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(World Designer, the Internet)

It had been almost 8 years since Litwaks arcade closed and the game characters moved into the internet. Ralph and Vanellope had founded Litwak city in the game world designer located in a website called steam. They welcomed any homeless game or website avatars to come live there, such as the transformers who hailed from former transformer games that have been delisted, to my little ponies from Hasbros former friendship is magic line which had been cancelled several years ago and replaced, to even former website mascots. The game was well defended, and for the most part people got along, no major discrimination occurred among the citizens, unless it was in their coding to do so against another being, such as the Autobots and Decepticons.

World designer was currently split into 3 worlds, the main world where everyone entered the game. There was Velocitron, a world full of racing, and a popular hangout spot for many citizens. Finally there was paradise island, a world with beautiful beaches and resorts, the best place to party.

In the city's welcome center which had moved towards the front of the game by the entrance, it was a slow day for the resident stormtroopers and the bobbies of We Happy Few, who would take turns from their game to watch over this game, it was a nice change of pace for them. Only 2 arrivals today, a former website mascot, and a family of Human Rabbit hybrids.

The stormtroopers were currently checking in the website mascot, a girl named Honey Potts, former mascot of the Sweet Honey Treats corporation which had gone bankrupt not too long ago, now she was looking for a new home. She was a young adult looking woman with yellow blonde hair, green eyes and brown glasses, a yellow shirt, black skirt, black and yellow leggings and black boots. She only had one bag of clothes with her, along with 3 crates of bees. A stormtrooper and a Bobby were checking her into the game.

"So Miss Honey Potts, what brings you here?" Asked a stormtrooper

"I'm looking to move in, my site got shut down and I need a place to live" Said Honey

"Well you've come to the right place. What's in those 3 crates?" Asked the Bobby

"Oh, those are my bees, I want to make a honey farm" Said Honey

"Security, quarantine those crates"

A few stormtroopers came out and took the crates from her.

"When you get your business open, come and talk to us, we can't just let you bring these in just like that" said the Bobby

"I under-

Before Honey could finish her sentence, she heard screaming. Everyone looked to see a woman dragging a Nazi soldier into the room. The woman wore glasses, a white shirt with a pink heart shaped donut on it, black pants, and a black jacket. Her hair was braided into a ponytail and held with mini powdered donuts. This caught both the bobbies and stormtroopers attention.

"Miss Sprinklenut, what are you doing?" Asked a stormtrooper

"Bringing this jerk to princess Lucy, they beat her up last week, thought she'd want a little payback"

"Fine, just don't let this guy out of your sight, now move along"

The woman dragged the screaming soldier through the room and into the game.

"Sorry about that ms. Potts, that's Dobrina Sprinklenut, she's the games best donut baker, she's good friends with Prince Rancis and his family. You'll like her" Said the stormtrooper checking honey in

He looked at Honeys head and noticed 3 cartoony looking bees sitting on her head.

"Miss don't freak out, but there's 3 bees on your-

"I know, they're my friends, Buzz Bumble and stinger, they're my helpers in commercials. They stay with me" Said Honey

"Very well, please move along to have your bag scanned and your codes added. Next"

Honey moved along, leaving the family of four. It consisted of one anthropomorphic rabbit, a human, and 2 human/rabbit hybrids. The little boy hybrid had brown hair, and wore a simple white shirt and blue suspenders, the girl hybrid a black and white plaid shirt, black pants and boots, and had her ears tied in a bow, she also had brown hair.

The rabbit man was as tall as his wife, he wore a white shirt and blue overalls. The woman was a beautiful woman with a white dress and brown skirt, her hair in a long French braid. And she wore light brown sandals. After looking at how little bags they had, the trooper asked them the usual questions.


"Kit Smoreline, this is my wife Fudge, my son Mocho, and my daughter Cinnamon" Said the rabbit

"Where are you from?"

"A game that was delisted, we don't remember much because we weren't liked by our people and weren't allowed to leave. They thought we'd die when we got delisted. We just want a new life" Said the woman

"Well you'll get one here. You all look hungry, first meals free, step into the next room to have your bags looked at, and then we'll get your codes added"

(Vanellopes castle, inside the game)

Vanellopes twin 6 year old children, Lucy and Kevin, sat in a classroom looking area of the castle with some of the sugar rush racers in their kids bodies, as well as a couple children born in and out of the game. Twilight sparkle from Hasbro was standing as a teacher

"Hello everyone, I'm so glad you're here, I've been trying for 3 years to convince this games leaders to let me do this. My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle, and I'm going to be teaching you all about every character in this game, and where they come from, and how best to interact with them"

A boy in yellow clothes raised his hand.

"Yes, Norville is it?"

"Yes. So you're a princess? How'd you end up vith zis job?"

"Wow you talk funny, but to answer that my line of toys on Hasbro was cancelled and I was replaced so me and my friends came here, and I love to teach so I thought I'd teach all of you. Now if there aren't anymore questions, we're going to learn about the transformers first" said Twilight

Lucy rolled her eyes, Kevin smiled, he loved the transformers and he wanted to know where the ones in this game came from.

"Today we're going to learn about the War for cybertron versions of the transformers living here. Long ago on the far away planet of Cybertron, the transformers lived in relative peace. But things weren't all good on the planet. The transformers lived in a caste system. Does anyone know what a caste system is?"

No one said anything, not many of them wanted to be there. But twilight forced them to be here. Only Kevin showed interest in this subject, as well as candlehead.

"Well the caste system said that none of the transformers could choose their destiny, some were born to be leaders, others as low as miners and workers. Those in the lower castes didn't even have names. This was where a miner began growing a huge number of followers in illegal gladiator fights, his name was taken from one of the 13 original primes of cybertron, he was known as the Fallen, his name was Megatronus. Megatronus-

Twilights class was interrupted by Dobrina bringing the screaming Nazi soldier into the room.

"Hey princess, got this guy for you to beat up" Said Dobrina

"Did you filthy Jew, die" the soldier told Lucy

"Excuse me, I'm trying to teach a class here" Said Twilight

"On a Saturday? Kids should have fun on a Saturday, wait til Monday to do this. This guy and his friends beat up the princess last week, she must want to get them back" Said Dobrina

"Ok, fine I get it, you don't want to be here any of you. Class dismissed for today, but I expect you here Monday afternoon where we'll continue this lesson" said Twilight before leaving

All the kids except Lucy and Kevin left the room.

"Thanks for getting us out of this. Now as for this guy" said Lucy

She gave a weak punch on the armor, but it hurt a little, it had metal on it. The Nazi laughed, and was met with Dobrina hitting him on the head with his helmet on. She flattened the helmet and knocked the soldier out.

"Give me five minutes and I'll remove this armor" Said Dobrina

"Uh that won't be necessary. How about you give us some donuts and we call it a day" Said Lucy

"Whatever you say my little princess" Said Dobrina