Greg immediately stopped in his tracks and turned around and headed towards Team Three, who were just finishing their pre-shift workout, "Donna, we got a problem." He called out towards the team's leader. Donna turned around and walked towards Greg, "What's up?" Team One's Sargent showed a worried expression, "I just got this text from Jessica." He showed Donna the frightening text, Donna stared at it with shock, "I'll take my team and go to her apartment, Team Three gear up!" She shouted to her team. Greg looked at Winnie, "Winnie! Re-up my team! I want my people!" He yelled "Copy paging Team One!" The dispatcher responded.

At the apartment

A member of Team Three slammed the sledge into the door allowing the team to make rapid entry into the domicile. Clearing corners and closets as they moved swiftly through the apartment. The apartment was empty. "Parker." Donna called out through the headset. "Apartment's empty, definite signs of a struggle. Blood on the walls. Broken glass. Both their phones are still here. Typical signs of a B&E…" She picked up Katie's phone. "Hang on I got something." She tapped 'play' "Katie got it all on video… Guys it's not Jessica that's injured. It's Katie. I'll have my team question any possible witnesses and send the video to your team Greg. Sabine out."

15 Minutes Later

Spike and Wordy entered the lobby of SRU HQ "Boss what's going on?" Spike asked. "Yeah, 10-33?" Greg responded, "Jessica was kidnapped along with Katie." Sam entered the room behind Greg, "Yea guys, gear up we'll feed you on the fly." Jules who appeared a moment later jogged towards the equipment cage with Sam. Kris walked out of the locker room, buttoning his shirt, "Spike, Donna sent us a video you're going to want to take a look at." "Copy that." Spike Replied.

5 Minutes Later

Spike was looking at the laptop in the SUV. "Confirmed Katie's hurt, She's bleeding. I can't tell from where. Appears to a puncture wound middle of her lower stomach. Might be her leg, Not sure. Winne let's get APB's out on the following: Whiskey-Mike, wearing blue jeans, black t-shirt, brown jacket and black sneakers as well as a black ski mask. #2 another Whiskey-Mike wearing a red t-shirt, black jeans, and a black ski mask. #3 Katie Cassanda who was last seen wearing typical teenage clothing, Grey leggings, white loose-fitting t-shirt. CAUTION: She is injured. #4 Jessica Cassanda, Last seen wearing, blue jeans, black hoodie and black/white sneakers. Advise all units to use caution. Subjects are armed with handguns. If units see anyone matching these descriptions. They are under strict orders to not engage and contact the SRU immediately. Scarlatti clear." Spike finished his long-detailed description. Greg began to speak, "Team One listen up, I know it has been a long day. But we need to stay focused. Stay on your toes, Stay sharp. We connect, protect, respect. Let's bring them home safe! Sam, I think we're gonna have to patrol until we think of something to check or we hear anything. You good with that?" Sam responded, "Sounds good, Spike stay on top the computers the rest of us are scanning the beautiful Canadian scenery."

3 Minutes Later

"Boss, you're gonna want to hear this, 911 just got a prerecorded message" Winnie's voice rang through the team headsets, Greg replied, "Copy, play it to the team" Winnie clicked play. A digitally altered voice rang through the headsets, "We have your teammate here, you will get her back safely if you accommodate to the following demand. We demand the release of David Loreigh and Leah Loreigh, once this demand has been met, contact me at the number this message was sent from, and I'll give you a location to execute a prisoner swap." The message ended. Jules started to speak over the radio, "Boss…" Greg cut her off and said, "Yea, Katie's parents I know, Spike! Can you trace the message?" Spike replied, "Yea boss, but it will take some time. The message was sent using VoIP, I traced the IP address, but it traced back to a virtual private network, I'll see if I can decrypt it, and get an approximate location." Sam chimed in "Copy that Spike, Winnie, find out where the parents are being held, Donna can you and your team go and talk to the parents?" "Sure thing Sam." Donna replied

20 minutes later

"Sam the parents aren't talking." Donna's voice rang over the comms, "Spike?" Spike responded with "Almost there… Got it! Looks like a warehouse, it's a couple blocks from here." Greg called out, "Copy that. Team One, lets move!"