What does the title mean?

Ah. Now this is a question I get a lot. 'Heir to the Alpha' doesn't really relate to the first fic a lot, but it'll definitely make sense in the sequel :)

When are you going to update Expect the Unexpected?

Soon, about a week or so. I will find time for it since TQATF has finished.

Any other fic recs?

Yes. I will be updating the fic rec I posted on TQATF once a while. Maybe I will even put it in my profile :)

How old are you?

Shhh. I'm a teenager who is still in school sitting dreadful exams.

Are you an Alpha, Beta, or Omega?

Alpha, the tests say, although I think I'm a Beta more

If you were a dragon in HTTYD, who would you be?

If it's a dragon species, I would like to be a Timberjack or Nadder. But in terms of the actual dragon, Stormfly.

When will sequel to The Queen and the Flame be posted?

First week of July, I hope you guys will like it

Which story are you doing next?

Quite a few. Raised by Dragons (adopted from Lalnasaur), How To Train A Whispering Death (adopted from Ugly-Duckling 123), The Final Confrontation (adopted, HP fandom), TQATF one shots, Expect the Unexpected (Tokyo Ghoul fandom) and an original Harry Potter Story which I have not decided on the title

Yeah, quite a few of stories I write are adopted, but sometimes an original is in order

Favourite Harry Potter character?

Honestly, I don't know. I guess I've read too much Dark!Harry fanfictions where Dumbledore, Hermione and others on the lIght Side are manipulative and evil, while Voldemort is actually the good one, that my views have become kind of biased.

I know, I know, Voldemort being the good one and Dumbledore being the bad one seems absurd and impossible and generally weird, but trust me, it's strangely addictive.

So to answer the question... I don't think I have one. Probably Fawkes?

Voldemort or Umbridge?

Voldemort. Umbridge? More like Umb*tch. Evil little- GAHHHHHHHH

Favourite HTTYD character?

Hm. Either Astrid or Hiccup. They're equal :)

Favourite HTTYD dragon?

Stormfly. She's a beauty, her personality is one of a kind. Playful, fierce, loyal.

Which continent do you live in?


What is your Hogwarts House?

Slytherin, and proud of it :D

What is your favourite colour?

I have two favourites, actually, black and silver.

How long did The Queen and the Flame take you to write?

About five months. Just after the end of January, after I watched The Hidden World. Got motivated after I scoured the internet for HTTYD fics :)

Will there be a sequel after the sequel?

Wow, you think far. The answer is yes, though.

Are you sticking to the canon after The Queen and the Flame?

No. Things will go differently after this, I hope it will be to you guys' liking :D

Do you believe that dragons actually exist?

Yes. I would elaborate, but when I'm writing this I'm unsure of how to elaborate. I shall update this when I can think of an explanation.

Do you have long hair or short hair?

Long hair :)

What do you use to type, phone, computer, ipad, or laptop?

Laptop. My phone keeps putting the status of my stories as 'Completed', which is why I don't use phone.

Most of the stories for the Harry Potter fandom you recommended in your fic rec is Dark!Harry. Why is that, if I may know?

You may know :) I may or may not have a love for Dark!Harry fics. Light!Harry fics are all over the internet, but there aren't too much Dark!Harry fics. I have taken a liking to Dark!Harry fics, where Harry is powerful, independent, or is a new Dark Lord.

Are you a male or female?


Do you like Percy Jackson series?


If you had to choose between HTTYD and Harry Potter fandom, which would you choose?

How dare you! I love both of the fandoms, but I think I will choose HTTYD first. HP is a close second. My third, if anyone wants to know, is going to be Tokyo Ghoul. Which reminds me. I will do a Tokyo Ghoul/Harry Potter crossover sometime soon :)

Favourite anime?

Uhh.. I have a lot of favourites. Charlotte, Tokyo Ghoul, Kenja No Mago, That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime, Blue Exorcist, Dororo - yea, I'm quite interested in Demon related stuff :)

Favourite TV show?

Hm. The Flash and The Arrow.

A/N: Annnnd that's all! If there are any questions feel free to ask, but for now, please look out for the sequel coming in July- Heir to the Alpha - The Prince and the King!

See you guys there!

Tempest out!