Final Chapter: My Hero Academia

It has been five months since Third Impact.

Not much is really known what exactly happened, but after All Might faced the giant monster, and the flash of light as bright as the sun, eighty percent of the population woke up the next day with a special power of some extent.

For the first month chaos reigned, and without All Might there seemed to be little able to bring it under control. But eventually it did, thanks to those like Endeavor and Journey, or as Rei, Asuka and Misato knew them as Toji and Hikari. Those who had a handle on their powers and wanted to help fell in line behind them and helped the police and army bring about order. Third Impact didn't bring the end All for One wanted. It brought about the golden age of heroes.

The wave destroyed computers, fried hard drives, destroyed power grids. Hospitals were filled with those injured by the Instrumentality wave, and without databases those who were not able to identify themselves were left as John and Jane Does.

With the chaos, those using their newfound powers for their own gain, and All Might still missing and presumed dead, the heroes were needed. And as order was finally being restored; great celebration spread around the world.

But there were three in particular who were not celebrating. Among them was Rei Ayanami, who dodged in and out of the crowded sidewalks as she made her way to the apartment building she lived. She carried her backpack as well as a stack of papers in her arms. She entered the apartment she shared with Misato Katsuragi and Asuka Sohryu.

"Welcome home, Rei," Misato greeted from the table, not completely drunk, which Ayanami noted was odd for this time of day. She sat her backpack down, and brushed some of her long blue hair from her face.

"Thank you, Misato," Rei nodded, "I'll just put these in Shinji-kun's room." And walked into the hallway.

Misato smiled sadly. Every day from school, Rei had brought Shinji's homework. Said she would help him get caught up once he returned. It was good to have hope, even if Misato felt it was futile.

It was starting to get late, and she knew it would be close to time for Asuka's nightly ritual. She sighed and shook her head. Truth be told, she missed him as much as they did, if not more. But at least one of them had to be realistic and entertain the thought that he was dead, and never coming back.

She picked up the paper and saw began to read the news. Midnight stopped a bank robbery. Endeavor and Journey were already expecting. "That didn't take long," Misato noted, then read, skimming over the article of one of the many John Does disappearing earlier that morning.

She heard a bedroom door open and watched as Asuka walked out wearing one of Shinji's old button up shirt.

They gave each other a small smile for a greeting, before she walked toward their balcony and opened the door. Misato sighed as Pen-Pen came out of his freezer and went out to keep Asuka company as she did what she did every night since Third Impact.

Misato mentally ticked down three two one in her mind, and on one she heard the familiar sound. Asuka leaned over the railing and was whistling her heart out. Misato closed her eyes and began to cry, knowing full well the promise Shinji had given her that night that felt like years ago.

Every night she would go out and whistle for an hour. She would do it even longer, but Rei and Misato had started to go out and stop her, and the three would embrace, cry, then go to bed, only to repeat again the next night.

The two gave her the time she needed, holding out what hope she had left that Shinji was still out there, and would come running like he had promised. Misato sighed as Rei walked out of the bedroom area and looked at her. "It's time."

"I know…" Misato said, getting up and the two walked out onto the balcony where Asuka was still whistling with everything she had.

"Asuka…" Misato spoke up, and Asuka gave it one last whistle before turning.

"He promised…" She said defiantly as she turned, but the heartbreak and tears in her eyes showed that even she was running low on hope after all this time.

She walked to her two friends and they embraced and began to sob together, grieving over their friend, their love, their hero. They didn't hear the thump of someone landing.

But they did hear a familiar voice. "Don't cry, girls… why?"

They all turned and saw a bandaged Shinji in a hospital gown standing before them, clinging to his side. "Because I am here."

The three tackled him, and if it weren't for the railing the four would have went off the edge. "But how?" Asuka was the first to ask.

"Dunno how long I was out… started to come to a couple days ago…" Shinji said, holding on to the three he cared for the most. "It took me a while to get back… I can only hold my muscle form for maybe five hours at a time before I have to rest. But I came home as quick as I could…" He smiled down at Asuka, "Your whistle helped guide me."

"Your home…" Rei breathed against his side.

"And I like the hair…" Asuka flicked one of the two blond thick strands hanging in his face. "the blond suits you when your skinny."

"I think it's stuck that way now," Shinji smiled as the three pulled him inside. "but I don't mind it."

"You have to be hungry," Misato said, "I'll cook something!"

"…" The other three were silent for several moments, before Asuka spoke up. "Why don't I order us a pizza?"


The mood in the apartment changed overnight. And as the weeks and months went by, news of All Might's return made the excitement go even farther beyond. Organized agencies sponsored by governments were put into place to help organize the growing hero population, figure-headed by All Might and Endeavor, not only did it bring a better sense of order to the heroes, but allowed many to receive payment and benefits for their families, as well as security and protection for their loved ones.

Lastly the concept of schools for those who have powered quirks began to be mentioned regularly.

Which was the conversation between Misato, Rei, and Asuka as they waited for the fourth member of their little family to return from his day job. Which considering how his powers now had a limit, typically didn't have him gone this long. Which was starting to concern all three.

"He better be here in the next five minutes, or so help me I'll…" Asuka growled, before All Might appeared hanging into the doorway with his hands on the edges and his feet still outside.

"I AM HERE! COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!" He exclaimed, startling Rei, and causing her to toss Pen-Pen, who was in her lap, into the air.

"That was not even in the least bit normal…" Asuka pointed out, as Rei hurried over to Pen-Pen who was stuck upside down in the trashcan. Rei apologized repeatedly as Pen-Pen wacked what could only be curse words.

"Come, come, come," All Might said excitedly, grabbing Asuka with one arm, Rei with the other, and went down on one knee, and looked to Misato, "Hurry, hope on, I have to show you something."

"What is it?" Misato asked, as the other two girls looked at him questioningly.

"If I told you, I wouldn't have to show you," All Might grinned broader than ever. "hurry, Hop on!"

Once Misato was on his back and her arms secure around his back, he threw open the Balcony door and into the skies they went.

Asuka and Rei looked up at his face lovingly while Misato screamed due to her fear of heights. This was different than the 'All Might' smile he gave to the world to give them hope that he would always be there to save them, that may or may not be more forced than it used to be. No, this smile was real and full of excitement.

"If this isn't for an Ultra King Size Bed," Misato grumped clinging for all her worth, "I'm going to be mad. It's getting cramped.

"This is something much cooler than that!" All Might responded, as he leaped off the top of another building, and they noticed they were headed toward the site of the ruins of NERV Headquarters.

There eyes widened at the sight that was once Geofront, now fully opened thanks to the battle with the Lilith All for One hybrid. And where the NERV HQ pyramid once was at a construction sight was over it. Four buildings connected in a square, making a "H" shape any way you approached it was being built where the end of the world almost took place. All Might landed and let the girls go before walking up toward the construction site.

"This is going to be Ultra Academy, or as many of us working toward this project call it, U.A.!" All Might said, "It will be the top of the line in education for those who wish to become heroes for this world!"

The girls looked at one another and smiled, before All Might held out his arms before the soon to be completed school complex.

"Welcome!" He said proudly, "To My Hero Academia!"


Some time later…

"MOM! HURRY!" A little green-haired boy exclaimed, holding an All Might toy.

Inko smiled at her son, ever since they were saved by All Might in that bank robbery, he had been in love with All Might and the idea of being a hero.

She followed her son into the home office, and he was already in the chair rocking back and forth in the computer chair.

"I'm pretty sure you've given this video almost all of its million views…" Inko smiled lovingly as she hit play. Her son's smiled brightly as he watched the UN ship sinking, "HAVE NO FEAR!" He heard his hero's voice exclaimed, "WHY? BECAUSE I AM HERE!"

"I'm gonna be a hero just like him some day!" the little boy cheered.

"Daydreaming again, Deku?" Izuku Midoriya blinked, as he looked up to see the girl in a skin tight pink costume smiling affectionately at him.

"We have to remain at the ready, Midoriya," Shoto said from his friend's side, and Izuku looked to see the half silver and half red haired boy with a scarred face smirking at him.

"I'm focused!" Izuku squeaked.

"Yeah," the girl in pink, Ochaco, said, "Bakugo's team is probably going to get in trouble, and we'll have to back them up… again."

"Katsuragi to Team Deku," Misato's voice spoke through their ear-pieces. "Bakugo lost his temper and led his team into attacking the villain, move in and assist."

"Roger that, Katsuragi-san!" Deku nodded, and Asuka's voice chimed in.

"And, Deku, you have full permission to punch my hot-headed son in the head," Asuka said in annoyance, "Full on smash, got me, kid?"

"R-Roger that…" Deku squeaked, before the group of students began to move.

In the command center of UA, Misato, Rei, and Asuka stood around watching the computer monitors.

"Well…" Shinji Ikari stood up, grabbing his cane, and started toward the exit.

"Shinji," Rei said, "This is a minor villain, there really isn't a need for pro back up."

"Let him go play," Asuka rolled her eyes, and waved their husband off.

"Be careful though, Shinji," Misato said, and Shinji flashed her a peace sign and a wink.

"I'll be careful, just can't have the kids have all the fun…" he said as he dropped his cane and began to bulk up.

Bakugo growled as Deku and the others joined the full class of Team 1-A together. "The hell are you doing here?" and he bopped him in the head, "And the hell did you do that for?!"

"Your mom told me to," Deku smirked.

"Well you both can kiss my ass! I'm blowing this son of a bitch away!" Bakugo yelled as he ran toward the villain leaving Deku there to shake his head.

Deku prepared to join the fight when All Might landed beside him. "All Might!" He squeaked excitedly.

"Come, young Midoriya!" All Might said, "Let us finish this!"

"Right…" Deku said, and One for All began to jump point to point toward them, before Deku made a fist, embracing the power, "One for All… FULL COWLING!" he said, as the energy flowed over him and sparked around him. All Might smiled in pride.

"All right!" All Might said, as master and student jumped toward the villain and exclaimed together.


The End


One day after Third Impact, ruins of NERV HQ.

Dr. Ritsuko Akagi called Gendo over to her and Maya. "Did you find her?"

"Yes…" She said as they raised the stretcher with body Maya was hooking an IV up to.

"Is she still alive?" Gendo asked.

"Yes she is," Ritsuko replied, "just barely."

"Good, keep her alive just long enough to get me her quirk…" Gendo said, and Ritsuko and Maya rolled the stretcher toward their black van. Gendo watched after them and smirked. His plan may have failed, but he's had enough time to make a new plan. And it will not fail.

well, I finally finished one! been a while, but this one had some plus ultra momentum rolling. as you can see I did open the door to a possible follow up but I haven't fully decided yet. still felt this was the perfect place to end The Symbol of Peace. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. please leave a review and let me know what you thought about my little Eva/MHA epic adventure. I plan on getting more NGE/Voltron and Yamato, as well as my Macross cross I just started. and I might have something 'super' in the worlds for My Hero Academia. stay tuned!