Naruko: Bonds of Magic and Jutsu

Summary: Naruko (female Naruto) learns magic runs in her family. Her mother was not just a ninja but also a witch and attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What will happen when she attends a magic school and makes new friends? Will be a Harry/Naruko pairing but romance won't be until fourth year, end of third year at the earliest.

Rating T. May make it M later, but not sure. I won't be having lemons in this fic, but I might make a side fic that is a collection of them if I think to try that when the time comes. I might be able to keep it Teen because of that. I am not sure yet how detailed and gory fight scenes will get.

A/N: I need to mention that I was inspired to write this fic after reading The Magical Kunoichi: The Philosper's Stone by Kidan Yoshilda. That fic is an inspired continuation/remake of a most likely dead fic with the same name by Almp15.

There aren't too many similarities with my fic, but these baseline ones: Magic is a part of the Uzumaki Bloodline, Kushina went to Hogwarts, and this will be a Harry/Naruko pairing. However, my fic is very different so I feel there is no need for anything more than to mention the inspiration behind starting it. I also look forward to where the above mentioned fic goes.

For those who are reading or waiting for my Harry Potter and the Ice Princess series' next book, do not worry. I have not forgotten it. I am working on it, but I have other ideas pop into my head and I need a little break from the HP x Frozen series between books from time to time. I really get focused on them when I write and I don't want them to become a chore. That is part of the reason why I usually end up releasing chapters for that series often and almost weekly once I start posting chapters for a book.

This story will not be a series. It will just be one story, even if it will mostly likely be long and I will take my time with it. In case people come here not knowing much about the Naruto world (which can happen possibly…), Kage is the term for a ninja leader. I will try to keep Japanese usage to a minimum and only use suffixes when in the Naruto world.

Some basic terms:

Hokage: Fire Shadow (Konoha's leader)

Tsuchikage: Rock Shadow (Iwa leader)

Chapter 1: A Letter Arrived

"So, it's here… finally," Hiruzen Sarutobi, third Hokage of Konoha, said to himself as he took a draw on his pipe. He was using this letter's arrival as an excuse to take a short break from the ever-increasing mountain of paper work all Kage's endlessly faced.

The letter was of high importance and one Naruko Uzumaki was the subject and intended recipient of it. As was protocol for letters of strange origin, it was to be examined, but Hiruzen recognized it when he happened to be checking on their new mail system. He took the letter himself and studied it. It was most assuredly not because he felt extra close to his chosen granddaughter and wanted to make sure it was doubly safe. Nope that was not it at all.

The thing is. Naruko Uzumaki was actually an individual that required extra attention anyways when it came to such matters. Naruko was the daughter of two well respected Konoha heroes. Naruko's parents were Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze.

Kushina Uzumaki was the heir to the Uzumaki clan and the chosen vessel for the Nine-tailed Chakra beast, the Kyuubi. The Uzumaki Clan had long since been the chosen protectors of the Kyuubi, ever since the Sage of Six paths passed away long ago. She was respected for this position in addition to how closely tied Konoha was to Uzugakure, the clan's homeland. Sadly, the clan was all but wiped out and their home destroyed. The Uzumaki were feared for many reasons. Surprisingly, them being the protectors of the Kyuubi was not one such reason. This all meant Kushina was a very high-profile figure in the ninja world.

Minato Namikaze was not the heir to some really well known clan or some kind of chosen vessel. He was however one of the most powerful ninjas of his age, if not the most. He was able to defeat a sizable amount of Iwagakure's forces single handed and in a short about of time. He was known as Konoha's Yellow Flash because of this. His victory forced Onoki, Iwa's third Tsuchikage, to sign a peace treaty.

Minato later became the fourth Hokage and was well respected as such. He was also the only known Kage to have found a way to conquer the much-dreaded paperwork. This made him also a high-profile figure in the ninja world, especially when it came to the secret of finishing paperwork efficiently. It is said before his death Iwa was instructed to catch him if at all possible, for questioning on this no doubt Triple S rated skill.

Unfortunately, Naruko did not know much about her parents because of who they were. She would be Konoha's highest rated target given who they were if the wrong people found out. Her status as the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki didn't help matters there either. Hiruzen wished he could tell her all about her parents and he intended to do just that when she was ready and could protect herself. He did however, find a way to tell her some about her parents.

It was shortly after Naruko entered the ninja academy that Hiruzen gave her a small test. She was already a usual fixture in his office by that time. She had adopted him as her grandfather figure and he in turn saw her as his granddaughter. Hiruzen told her a little bit about her parents one time. It wasn't enough to give any vital information away, but it was enough to test how she would handle information regarding her parents.

When she soon after got into a fight with the Uchiha boy, Sasuke, she ended up passing the test. She lost the fight. Not surprising given Sasuke had long since received private lessons due to his clan's status and position as heir and last of his family. Sasuke did have an older brother still alive, but he was the one responsible for slaughtering his clan and branded a traitor. It did not matter he left Sasuke alive or the other… extenuating circumstances… around that night.

Naruko passed her test when at her angriest after losing the fight all she said was her parents were strong ninja who died protecting the village. Hiruzen had told her more than just that, but she kept those parts secret. He was not willing to tell her everything, but he could give her something more and he did when he met with her after that fight.

~~~~~ Flashback Starts ~~~~~

There was a small blonde girl with her hair in twin tails sitting across from the Hokage. She was trying her hardest to hide how angry and hurt she was at the moment. It was rather impressive how successful she was at this. Hiruzen took a draw on his pipe and turned to the window as he let out the smoke.

"I heard about your fight with young Sasuke," he said.

She grimaced but knew that was the reason she was here in the first place. "He started it," she said defensively.

"How so?" Hiruzen asked. It wasn't the reason he asked her here. If she was willing to give him more information, he couldn't call himself a ninja if he refused the opportunity.

"I was just trying to befriend him, but he called me a useless wannabe kunoichi," she said with a pout as she folded her arms.

Hiruzen knew it was a bit more than just that. Naruko had tried to befriend Sasuke a couple of times and was turned down, but she was also really jealous of his popularity and skills. She didn't care Sasuke only had better skills because he was trained personally before his clan's massacre and some afterwards for his own protection.

"Be that as it may. A shinobi shouldn't let their emotions control them so easily," he said to her in a partly lecturing voice. It was a very important lesson. Emotions shouldn't be shut out, but they shouldn't be given into either.

"Sorry…" Naruko said as she frowned and sniffed while looking to the floor. "I'll do better."

"I have no doubt in that," Hiruzen said.

She smiled in response. Jiji was important to her and the village. The last thing she wanted was to disappoint him.

He then spoke again, "That is not the reason I called you here though, Naruko."

She looked to him curiously.

"I gave you a bit of a test," he said causing her to scrunch up her nose in thought on what it could be. "You may have lost your fight with Sasuke, but you did pass the test," he told her.

"What was the test?" she asked.

"When you were the most upset you have been in a long while and were called all of those things by Sasuke," he started. She frowned as she realized he knew everything Sasuke said to her. "Your response was, 'My parents were strong ninjas who died protecting the village.' And nothing else. I told you things that most would brag about, but you didn't even in that circumstance," he said.

"I figured what you told me was important and I shouldn't go around telling others," she said.

"That is a very smart decision and shows a certain level of maturity. There is still much I can not tell you regarding your parents. It will have to wait until you are ready," he said as she frowned to herself. "However. I feel I can tell you a lot more now."

She instantly perked up.

"I will again emphasize how important it is you keep this information to yourself, Naruko. It is enough detail others who shouldn't hear it might be able to put pieces together, and realize things they shouldn't about who your parents were," he said.

Naruko looked so eager and desperate to drink in all he would tell her. It was both adorable and heartbreaking to the old Kage. He wanted to tell her so much more, but he was glad he could at least share some information with her.

"First of all. I want to tell you, your parents loved each other very much. There were few couples who could match them in that regard. They were so very excited to have you join their family. They looked forward to it so much. Your father was particularly happy he would have a daughter," he started.

Naruko was drinking it all in. She was smiling brightly as she listened.

Hiruzen gave a chuckle before bringing up a different tidbit. "Your mother wasn't really very much of a cook," he said.

"What?! Really? But I'm pretty good… I mean ramen is better because it's ramen, but I eat more than just that," Naruko said in puzzlement.

"Your father was an exceptional cook in contrast to her. So maybe you got that from him," the old Kage said.

Naruko beamed to that information. Hiruzen then gave a chuckle as he let out another puff of smoke from his pipe. Naruko looked to him in question.

"Or maybe. You have your mother's cooking skills and your father's love for her cooking. No matter what your mother turned out from the kitchen, your father loved it and not just because he appreciated her going through the trouble of cooking for him."

Naruko couldn't help but chuckle to that. "Well I do hear other girls talking about how love is the best spice and food is the way to a man's heart. Maybe that really was the case for my dad," she joked with a smile.

Hiruzen laughed to that. "That may very well be the case. Your mother was also very well known for her beauty and equally so her temper. Which it seems you have inherited from her," he quipped as Naruko playfully frowned.

"What did she look like?" Naruko asked. She really hoped she looked like her mom. That would show Sakura and all of the other Sasuke fan club girls when they were all older.

Hiruzen thought how best to answer this without giving away too much information. He trusted Naruko not to tell anyone what he was sharing with her, but he didn't trust her not to try and find out more. He didn't think she could contain herself if she found out her dad was her idol and most beloved hero. It wouldn't be too unexpected for her to figure that out if she found out who her mom was.

"She had bright red hair and violet eyes. She also had a habit of tying her hair up when on duty, even if she chose a different style from how you like to wear your hair. When it comes to looks… I would say you actually take more after your father, but with a female twist. I recall hearing stories your mother used to call him girly when they were younger at the academy," he said with amusement.

Naruko was more than eager to hear about her dad and so he continued. "You have his blue eyes. His blonde hair. Your bangs are a lot like his if he were to have really grown them out. When he was older, he had many pursuers. He only had eyes for your mother though. She may have called him wimpy and girly when they were younger, but once they were older and he won her affections… You would be hard pressed to find a woman more in love with her man and vice versa. As I said, they were deeply in love with each other and only their mutual love for you was stronger."

Hiruzen walked over to Naruko and placed a hand on her shoulder as she sat there sniffing happily and crying tears of joy. It was another aspect she got from her mother. Kushina was quick to get angry, but she was also one of the nicest and sweetest people to those she cared the most about. Minato had always talked about how beautiful his wife was beyond normal when she was this happy.

"I-i-it's just so wonderful hearing about my parents finally… Even if I don't have their names. Just knowing what you told me so far…" Naruko mumbled. She tried to wipe away her tears, but she couldn't.

Hiruzen rubbed the young girl's back a little. "I'm sorry I couldn't have told you more sooner, Naruko," he said.

Naruko got up and gave him a big hug as she said, "I'm really happy with what I'm being told now! I hope there's more."

"There is more I can tell you, but right now I think we should take a break. I bet you're hungry for some ramen after everything today," he said to her.

Her stomach growled at that moment causing him to laugh.

"Go and wash up and meet me at Ichiraku's," he told her. She wiped away her tears and left through the window of his office. Hiruzen would have scolded her, but he understood why she left that way this time. She didn't want anyone seeing her after just having a cry. Things were tough enough for the small girl without people seeing her in such a state.

"Now then…" he started to himself. "I hopefully have enough to satiate her appetite this time." He finished with a chuckle so he wouldn't weep at the fate his wallet would soon suffer. Naruko seemed to have inherited both her father's and mother's appetites combined in one small package.

~~~~~ Flashback Ends ~~~~~

Hiruzen walked over to the window and looked outside in thought. Telling Naruko the little he could about her family had inspired her more than he hoped it would. Naruko took her training even more seriously, which really said something given she always had taken that as seriously as she could outside of the classroom. Sadly, her classroom performance was rather hit or miss. This wasn't entirely her own fault.

Naruko was rather disliked by many of the civilians and even some of the lower ranked ninjas. The Third Hokage didn't like how Naruko was treated in many cases. Unfortunately, while morally wrong, the way she was treated wasn't illegal. The civilians really didn't like her, but they rarely crossed the line. The few times some did cross the line, they were always dealt with harshly and quickly. Even Danzo, who saw her as only a weapon, knew lines shouldn't be crossed that would push her over the edge. In the Warhawk's mind, an out of control weapon, no matter how powerful, was still mostly useless.

There wasn't too much Hiruzen could do about her treatment when it came to her time at the academy. There were stringent rules that limited the Hokage's involvement with the earlier parts of ninja education. A Kage wasn't exactly the best at making a curriculum that gave younger kids, including civilians, an adequate chance to prove themselves. The limits were also there to keep a Kage from using the academy as a way to instill loyalty to him personally above even the village. Kages can change. A ninja's loyalty to village should not.

Hiruzen remembered a different time later in Naruko's life that exemplified how little he could help in that regard to his mind. He still found a way to get her to take that as a challenge and use it to her advantage.

~~~~~ Flashback Starts ~~~~~

Naruko was frustrated as she walked into her Jiji's office. He liked to check up on her a good bit regarding her education at the academy, but it was always frustrating for her. She didn't hate studying and learning honestly, but she couldn't stay still that long especially when the teachers hated her so much. She would tell him when it got too bad and for a little time after such discussions things briefly improved. They still eventually returned to how they were though and it was really getting to her.

"I take it things aren't going so well in the academy," he said to her as she stormed into his office.

"Ha! You can say that again. The teachers really hate me and it annoys me! It isn't even my fault! I know why they act that way, but still…" she said. Her eyes quickly widened for a moment as she realized what she just more or less admitted to knowing.

"Interesting… How long have you known? I get the feeling you are referring to your… passenger," he said as he looked to her seriously. He wasn't angry at her, but he was surprised and this was big.

Naruko sighed as she plopped down into a chair. "A few years… You know how bad things got for me early on before you could actually help me. I almost starved to death one time and the Furball saved me… I was scared and surprised at the time. He said something about how he refused to let his Jinchuriki die in such a way. He started teaching me how to better look after myself and get stronger. It seems something about the seal or something else maybe… Whatever it is… Something seems to have in a way cleaned away some of his hatred and malice. Though we both agree Uchihas area all stuck up bastards," she said.

Hiruzen couldn't help but laugh a little at her last statement. He was also further impressed by the seal Minato used on Naruko and the Kyuubi. "That is a little worrisome I will admit. But given who you are. It is obvious you aren't losing to the Kyuubi's influence. The seal on you truly is of another level. Can you access his chakra?" he asked.

"Only in emergencies… It is too much and strong for me otherwise at the moment. I also don't want to rely on it. It can be… intoxicating. We tried it one time and I got really reckless in my training," she admitted.

Hiruzen nodded to this in thought. "Wise not to use such things as a crutch. Too many make that mistake with their bloodline abilities. Such powers are like tools. We should not come to rely on one particular set too much. If something happens to it, which is always a possibility in our world, it leaves you helpless."

Naruko was drinking in his words. It was impressive how much she benefited even from something this small.

The aged Hokage gave a sigh. "Sadly, there isn't much I can do about how you're treated at the school," he said.

She frowned but still nodded in agreement. She knew how good people were at toeing lines. All ninjas did. It was a huge part of who they were, but they weren't the only ones capable of such actions.

Hiruzen then gave a bit of a smile. "However, this does not have to limit you too much. Self-study is an important part of being a strong ninja. That is why even those who become Genin and have a Jonin-sensei still do most of their training on their own. You could become much more powerful quicker if a Jonin-sensei taught you everything they knew and you just copied them. However, that would mean an enemy would essentially double their chances of finding weaknesses in you both. If they found one's weakness, they could easily have the weaknesses of two or more given how long a sensei had been passing on their teachings," he said to her.

"Really?" she asked in awe.

"Yes." Hiruzen sighed as he added, "Though some sadly use this fact as an excuse to be a lazy Jonin-sensei." One Jonin wearing a mask with gravity defying silver hair and an eye smile came to his mind in particular.

The Hokage turned to her. "It may be earlier than it should be. But you should start doing so now. I can even give you something to help with such an approach, but you will have to be careful with it."

"Really? What is it?!" Naruko asked eagerly.

"Yes. But keep in mind the main purpose for you to have this technique is to aide in your self-training where the academy is sadly failing. It has other uses, but those should be reserved for when you are more advanced," he said.

The small blonde girl was grinning widely. Hirzuen added something else. "I expect you to use it to improve your abysmal chakra control first of all. You know the exercises for that. I know you slack on them."

Naruko blushed. "But it seems so pointless and impossible…" she whined.

The aged Hokage smiled as he said, "Which is exactly why you need to practice them so much. They should be something you can do instinctively. That is how you will know you've learned them well enough."

Naruko sighed but soon perked up. "Okay! If it means I can learn an awesome new Jutsu, I can do that." She gave him a foxy grin.

"Good to hear," he said. He knew the shadow clone was a restricted technique because it was dangerous for most, but Naruko was an exception there. Her chakra was so vast that this was probably the only way she could produce a clone without going into advanced elemental jutsu clones.

He chuckled again. Naruko looked to him questioningly. "But really… Furball?" he asked her with a grin.

Naruko blushed and giggled a little. "He sometime calls me Brat or Squirt. I call him Furball in response when that happens," she said.

Hiruzen shook his head. "I'll show you the technique real quick, and watch over you until you get it. After that, you will be on your own for training," he said.

Naruko smirked as she followed him out of the office. "You just want an excuse from paper work, don't you?" she asked with a giggle.

"That may or may not be true," he replied evasively playful.

~~~~~ Flashback Ends ~~~~~

The third Hokage sat back down and got to paperwork once more. He still had some time before she reported to his office. He had instructed one of his ANBU to retrieve her once she finished her personal training for the day. In the mean time, he should get some more work done.

{-} {-} {-}

There was a knock on the Hokage's door. "Come in," Hiruzen called.

Naruko stepped inside curious why she had to report to him. "Ummm… You called, Jiji?" she asked as she sat down in front of his desk.

"You know a little bit about your bloodline, yes?" he asked.

Naruko had a half frown in response. "I do… What about it?" she asked.

"Are you aware of all three aspects of it?" he asked.

She nodded a little uneasily. He raised an eyebrow at her in question. "Well. I mean some strange things have happened a couple of times… I've found a way to read some about my bloodline and I have a guess… But it seems to be really rare. Even those special scrolls belonging to my clan you gave me are kind of vague about it other than how powerful it can be," she quickly answered his unasked question.

The Hokage nodded. "It is rare," he started.

He took a draw on his pipe and let it out. "Your mother was the last to awaken it… It is important you keep that to yourself and anything else you find out about her," he said to her. If she passed this and happened to find out who her father is as a result, then she was ready to know everything. He still wouldn't like it though.

"Really?! So, it is true? It does exist? Am I right in thinking I have it too?" she asked trying hard to contain her excitement.

"This letter came for you and it is proof. You would not have received it if you hadn't awakened that part of your bloodline. Read it," he said.

Naruko quickly grabbed it. She was really excited about this. She felt closer to her mother and their clan if this was true. She read the letter.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Naruko Uzumaki,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Your term will start the 1st of September, 1991. We await your owl no later than the 31st of July, the same year. After your response is received, a member of our staff will get in touch with you about required supplies for the school year. Should you need assistance in obtaining such supplies please in form us so we can act accordingly.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Naruko read over the letter a couple more times. It was so interesting and hard for her to fully grasp. She was still excited by this news nevertheless.

"So… I'm not only a ninja and future Hokage. But I'm a Magic ninja?" she asked excitedly.

Hiruzen chuckled. "You aren't a ninja just yet. But you are witch, Naruko. Your mother was as well. She too went to this school as have all of your ancestors who awakened the magic in their bloodline early enough." he said.

Naruko frowned a little. "Oh yeah… I forgot… I'm still in the academy." She frowned deeper.

"How come I have to wait until next year though?" she asked.

"From what I know, eleven is the age young witches and wizards attend this school, but you missed the cut off date by a few weeks," he said.

Naruko's eyes suddenly widened in thought. "Can I even become a ninja if I go to this school?" she asked a little panicked. She wanted to be Hokage. To be Hokage, she needed to be a ninja.

"It is possible. Things can be arranged to an extent, but it would be best if you graduated from the academy before you have to go to Hogwarts. You can choose not to go to this magic school, if you wish. But we will have to do something about your bloodline in that case. I don't know too much about it, but I do know personal training in using it without the basics is not only dangerous for yourself; but also, those around you. If your mother was still with us or someone else from your clan who awakened this aspect of your bloodline, they could teach you in place of Hogwarts, even if it wasn't optimal."

Hiruzen sighed, "Sadly, that is not the case."

Naruko was in deep thought. "I'll go. I'll make sure I pass the academy exam next time. You better believe it!" she said. Her voice was filled with more determination than she usually had and she wasn't known for lacking in that regard.

Hiruzen smiled to her in challenge. "We will have to see about that. You will have train and study harder than ever, Naruko. No more slacking off regardless of your instructors hindrances," he said.

He would allow her to attend Hogwarts and find a way to help her become a ninja should it be needed. He would only step in if she couldn't do it before she had to go to Hogwarts. He had a feeling she would pass this time, though. He also had a feeling it would leave the instructors who disliked her reeling and furious. He was sure she would pass in such a way they couldn't find any loophole to hold her back.

Naruko was looking over the letter again. She was more and more excited about it. She had to ask a question though, even if it sounded stupid. "What do they mean by 'awaiting my owl'?" she asked with an expression she often used when in thought.

Hiruzen gave a chuckle in reply. He always found it adorable, even if she acted like she hated being seen as cute by others. "That's how they regularly communicate. It is a little odd, but it works well enough. I'll send your reply for you," he said.

Naruko smiled and her stomach growled. She blushed and gave a nervous laugh. "Can we get some ramen… You know… to celebrate!" she said with a wide grin.

The Hokage laughed again. "I think we can," he replied as he stretched and the two left his office. He really looked forward to seeing her pass her second attempt at the Academy exam next spring.