Harry decided to go help Neville, he knew how much the toad meant to him and Harry did promise that he would help.

"Oh Mr. Potter you're awake," Madame Pomfrey said as she finished making a bed, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling well," Harry said, he saw that the bed that Hermione had been in was empty.

"Ms. Granger woke up a few hours earlier," Madame Pomfrey explained, "She left as soon as she could."


"Well I shouldn't keep you here any longer," Madame Pomfrey said, "Mr. Potter you're free to go."

Congratulations! You've completed A trip to the hospital with smashing success, and you are rewarded with 10 exp and a warp point to the infirmary!

To select a warp point, simply open your menu, scroll down to locations, and select the place you want to warp to.

You've completed your first quest! You've earned an additional 10 exp!

"Mr. Potter are you alright?" Madame Pomfrey asked.

"I'm fine." Harry said as he got up from his bed, "Thank you for asking though."

"Alright, but if your head starts to hurt, take one of these." Madame Pomfrey said as she handed Harry a bundle of what looked like small candies, "Just suck on one of these and it should help ease the pain."

You got Headache Medicine x 20! This medicine can help you recover from both headaches and confusion.

"Thank you," Harry said as he pocketed the medicine and walked out of the infirmary...




Harry slipped into the common room and saw that Ron was sitting at a table with Dean. The two of them were playing chess, and judging by the look on Dean's face, he was losing badly.

"Checkmate." Ron said as he took Dean's king. He looked up and saw Harry standing near the entrance to the common room, "Hey Harry, do you want to play chess?"

"Sorry Ron, I'm a bit busy right now," Harry said, "Have you seen Neville?"

"Neville?" Ron shook his head, "I haven't seen him at all since last night."

"You haven't?" Harry asked, "But wasn't he with all of you?"

"Well he was," Ron said, "He and Percy went to go find his toad, but I haven't seen either of them this morning."

Harry blinked as a text box suddenly appeared.

'Having trouble finding someone?' The text said, 'No problem, all you need to do is look at your trusty minimap!'

A tiny, circular map floated into existence.

'The mini map can locate anyone in the area,' the text box explained, 'the yellow dots represent NPCs you can talk to, the green dots represent friendly NPCs, the orange dots represent quest givers, and the red dots represent enemies!'

'If you're currently in the middle of a quest, and you need to find a quest giver, all you need to do is select the quest you're on, and select the quest giver's name, this will automatically point you in the direction of a quest giver.'

"Hey Harry, are you alright?" Ron asked, "You've been staring into space for a while now."

"Uh, I was thinking about something." Harry said, "Anyway I think I've got a good idea about where Neville is, I'll go get him."

"Okay, but you better get back soon," Ron said, "Class starts in a few minutes."

"Right, I'll be back soon." Harry said as he selected Neville's quest and selected his name. Arrows suddenly popped into existence, and Harry left the common room...




Following the arrows, Harry soon found himself standing in front of a closet. He opened the door and Neville, who was tied up and gagged, fell to the ground.

"Neville?!" Harry shouted as he undid the rope tied around Neville's wrists, "What happened, why were you tied up?!"

Neville spat the gag out of his mouth as he sat back up.

"Well after you left, I asked Percy to help me find Trevor," Neville said, "We searched everywhere, but we couldn't find him."

"We were about to go back to the common room, but we ran into someone..."

"'Someone'?" Harry asked.

"I can't really remember what they looked like," Neville said, "I remember that whoever it was, Percy seemed to know them."

"Where is Percy anyway?" Harry asked, "He wasn't locked in here with you."

"I don't know where they might've put him." Neville said, "They probably put him someplace where people couldn't find him."

'A place where people couldn't find him...' Harry thought to himself, 'There's not that many options on where he could be...'

Harry knew about a few places where Percy might be hidden, but he wasn't sure if he could check all of them. The person who attacked Neville and Percy would probably be watching to make sure Percy couldn't escape, and if they noticed Harry, they'd probably hide Percy someplace else.

A new quest has appeared! A shot in the dark- Percy's been kidnapped by an unknown attacker, there are few places you know the attacker could have hidden him, but you should think carefully before you rush in. The attacker has a way to keep an eye on the place where they hid him.

Failure condition- You fail to find Percy, the kidnapper moves Percy to another location

Victory condition- Rescue Percy

Rewards: 50 exp