Kris woke up coughing and gasping for air. He heard the team screaming for him. He ran outside through a side door. Which was the one he entered through when he was going to the bomb. Ed was leaning against the car. Ed was still looking and what just happened. But the time to sit and stare was over because as soon as Kris got to the car the SUV took a bullet. "Get down!" Ed yelled. Luckily Kris had his Mp5 strapped on him like he usually does. "Subject has got to be up high. A SRU SUV pulled up. Out came Spike and Sam both with their heads down. They must've known what was going on because as soon as they got to the trunk of the SUV Sam grabbed a sniper and Spike grabbed a shield. "Okay me and Spike, Alpha. Kris, Sam Bravo. Let's get this guy." Ed said. "Spike cover me I need to get my gear."

"Kris vantage points?" Sam asked. Ed handed Kris a shield. "Yeah. One up by the balcony of this apartment behind us." Kris said. "Bravo team get to that vantage point. Spike let's stay down here until we know where this guy is." Ed said "Copy that." The other members moved into action with Kris clipping his shield on his back and running behind Sam with tactical gear. As they reached the balcony Sam setup his rifle. "Eyes on. Suspect is on the parking garage across from the hospital." Sam said. Ed looked over at Spike. Spike knew that look so he threw his shield in the car and got in the driver's side while Ed got in passenger."Sam?" Ed asked. "I have the solution." Said Sam. "Greg,Jules and Wordy what is your ET-" Ed was cut off as he saw them pull up. "Okay I'll take negotiation. Let's stop the trucks at the 5th floor take the stairs to the 6th." Greg said.

The trucks screeched as the brakes were hit on the 5th floor. "How many minutes since the last shots fired?" Greg asked. "About ten minutes." Kris responded. " Wait a minute it's a dummy! IT'S A DECOY!" Sam screamed into his radio. But it was too late because as soon as Ed got out of his SUV he was hit with a bullet. Jules was already on the ground holding pressure on Ed's wound. "Sam! Do you have the solution?" Greg asked hopefully "Negative no solution!" Sam yelled into his radio. Jules sprung into action as she ran to the trunk of the SUV Ed was riding in, Grabbed a sniper and signaled Spike to follow her. Spike grabbed a shield and followed her. They opened the door to the roof. Spike went first Jules followed. It didn't take long for her to find a vantage point. As she said, "I have the solution." "Scorpio." Greg responded. She took the shot. "Subject neutralized." Spike said.