"Remember, Shinji, when you think you're at your limit, remember… remember why you clinch your fist, where you came from, your origin. That will bring you past your limit! When you must save someone, they're usually in a scary situation. A true hero saves not only their lives, but also their hearts... That's what I believe. So, no matter how scary things get, give 'em a smile, as if to say, "I'm a-ok". The people in this world who can smile are always the strongest."

"So… This is Tokyo 3…" Shinji Ikari said as he stepped off the train. He glanced down at the what little belongings he had. He had to leave so quickly. He could have helped. He could have saved her… his teacher. He failed her. "No, don't think like that," Shinji shook his head, brushing the tears from his eyes. "Give 'em a smile… Give her a smile." She sacrificed herself so he could do what he must do here. After second Impact, the world was severely lacking Heroes. The world was lost without a pillar. A symbol of peace and hope. And one of the last things he did with his teacher was to research these artificial heroes, these Evangelions his father created.

"They won't do at all…" he smiled softly. He pulled out the letter his teacher left him before she… he shook his head and pulled out the note from Captain Misato Katsuragi with instructions of where to meet her as well as a photo of her. She… didn't dress like a captain. In the photo she was wearing short shorts and a very skimpy tank top, with an arrow pointing to her cleavage with a note that said: "pay attention". "Oh boy…" Shinji flushed before putting it away. "Where is she? She should be here?" He said, checking his backpack for his "work clothes". All ways be prepared, his teacher always said.

He ducked down when he heard an loud explosion and glanced to see crowds of people running away from a gigantic monster. He looked up and blinked at the monster "Ah, so that's why Dad thought giant robots would be the way to go…" He said as he began to smile. He shoved the letters and photo in his pockets and began running toward the monster through the crowd. His grey blue eyes changed and began to glow a bright blue and his hair began to turn a glowing blond and his skinning limbs began to grow. "Ten percent…" he said as he pulled a red and blue suit from his backpack, and dipped in an ally.

- MHE-

"I can't find Shinji!" Misato Katsuragi yelled into her phone as she tried to navigate her car through the street without running over the terrified civilians running for their lives. "I don't know where he is! And he's not answering his phone… HE'S GOING TO WHAT! REI ISN'T READY TO PILOT AGAIN! SHE'S HURT! I don't care! There has to be another option!"

She blinked and slammed on her breaks when she saw a damaged N2 mine drop in front of her car. "Oh crap…" She said as she saw the signs of the mine about to explode. She screamed as the mine exploded and threw her car backwards through the air. "Damn it! Ritsuko was right! I am going to die in this piece of shit caaaaaar!" She thought as she felt her blue barely holding together car as it was soar through the air.

To her shock she felt something catch her and place the car back down on its four wheels. She looked out her broken window and saw the finest set of six pack abs she had ever seen in her life inches from her face. She followed them upward to a powerful chest and made herself to continue on to see the face of the man. He wore a big smile and stunning, glowing blue eyes, his almost glowing blond hair stuck up in the air, particularly two long strands at his bangs standing straight up in the form of a V. "Fear not, Captain Katsuragi, for I AM HERE!"

"All-All Might?" Misato croaked.

"Indeed, Captain, yet I only use one All in my name," He winked as his smile grew wider. He and glanced back toward the monster as a towering purple and black humanoid machine rose before the monster. "So, that is one of his Evangelions, is it not?"

"Unit 01." Misato whispered.

"Quite an inspired name, it has." All Might chuckled to himself.

"Oh No…" Misato gasped, "Rei, the pilot, she's hurt, she's in no condition to pilot! She's going to get killed."

"No." All Might said, turning toward the two titans. His red and blue suit and long cape blowing in the wind as he stared up at them. "No one dies today. Not on my watch." He said as he leapt high into the air toward the battle.

Misato watched him go and as the shock of everything finally began to dissipate, "How did you know my name?"


Evangelion Unit 01 roared in pain as the beast, the Angel, struck it, and sent it tumbling back toward the shelter behind it. Before the giant purple war machine could cause any damage, All Might landed on the roof of the shelter entrance and held it up. He glanced down and saw a young girl outside the door. With one hand still holding the Eva up, he motioned to get her attention. "Young Lady, what's your name?" He asked, smiling to her.

"S-Sakura…" the girl replied.

"It's going to be a-ok, Sakura!" All Might replied, "Run on inside, while I help finish this."

"O-Ok!" She nodded, and ran into the shelter, as the terrified workers finally closed the door.

"Now then," He said as the Evangelion finally managed to pull itself up. "Let's get to work…" He said, as he stepped up beside the towering machine.

The Evangelion moved quickly forward to attack again, but the Angel attacked first, throwing a punch at the Evangelion face with a spear-like tendril. Before it could even make Contact, All Might jumped between them, braced himself with his feet against the Eva's faceplate, and caught the spike with both hands. He clinched his teeth as it pushed him back. "Rei!" All Might called, catching the Eva's pilot by surprise, "Do not be afraid, Why? because I am here and I will protect you!" the pilot could on stare in disbelief at this powerful human fighting to protect her. No one had done something like this since…

All Might turned back toward the beast and narrowed his glowing eyes. "Impressive, beast, nothing has ever made me push past fifteen percent of my power before…"

"Twenty percent…" All Might growled out, struggling to hold his smile. But the spike continued to push forward. He closed his eyes and could imagine a beam of energy flying through the stars, hitting one, then another, growing stronger and stronger as it passes through each, finally after the seventh star he could feel the power entering his hands. "One for All… Twenty five percent… PLUS… ULTRA!" He shoved the spike completely back throwing the Angel off balance. As the angel tried to stead itself, he could see the red core in its chest. And leapt from Unit 01, rearing back his fist, as he flew toward the beast, the energy visible around his fist and arm. "TEXAS SMASH!" All Might cried out as he threw his punch, and punched completely through the monster, landing on the other side. He stayed kneeled on one knee and his fist to the ground as the beast stumbled and fell. As it exploded, All Might stood up and lifted his fist in victory.


Misato ran toward the holding cell of Unit 01 as it was lowered into place. Ritsuko and Commander Gendo Ikari was awaiting as the Enter Plug was released, and Rei slowly climbed out, favoring her injured arm.

"What happened out there?" Commander Ikari asked with no emotion.

"He saved me…" Rei said in a monotone voice.

"He pulled my bacon out of the fryer to," Misato stated.

"The Question is what is All Might doing here now?" Gendo stated, agitation barely hidden in his voice.

"I can answer that!" a voice called from above the Evangelion. And the four looked to see All Might standing on Unit 01's shoulder plate.

"How did you get in here?" Ritsuko demanded, "We have the best security in the world! You can't just waltz in here!"

"Ha-ha! Sure I can!" All Might laughed as he jumped down to the platform and stood before them. He reached to the bag hidden behind his cape and pulled out a security pass. "You sent me a security pass!"

"What?" Misato asked with wide eyes.

All Might flexed his muscles as steam began to rise from him and he began to shrink down. His blond hair darkened, and shortened as it fell, and his glowing blue eyes faded to a grey-blue. Shinji Ikari now stood before them, wearing the slightly baggy spandex suit. "Hello, Father," Shinji said with a defiant smile toward the commander, "I am here."

To Be Continued

My Hero Academy and All Might by Kohei Horikoshi

Neon Genesis Evangelion by Gainex and Tatsunoko Production

Just an idea I had for a while and wanted to put to paper. See how his father and the others deal with a powered Shinji with far more than just a spine.