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"Oh, my, this tea is quite pleasant." Aunt chimed out and… seemed to have one hell of a thick skin. The room was filled with various ninja clan heads and other ninja ranks in Konoha. Not to mention the Old Man and his two advisers at the very front of the meeting table.

The glances from the ninja really made my spine crawl and made me wish I hadn't removed my cloth mask as a sign of respect. Matthew and Raphtalia were tense. Filo and Lial… They were napping with using Iruka-sensei's lap as a pillow near the door.

"Why, thank you. It's from one of our tea shops in the Konoha Tea Avenue." The Old Man smiled at Aunt. "And please allow me to first apologize for our behavior. We ninja are careful when it comes to foreigners."

"Oh, ho! I don't mind at all." Aunt chuckled, "To be in a hero's world alone is a once in a lifetime chance no one ever gets. Just seeing your culture has already spun the cogs in my mind for so many ideas."

"That is good to hear." The Old Man smirked. "Then you don't mind us starting with your business."

"My business?" Uh-oh. Everyone's eyes become sharp. Including Aunt's. This just got serious. "What do you want from a little old lady like myself?"

"From the reports, you are a magic shop owner, correct?"

"Why yes," Aunt smiled. "One of the best magic shops in the capital, though my business is aimed more for adventurers and common folk than the more… lofty shops."

"Would you like to branch out to Konoha?" Now that shocked the ninja. "From what I've seen, magic is much like jutsu. It wouldn't be that hard for you to set up shop here."

"I still have my shop to run… But, you mean more of a branch location than me staying here, correct?" Aunt said with a frown.

"Why are you even considering letting this foreigner set up shop here?" One of the ninja I didn't recognized spoke up. "And why is that… boy here." His eyes coldly glared at me. "Shouldn't he be punished for-"

"The real culprit is currently in Morino's care." The ninja looked at the Old Man in shock. "We are currently combing the academy instructors for more traitors."

"So, our children are at risk?" The Hyuuga head had a firm frown on his lips.

"With what we gotten out of Mizuki so far, he only aimed at Naruto directly." The Old Man's eyes narrowed with silent fury. "But I am not taking chances. Our children are our future. Anyone targeting our youth is akin to being a traitor, even if it is just for their own gains."

"And how does this link to our… visitors." Oh, Shikamaru's dad spoke up. "I saw some of the documentation before this meeting. It seems like you are revamping the academy system for the younger year classes."

"As always, Nara-san. Sharp as a kunai." The Old Man chuckled. "Naruto and Umino-san's disappearance was due to another world summoning Naruto as one of their saviors."

"Are… you serious?" Ino's father asked after a moment of silence.

"Very. We just happened to find out that the Flying Thunder God Jutsu works between worlds." Both of the advisers looked at the Old Man with frowns. "And do you think we will pass up taking advantage of this opportunity?"

"But… There's only so few who can use the Fourth Hokage's jutsu." Shikamaru's dad said with a huff. "How can we risk sending them to another world and losing our only casters of that hidden art."

"Who said we would be sending all those people there?" The Old Man scoffed. "The reason Naruto was summoned was to stop the end of that other world."

"So, it isn't to send our people there… But to bring the people of that world here?" Chouji's father smiled. "You don't trust the Uzumaki will succeed in saving that world."

"It's a possibility," The Old Man frowned, "I'm sorry to be blunt Naruto, but if what you told us is true…"

"No. It's not your fault, Old Man." I gritted my teeth at remembering the first Wave. "If the three other heroes keep fighting the way they did… Even I have little hope for that world." I sighed out and pinched the bridge of my nose to calm myself. "You know what happened in Lute Village, right, Aunt?"

"Yes, my grandson told me all about it." Aunt scowled. "The first thing the knight commander's ordered was the use of Fire Covenant magic the instant they reached the village. If you were not there, the villagers still in the village would have been caught in the spell."

"Covenant Magic?" Homura asked with a furrowed brow.

"Magic that combines the strength of several magicians to produce a stronger spell." Aunt explained with a huff. "Those knights foolishly lobbed a war time spell into a village being invaded by monsters. And then they tried to push defending the village onto the Shield Hero's party. Thankfully, one commander changed his mind and assisted aside my grandson and his corp… But I can't look past my country's leaders' actions."

"So these knights you speak of just put glory before their fellow citizens?" Whoa, that definitely made the room drop a few degrees.

"Yes. Then the King made the Spear Hero the governor of Lute Village and that silly hero almost got away with levying a heavy tax on the village if not for the Shield Hero's interference stopped that."

"You heard of that." I looked away embarrassed.

"Why yes. Your Filolial saved the village in that race with the Spear Hero." Aunt smiled at me. "The governor and villagers as well as myself couldn't believe a word the royal court put in that public announcement." Then Aunt fumed, "And to call your abilities as cheating magic in that duel was hogwash. Much of the magician community is at arms that the Great Sage King would do such injustice to our arts!"

"I used ninjutsu in that fight."

"Doesn't matter as to me, your world's art is just as precise as magic." Aunt pumped her fist before herself. "Many things have been passed for from heroes of the past to our world, but you are the first I know from the records to bring a new method of fighting and sorcery."

"Huh? Really?" I blinked at Aunt.

"Yes. Both magic users and jutsu users can learn from one another." Aunt smiled, "To make new magic spells, one has to experiment and push the boundaries of nature."

"That I agree with," The Old Man smiled at Aunt. "I saw quite well how magic can be useful in both battle and everyday situations with Naruto's team test. Though, there are weaknesses, too."

"So you are hoping to bring the refugees into our village to benefit both sides." Kiba's mother chuckled. "Does that include livestock and such?"

"Naruto already have two such creatures which will be his animal-nin." The Old Man looked at Filo and Lial. "Naruto has become a fine medic-nin through learning healing magic and that world's medicine. Medicine that can recover chakra from what I seen with Kakashi."

"I can attest my chakra levels have recovered…. Though the taste of those medicines aren't very… pleasant." Kakashi said as the little bit of his visible skin turned a shade green. "His poisons are just as nasty."

"Can the herbs be grown?" I sighed, not knowing. Most of the herbs I gotten came from the wild or bought from other apothecaries.

"Why yes. There are herbs useful to magic potions." Aunt chuckled. "The old man who owns the pharmacy wouldn't mind a new source of income as he does grow some of his own herbs."

"Good. Finding the herbs for magic power water is a pain." If I could get the seeds, I could grow the herbs in my apartment. Wait, could plants be grown on a carriage? There was space on the sides where I could attach pots to if I wanted to.

"Indeed. But seeing the climate here, you might be able to grow lots of those herbs. This village is so full of mana, it is perfect for herbs that need lots of it to thrive."

"Naruto, you are running a peddling service right now in that world, correct?" The Old Man got us back on trek.

"Y-Yes, sir. I've been selling mostly medicines and materials we gather from hunting." As if I was going to let them know the title they have given me in that world due to it. "I just started making accessories, too."

"Really? Including imbuing?" Aunt blinked at me.

"Yeah. Though, still a struggle to imbue mana and chakra without dropping the quality." I groaned out. "Especially with the ones that absorb damage I broke a few trying to imbue that handy ability."

"You can imbue such high quality buffs?" Aunt looked at me in shock.

"Huh? What cha mean?" My interest wasn't the only one sparked. Everyone else seemed hooked on this conversation.

"Yes. Damage absorption is a rare imbue. Many nobles and government officials seek such accessories as they can often be life saving in assassination attempts. Adventurers, too, would pay quite a bit even for a minor damage absorption accessory due to that one absorbed attack could save their lives with their line of work." Aunt said in awe.

"Odd. That's one of the common effects I get with imbuing with chakra." I just thought it was normal and the breaking of my test pieces as just error on my part. Was it instead due to me using materials not fit for a high rank imbuing?

"May I see one of these accessories?" Oh boy, the Hyuuga clan head looked at me with a scary face.

"Sure." I pulled out my storage scroll and unsealed two necklaces. "The ruby one is imbue with mana for a defense up while the sapphire one has a chakra imbue for the same effect." I pushed the two necklaces across the table to the Hyuuga clan head.

"Byakugan." He made a hand sign and the veins around his eyes popped up. He studied both necklaces carefully and his eyebrows knitted as he looked over both like a prized weapon.

"Is there anything odd with them?" Koharu asked with a hint of interest.

"Amazing," The Hyuuga clan head put the necklaces down. "I've never seen anything like these. It's almost like they had chakra to begin with."

"Like chakra blades?" Homura asked and the Hyuuga clan head shook his head.

"No. Chakra blades are made out of a metal that absorbs chakra, but it can't hold onto that chakra outside residue amounts." The Hyuuga clan head pushed the two necklaces back to me. "These two pieces of jewelry are embedded with chakra that syncs with the wearer and is probably how it produces the effect Uzumaki said they would."

"One is mana, not chakra." I corrected the Hyuuga head. "It's one of the two parts that makes chakra and magic uses mana."

"But it looks like chakra." The Hyuuga head looked at both accessories with confusion.

"That's because mana sticks close to chakra in non-magic users." I explained, "Once you start using mana, it spreads out and is like a… glow? Aura?" I bit my lip trying to think of how to describe it.

"Now that you mention it." The Hyuuga clan head stared at us intensely. What is he looking at? I hope it wasn't my underwear… "You're right. There seems like a substance around you. It makes seeing your chakra network harder for me."

"Harder to see?" I cocked my head. "What cha mean by that? I sense chakra and mana pretty clearly."

"Let me phrase it this way," The Hyuuga clan head gave a small smile as he closed his eyes. "Looking at you all makes my eyes hurt from straining like one has a glare in their eyes."

"S-Sorry!" Raphtalia slightly bowed with Matthew. "We didn't know."

"No, no. It's actually quite an interesting sight I never thought I see. You could say this mana could possibly counter the Byakugan if used just right."

"You really mean it?"

"You seriously didn't just say the Uzumaki brat figured out a way to defeat one of Konoha's noble clans?"

"Eh? Is… Is it really such a big deal?" I nervously laughed only to gulp when all the ninja looked at me with scary faces. "You only get like this if you use magic. Which it took Iruka-sensei and I getting a feel for mana from a precious ore to figure it out."

"Oh? You had to feel mana to get it?" Aunt asked before her eyes widen. "Ack! Of course! If you've always used this chakra, you must have not understood the feeling of mana!"

"Yeah. It made learning magic from those grimoires disheartening till we got over that hump." I sighed.

"I see. So it is best to have an aid to feel mana for the shop that opens here." Aunt said with a thoughtful look.

"So, you don't mind opening shop here?" The Old Man said to Aunt.

"Of course. I was planning to expand my business anyways." Aunt hummed out. "Though I would love to learn to use this chakra and jutsu. If I can assist in making new tools for jutsu users and magic users, then I am one very happy magician."

"Like putting jutsu into crystal balls?" Now, that was a tempting idea.

"Yes. If you don't unleash the magic in a crystal ball, you can use the crystal as a medium to cast the magic with little prep. Hence why they are so expensive." Aunt hummed out. "Ah! How about a barter? Can you teach me this chakra thing to me and I'll spin the magic threads for free."

"Sounds good to me." I crossed my arms with a smirk. "Though, be careful with your research. Chakra is a combination of health power and mana."

"So use too much can result in death." Aunt nodded. "I will keep that in mind."

"You're giving away our village's secrets to these foreigners?" A Jonin Ninja snarled at me.

"Chakra isn't a village secret." The Old Man shot a dubious looked at the Jonin. "And two of those foreigners are now official Genin of Konoha. However, we will be receiving… refugees from this other world. I am hoping that both sides can benefit from these circumstances."

"Both sides?" Raphtalia asked. "Wouldn't it mainly be Konoha that will be benefiting from this?"

"Well, there's still a chance Naruto and the other heroes succeed in their mission." The Old Man smirked, "Hence we will be sending Kakashi-san's team as an experiment to see if our model of missions will work in this other world."

"What?" I did a double take at the Old Man.

"You want to send the last Uchiha and one of our top elite to another world?" Koharu glared at the Old Man.

"Mainly because I am making Kakashi Naruto's team Sensei due to the fact that we lack a Jonin who can handle the situation they are in." The Old Man explained, "The plan is for Team 7 to travel with Naruto's team till this Wave is close to hitting. We will then have them come back to Konoha and discuss how to assist Naruto with the impending invasion. We can't provide much support, but I think we can spare some forces to assist in evacuations."

"So, we will basically be marketing our services to this other world?" Ino's dad said with a thoughtful look.

"Yes. This other world uses copper, silver, and gold coins for currency." Everyone looked at the Old Man with wide eyes. "If we can establish a means of income from there, we can build up a buffers in cases of emergencies and ryou becomes harder to use."

"Like that bad winter." Agh! I shuttered along with the other ninja. I remembered that harsh winter when crops were hard to come by. It was all thanks to cotton that was planted instead of food stuff by the surrounding area farmers and a harsh, cold winter that Konoha had gotten a taste of starvation from. If not for stockpiles put away for possible invasions or disasters, there may have been deaths in Konoha with how high prices for food gotten. Even ramen cups shot up and strained my pocketbook.

"I don't have much hope for the world," I groaned. "The king of Melromarc summoned us four heroes while a conference was going on to decide which country was going to summon which hero. The conference had turned into a talk of war or not… Which the king loves to add fuel to the flames by having the borders full of knights and blocking me from leaving the country."

"What?" Aunt looked at me with horror. "What about the Waves hitting the other countries?"

"I don't know if the king is allowing any of the other heroes out of Melromarc," I gave a flat expression to Aunt. "If I can't sync with the other hourglasses, I can't be teleported to where those other Waves are hitting at. I can only see the timer for the Waves aimed at Melromarc's area. I bet the King wants me to go to the border to disguise killing me as a border dispute."

"The Covenant Magic during the Wave," Aunt whimpered as her face drained of color. "And I heard the Spear Hero tried to duel you at the castle and-"

"I would have survived it… Kaus didn't," I looked down and clenched my fists. Kaus could still be alive if not for that duel… Taking on Kakashi's lightning hound made that clear to me.

"I take back what I said before," Aunt turned to the Hokage. "I-I can hire someone to run my shop back at the capital. May I seek shelter for my family and I? My children and their children barely survived when the Wave hit. If the Wise Sage King has gone senile as the Shield Hero said, it's only a matter of time before Melromarc falls to ruin, be it due to the King foolishly keeping the heroes in Melromarc or our neighbors attack us due to the king's actions." Aunt looked ready to cry.

"Gladly. Uchiha-kun, is it alright if we borrow some of the Uchiha district for the refugees?" Everyone looked at Sasuke.

"… I will allow it on one condition." Sasuke looked at me. I didn't like the mischievous look in his eyes. "Naruto… Uzumaki-san has to share to me how his comrades and he got strong enough to drive Kakashi into a corner."

"I wasn't driven into a corner." Kakashi gave his student the stink eye.

"You are going to stay persistent, are you?" I blandly looked at Sasuke.

"I need to get stronger." Sasuke gave me a serious frown. "If whatever you did the past weeks could make you this strong, then I can do the same to get stronger faster."

"Sasuke, it's rude for you to demand such things from an ally." Kakashi scolded his student. "I know your goals… But everyone has their-"

"Fine." Kakashi turned to me with a shocked eye. "It will cost me 50 silver, but if you're fine with getting a slave crest… Then it should help you get stronger since you're coming with us."

"Say what?" Sakura stood up and glared at me. "You are wanting to make Sasuke-kun your slave?!"

"My Slave User Shield series affects the growth of my slaves. My Monster Trainer Shields do the same for Filo and Lial." I sighed at the nasty looks aimed at me. "It was why I was a bit hesitant about the test. I don't know how strong and fast the growth is in fighting." It was a constant thing I had problems measuring both my party's and others' abilities.

I thought the knights would be a threat, yet Iruka-Sensei told me it was easy to defeat one like he did at the castle. Yet, it took the King's Shadows to subdue my party. Yet, Iruka-sensei took out the back up bandits all by himself and I killed their Class-up bodyguard by poisoning him with the Chimera Viper Shield. And there was the battle with the Nue… Filo literally smashed the beast's head straight off its body… Agh, just thinking of it made me queasy.

Just what was my shield skills doing to my party? As well as how were we compared to Shadows and knights? Same to our fellow ninja? Kakashi was an ANBU and he underestimated us. He is probably a lot stronger, but that fight had to be Chunin strength at a minimum.

"There are ninja in that world," I said with a serious tone. "I've only seen them serving nobility and clearly are ANBU in focus in their work. Are you sure you want to risk a Genin team in such unknown territory? I know they can at least take down a Chunin." I glanced back at Iruka-sensei and he nodded back to me.

"How many confrontations have you had with these ninja?" Another Jonin asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Only once." I said with a frown. "The king restrained my companions with his ninja. We haven't had any direct fights against ninja. Hence it is a variable I have no clue about." And that was why the slave and monster crests have been a must. As well as that I take the masked lady's information and help with a grain of salt.

"Then we can spare some ANBU to guard Team 7 and observe these ninja." The Old Man got nods from the others. "You have met ally ninja?"

"Only my benefactor's ninja and I am cautious around them." I sighed, "I already paid back my benefactor for the monetary assistance. They're been sharing information with me on what is going on at the conference and of the wide view of politics."

"Then we at least have a starting point." The Old Man said with a smirk. "Though, our objective is more to preserve and save what we can from this other world. Kakashi, any major risk to your team, you are to evacuate back to Konoha."

"Understood," Kakashi nodded to the Old Man. "Does that include Naruto and his part of the team?"

"Yes. They will be teleported back when the Wave hits. Keeping Naruto and your team alive is the priority." The Old Man said as he looked at the other ninja. "We will use Naruto's peddling business as a cover to gather resources. We will have him sell items there so Naruto can get the funds to get those resources."

"Why do we have to give up our resources?" A medic-nin spoke up. "What is there stopping this other world from taking our jutsu and such to use it against us?"

"Yeah, same with weapons." Chouji's dad added in. "There is too much." I couldn't stop myself. I burst into laughter. "Why are you laughing, Uzumaki?!" Chouji's father slammed his fist on the table.

"Master! Why are you laughing?"

"Master Naruto! This isn't the time to be laughing?!"

"Ow!" I stopped laughing and looked back to find Sakura-chan nursing her fist. "What is your head- No, why are you laughing, you idiot!"

"Ah, sorry, sorry." I sheepishly scratched the back of my head with a grin.

"It seems Naruto gets what resources I am referring to." The Old Man got confusing looks from everyone else including his council.

"What do you mean?" A Jonin asked.

"Naruto's business is geared towards civilians, not combatants." Shikamaru's father chuckled with a smirk. "You want us to raid the 100 ryou shops and give the items to Naruto to sell for massive profits."

"Not to that extreme, but that's the gist." The Old Man laughed. "Soap, cooking tools, farming tools, and so on. I know the clans and various departments have other means of income that can result in excellent profits with low risks. We will compensate any clans and departments that assist in this operation."

"So… We are basically assisting in a non-ninja business to capture new resources?" The Hyuuga clan head said with a frown.

"Exactly. Kakashi's first Genin team will focus on doing mission work in this other world to see if we can use that as a source of income. His second team will continue their business and turn the profits into new resources."

"So, what new resources you want me to focus on first?" Well, outside of herbs and magic related knowledge. That was something I knew for sure to focus on.

"Animals and seeds." I felt my eyes twitched.

"As in… bringing the creatures of that world to this one?" I asked as my stomach dropped.

"Yes. We don't know how badly these Waves will wreck that world's ecology. Hence we want to at least secure some of the species of plants and animals." The Old Man blinked at me as if confused. "If we can get more like your two daughters, then-"

"We will have another Akimichi clan." My head fell flat onto the table. I could imagine it now. A massive amounts of Filo and Lial invading Konoha's restaurants and food sources. "And the amount of magic thread needed just to clothe them all." If they ended up the same as Filo and Lial.

"I'll give you my spinning wheel." I looked at Aunt in shock. "I have an extra distaff for the crystal, so I'll just purchase a new spinning wheel here once I get settled in."

"Thank you, Aunt!" I hugged the elderly magician. Now I wouldn't need to buy myself a spinning wheel to use the crystals!

"No problem. You are already giving my family and me a safe place from the Waves and my country." Aunt said happily. "If you are going to have more cute children like your daughters, you'll need it more than this old lady. Transforming at my age is really stressful."

"Though, food… will be a problem." I gulped as I let go of Aunt. "Filo and Lial are bottomless pits. And it was worse when they grew up in two days. They ate literally two cows worth of meat in one night."

Yep. There it was. The looks of shock and horror finally came on the ninja's faces. Now they got the grim picture.

"We will provide you rations to assist you on this mission. Though I want you to raise more of these creatures, we also like to bring some over to preserve the species."

"I'll see if I can drag Beloukas-san into this world for…" I stopped and looked at Raphtalia and Matthew. "Old Man, if possible, could my payment for my compensation in this operation be in the form of funds to buy slaves in the other world?"

"How can you ever demand such a thing?!" Sakura shouted at we and I dodged her fist.

"Are you really going to drop that low?" Ino's father glared at me as every ninja at the table… Wait, except the Hyuuga head who has his head slightly down and looking away. Even the Old Man frowned at me.

"I want to find and purchase the people enslaved after the first Wave that hit the world." I said and Matthew and Raphtalia gasped at me. "They were betrayed by their own country after the disaster. I want to save them as they are Raphtalia and Matthew's fellow villagers and friends."

"So, you plan to use the slavery system to achieve your goal?" Shikamaru's father asked with some shock.

"Melromarc is a human supremacy country. Just trying to take them would only cause more problems than solutions." I gritted my teeth while remembering the public service announcement. "So, why not use the slavery system against Melromarc? Or that of other countries? No one will bat an eye if slaves disappearing due to the discriminations against demi-humans in Melromarc. It should be the same for demi-human countries for humans if I'm guessing the politics correctly."

Then I smiled. "And we can get rid of trash in exchange for gold coins. We can use our criminals and prisoners as fodder against the Waves if we wanted to." Mizuki being my slave was so juicy of an idea.

And if the level cap still happens to ninja, then it would be easy to keep control of the criminals with slave crests. As well as get rid of said criminals as the Waves are supposed to get stronger and stronger. It would be a much better use for them than being left in cells to rot.

"And risk our village's secrets?" A Jonin in a lab coat hissed. "Why would we do such a risk-"

"Slave crests in the other world can be used to control a person. There is probably stronger crest to ensure absolute control… And there has to be our own seals and methods we can use to negate such risks? Heck, even removing their voice boxes or sealing their chakra can be a solution to that problem."

Oh boy. Twisted expressions landed on me. Some of horror and fear. Others of anger and disgust. To me, however, I cannot take betrayal and traitors lightly. Not to me or Konoha. However, wasn't it foolish to let these criminals be wasted? Why not use the wasted talent and have them pay for their crimes with their bodies?

"You do have a point." The Old Man sighed, gaining shock from ninja and visitor alike. "Our prison is full of various criminals and traitors. It's a problem discussed many times… But, there really hasn't been a solution we could act on without controversy around it."

"Right. It would be ludicrous to send our criminals to another world." Homura said with a huff.

"And that's where you are wrong," Shikamaru's father spoke up with his arms crossed. "There is little means for these criminals to get back to our world and it allows us to save on our own forces from facing any danger. It's actually an ingenious way for us to get rid of our riskiest criminals outside outright killing them."

"Shikaku, there are-" Shikamaru's father held up his hand before Ino's father's face.

"It may not be the most moral solution, but it is very smart and beneficial to our village and this other world. Heck, we can even make deals with minor criminals to even colonize in this other world."

"Add in the limited amount of people who can freely move between the two worlds, it does make more sense to trap criminals there." Oh, Morino finally spoke up. "It would be more secure and give our prison more control on whose stays in cells and who to get rid of without the populace getting their nerves in a knot."

"But, what if this other world has a means to get to this one?" Ino's father asked. "Then we would be at risk."

"All the more to take advantage of the slavery system already in place there." I grinned wider. "Even a basic crest makes it very hard to disobey one's master if all the settings are used. The reason my party even still has our crest on is actually to prevent the ninja there from ambushing one of us in disguise due to the conditions set by the crests." Even I can't attack my comrades as Iruka-sensei ordered me not to and the same went with me ordering the same command to the others.

"Wait… You have a seal on you?" Chouji's father asked as everyone looked at me.

"Yes. A monster crest since the normal slave crest wouldn't work on me." I put my hand to my crest. "Iruka-sensei is set as my owner and Iruka-sensei has a slave crest on him with me as his owner. It was kind of a must with how stacked the deck was if we compare Shadows as that world's ANBU." Which, without a doubt, I do believe they were at that level.

"You're not afraid of being controlled?" Shikamaru's father said with awe.

"I have absolute trust in Iruka-sensei and my comrades." I said with a smile. "However, I do have more trust in slaves. Heck, even if they are Konoha's criminals made slaves, I would trust them more with my life in battle then the shit heads I seen that pass as Melromarc's defense forces."

"You've changed, Naruto." Huh? The Old Man gave me a sad look. I wonder why? I was just saying the truth considering the knights did try to kill me. Not to mention the King turned his whole kingdom against me.

If Mizuki taught me one thing as my sensei, it was never EVER trust someone upfront. Which, I hoped the Old Man would let me enslave Mizuki to get back at him almost ruining Iruka-sensei's and my life.

"We will discuss this more later." The Old Man sighed and looked at his ninja. "Let's first focus on the experiment and gathering of resources. Kakashi-san, your team and you should prepare to disembark as soon as possible. We can't have Naruto and his team too long here or else it will raise too many questions for this country of Melromarc."

"Yes sir." Kakashi nodded.

"Hokage-sama, is it alright if I keep on working with Naruto?" Iruka-sensei spoke up from his position.

"You will have to. You will have to undergo evaluations and strict observation before you can go back to teaching at the academy." The Old Man smiled as Iruka-sensei patted Filo and Lial's heads. "You will be of more use assisting Team 7 with their missions. Now, Team 7, head out and prepare for the long journey ahead. We still have much to discuss here."

"Yes, sir." We all stood up and bowed to the Old Man. I glanced at the variety of expressions aimed at us. However, I noticed one thing in common.


Of course. I am not just Konoha's weapon, but I had technically gone rogue. Just because the Old Man made me a Genin didn't mean the news of my crime and criminal status would just go away.

"Heh. Screwed no matter what." I muttered as we left the room. Did I still want to become Hokage? Would it fix things or only make things worse between the villagers and me? Especially with how my name has been dragged through the mud here. Would I even be able to repair it considering how ninja are?

Mizuki has it coming. I will make sure he pays for screwing over Iruka-sensei and me.