Naruto: To change the future

Ch 1- the game cube.

Guys, this is my third Naruto fan fiction, this is a seeing the future to change it fanfic. But I will add some extra scenes, for Konoha 12 who didn't get enough screen time such as Kiba, Tenten, Shino and others. I will add them in a way so that the canon will not change.

I hope you like it.

And Boruto timeline will not remain same, I will probably not include Kara...probably I can't say for sure.

I hope you enjoy it.

'Speech' for future.

'Shannaro' for inner Sakura.

'Growl' for tailed beast.

'Speech' for normal speech.

Let's go.

Disclaimer- I don't own Naruto.




'Vault 201, underground'

'We are contacting you from future'

'I'm Boruto uzumaki'

'The only one who can change the future is you'

'Don't let the shinobi world to perish'

'Vault 201, underground, passage 300; go alone, we have transported something from the future'

Hiruzen opened his eyes as he awoke from the strange dream...again.

For the past year every time he slept he would hear the same dream again and again.

Someone called Boruto uzumaki from the afterlife trying to say something.

He couldn't take it anymore and he decided that he will visit passage 300 alone.

It probably was just a dream...but he was known for his wisdom. He had seen many things, and that is why he was being paranoid about this.

It wasn't a Genjutsu, so what was it?


"Are you kidding me?" asked Sarutobi as he found a medium sized blue spinning cube in the vault mentioned.

Before he approached, he saw a barrier protecting the cube.

Just as he touched the barrier, he was repelled by a huge force.

Hiruzen knew what barrier it was, he bit his thumb and smeared his blood on the blue flaming cylindrical barrier and the flames quickly dissipated.

He saw a small paper floating towards him, he caught it.

"Naruto Shippuden" said Hiruzen in confusion.


One year has passed, he has seen the future.

From the land of wave arc to Naruto vs Sasuke part I. What happened after that is still unwatched.

He wasn't sure. It couldn't possibly be true could it?

But so far it has been as Mizuki has spilled the beans to Naruto.

Team 7 has reported back from their mission, C turned A-rank.

"Tenzo" said Hiruzen.

In a swirl of leaf, Tenzo appeared in front of the old kage.

Yes Hokage-sama" said Tenzo.

"Summon all the clan heads, the Konoha 12 right now" said Hiruzen.

Tenzo bowed and disappeared.

"All the Anbu are excused for now" said Hiruzen.


"Of course the baka would be late" said Sakura.

All the clan heads along with the genins and Tenzo were waiting for the knucklehead blond ninja.

"Hey jiji, I'm not that late am I?" asked Naruto as he entered the room.

"No, you are just in time" said Kakashi still reading his Icha Icha tactics.

"But why are we summoned Hokage-sama?" asked Shikaku Nara.

Hiruzen sighed.

He then weaved hand seals to create a silencing barrier.

He then closed the curtains.

"What I will be revealing here will not leave the room got it? This is an SS-rank secret" said Hiruzen.

Instantly the room's temperature dropped.

"And Naruto-kun, you will not speak or interrupt me while I'm talking" said Hiruzen.


Nobody talked; all of them were speechless by the turn of events.

Naruto was fidgeting, Neji too scowled.

"Yes any questions?" asked Hiruzen.

Naruto raised his hands before others could.

"So the one who sent the cube is Boruto uzumaki?" asked Naruto.

"Yes" said Hiruzen.

"He has the same surname as me, from the future" said Naruto.

"Yes" said Hiruzen.

"I'm the protagonist right?" asked Naruto.

"Yes" said Hiruzen.

"Do I become Hokage?" asked Naruto.

"Probably, if you are the protagonist" said Hiruzen.

"HELL YEAH, I BECOME HOKAGE. TAKE THAT WHOEVER SAID I DON'T HAVE TALENT" shouted Naruto to his peers. Everyone was still shocked from the piece of news that hit them.

"Pipe down baka" said Sakura and punched him on the head.

"But he is a failure" protested Neji.

"He changes the last time I saw this, he becomes powerful enough Neji-kun. I have summoned you here to show you the future" said Hiruzen.

" do we know that everything the cube shows us is true" said Inoichi.

"Some of the information the cube has shown us has already being proven correct, for example I knew about the wave mission you team 7 took" said Hiruzen.

"You knew and yet you let us take an A-rank mission" said Kakashi incredulously.

"I'm sorry Kakashi but I had to check whether the information given was correct or not" said Hiruzen.

"But just because one of them was correct doesn't mean that everything is going to be right Hokage-sama" said Tsume.

"But we have to believe in this my fellow clan heads, because soon everything is going to change" said Hiruzen grimly.

"This is still bullshit if you ask me sensei" said a man from the window.

"Jiraiya-sama" said all of the adults. Nobody except Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma, Guy and Hiashi noticed him.

"I apologise for interrupting Hokage-sama, but what am I doing here?" asked Tenzo.

"You will too play a part in the future Tenzo" said Hiruzen.

"So you received a cube which shows the future, and you totally believed in it. You senile jiji" said Jiraiya.

"Hey who the hell are you to talk to old man like that dattebayo?" asked Naruto enraged.

Jiraiya didn't even pay attention to the boy.

"I know how it sounds, but it is not just this mission Jiraiya...Naruto's past is hinted, Naruto's childhood is shown, it contains everything that only Naruto-kun should know. Even I didn't know some things" said Hiruzen so slow that nobidy except Jiraiya picked up.

Jiraiya shared a look with Hiruzen for a split second.

'Then Oto is really...'


'Who attacked the village during the kyubi attack?'

'I can't say for sure but I think it will be shown to us'

"Alright let's see what this cube shows us" said Jiraiya.

"All of you, this is going to be a long day. Please take a sit" said Hiruzen.

Everyone did as the god of shinobi said.

"Alright since the future is based on Naruto-kun, what do you ask the cube to show you?" asked Hiruzen and the cube slowly started glowing brightly, it slowly floated above everyone else and it separated in four pieces, one of them came towards Naruto.

"You place your hands on the plate and channel chakra to it" said Hiruzen.

"Hey dad, can the future truly be changed" asked Asuma.

Neji scoffed.

"Fate can't be reversed, once a failure...always a failure" said Neji.

"How can you say something so unyouthful" said Lee.

"We have to try anyway" said Hiruzen.

"Okay then here we go" said Naruto and channelled chakra to it.

'All my cool future battles...' thought Naruto.

Suddenly, the piece glowed brighter and went back to towards the other pieces, the hovering pieces joined back together, but this time forming a giant screen.

"Should we bring popcorn?" asked Kakashi.

"How can you say that in such an important moment?" asked Inoichi.

"But food is always the best" said Choza.

"After some time...I will have Tenzo bring some food" said Hiruzen.

"It will be very long wouldn't it?" asked Sakura.

"Yes Sakura-chan, and this generation will play a very vital role" said Hiruzen who had already seen the future.

List of battles to be shown in auto mode

The screen showed.

1) Team 7 vs Orochimaru.

"WHAT?" shouted nearly all of the adults.

"Who is Orochimaru?" asked Naruto confused.

"Naruto you idiot, did you ever pay any attention to class before" said Sakura.

"No" said Naruto sheepishly.

"Orochimaru is an S-rank missing min, formally trained by the sandaime along with Jiraiya-sama here" said Kakashi.

"This old man is trained by the old man" said Naruto.

All of the present participants sweat dropped, even Sasuke.

'Who is which old man?' thought Sasuke sighing.

"But why will they fight Orochimaru?" asked Kurenai.

"From what I've seen this is the second part of the chunin exams" said Hiruzen.

"So that snake will have come infiltrated the village" snarled Tsume.

"Are you guys going to be fine?" asked Tenten in worry.

"Of course, they have Sasuke-kun with them" said Ino.

'Just how much big of a fangirl are you' thought all of them, even Sakura.

The screen then changed.

They were in middle of the forest of death. Team 7 walked as Naruto took the front. Suddenly they heard a scream.

"That was someone's scream, right?" asked Sakura.

"I'm starting to get nervous" said Sakura.

"Weak as always forehead girl" mocked Ino.

"What did you say Ino-pig" said Sakura.

'Fangirls' thought Tenten in disgust.

"Shut up both of you" said Kakashi.

All the adults were nervous, how could they not be, it was freaking Orochimaru we are talking about.

"It's nothing Sakura-chan" said Naruto.

All three of them stayed silent for some seconds.

"I need to pee" said Naruto as he suddenly started opening his pants to pee in a nearby tree.

Sakura in a sudden burst of speed appeared behind Naruto and bonked him in the head.

"You idiot, what are you trying to do in front of a lady?" asked Sakura angrily.

"That was hilarious" said Kiba laughing.

"Shut up dog breath" shouted Naruto.

Kakashi chuckled.

"How can you be this clueless Naruto?" asked Shikamaru amused.

"Dobe" said Sasuke.

"What was that?" asked Naruto angrily.

Sakura in present also bonked him on the head.

"Sakura-chan" said Naruto.

"Go behind the grass" said Sakura as Naruto's head swelled up.

The rest two members waited for Naruto to finish peeing.

Naruto slowly came forth.

"I peed a lot that felt good" said Naruto happily as he tucked his pants back up.

"Geez I said, don't say such a thing in front of a lady" said Sakura raising her hand.

Suddenly Naruto was punched in his face by Sasuke.

"What was that for?" asked Naruto angrily.

"Dobe, just watch" said Sasuke.

'The boy is good' thought all of the shinobi present in the room.

"What?" asked Sakura in surprise as Naruto flew far away.

"Sasuke-kun, you didn't have to go that far!" said Sakura.

"Why did you do that?" asked Naruto.

"Where's the real Naruto?" asked Sasuke.

"What?" asked Sakura.

"I don't know what you are talking about" said Naruto glaring at Sasuke.

"What happened to the wound the examiner made on your face?" asked Sasuke.

Naruto looked shocked.

"Also, your shuriken holster is on your left leg...he's right handed" said Sasuke.

"You're even worse at transforming than fake loser" said Sasuke.

"How unlucky, I guess I have no choice if you found me out" said the fake Naruto.

"How cool Sasuke-kun" said Ino.

'This guy's not Orochimaru' thought the adults.

As the smoke dissipated a ninja wearing a mask charged at them.

"Which one of you has the scroll? I'll have to use force now" said the masked ninja.

Sasuke jumped up and quickly weaved through hand seals.

"Fire style: phoenix sage flower jutsu" said Sasuke and fired several short fireballs ahead at the opponent.

The ninja dodged them and jumped above. He quickly drew a kunai and clash blades with Sasuke in air, sparks flew as the ninja quickly jumped back and started running away. Sasuke quickly attempted to follow him but he noticed a tied Naruto struggling to free himself.

"Hey Sasuke" said Naruto from his bindings.

Sasuke quickly threw a kunai and cut the binding.

"Geez, you idiot" said Sasuke.

"I see a weak spot, lucky for me" said the ninja and threw three kunai at Sasuke.

Sasuke quickly used the branch he was standing on as a shield, but he noticed a tag attached to one of the kunai.

"An exploding tag" said Sasuke as the tag exploded.

Sasuke landed on all fours.

However the ninja appeared behind Sasuke and held the blade at his neck.

"Lucky me, if you move, I will kill you. Hand over the scroll quickly" said the ninja however was forced to jump when a kunai was launched at him.

Naruto was standing on the branch and had rescued Sasuke.

"You're not getting away" said Naruto.

"You're always late, Naruto!" said Sasuke.

Sasuke quickly used chakra control to stick a kunai to his leg and launched it at the running ninja.

The kunai was dodged by the ninja but he was distracted for mere seconds.

Sasuke used them and launched himself at the ninja in mid air and tackled him. His sharingan activated as he impaled the boy using a kunai.

"Sasuke-kun" said Sakura.

"Don't just stand there Sakura, he may not be alone. Listen, if you let your guard down you are actually going to die" said Sasuke.

Sasuke then kicked the boy off.

"This is unlucky, coming alone turned out to be unfavourable for me" said the ninja and ran away.

'He got away' thought Sasuke as he landed.

"Not bad Sasuke" said Kakashi.

"He is around chunin level" said Kurenai appraising the boy.

"Che, he is not that special" said Naruto.

Sasuke smirked.

"If all three of us get separated, don't trust anyone even if he looks like one of us...There is a possibility that the enemy will transform into one of us and approach" said Sasuke.

Naruto nodded.

"So what should we do?" asked Sakura.

"Let's decide on a password" said Sasuke.

"Password?" asked Naruto.

"If a different password is given, assume that he is an enemy no matter what he looks like, got it" said Sasuke.

"I'm only going to say this once, so listen carefully" said Sasuke.

"First, you will ask, the shinobi's song 'ninki'" said Sasuke.

Completely unaware of a certain someone spying on them.

All the adults tensed.

'Is he here' thought Jiraiya.

"The answer is the following...It is a good chance when a large no. of enemies are making a scene, there are no hideouts even in a quiet place. It is important for a ninja to know the right time, the time when the enemy is tired, and has his guard down...that's it" said Sasuke.

"Okay" said Sakura.

"Can you say it one more time" said Naruto.

"Huh" said Sakura.

"I said that I'm only going to say it once" said Sasuke.

"Could you not remember it're stupid. I realized it right away" said Sakura.

"I remembered it perfectly too...I just wanted to be sure by hearing it one more time..." said Naruto.

"I'll keep the scroll" said Sasuke and stood up.

"Hey wait Sasuke" said Naruto standing up too.

Suddenly a great burst of wind was hurled at them.

"A new enemy" said Sasuke as all three of them were thrown away by the sudden gust of wind.

"He's here" said Jiraiya.

All of the present members looked troubled.

Seeing this even the genin was getting scared.

Sasuke quickly stood up as he sensed a presence coming towards his hiding place. He looked around to see Sakura.

"Sasuke-kun" said Sakura in relief.

Sasuke quickly raised his kunai in front of him protectively.

"Stay back! Say the password first...the ninja song 'ninki'" said Sasuke.

"Okay... It is a good chance when a large no. of enemies are making a scene; there are no hideouts even in a quiet place. It is important for a ninja to know the right time, the time when the enemy is tired, and has his guard down" said Sakura.

"Okay..." nodded Sasuke.

"Ouch..." said a voice.

"Hey everyone, you alright" said Naruto as he came forward.

"Naruto, wait a minute" said Sakura.

"Say the password..." said Sakura.

"I know..." said Naruto grinning.

"It is a good chance when a large no. of enemies are making a scene; there are no hideouts even in a quiet place. It is important for a ninja to know the right time, the time when the enemy is tired, and has his guard down" said Naruto.

Sasuke smirked and suddenly threw his kunai at Naruto who jumped away in time.

"What are you doing?" asked Naruto.

"Don't tell me..." said Shikaku.

"Yes, good job Sasuke...without a doubt this is Orochimaru" said Kakashi.

"This time we have someone good enough to dodge my attack?" said Sasuke.

"What are you talking about Sasuke-kun...Naruto said the password correctly" asked Sakura worriedly.

"That's why we have a problem" said Sasuke.

"What?" asked Sakura.

"Do you think he could remember such a long password" said Sasuke.

Suddenly Sakura came to the same conclusion as Sasuke.

"If I asked him 'What's the password', what you think the normal Naruto would say?" asked Sasuke.

"Sorry, I forgot" said Sakura.

"And the movement he showed when he dodged my attack is different from Naruto" said Sasuke.

"Show your real self, faker" said Sasuke.

Naruto then grinned and licked his lips hungrily.

"I see" said Naruto and in a puff of smoke was replaced by a lady looking like a snake.

"So he is Orochimaru" said Naruto.

"No, Orochimaru is not supposed to be a girl" said Asuma.

"No, he is definitely Orochimaru" said Hiruzen.

"But how Hokage-sama" said Shikamaru frowning.

Hiruzen looked grim however.

"But if he knew he was going to forget it, why didn't you use a shorter password?" asked the Kusa lady.

"I knew you were eavesdropping on our conversation inside the ground...that's why I made a long password" said Sasuke smirking.

"I you don't let your guard down" said the lady removing her straw hat.

"Looks like I can have more fun than I expected" said the lady.

'She's too creepy...also where did Naruto go?' thought Sakura.

With Naruto:

Naruto landed on his face in the ground after being blown away by the wind.

"Ouch" said Naruto.

"There we go" said Naruto and repositioned himself.

"Huh? Where did Sakura-chan and Sasuke go?" said Naruto.

Then he saw a shadow falling over him.

" huge" said Naruto freaked out.

In front of him stood a humongous snake, at least 7 times as Naruto in height.

"Oh shit" said Asuma worried.

"Yes, it is very bad. I don't think Naruto-san has the capabilities to defeat this monster" said Shino.

"N-Naruto-kun" said Hinata meekly.

Naruto himself looked quite pale now.

'I've never seen such a huge snake dattebayo' thought Naruto.

The snake suddenly launched himself at Naruto who quickly jumped away.

"Behind me" said Naruto as he turned away but he was a bit too late.

The tail of the snake wrapped around Naruto perfectly immobilising him.

"Its tail" said Naruto.

Then he looked up just in time to see the snake swallow him as a whole.

"No Naruto, you can't die like this" said Naruto worried.

"Don't worry Naruto, if you are the protagonist then there is no way you will die like this" said Shikamaru.

"But still how will you save yourself from this unyouthful creature?" asked Lee.

"I don't have a clue" said Naruto.

Even Sasuke looked worried.

With Sasuke:

The lady in front of him took out her scroll surprising both Sakura and Sasuke.

"Ku ku ku, you want our scroll of earth don't you?" asked the lady.

"Since you have the scroll of haven" said the lady and then proceeded to swallow the scroll as a whole.

"HE WHAT?" shouted Naruto and Kiba, everyone else too looked peeved.

"This guy is crazy" said Choji disgust and stopped eating chips for once.

"He is a lady Choji" said Ino.

"Who cares about the gender, where the hell is the security" said Kakashi who was for once uncharacteristically serious.

"Now, let's begin...the fight for our putting our lives on the line" said the lady and looked at them with her eye.

And in that moment Sakura and Sasuke's eyes widened in fear as blood spilled out from everywhere. Then two kunais met their forehead.

"NOOO" shouted Ino.

"S-Sakura-chan, Sasuke" said Naruto in disbelief.

All of the rookies looked in shock at the sudden death of their comrades.

Sasuke looked pale and Sakura was brought to tears.

But instead, Sakura and Sasuke looked just fine, but they were completely immobilized, both of them looked frightened as Sakura dropped to the ground.

Sasuke however managed to stand.

"Oh my gosh, you are fine" said Ino.

Sakura breathed out a sigh of relief.

Sasuke looked uncomfortable but he focused on the screen itself.

Sasuke panted.

"A Genjutsu..." said Sasuke.

But suddenly Sasuke kneeled down on the ground and puked on the ground.

The lady looked on as Sasuke's legs failed him and he was unable to stand.

'No...It was just intent to kill...I can't believe it...after seeing his eyes, I was imprinted with an image of death' thought Sasuke as cold sweat dropped down his forehead.

'Are you kidding me?' thought Sasuke.

None of the rookies could believe what was happening; especially Naruto and Sakura looked on in pure disbelief.

"Even Sasuke-kun can't handle him" said Ino in shock.

'Who is he?' thought Sasuke.

"S-Sakura..." whispered Sasuke only to find Sakura sitting in front of him traumatized, shaking in fear losing sight of her surroundings.

'This isn't good...we have to run away' thought Sasuke shaking in fear himself.

'Otherwise...only...death awaits us' thought Sasuke looking at the lady.

With Naruto:

"Oh I completely forgot about myself" said Naruto.

"How can are being swallowed to death you know" said Ino.

Naruto had the decency to look sheepish.

"Get me out" said Naruto from inside the snake's belly.

Naruto who was trapped in the snake's neck was trying to pierce its organs using a kunai but to no avail.

"Throw me out...throw me out...damn's no use" said Naruto.

"Is there anything else I can use?" asked Naruto as he searched his holster.

"It's the rice ball I kept for lunch" said Naruto as in his hands was a rice ball.

It slipped from his hands and landed on the snake's inside and quickly melted away due to the acid.

"It's I going to get digested like that rice ball...?" asked Naruto.

The snake shook his body forcing Naruto to go down more and more down the snake's body.

"No...let me out, let me out" said Naruto as he was swallowed deeper in the snake's food pipe.

With Sasuke:

"You can't move already?" asked the lady.

"He's going to kill us..." said Sasuke.

"Move, move, move" said Sasuke trying to force his body to get up.

"Move, move, move" said Sasuke as he drew a kunai from his holster.

Slowly Sasuke got up shakily to his feet.

'I don't care as long as I can move only a little bit...' thought Sasuke.

'Move' thought Sasuke.

"What are you going to do with it?" asked Orochimaru.

'I can't move...' thought Sasuke.

He was paralyzed by fear.

"Relax, I will end it in a won't have time to suffer" said the lady and drew two blades walking forward towards the scared prey.

"I wanted to have a little more fun I'm disappointed" said the lady and casually threw the blades.

Sasuke slowly saw the blades coming towards him.

Blood spilled on the grass.

"No, not like this" said Sasuke pale as sheet. Kakashi placed an arm on his shoulder to comfort him and Sakura. But Kakashi's fist was clenched hard to hurt Sasuke and Sakura too.

"This is so unyouthful" said guy shaking his head, surprising many people because of his silence up until now.

With Naruto:

"Oh come on, what happened to Sakura and Sasuke-kun" said Ino in complaint.

Naruto himself didn't want to believe what was going on.

Naruto was already halfway through the snake's belly.

'Am I going to really die here?' thought Naruto.


'Old man Hokage'





'A lot happened between me and him' thought Naruto.

He remembered the time of their kiss.

"What are you remembering dobe?" asked Sasuke shakily, still trying to get over his possibility of death.

'We always fought with each other, but when we fought Zabuza, we cooperated and rescued Kakashi-sensei' thought Naruto.

'I thought that the rumours were false but it looks like Naruto here did fight with Zabuza momochi' thought Kurenai.

'During the chakra control exercise too, we both stubbornly continued the tree climbing exercise' thought Naruto.

'Oh yeah, I still haven't settled things with him yet!' thought Naruto suddenly opening his eyes.

'If you're not going to throw me up, then I will make you' thought Naruto.

With Sasuke:

Only the blood was there, no dead bodies of the two genins were in the ground.

Everybody in the room except for the sandaime who has watched this part released the breath they didn't know they were holding.

"I'm alive" said Sakura.

Naruto and Sasuke nodded.

The lady's kunai was embedded in the tree.

"I see" said the lady.

Sasuke and Sakura were hiding behind a tree. Sasuke's kunai was stuck in his leg.

"I see...nice save kid" said Jiraiya.

Sakura slowly came to consciousness, then she blinked and saw Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun..." said Sakura, then she saw the injury.

"He must have hurt himself at the last second and..." said the lady.

Just when she threw the kunai at them, Sasuke stabbed himself in his leg and used his sharingan to dodge the blades and saved Sakura before getting away.

" rid of fear with pain" said the lady.

"He's not normal prey" said the kunoichi.

"HELL YEAH, THAT'S THE SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH" shouted Lee with burning fire in his eyes.

And that's all it took for the tension to temporarily dissipate.

All of the adults except Hiashi were showering Sasuke with praises.

Sasuke himself looked quite a bit recovered from the shock.

With Naruto:

"Shadow clone jutsu" said Naruto. The snake's body swelled up and burst as a lot of Naruto were coming forth from the snake's belly.

The snake lay dead as it was in pieces now.

Around twenty to thirty Naruto were now standing near the dead snake.

"I'm a shinobi that's going to become Hokage...I can't become snake crap here" said Naruto.

All of the rookies looked at Naruto, giving him blank stares except from Sasuke and Sakura.

"Uh...what?" asked Naruto confused.

"Dude...they were solid clones, I mean freaking solid clones" said Kiba.

"And..." said Naruto.

"Where on earth did you get to learn such an advanced jutsu anyway loser?" asked Ino shocked too.

"I had to learn this to graduate from the academy you know" said Naruto.

"I mean, do you get how chakra intensive they are?" asked Tenten.

"I'm that awesome" said Naruto.

'He created that many shadow clones and remained unfazed...just how much chakra does he have' thought Shikamaru giving Naruto a critical eye.

With Sasuke:

Sasuke slowly removed the blade from his leg.

"Sasuke-kun...are you alright?" asked Sakura worried but Sasuke quickly closed her mouth with his hand.

'We need to run soon...he's going to find us soon' thought Sasuke.

'How, how should we run' thought Sasuke.

'Sasuke-kun looks so confused...I've never seen him like this' thought Sakura.

Then she noticed a shadow falling over them. Sakura looked over to see a large snake.

"Oh come on, how many of them does he have?" asked Naruto.

Sakura shook her head free from Sasuke's hands.

"Sasuke-kun, a snake" said Sakura.

Sasuke quickly turned at the large creature to see it towering above them. Just as it tried to attack them both of them managed to jump away.

'I was so upset that I didn't notice a presence of a snake...?' thought Sasuke in disbelief.

"You managed to survive this long kid that shows your potential" said Asuma.

Sasuke nodded as he stared at the future him intently.

Just as the snake neared him in mid-air, he got freaked out and drew some shuriken.

"Don't come near me" said Sasuke and launched them at the snake. It hit the snake at vital points and it dropped dead at a branch.

From the snake's body though burst out the kunoichi.

"You can't lower your guard for a second...prey need to strain their mind all the time, and run around, in the presence of a predator" said the lady.

Then like a snake her torso stretched and she slithered around quickly trying to get closer to Sasuke like a snake would.

Sasuke shouted freaked out.

But suddenly some shurikens stopped her in mid-way. They landed just before her path and she looked up.

Sakura and Sasuke too looked up.

"Sorry Sasuke" said a voice from above.

Naruto was standing there his hands folded together.

"Naruto..." said Sakura sounding relieved.

"I forgot the password" said Naruto grinning.

"YOSH, THIS IS THE FLAMES OF YOUTH. LET'S GO NARUTO-KUN" said Lee burning up in hot passion creeping out the others.

"You look cool buddy" said Choji.

"At least you guys are still fine, if you manage to hold out a little longer then the examiner is going to definitely come" said Choza.

"They are facing that traitorous snake, do you think they really can hold out" said Tsume.

"Good Naruto, you look kind of cool" said Sakura.

"Yosh, Sakura-chan praised me" said Naruto cheerfully.

"But you managed to come at the best timing" said Asuma.

"Yes thanks Naruto" said Sakura.

Naruto just gave them thumbs up.

The lady glared at the boy.

" must have come here to show off by helping us, but don't get involved anymore" said Sasuke.

"Run...he's way above our league" said Sasuke.

"Looks like you defeated that big snake, Naruto-kun" said the lady.

'This lady looks like a snake...I see, so it must have been her doing' thought Naruto.

'There has never been a situation where things got better when he came...what I should do?' thought Sasuke.

"Is that how you say thanks Sasuke?" asked Naruto angrily.

"Ma ma calm down Naruto" said Kakashi.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey looks like you were picking on the weak eh? Now that I, the great Naruto uzumaki am here, I'm going to beat you to pulp" said Naruto.

"Seriously kid, that's an S-rank shinobi we are talking about" said Shikaku.

"How could I have known that dattebayo" said Naruto.

'This is this rate all three of us are going to get killed at this rate!' thought Sasuke.

'What should I do' thought Sasuke.

'Sasuke-kun...' thought Sakura.

'Shit...this is the only way I know of...' thought Sasuke.

Sasuke deactivated his sharingan.

"Wait" said Sasuke.

All eyes were on him.

Sasuke brought out the scroll.

"I'll give you the scroll...please, take this and leave us in peace" said Sasuke.

"What?" asked Sakura and even Naruto looked in shock.

"Smart decision" said Shikamaru.

"What? No way" shouted Naruto in indignation.

"Shut up dobe" said Sasuke.

'That won't be enough' thought the adults in the room.

"Hey Sasuke, what are you doing? What are you trying to do by giving the enemy our scroll" asked Naruto.

"You shut up" said Sasuke.

"What?" asked Naruto aggravated.

"I see you're smart" said the lady.

"The only hope the prey has from the to hand over something else to eat to save itself" said the lady.

"Take it" said Sasuke and tossed it towards the enemy.

However Naruto jumped and caught the scroll, then he landed beside Sasuke.

"You...don't butt in. Do you understand the situation you're in" said Sasuke.

"Yeah, he is an opponent Sasuke-kun can't beat. How can you hope to beat him?" asked Ino.

Naruto however turned around and decked Sasuke on his face.

"What?" asked Sakura.

Sasuke landed in another branch before standing up, blood coming out of his mouth.

"Why you...Why did you do that?" asked Sasuke.

"I...forgot the password, so I can't make sure of this,'re a fake Sasuke, aren't you?" asked Naruto.

"What the hell is wrong with you? He is making the correct decision" said Tenten.

"Naruto...what...what are you saying?" asked Sakura in confusion.

"You idiot...I'm the real one" said Sasuke in annoyance.

"Liar...the idiot and coward in front of me right now can't be the Sasuke I know" said Naruto.

"I don't know how strong he is, but there's no guarantee that he'll let us go even if we hand over our scroll" said Naruto.

"You're the one who is scared, the one who doesn't understand the situation" said Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, you're correct" said the lady licking her face with her tongue.

Both Sasuke and Sakura looked shocked.

"Not bad kid" said Jiraiya.

"What's more impressive is that he is able to make such sound judgement under the pressure of facing such a dangerous opponent" said Hiashi.

Naruto blushed under the praise.

"I just have to...kill all of you to take the scroll" said the lady and quickly pulled her sleeve to reveal black markings on her arms.

"Summoning" said Kakashi.

"Don't mess with us" said Naruto and charged at the lady with a kunai in his hand.

"Stop, run Naruto" said Sasuke in fear.

"Damn it" said Naruto and jumped at the lady.

'I've lost faith in you, Sasuke' thought Naruto.

"Summoning jutsu" said the lady.

And a gust of wind suddenly stopped Naruto in mid-air and threw him back.

'What?' thought Naruto.

"Naruto" shouted Sakura as the snake slammed into him.

"How cute" said the lady standing atop the snake's head.

She looked at the panting Naruto.

"What a cute prey" said the kunoichi.

The tail of the snake slammed into the branch where Naruto was standing.

"Naruto" shouted both of his teammates.

Naruto fell down and crashed through a lot of branches before coming to a halt. Blood spewed out from his mouth.

"Eat him for now" said the lady and the snake move in to follow orders.

Sasuke stood their hopelessly, giving up hope.

However as Naruto was falling down he opened his eyes to reveal his pupils changing to red and forming slits.

"What" asked Kiba.

All of the genins looked intrigued now.

"You have another jutsu in your arsenal?" asked Sakura.

"Umm" said Naruto sweating bullets.

He looked uncomfortable for some reason.

Shikamaru, Shino and Sasuke noted curiously.

'Kyubi' thought all the adults in fear.

"Let's just watch for now" said Kakashi.

"Damn it" said Naruto and punched the snake on the head. It shook violently in pain surprising the lady.

The lady noted Naruto's appearance, feral looking, red animalistic eyes, and fangs.

"Is this kid..." said the lady.

Naruto however pounced on the snake and started punching him in a barrage.

"Naruto's gone berserk...but why is Naruto this strong" said Sakura.

The snake however used his tongue to throw Naruto off, but Naruto used the tree to pounce back again at the snake.

The snake lady however smirked and blew a stream of flames from her mouth engulfing Naruto and pushing him away.

"What the hell is this Orochimaru?" asked Kiba.

"Orochimaru is a natural born prodigy, he has mastery over all arts of shinobi but he excels at ninjutsu. He is even stronger than me probably" said Hiruzen.

"Stronger than the god of shinobi" said Tenten.

Naruto fell through many branches and finally stopped at one.

'Those eyes...I'm sure of it now...this is getting interesting' thought the lady.

"That's...Naruto" said Sasuke shocked by the raw power showed by Naruto.

"You're next" said the lady pointing at Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun, how will you fight?" asked the lady and the snake charged forward at him.

"Sasuke-kun" shouted Sakura as she watched Sasuke feel powerless against such an opponent.

'Come on my future self, what are you doing?' thought Sasuke.

"Damn it, where is the proctor?" asked Kakashi.

However the snake was stopped by Naruto, he used two kunai and stopped the snake by stopping it using his whole body in that stab.

He was using everything he could to fight against the power of the snake.

"He stopped it" said Choji.

"Unbelievable" said Neji.

'N-Naruto-kun is so amazing' thought Hinata.

"Hey...are you hurt...scaredy cat?" asked Naruto.

And then Sasuke remembered, it was what Sasuke has said to Naruto during the wave mission.

'Naruto...' thought Sasuke.

"This idiot and coward I see isn't the Sasuke I know" said Naruto.

The tongue of the snake wrapped around Naruto and pulled him up.

"Why you...damn it" said Naruto struggling to get away.

"Let snake bastard" said Naruto.

He was pulled towards the snake lady.

'I'm surprised that the Nine-tails kid is still he got excited emotionally and let a part of the nine-tail's power leak out' thought the snake lady and brought her hands closer to Naruto's body.

All of the genins including Shikamaru, Neji, Sasuke and Shino looked at Naruto like he had grown a second head.

Naruto himself was looking at the ground as if it was more interesting.

"YOU ARE WHAT?" asked all of them.

The chapter ends here, don't worry I plan to do Sasuke vs Orochimaru and Anko vs Orochimaru too.

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