Summary: "Sometimes I feel in need of some light reading."

Pairings: Beka/Tyr

Disclaimer: Tribune owns all rights to Andromeda.

Rating: PG-13, just to be safe

Spoilers: Nada.

Setting: Third season-ish.

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Author's Note: Just some light reading…

Light Fantasies

By B.L.A. the Mouse

Tyr had thought that Beka would come by his quarters after she finished on Command deck. They had agreed to meet for sparring, after all. When the assumed time came and went, he found himself wondering and unable to concentrate on his book. Finally he set it down and walked over to her quarters, assuming that she would be there, as the Maru was out.

She answered the door quickly after he pressed the access, but seemed surprised to see him there. "Tyr?"

"I believe we were going to spar?" He studied her carefully, as she was slightly pink in the cheeks, but he wouldn't have thought she'd been exerting herself and there was nothing obvious to indicate any other cause.

"Oh, right. Sorry! Um." She stepped back. "Come in, just let me change."

He wouldn't have worried, given that she was already wearing nothing unusual, but he did as asked and waited as she grabbed some item of clothing off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. While he waited, just inside the door, he noticed the flexi dropped on the sofa, still lit and presumably waiting for her to come back to it. What she had been doing prior to his interruption, perhaps? Curious at what would draw her away, he picked it up and read the paragraphs of text displayed.

His eyebrows rose. The contents, even that small fraction, explained immediately her flushed cheeks. He was, admittedly, intrigued by the description of the male character's use of his boneblades— probably foolish, but novel— and the female character's response to it. He was also intrigued by the female character being Human to the male's, apparently, full Nietzschean nature. Tempted to continue reading, he hesitated to put it down.

The bathroom door opened again. "All right, I'm ready to…" Beka had to have realized what he held, especially when his expression was undoubtedly guilty. She came over to him and, while her shrug was casual and unconcerned, her heart beat a little faster. Concern? Fear? Or something else? "Just a little light reading. These things are addictive."

He gestured with the flexi. "How many more do you have like this?" He had no doubt, for many reasons, that there were more.

"Romances, you mean?"

"With a Nietzschean and a Human."

Their eyes met for a long, silent moment. Neither of them looked away when she answered, "A few. I know it wouldn't really happen, but…"

"But," he finished when she trailed off, "even knowing that reality is impossible—" he faltered when she licked her lips, seemingly unconsciously, before continuing, "the fantasy is still enjoyable."

"Exactly." Her voice was barely a whisper.

They still considered each other. He was unsure what to say that would not be incriminating and suspected that her reason for silence was similar. Finally he felt compelled to look away, down again at the flexi, before offering it back to her. "I may wish to borrow these… fantasies… of yours. Sometimes I feel in need of some light reading."

She took it back, her fingers brushing his in a gesture that he was not entirely sure was accidental. "Anytime."

It did not seem that they were speaking solely of the flexi.

The End