Heyyyooo everyone!

Izza me, Mario – no just kidding it's Tempest

Sequel is now up! Heir to the Alpha – The Prince and the King. Updates may not be so frequent (even though at the time of writing summer holiday is starting and I should have a lot of time but apparently I don't so ToT), but I will try to update as quick as possible.

Also Raised by Dragons – adopted from Lalnasaur, How to Train A Whispering Death – adopted from UglyDuckling123, Asmodeus (Harry Potter fandom) – by yours truly, Expect the Unexpected (Tokyo Ghoul fandom) – also by yours truly, one or two fic ideas from RandomFan and the HTTA one shots will be the other fics I will be working on during the summer holiday.

Another thing, message to AeolianOakdown: As you can see above, I've got fics to be working on, so don't tell me to sleep earlier XDDDD

Hope you guys enjoy the sequel!