

"Pancakes are pretty much a type of cake, a type of treat. Nora is obsessed with them. She eats so much of them, of anything, really … and yet she doesn't gain any weight", answered Yang, slightly annoyed at that last part.

It seemed, to Talo, that just talking about her was taxing.

Blake continued the conversation by saying, "The only one who can somewhat control her is Lie Ren. Nora's partner. He's known her since childhood and so there are close and Ren knows exactly what to do to calm her down."

Weiss had to add, "I've always admired Ren for his patience. He has more of it than a saint if he can somehow withstand Nora's imbecility on a daily basis."

"So, yeah, that's Team JNPR. Any reason why you wanted to know?", Ruby suddenly asked Talo, concerning the sudden interest.

"Uh … no reason. Just … I hear you're good friends with them so I guess … I wanted to know who they were", Talo fibbed, while rubbing his hands together.

Noticing Talo's nervous tic, Blake asked, "What's your genuine reason? Don't bother denying it. You lie whenever you rub your hands like that"

'Damnit', Talo thought, cursing her observation.

Sighing, Talo said, "I'm just … a little nervous about tomorrow. Your friends sound great but they're just some of the people from the four academies and I doubt everyone will be that welcoming. Some people are racist towards Faunus so what's going to stop them from hating me?"

They all looked with varying degrees of sympathy, especially Blake.

Ruby laid her hand in his shoulder.

"It'll be fine, Talo. You've nothing to be afraid of"

Weiss chipped in, "You're under the protection of Professor Ozpin. He's one of the most powerful huntsmen in Remnant. People won't dare to try and touch you"

Blake gave a nod in agreement.

Yang then added, "sure, there'll be the odd jerk of two. But, don't listen to them. And if you want, I can introduce them to Ember Celica"

Talo smiled at their reassurances before gratefully saying, "Thank You, girls. I know I'm being a bit paranoid but you're right.

Wanting to distract himself, he thought of a good way to do so and pass the time.

"You know, girls. I've talked to Weiss about a few aspects of my people's culture but there's one thing I think you'll all find interesting, even you Yang. How about I tell you all I know about the other species?", Talo asked, already having a hunch as to their response.

Ruby's face became one of childish joy, Yang gained a grin, and both Blake and Weiss has interested gleams in their eyes.

"I'll take those looks as confirmation", Talo said amusedly.

Motioning for the girls to get comfortable, he sat comfortably and began his lesson.

"Just call me Professor Zorah", Talo joked cheekily.

Yang and Ruby laughed while Blake had an amused smile and Weiss rolled her eyes.

"Ok, well, I've already told you how the protheans lived over 50,000 years ago and had an empire that expanded the galaxy and that they suddenly disappeared, leaving behind technology like the Citadel and Mass Effect Relays."

The girls all nodded in confirmation, remembering the images of the vast constructs.

"Well, after they disappeared, over the centuries and millennia, a new government was set up. The council which presides over the galaxy, ensuring that peace is maintained. It has only three council members from three species, the first to reach the citadel which became the hub of council space. The three species that have representatives on the council are the Asari, Turians and Salarians. Each of them are infamous for different reasons."

"I'll start with Asari", Talo announced as he showed the girls a picture of one.

The girls could see that the asari has blue skin, a strange shaped head as she had no hair but a strange crest. But despite that, the girls noted that she had an exotic beauty.

"Wow, she's really pretty", Ruby noted and the girls had to agree.

"Yes, she's an asari. They are possibly the most well respected race in the galaxy and they originate from the planet Thessia. They were the first to discover the citadel after they achieved space flight. There they met the keepers, strange creatures that were on the citadel when the asari found it. The keepers are still a mystery to this day. All they do is maintain the citadel but thanks to the keepers, the asari managed to establish themselves there."

Yang had to ask, "why are they the most respected species?"

Talo replied, "Well, it's because of a variety of reasons. They're known for their diplomacy, power and wisdom. It helps that they can live for a thousand years."

The girls gaped at that.

"Yep, Asari can live for centuries and they have three stages in their lives, the young, curious Maidens, the more mature Matrons and finally the wise Matriarchs. Also, because of their long lives, they have a very different view of life. Things pass for them and a lot of asari officials prefer not to do anything immediately when it comes to conflict. Also, because of their longevity, they amass lots of wisdom and knowledge which further gains people's respect. They wish to maintain peace and balance, making them a diplomatic species."

"Then, there's their combat abilities. Other than the usual combat, every asari is a natural biotic"

"What exactly is a biotic?", Weiss questioned as the girls didn't understand the terminology.

"Biotics are people who can manipulate mass effect fields. When used properly, it can be an effective tool as biotics can do many things like make people levitate", Talo explained.

"AH, THAT'S SO COOL!", Ruby squealed with stars in her eyes.

Yang agreed with a grin and Blake was admittedly interested in the possibilities.

Weiss then asked, "are any of the other species biotic?"

"Asari are the only natural biotic race but other species can have implants that allow them to be biotic. But they're not as powerful as naturals."

Continuing on, Talo decided to bring up the next tidbit of info.

"Another thing is that asari don't actually have a gender. They're classified as mono gendered"

"… uh?", the girls all asked with looks of confusion.

"Well, you see …", Talo said slightly embarrassed, "asari may be the most respected species but some people don't think so because of … certain reasons. All asari appear feminine but they don't assign a gender to themselves despite referring to other asari by female pronouns sometimes. This is because, unlike other species, the asari can have children with any species and with any gender."

The girls were dumbfounded. Even Ruby was. She actually had the talk and was wondering if she'd been fed lies.

"Now, I just want you to know that this is exclusively for the asari. The reason they can do this is because they don't … mate the same way as other species do. Sure they can have … sexual intercourse but it's not how they reproduce. They actually have the ability to unite their mind with their partners and somehow, they take their partner's dna and use it in combination with their own to create a child. It's why asari can mate with anyone of any species and gender and as a result, asari only give birth to asari but those asari inherit traits from their 'father' species. I'm not entirely sure how it works, to be honest."

The girls had to admit that the asari were bizarre in this respect.

"I suppose it makes them diverse", Yang hesitantly guessed.

"Well the truth is that asari are encouraged to mate with other species as it means that the child inherits something new. But if two asari mate, the child gains nothing so there's a lot of stigma surrounding these asari."

"But, despite all that, asari are considered attractive for … ahem a variety of reasons so it's easy for asari to mate", Talo said, coughing into his fist when talking about the asari's attractiveness.

All the girls could see that the asari would be attractive to humans, especially hormonal teenagers.

"Anyway, moving on, the second species is the Salarians, the second species to reach the citadel", Talo said as he showed his friends the picture of an amphibious and skinny looking creature.

"How are these guys special? They don't look that tough", Yang said, not being impressed by the frog like alien.

"It's true that the salarians are not the most physically imposing species but they are one of the most intelligent species. They have a knack for inventing and other forms of science and they tend to view other species as a bit slow. This is due to their hyperactive metabolism which means that they talk fast, think fast and act fast. Kind of like Ruby", Talo joked at the end.

Yang snickered, Weiss snorted and Blake smiled while Ruby pouted.

"However, because of that metabolism, they live short lives. It's rare to find a Salarian above 40."

"40 years, that's how long they live?", Blake questioned incredulously.

"That's … really short", Yang said, kind of sad about the short lifespan.

"Salarians don't really mind their short lives as they believe that when they die, they reincarnate, a sort of wheel of life."

"That's a nice religion", Ruby said happily, feeling glad that they don't worry about their deaths as a result.

"Moving on, the Salarians have not only a knack for science but they're greatest strength in combat is gathering information and using stealth, sabotage and subterfuge to win their battles. And they're good at it"

"Also, strangely, they have a certain view on relationships. There are few female salarians and so they are kept safe on their home planet Sur'Kesh and those females can become important politicians known as Dalatrasses. But when these females or other females have sex with a male Salarian, there's generally no affection behind it. To them, reproduction is simply an obligation and a business procedure and the partnerships aren't marriage and the furthest it goes is friendship. This is due to the salarians having no sex drive."

"That's … rather strange", Weiss wondered at the Salarians lack of desire for sexual activity.

"Quite. That's all I know about the salarians. The third species is the Turians, who were the third species to join the citadel", Talo said as he showed a picture of a tall, creature which had a carapace over its head which had a fringe on the back of its head.

The girls all agreed that these looked even stranger than the previous two aliens.

"Unlike the other species who have levo proteins like you humans and Faunus, Turians are dextro based like Quarians. Also, they appear avian in nature because of their carapace on all of their bodies. It was made that way to keep them safe on their home planet, Palaven which has a weaker magnetic field than other planets which basically means that their sun exposes the planet to more radiation than normal."

Blake has thought that they appeared a lot like raptors, especially their eyes.

"As for their culture, Turians are a very militaristic species and pretty much every Turian has compulsory military service before they can do what they want. They are the ones who provide the most ships and soldiers to the galaxy and are a huge asset during battles and war. However, they are known for being very firm, regarding their views."

"They generally have a strict military discipline and while they have their own desires, they are taught to always value the common good above everything else. They are definitely one of the most proactive races in the galaxy. Although, it doesn't stop them from being unbelievably uptight"

Yang snickered and said, "sounds like they need to work those sticks out their butts".

Weiss facepalmed, while Blake rolled her eyes at her partner's antics and Ruby and Talo laughed at her comment.

Talo continued after regaining his composure, "you wouldn't be the first to say that. Another part of their culture is their face tattoos as it symbolises which colony they are from. Being 'barefaced' is looked down upon and usually those Turians can't be trusted and sometimes, Turians use the term barefaced as an insult to politicians."

"The Turians are responsible for peacekeeping and the formation of C-Sec, short for Citadel Security. It's their accomplishments in this field that got them their membership on the council. But … there's a black mark on their history. On the galaxy's history."

Talo's voice had turned serious and also sad.

"Why? What happened?", Blake asked hesitantly.

"… this actually brings us on to the next species who have a history with the Turians. This species is called the Krogan."

Talk brought up a picture of a burly and fearsome alike with piercing eyes and an armoured head.

"Wow, he's a big dude", Yang remarked about the size of the Krogan.

"The Krogan are possibly the most physically imposing species. They originated from the planet Tuchanka. They are warriors first and foremost. Fighting is their life. Which is why they survived on their planet which has harsh conditions, a lack of resources and too many predators to be considered normal. They thrived and advanced and because of their innate desire to fight, they used their tech to kill each other. Using nuclear weaponry, they turned Tuchanka into a wasteland and the Krogan were reduced to primitive tribes, simply fighting"

The girls were baffled by the Krogan's simpleminded obsession with fighting. It led to them bombing themselves back to the Stone Age.

"Honestly, how could one species be that brutish and idiotic?", Weiss asked annoyed.

"Who knows? They're just a naturally aggressive species. But one day, the Krogan were uplifted by the Salarians, given the tech needed to achieve space travel. The Krogan are warriors but there aren't many scientists. But, the salarians' motive for doing this wasn't altruistic. It was because the galaxy needed the Krogan."

Why?", asked Ruby.

"The galaxy was under attack by an insect species called the Rachni. They were spreading across the galaxy like wildfire and they were far from peaceful. And the council were losing. So the salarians took the initiative and uplifted the Krogan. In return, they would serve the council and deal with the Rachni themselves. As for why the Krogan were chosen, they are incredibly difficult to kill because they actually have secondary and in some cases, tertiary sets of organs. Not only does it make them hard to kill but they can live for a thousand years like asari."

"They sound tough", Yang wondered in amazement.

"Yep, they are. Because of their redundant organ systems and armour, they're especially hard to kill and because of a … particular area which has more than one pair, Krogan are especially … virile", Talo said uncomfortably.

The girls all flushed, realising what he was saying.

"Due to this, female krogans could produce 1000 eggs over the course of a year, giving them the numbers to fight back against the Rachni. Eventually, the Rachni were defeated and the Krogan were saviours of the galaxy. But, that wouldn't last long."

The girls all looked worried, getting the feeling that the story was going to take a darker turn.

"The salarians had made a mistake. They'd given the Krogan colonies for their efforts, but they hadn't taken into account the fact that Krogan are particularly fertile species with high birth rates. Quickly, the Krogan ran out of space and started overtaking more planets that were already occupied. It led to the Krogan Rebellions which had the Krogan on one side and the other species on the other. And the Krogan would have won if it hadn't been for the Genophage.

"What's the Genophage?", Weiss inquires cautiously.

Talo didn't say anything to begin with but eventually he said, "the other species realised that they couldn't outnumber the Krogan so the Salarians created the Genophage, a bioweapon which the Turians later launched against the Krogan. It's effect is … controversial. What it basically did was make the Krogan virtually infertile. To this day, the 1000s of eggs that are produced by the rare Krogan Female , only a few survive."

The girls were … horrified. There was no other way to describe it.

"Why … why did they use it?", Ruby asked, having slightly glistening eyes after hearing the source of the Krogan's plight.

"Although I agree that the Genophage was completely unethical, it seemed like the only way that the council races could've beaten the Krogan without using their most powerful weapons to wipe out the Krogan. They didn't have the numbers to defeat them and they didn't have the Krogan's resilience. There seemed to be only two ways it could've ended, with the Genophage or genocide."

The girls were down after hearing this.

"It doesn't help that now the Krogan have many negative opinions directed at them. Krogan respect strength above all else, to them, fighting and power are all that matter and after the Genophage was used, it had a profound psychological effect on the Krogan. They don't think that the Genophage will ever be cured as there are hardly any Krogan scientists while none of the other alien scientists are rushing to find a cure. So, the Krogan have developed a sort of fatalism and pessimistic view of the universe, which has led to many Krogan becoming mercenaries for money and other selfish and short sighted goals and they don't care if they die. This is what has caused the Krogan to decline in numbers even further and why there are so few Krogan left."

"Wow, that's really … depressing. It's kind of a similar to the Quarians' situation", Yang notes sadly.

Talo admitted, "True. But I think that they have it even worse than my people. At least we aren't in danger of extinction."

Seeing the looks in the girls' faces and feeling down himself, Talo decided to move on to escape all the doom and gloom.

"Anyway, let's move on. The next species is the volus."

With that, the girls all lost their melancholy expressions and began to focus on their teacher and the picture he was showing. It depicted a small, rotund alien that was obscured by a full body suit like a Quarian.

"Hey, they're kinda like Quarians", Ruby noticed.

"True, the Volus need to live inside those suits but the reasons behind it are different. The Volus game from the planet Irune and it has a particularly different environment and atmosphere to other planets. It's home to an ammonia based ecology, it's gravity is 1.5 stronger than your planet's from what I can tell and it has a high pressure atmosphere. It's why there bodies have developed the way they are and why they can't survive in other atmospheres more suited for other forms of life so they wear the suits. Irune is really the only place where they can live without them."

"What does a Volus look like?", Blake enquired, curious as to what lay beneath the suit.

"No one knows. Nobody has seen a Volus outside their suit", Talo responded.

"Hey, Talo, what do Quarians look like?", Yang asked, wondering about her friend's true appearance.

"Uh, well, out of all the species, I'd say my people look the most similar to yours. We don't see much of our faces and bodies because of our suits but we have seen what we look like when in a sterile environment. We also have evidence from before our people were exiled. We actually have hair like you unlike the other species. Our skin colour can range from purple to blue and other colours but not a skin colour as light as yours. And you can see my eyes, they don't have pupils or irises. I have black hair, light purple skin and light violet eyes."

All the girls tried to paint the picture in there heads and they realised that Quarian did look much like humans, even more so than the asari.

"Moving on", Talo said, returning to the Volus, "as you can see, they're not the most imposing people and so, they aren't fighters. Instead, they're traders, economists, merchants etc, anything to do with money. After all, when they arrived on the citadel, they were the ones to set up the economy and currency that the galaxy used to this day, the credit."

"It's like the lien, our currency", Weiss said.

"They must be an important species if they were responsible for establishing the economy. Why haven't they been given a position in the council? ", Blake noted, remembering that only Turians, Asari and Salarians had councillors.

Talo hesitated but said, "um, actually, while the Volus have an embassy on the Citadel and an ambassador, it's true that they don't have a councillor. It's actually a sore topic for many Volus."

"Well I guess I would be ticked too", Yang admitted.

"So would I. That's all I know about the Volus and now, I'll talk about the Elcor".

Swiping the Volus picture aside, he brought up the picture of a strange and rather large creature with grey skin, two black eyes, vertical slits where the mouth of a person would be and it was stood on its leg and was using its large arms to support itself.

"Now, this is an elcor. They are like the Volus, as in they don't have a councillor but they do have an embassy and ambassador. They were invited by the asari to the Citadel when they first went into space."

"They look really strong", Ruby pointed out.

"Yes", Talo replied, "although the elcor aren't warriors, they lived on the planet Dekunna which has a very strong gravity which lead to them being strong but also really slow. This actually had an impact on their psychology and led to them being deliberate and conservative."

"Also, Elcor have extremely highly attuned olfactory senses", Talo explained which gained looks of understanding from Blake and Weiss and confused stares from the two sisters.

Sighing, Weiss said, annoyed, "it means that they have extremely good senses of smell, you dolts."

Ruby and Yang went oh in understanding.

"Yes, they have very strong senses of smell and it is to do with how they communicate. The elcor speak in a monotonous tone and they don't use any emotion because at the same time, they are releasing scents and making moves that are too subtle for other species to see but other elcor can see them. These scents and actions indicate what the elcor is feeling but any other species can't see or smell them. So, in order to avoid confusion and any misunderstanding, when speaking to other species, an elcor also says what they're feeling when they say something. For example, one might say, "happily, it's very nice to meet you" and that shows what the elcor is feeling."

Having finished on the elcor, the quarian then brought up the picture of a pink, strangely shaped jelly fish which has long tentacles.

"Uh, a … jellyfish?", Ruby asked bewildered while the other girls were as equally as confused.

"What's a jellyfish?", Talo asked, confused by the clearly human terminology.

"It's a sea creature that has tentacles", Blake answered simply.

"Oh, well, the Hanar do actually originate from a planet called Kahje which is 90% ocean. But thanks to special contra-gravitic levitation packs which use mass effect fields, they're able to move around on dry land. Hanar are known for being diplomats which is probably because they are … ridiculously polite. I don't think a Hanar is capable of insulting someone."

"Really?", Yang asked incredulously.

"Yep. Another fact is that they worship the protheans which they call the Enkindlers thanks to the protheans ruins on their planet."

"Also, the Hanar communicate using patterns of bioluminescence which other species need translators for. Furthermore, a Hanar has two names, a face name and a soul name, they use their face name as a label in public but when with those close to them, the Hanar will use their Soul Name which is only entrusted to those closest to the Hanar and the name is usually poetic. Finally, the Hanar, whenever in public and using its face name, the Hanar refers to itself as 'this one' and not in the first person as they see it as egotistical. Only when in private with someone they've entrusted their soul name to will they refer to themselves as I", Talo recounted for the girls.

"Huh, I would actually like to meet one of these Hanar", Weiss said, particularly taken by their excessive politeness.

"It's true that their politeness is refreshing but it can get incredible aggravating", Talo admitted, having heard about Hanar from Quarians who've returned from their pilgrimages.

Now, Talo drew up a picture of a reptilian alien, the size of a human with green scaly skin and big wide eyes that appeared shadowed.

"This is a drell and like the Krogan, you don't see many of them and like my people, they lost their original home world."

Ruby gasped in sadness while Blake asked, "why's that?"

"The Drell originally came from the arid planet Rakhana centuries ago but the planet was slowly turned into a wasteland by rapid industrial expansion and overpopulation. The Drell seemed doomed as they didn't have access to space faring tech and so, they had nowhere to go but .. they were saved. By the Hanar"

All four girls gaped at that.

"You're telling me that those jellyfish saved the Drell!?", Yang asked.

"Yes and because of that, the Drell were incredibly grateful even if only 375,000 Drell could be rescued while the other billions of Drell had to stay behind and perish. They were taken back to the Hanar's home world and the Drell lived inside a city that cut them off from the outside. This is because the Drell can't survive in a humid environment like on Kahje as it effects their lungs. They need to stay as dry as possible. But, this humidity has become the main killer of Drell as it causes a lung disease known as Kepral's Syndrome. But despite this, the Drell are grateful to the Hanar and are often close to them, often working for them."

Swiping the Drell picture aside, Talo brings up the picture of a particularly ugly alien. It has 4 eyes and sickly yellow skin.

"Sheesh, he's a looker, isn't he?", Yang said sarcastically.

"It's true that Batarians aren't the most pretty species and their personalities aren't too great either", Talo agreed with Yang.

"Wait", Weiss interrupted, "didn't you say that Batarians were the ones who attacked you?"

"Yeah, Batarians are usually criminals such as drug runners, thieves, slavers, any crime, they've most likely done it. They're a rather aggressive people from the planet Khar'Shan. I still don't understand why the council allowed them an embassy, the Batarians are all trouble, I doubt there's one that hasn't committed a crime."

"That's a sweeping statement", Blake said, a bit concerned about how Talo was speaking about Batarians.

"Blake, I wouldn't judge a person on their species and I wouldn't dare try to be racist. But, Blake, crime is pretty much as part of their lives, their society. They've invaded planets and colonies that belong to the council races and they've never shown remorse. I've seen it myself whenever the flotilla was near a Batarian ship. I've seen them enslave people all for a quick credit and they even tried to destroy the migrant fleet a couple of times. The only reason it wasn't destroyed was because of our massive numbers and the fact it was always only a few ships. Trust me, the Batarians are not a good species. You'll have to meet a Batarian to know what I'm talking about."

While usually against prejudice, Blake knew that Talo wouldn't lie about such things and she could see a slight sadistic smile on the Batarian in the picture and that was enough to convince her.

It may have been Talo's imagination but it appeared as though Yang's eyes flashed red when he told the girls about the Batarians' crimes while Weiss and Ruby looked just as abhorred.

"Alright, I'm going to tell you about the final species.", Talo said, wanting to escape the topic of the Batarians.

The final picture showed a creature that had rough and strange looking skin, blood red eyes and sharp needle like teeth. It was actually quite frightening to look at and all 4 girls were unnerved by the creature's appearance.

"This is a Vorcha. They come from the small, overcrowded planet called Heshtok and it's not a nice place with limited resources that the Vorcha fight over. Vorcha are naturally aggressive and are savage in nature and extremely primitive, having not advanced themselves at all. In fact, they haven't evolved for years and years due to their limited ability to regenerate and adapt to their environments which they usually can only do once due to their incredibly short lives."

"What exactly is their role in the galaxy? How do they contribute?", Blake asked.

Talo, in response, snickered and at Blake's affronted look, Talo said, "I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at what you said because honestly, the Vorcha were uplifted to fight and that's it. They aren't exactly the most intelligent species, being almost as primitive as animals. All they do is fight for the people who train them which are usually gangs since Vorcha are found in the darkest places of the Galaxy. But, to be frank, no one takes the Vorcha seriously since they aren't smart enough to plan for themselves, are recklessly aggressive and are incredibly short lived. Most people, if not all, view them as nothing more than scavengers like us Quarians or even worse, to some, they are a blight."

And with that, Talo took a breath after having talked so much.

"Well, there you go", Talo said, lifting his arms up before dropping them to his sides.


Weiss clamped a hand over the red cloaked girl's mouth and told her to be quiet, while she looked around the room, hoping nobody heard her.

"I must admit, this was fascinating", Blake admitted with a small smile.

"I'm not usually one to sit and listen to teachers drone on but this was actually really cool. Thanks, T", Yang thanked the alien with a grin on her face.

"It was my pleasure", Talo responded happily before continuing, "Though I will admit that there's still much I don't know about each species. I merely told you the basics and what I've learned from books".

"It's perfectly fine. This was sufficient information and it was all interesting", Weiss responded with a small, grateful smile.

Talo smiled in response before he looked out the window. He hadn't realised but much time had passed and now it was evening.

"It appears time really does fly when you're having fun", Talo said, motioning outside.

And with that, the girls and alien all decided to return to their own devices after that long lesson, courtesy of Professor Zorah. Talo returned to his omnitool to continue working on his drone while also avoiding Ruby's puppy dog gaze so he wouldn't divulge the true nature of the program until it was ready. He managed to appease her by saying it would be ready by tomorrow. So, she left the alien be to go play with Zwei while Weiss was doing work [what a surprise!], Blake was reading and Yang was listening to music on her scroll while lying down with her eyes closed.

Eventually, the evening horizon faded away and was replaced by the deep blue and black night sky with twinkling stars, millions of miles away. Everyone was ready by this point to go to bed and with final good nights all around, the inhabitants of the room drifted off into a deep slumber, even the once nervous Quarian, in preparation for the events of the next day.


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