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"Normal speech"

::Dragonese/Dragon speech (However you want to call it)::


"Why doesn't anyone believe me!" Hiccup yelled in frustration as he kicked a stone.

Currently Hiccup was in the woods. Angry. Frustrated.

How could he lose a Night Fury?

"People lose mugs, they lose daggers, those I understand, but noooo, I manage to lose an entire NIGHT FURY!"

::A human… great.:: A dragon growled softly.

"What the- that was a dragon growl! Oh Thorrr, what if that was the Night Fury I shot down? Yes! If I bring its head to dad they will be sure to recognize me! All the bullying will go away! Ha!" Hiccup cheered as he spotted a trail of destruction- snapped branches, trees rooted up, a mud filled path cleared, as if something had landed harshly and slid across. "So I just have to follow this… right? Logically that would lead me to it. Yes… yes I'll follow this trail." Hiccup muttered.

::'It's head?' This human has come to kill me? And take my head? What'd I ever do to this human? I never even steal the humans' animals! I just take out human village's defenses so no one of my species get hurt! That's a crime as well?:: The Night Fury huffed in disbelief.

"Let's see… the trail leads me to rightttt-" Hiccup abruptly stops. In front of him was a Night Fury, entangled in The Mangler's bola. "YEA! THIS SOLVES EVERYTHING! I, HICCUP HORRENDOUS HADDOCK THE THIRD, HAS SLAYED - well, not slayed yet, er, WILL SLAY THIS VILE BEAST!" Hiccup declares to no one, putting his right leg onto the joint of the Night Fury's wings. He had planned to place his feet there until…

The Night Fury shifted in its position.

Hiccup stumbled back as the Night Fury shifted its wings until its green eyes found Hiccup's. Hiccup could not help but stay still, not in fear, but in shock of how much the dragon's eyes held emotion.

Sorrow, pain, fear. The sorrow of knowing the human would not spare him, would not show mercy. The pain of knowing it would never fly again. The fear of knowing it's going to die.

Looking into the dragon's eyes, Hiccup could see himself. The sorrow of being bullied for so long, and being called Hiccup the Useless. The pain of being bullied, rejected. The fear that if he messes things up again he is going to be hated by everyone, even if he already isn't.

He could not kill this monster.


He could not kill this dragon.

Monsters do not show emotion. This one does. He could not kill this dragon.

He will set it free, let it live it's life.

Slowly and cautiously, Hiccup moved forwards, towards the entangled dragon, as he took out the dagger he kept in his belt.

::So this is it then… the end…:: The Night Fury huffed softly as he rested his head onto the grass, closing his eyes.

Resigning himself to the fate that he thought was going to happen…it's not going to happen, don't worry… Hiccup thought, as he approached the dragon and grabbed a rope. Breathing deeply, he began to cut the ropes, keeping an eye on the dragon.

The sound of ropes snapping made the dragon's eye snap up. ::What's going o-:: The Night Fury's eyes widened in disbelief as he saw the human CUTTING the ropes. What was he doing… was the human freeing him? ::But why would- what's- that… but… argh, humans! So confusing!:: The Night Fury exhaled, preparing to pounce on the human as soon as he was free. Was he going to kill the human? Maybe. But why should he though? Except for the fact that the human had shot him down… the human had done nothing wrong. Heck, he was even freeing him. So why should he kill him? ::I'll just… I'll just let him off with a warning I guess… yea, I'll do that.:: The Night Fury decided as he felt the ropes binding his paws being cut.

"Almost there… all the deaths caused because of you would be my fault now, so I would be grateful if you don't kill anyone… or the weight will be on my shoulders… and I would appreciate if you don't kill me- AH!"

As soon as the ropes around the Night Fury's paws were lose, the Fury pounced onto the human, pressing him against the ground. Baring his teeth and extending his wing, he felt the human underneath his paws stiffen, his body going rigid with fear, his dagger thrown out of his hand when he had pounced on him.

"Hold on, ho-hold on, I just wanted to- I just wanted t-" Hiccup squeezed his eyes shut as the Night Fury released his grip on Hiccup, standing up on his hind legs and extending his wings to his fullest, glaring at Hiccup.

All Hiccup heard next was an ear-piercing roar as the Night Fury bent down and roared next to his ears. The Fury then backed off, leaving Hiccup, who was slowly sitting up. Hiccup rubbed his head as he watched the Night Fury fly off. And crash once more.

What happened? Hiccup thought to himself, as he followed where the Night Fury had flown and had crash landed. He had crashed in…

A cove. "The Cove… " Hiccup whispered to himself.

A screech reached his ears. He snapped out of his trance and refocused on the task at hand, finding the Night Fury. Well, it wasn't hard. The Night Fury was flying- trying to fly up, but failing every time he reaches the side of the Cove. "Why don't you just… fly away?" Hiccup muttered. The Night Fury roared in frustration as he landed on his back. Hiccup gasped. "The tailfin… it was supposed to be 2 right…? Then… then The Mangler… the bola, he was entangled… did The Mangler tear his tail fin off? Oh my Gods, what have I done?" Hiccup frantically whispered. This was his fault…

Another roar got Hiccup out of his thoughts. He gasped when he saw the Night Fury looking at his tail, knowing that the Night Fury knew that without his either fin he would never fly again.

His gasp didn't go unnoticed, as a second later, the emerald green eyes found themselves fixed on the dragon's green eyes once more.

The dragon's eyes narrowed into slits. ::What is this human doing here…:: The dragon growled as he spread his wings, preparing to take off once more.

"Um, I," The Night Fury took off, got a few good feet off the ground, before ultimately crashing into the lake in the Cove. ::UGH! STUPID TAILFIN!:: The Night Fury roared.

"…" Hiccup was speechless. He wanted to help the dragon, but how should he do that?

The Night Fury shrieked, and Hiccup turned to look at what was happening.

The Night Fury's eyes were slits, thinner than he had seen before. It was thrashing in the lake, wings flared, teeth baring. It seemed to be avoiding something… it's in the lake? Hiccup narrowed his eyes, trying to spot what was bothering or angering the dragon. "Hmm… What is it…"

THERE! An… an eel?

"Dragon's don't like eels?" Hiccup thought aloud, stunned.

"Now's not the time to think about it!" Hiccup yells as he rushes down the ledge to the dragon that was flailing in the water. The dragon roared as Hiccup got close, firing a blast at Hiccup's feet and firing another blast into the water. "No, no, no! I'm here to help you!" Hiccup exclaimed when the blast the Night Fury had fired landed near his feet. The dragon just screeched as it fired another blast into the water. Hiccup grumbled in annoyance. The dragon firing blasts every so often is not going to help the current situation. Ugh! Hiccup thought. Screw it. I'm a Viking! You're a Viking, Haddock! Go! Hiccup thought to himself. He charged into the water, doing his best to ignore the dragon's wings that were flapping frantically and it's thrashing tail. Ok you're in the water, now find it, find the eel, find the eel quick, where is it, where is it, WHERE IS- THERE THERE THERE IT'S OVER THERE QUICK QUICK QUICK GRAB IT GRAB IT! Hiccup reached into the water and snatched the eel out of the water. The dragon backed away, standing up on its hind legs. Purple light filled the dragon's mouth as it prepared to fire a blast. "Wait, wait! I'm just gonna-" Hiccup grabbed his dagger and sliced the eel into 3 pieces. The eel flopped around on the ground before going limp. The Night Fury's purple glow faded as it got back onto fours. It's pupils dilate, and the dragon cocked its head.

::Human, how did you understand I hate eels? And how did you know I wanted it gone?:: The dragon growled softly as it began to stalk forward, in the direction of Hiccup. "Uhh… um, please, please don't eat me, please don't kill me, I- I won't tell anyone you're here, and uh, I see that yo- your tailfin is cut o- off, I might- I can- I'm able to help with that… I think, I'm a bl- blacksmith apprentice, I know how to make a lot of things, please… Not that you understand me though…" Hiccup pleaded as he backed up onto the wall of the Cove.

::Human, I won't kill you… I won't eat you either. What makes you think I want to eat you? Dragons don't eat humans, stupid. My tailfin is indeed sadly cut off… A blacksmith apprentice eh? I don't understand how you will be able to help me… But you DID set me free… you showed me mercy, and you understood dragons don't like eels… somehow. You even helped me get rid of the eel… Could I trust you? You don't understand Dragonese… but I understand you human… what did you say your name was… Hiccup- Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, was it? You said you won't tell anyone I'm here. And for some reason… I don't know what reason…. But I trust you. I… I will trust you.:: The Night Fury rumbled, staring at the human in front of it.

"Uhh… can you… can you not kill me? Please…" Hiccup begged. To his surprised, the Night Fury nodded, before began making gagging noises. "Are… are you sick?" Hiccup questioned, before a fish covered in dragon saliva landed on to his lap. "Ewww… wha- what am I supposed to do with this?" Hiccup groaned at the dead fish in front of it. The Night Fury opened its mouth and made snapping motions before sitting on his hind legs. "Snap snap snap? Do you want me to eat this?" The dragon nodded. "Ohhh. Umm… ok… hey wait, I could have sworn you had teeth-" Hiccup didn't get to finish his sentence. The Night Fury opened its mouth and teeth snapped down, before retracting up again, leaving the dragon with a gummy smile. "Retractable teeth? Oh my Gods… that's amazing… I'm gonna name you Toothless…" Hiccup admired and turned back to the fish in his lap. "Right…" Just one bite, He thought.

::Hmm. Toothless. That's a fine name. I would've preferred maybe something more… err… dangerous? I dunno, but Toothless seem to strangely fit. This human is weirdddd::

Reluctantly, Hiccup bit down into the slimy fish and forced a smile. "It's delicious," He commented and put it back down. In an instant the sleek black dragon bent down and snatched the fish in its mouth, gobbling it up.

I've never noticed those little spines on a Night Fury's head… then again I've never- no, no one has ever even seen a Night Fury this up close before… I wonder what their scales feel like… no, no, Hiccup Haddock, you will not- but the dragon is so- no you won't! You won't touch it, it's skin could be toxic or something- but it's so, so tempting… maybe just once… Hiccup reached out his hand, extending it to the dragon that was currently licking his scales.

Hiccup leaned forward, his right hand stretched out, just a few inches till he touches it, and-

Toothless stopped grooming itself and it's head snapped up. It stared at Hiccup, then looked at his hand, growling softly.

::Human, what were you trying to do? I don't think you are trying to kill me… your dagger is all the way over the bank of the lake, Human, if you want it it's not with me. But if your weapon is not what you wanted, what did you want? Did you want to- ohhhh, did you want to touch my scales? Aww, I had no idea my scales were so tempting! Are they beautiful? I spend a long time grooming myself you know,:: Toothless turned around to show off its scales on its sides before making his way towards Hiccup.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know if you would- whaaaaa?" Hiccup exclaimed in confusion as Toothless… nuzzled him. Gosh, those scales were shiny. They were well groomed. Toothless wrapped it's body around Hiccup, it's tail resting in front of the human and it's back acting as a cushion for Hiccup. "What are you-" Hiccup never got his chance to ask as the dragon purred and nuzzled the human affectionately.

::I like you, human. You didn't kill me. I still have no idea why, but I'll wait for the day you tell me. You said you had a way to help me with my tail… I'll wait. If you are in danger… I'll protect you. You are a good human… I don't think I will ever meet another human like you, Hiccup.:: Toothless purred as Hiccup gently stroked his head. The dragon could feel Hiccup was hesitant in his actions, being careful with everything, trying to figure out what makes the dragon mad and what makes the dragon content. Toothless didn't mind this, since Hiccup couldn't understand Dragonese. If this means peace between dragons… then so be it. Toothless- the Night Fury- the last remaining one- will protect this human till the end of his life, to ensure this precious, merciful, gentle human does not die. No Viking or dragon would harm Hiccup. To kill him, they would have to kill Toothless first.

Toothless would trust Hiccup with his life. After all, if Hiccup DOES betray him… which Toothless is pretty sure he wouldn't… the Night Fury can always take him down.


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