He really should have expected this to happen. That they'd all turn on him the second the war was over. Ever since he had entered this damned world, they had loved him one second, only to declare he was evil and dark the next. So the fact that they were suddenly calling him the next dark lord, after he just saved their sorry asses, really shouldn't shock him as much as it did. Glancing at the people surrounding him, he concluded that it wasn't the situation that surprised him. It was who started it that did. The faces of his best friends stared at him, blank and without an ounce of regret or guilt. As if they hadn't just spouted a bunch of bullshit about him being an evil dark lord that studied the dark arts religiously. Well, he thought with sudden bemusement, he did study the dark arts, but that was because he had wanted to know what he was going up against and how to defend himself. Besides, magic to him was just that. Magic. There was no good and evil. No light or dark. Only shades of grey. But no one understood that. Well, one person did, but he was dead, so he didn't count.

Harry's features were expressionless as Aurors dragged him to the chamber the Veil resided in, Fudge following with an entirely too smug smirk. The young wizard was unimpressed. He knew that Fudge was going to try and get into his Vaults, the greedy bastard, but he'd be disappointed. Harry had always suspected that something like this would happen. He wasn't as dumb and oblivious as he seemed. After years of being beaten and locked up for getting better grades than Dudley, he had learned early on to hide his intelligence. He had put on a mask to survive, a mask that had followed him to the Wizarding World. Anyway, he had written a will, giving everything to his godson, Theodore Lupin, and Andromeda Tonks, the woman he saw as a grandmother despite the short time that he knew her.

Snapping out of his thoughts when he was roughly jerked to a halt, Harry shot the two Aurors holding him a mildly irritated glare, noticing that they had reached the Veil.

Fudge's smirk widened, a triumphant gleam in his eyes. "Any last words, Potter?"

Harry just gave him a bored look. Truth was, he wasn't scared of Death. He welcomed it like an old friend, actually.

A bit unnerved by the raven's silence and impassive expression, Fudge nodded to the two Aurors, who promptly threw the 18-year-old at the Veil. A smile spread across Harry's lips as he felt the Veil embrace him and the whispers, now louder than ever, wash over him. Blackness crept into his vision and soon he knew no more.


Harry twitched but didn't open his eyes as consciousness returned to him.

"Master, wake up."

Rolling over, Harry ignored the voice.

An annoyed huff. "Master, wake up! Damn brat." the last part was muttered.

Harry opened an eye with an irritated look. "Shouldn't I be dead?" he asked, equal annoyance clear in his tone. Couldn't he have peace, for once? Couldn't he just be with his parents? With Sirius and Remus?

Death rolled its eyes, it's appearance neither male nor female. "Did you forget, master? You can't die, as you are the Master of Death."

Harry sighed. Why did this shit always happen to him? "I honestly thought that whole meeting was dream."

Death pinched the bridge of it's nose, a 'why me' look on it's face. "No, master, it was not a dream."

"... Can you please call me Harry? I'm not into that whole 'master' thing. Anyway, where am I?" Harry asked, taking a look around. He appeared to be in a forest, given the trees and nature surrounding them. The trees were the largest he had ever seen and the vibe the area gave off was similar to that of the Forbidden Forest.

"We are currently in the Forest of Death, in Konohagakure."

Harry blinked at it. "... Where?" he asked, nose scrunched up in confusion.

Death sighed. "When you were tossed into the Veil, I transported you to a different dimension. This is the Land of Fire, also known as Hi no Kuni, one of the countries of this world."

Harry stared at him with wide eyes. "Hi no kuni is Japanese."

Death nodded. "It is. This is a world of ninja and Japanese is the language of this world. You should fit in easily enough."

A grin slowly spread across Harry's face. Not many knew, but Harry was fluent in Japanese and knew many different types of martial arts. When he had been seven, he came across a dojo when running from his cousin and had hidden inside the building. The owner, Tsukishima, had found him curled in a corner as he was getting ready to leave. After coaxing the boy out of the corner, he proceeded to ask the seven-year-old why he had been hiding with such fear-filled eyes. Seeing the sincere concern in the man's eyes, young Harry had decided to trust an adult for once and spilled everything. Tsukishima had taken Harry under his wing, he and his wife practically unofficially adopting him as the years passed. He and his wife, Hisana, taught Harry Japanese and it's culture, which Harry quickly grew to love. Harry also became a student at the dojo, where he proved to be a natural at martial arts, Tsukishima often telling him that he was one of his best students. When he had turned 16, Tsukishima and Hisana had gifted him with a beautifully crafted katana and a set of kunai and shuriken. He also had a pair of tessen and sais, which he had bought in Japan during a brief visit (he had a large fondness for bladed weapons). Harry had actually used a kunai to kill Voldemort, despite what many people thought. When his and Voldemort's spells had clashed, Expelliarmus vs Avada Kedava, he had used his free hand to throw a kunai hidden in his sleeve, his movements lightning fast. The kunai had pierced the Dark Lord's heart, ending his life in mere seconds. The weapons were in his trunk, which was, thankfully, still in his pocket.

Running a hand through his hair, Harry looked up at Death. "Anything else I should be aware of?" he asked, deciding to accept his new fate instead or protesting. What else was he gonna do, anyway? May as well enjoy a life of freedom, for once. Harry blinked, suddenly realizing something. "My pack bonds are still in place. I can feel the others." he whispered with shock, blinking up at most people didn't know was that Harry was very in-tune with his animal forms, it was why his senses were more than average. It was also why he could feel and form pack bonds, where he was the Alpha. At least, he became Alpha after Remus had died. Currently, he could feel Andromeda, Teddy, Draco, George, and their son Scorpius. All five of them had grief flowing through their bonds.

Death nodded. "Your bonds are strong and as you did not actually die, they are still in place. You will see them again one day, master." it told him, smiling cryptically at him. As for your other question, the ninja here use chakra, which is similar to magic, in a way. There are also individuals known as jinchuuriki. They're ninja with tailed demons sealed into them." Death told him.

Harry absently rubbed his scar. While Tom hadn't been a demon, he was still a psychopath bent on possessing and killing him, so he could sympathize with these jinchuuriki. After Tom's death, Harry quickly realized he could use his magic with much more ease and concluded that a lot of his magic had been fighting off the soul shard in his scar.

"Sounds interesting." the raven murmured, standing. He gave Death a smile. "Thank you."

Death blinked, confusion flashing through its eyes. "What?"

"You gave me a second chance. A chance to live instead of just surviving. So, thank you."

Death nodded, understanding flashing through it's eyes. "Ah, well, you amuse me. And you got rid of Riddle for me, so I figured it was the least I could do."

Harry laughed and gave Death a quick hug, once again stunning the entity. "So, which way to civilization?"

"The village is that way." Death gestured north.

Harry nodded and made to head that way, but Death stopped him by grabbing his wrist. A hiss escaped him when pain suddenly washed through his wrist for a brief moment. When Death released his wrist, Harry looked at it, eyes widening a bit at the mark of the Hallows now tattooed on it. He arched an eyebrow at Death.

"Just call me, and I will come. The same applies to the Hallows," it explained. "Now, I shall be going. Do enjoy your new life, master."

nodded in understanding, watching as Death faded until it was gone. With a soft smile, he turned and started north, silently wondering what Konoha was like.