(Tappers, that evening)

Rancis sat with his old friends/siblings, Taffyta and candlehead. He was having a small dinner with them to catch up. Candlehead was doing well with her life, and Taffyta bragged about how her new dress shop was doing. Rancis praised his son on his arcade which was doing well along with his toy store.

"So, how do you feel having a failure of a daughter?" Taffyta asked him

"Lucys not a failure. She's doing the best she can" Rancis snapped at her

"Like how she ordered droids to destroy a colony she built?" Taffyta asked

"That was kind of a rude thing for her to do" said Candlehead

"She didn't want to do that. Believe me. It was a last choice thing" said Rancis

"Face it Rancy, your daughters a failure. The imperial navy will crush her like a bug. You're about to be remembered as the king who raised a nutjob daughter. And you're not much of a man yourself, I mean I've seen your friends" said Taffyta

"Don't Call Lucy a nutjob. And my friends are good friends"

"A LEGO pilot who doesn't live here, and a fox who came from the worst game of 2014. Nice group of friends" said Taffyta mockingly

"Poe and Tails are good friends. I don't know why we were ever friends Taffyta. You've always been critical" said Rancis

"I'm surprised you're not critical of Lucy. How are you not embarrassed by her? She almost got you killed by some creepy old wizard man who shot lightning out of his hands, caused a tsunami, is ruining your family's good name, I'd be ashamed if she was my daughter" said Taffyta

Rancis stood up, he was furious.

"That's it, I'm going home. I hate you Taffyta. Candlehead, I'll see you around" said Rancis

Rancis poured Taffyta's drink over her head before hastily leaving the restaurant. He went to his car and sat in silence. He hated admitting it, but Taffyta was sort of right. Lucy was a mess of a daughter. She was continually embarrassing herself, and she had terrible anger issues. While having villains for friends proved beneficial at times, she was way over her head with how she was trying to rule. The imperials were military people, they knew how to fight. Lucys droids were dumb, and somewhat fragile. Her navy was made up of outdated clone wars era tech, compared to the sleek and heavily armed ships of the empire. The empire had many recruits, it was only a matter of time before Lucy was outnumbered.

Rancis didn't want to admit it, but he was starting to lose hope for his daughter. As a father, he would still support her, but he feared what would happen should the imperial navy and Grand Moff Williams defeat her again.

Later that evening he kissed Lucy goodnight, she was sleeping in her bedroom in his house rather than hers.

"Sleep tight my princess" said Rancis

"I love you daddy" said Lucy

Rancis left her bedroom and went to his and Vanellopes bedroom. She noticed he wasn't well as he changed for bed.

"You're worried about Lucy aren't you?" Vanellope asked

"Stupid Taffyta said things about her. She's right. Lucys crazy. She's going to get crushed like a bug" said Rancis sadly

"Our daughter is not crazy. She's a good leader, she just hasn't proved it yet" said Vanellope

"Nelly, she caused a tsunami and tried to kill some ponies. Sure she beat some inquisitors, but that doesn't make her a leader. I really don't want to admit it, but I'm starting to lose faith in her" said Rancis

Vanellope punched him in the shoulder

"You don't know what you're talking about. Taffyta is making you think that. Who cares what she thinks" said Vanellope

"How'd you deal with it when we were younger? You suffered bullying from me and the others for so many years before you were revealed to be a princess"

"I kept myself going knowing things would be better eventually. Lucy needs our help more than ever now. If we give up the imperials win. Grand Moff Williams will win. Our daughter will lose everything she made again. I don't want that to happen" said Vanellope

"Neither do I. But still, I worry for her. Sometimes I'm embarrassed by her actions. Remember how she was before we made her take those anger classes?" Rancis asked

"I know. Believe me it's not easy for me to see her be this way either. I want our kids to succeed. I know Lucy can win with our help. But we can't give up on her. Tell you what, tomorrow I'll talk to her. Give her some motivation, make her feel she'll be fine. And when she wins this war, it'll be me rubbing it in taffytas face" said Vanellope

Outside the bedroom, Lucy stood in her robe and slippers, having heard the conversation after getting a bottle of water to keep her cool through the night. She went back to her bedroom and climbed into bed, hugging her Fluttershy doll. She couldn't believe her dad was embarrassed by her. This made her feel sad, she felt like an awful person.

It was her stupid force powers that caused her problems. They increased not only her intelligence but her anger and emotions. If it wasn't for them, her kingdom wouldn't exist, that tsunami wouldn't have happened, she'd be a normal girl. It was all, no, she didn't want to think of HIS name. HE just had had to give her her powers. HE ruined her life. But there was no time for that now, it was time to move on. She had to prove to her daddy that she wasn't a failure. She had to plan her next move in her war carefully

Back with Rancis and Vanellope, they were still talking.

"I'd be sad too if I was blackmailed like that by an imperial. I let them stay and they turn against my family." Said Vanellope

"How can a man say that to a little girl?" Rancis asked "Wanting her complete surrender"

"If anything im happy Lucy tried to make peace, even though I knew it wouldn't work" said Vanellope

"Guess all we can do is help her plan her next move. Whatever she wants to do"

"Yeah. Gives you something to do at least. I know your flight teaching business is at a standstill. Is there seriously no one who wants to learn to fly from you?" Vanellope asked

"Why fly with me when the empire can show the galaxy? I can't offer what the imperials can" said Rancis

"You'll find someone else" said Vanellope "maybe we can convince one of the kids classmates to fly"

"That's crazy" Rancis joked "not that desperate"