"Peggy…" She heard a faint voice say her name, although ignoring it and dosing off once again.

"Peggyyyyy…" She heard it again, though this time a little sharper. Still, she chose to ignore it.

"PEGGY!" This time she jolted awake to see her sister's sharp expression staring down at her.

"What were you thinking, dozing off like that!" Angelica scolded. Peggy kept quiet.

"Come on," Angelica said. "We have to get ready."

"Uh, Angie?" Peggy asked. "Remind me what we're getting ready for?"

"Peggy..." Angelica started. "We're getting ready for the Winter's Ball."

"And possibly meet our future husband!" Eliza, her other sister said dreamily. Angelica chuckled as Peggy made a sour face. "What do you have against finding a husband?" Eliza asked.

"Well-" she studdered. "I mean it's just-" Angelica gave her a sly smile. "The real question is what do you two not have against finding a husband?"

"It's important," Angelica said. "Because then father can uphold his name."

"Oh, so it's about father then?" Peggy muttered sarcasticly.

"Well, not exactly," Eliza added. "It's also about finding someone you love." Keep telling yourself that, Peggy thought.

"I, Margarita Schuyler, vow to never get married!" She exclaimed.

"Peggy, you know mother and father would never allow that!" Angelica argued.

"Angie's right, y'know, Peggy," Eliza commented. "They would never let that happen." Although Peggy was used to her sisters singling her out, she was still sick of it

"Well, they don't control me!" Peggy whispered.