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Chapter 1: Origin

"Kacchan, please, stop hurting him..."

So spoke a green-haired boy, standing in front of a child who laid injured on the ground. The boy shook in clear fear of the target of his words and his green eyes showed the same feeling, but still he stood to protect the child from those who were bullying him.

"Y-You shouldn't be using your Quirk to harm others for your own enjoyment!" He shouted vehemently.

"What's this, Deku?" The interlocutor, a boy with ash-blond hair and red eyes, replied as he let out an arrogant laugh and grinned evilly. "I can do whatever I want, and you are below me, so you don't get to tell me what to do."

His hands smoked and started to make small explosion sounds to give more power to his words.

Midoriya Izuku, the green-haired and green-eyed boy, looked on in fear and disbelief towards the blond-haired boy, Bakugo Katsuki. Katsuki and Izuku had once been best friends, but ever since Katsuki manifested his Quirk, he had become little more than an arrogant bully, one that went around looking down on those who had 'weak' Quirks or, worse, no Quirk at all, and he reveled in his attitude.

Izuku had yet to manifest his Quirk, but nonetheless he was not going to stand for that attitude, because he hated it when others abused their power or picked on those that were weaker than them. A fan of Pro Heroes and of their philosophy, he thought that people with Quirks should use them to help others or improve the future.

That was why he chose to defend a helpless kid, even though he was helpless as well: even though he knew he had no chance of beating Katsuki in a straight fight, he would not let anyone else be tormented by him any further, even if it cost him his life (granted, when saying this young Izuku simply imitated what he heard from his heroes, but it was till a commendable attitude).

"You are worthless!" A chubby boy with red wings yelled at him.

"He is Quirkless, but it's still the same thing, either way!" Another boy, this one with a long-stretching left hand, shouted as well.

"That may be true," Izuku replied, shedding tears and clenching his teeth, but still holding his ground in defiance, "but since you are using your own Quirks to bully others... you don't deserve to have them!"

The three boys glared at him, especially Katsuki, who was getting angrier as Izuku kept talking defiantly.

"Guess you need to know your place then, Deku!" He shouted before coming charging at Izuku, followed by the other two boys. Izuku braced himself, knowing that he was in for a beating.

However, as he puts his arms up in defense, he closed his eyes tightly... until he realized his arms were glowing with a light green light, which suddenly shone and formed a big barrier around him and the boy he was protecting. When Katsuki's fist made contact with an explosion, the barrier flared and pushed back, sending the blond flying back into his accomplices.

The boy Izuku was defending looked on in shock, surprise and admiration at him, like when he would do whenever he saw the heroes in action. Katsuki's two goons now laid on the ground, shaking and staring in fear after being tossed away by the Quirk Izuku had just manifested. Katsuki himself looked surprised at the sudden change of fortune.

And Izuku, as he slowly opened his eyes, he looked at the green barrier surrounding him and realized things had finally changed for him.

10 Years Later

'That was when I was four that things were starting to look up for me,' Izuku thought as he ran on the sidewalks of the streets. 'And that was my first and only setback.'

The reason Izuku was running was ahead of him in Tatooin Station, where a rough, beastly looking man with the head of a horse was rampaging through everything he could find.

'That's a huge villain, too,' Izuku remarked mentally as he watched from the crowd.

The world had changed two centuries ago when a child born in Qing Qing City, China, was born with an unique ability: the ability to glow. Called the Luminescent Baby, they were the first person in the world to have a superhuman ability, but not the last: as time passed, more people all over the world began to demonstrate what was once the matter of fiction, superhuman powers, that would eventually be known as 'Quirks'. As the number of people with a Quirk grew in number, so did those who would use them for evil purposes, but people answered by pursuing heroism as a profession – like those who were now coming in to fight the horse-headed villain.

The villain broke a high voltage tower in their rampage, and a piece fell towards the ground – only to be caught by a very tall, muscular man of wide shoulders, wearing a yellow-and-black-striped caution patterned headband and gauntlets. Izuku quickly identified the man as Death Arms, the Punching Hero.

Another hero, this one looking like a firefighter, arrived on scene and started to spread streams of water around the place in order to prevent the people from getting too close to the fight: this was Backdraft, the Rescue Specialist.

Wanting to see more, Izuku made his way through the crowd of civilians, trying not to bump anyone too hard, as another figure jumped over the crowd, getting a small group of girls to squeal as the figure was identified as Kamui Woods, the Tree Hero: jumping on the train bridge, Kamui started to fight the giant villain with his branch-like arms, slamming them several times against their body.

"Wow, look at him fight," He said as he watched with interest while the Tree Hero showed off several acrobatic feats in the fight. "A rising star to behold."

"You said it, kid! Nicely said, by the way," The man next to him – a man with star-shaped marks on the sides and the top of his head – replied, watching as well. "Come on, Tree-man! Give us a flashy move!"

Almost as if he had heard the man, Kamui suddenly expanded his branch-like appendages and apprehended the villain, to the cheers of everyone.

"Canyon Cannon!"

Just as he did so, though, a giant blonde woman came in and kicked the equally large villain into the ground, shocking all the witnesses as the villain fell unconscious.

"Today is the day of my debut! My name is Mt. Lady. A pleasure to make your ass-quaintance!" she said, introducing herself while winking and posing sensually, something aided by her voluptuous figure and her purple and pale tan-colored skintight bodysuit with orange stripes. Needless to say, many men and several women gazed and ogled the giant woman's 'assets'.

Not so much with Izuku, though. Sighing in annoyance at the new hero's showboating, he nonetheless brought his notebook – number 14 in his collection of data on heroes – and began to take notes on Mt. Lady's abilities and probable Quirk.

"Hey, kid, you are taking notes? Wanna be a hero, right?" The star-headed man said, noticing him, and Izuku turned to look back. "You look like a smart one, I'm sure you'll be able to do it."

"Yes! I'll do my best! Thank you!" Izuku replied with a smile.

Aldera Junior High, later that day

"Listen up, everyone! It is the right time for all of you to think about your future," The teacher said, holding up a stack of papers while smiling. "Now, I want all of you to turn in your career documents... but I think all of you have the ambition of becoming heroes, right?"

The entire class cheered as they began to show off their Quirks. Izuku, who had been sitting behind his desk, writing on his notebook, just raised his yellow-green colored energy coated hand.

Izuku had changed much from the nervous kid he was ten years before. While still a polite and nice boy, he was much more confident in himself without slipping into undue arrogance or cockiness, and was willing to help anyone who needed his aid: being the top student in his middle school and having a fairly powerful Quirk of his own allowed him to maintain that confidence.

"I can see your excitement very clearly. All of you have good Quirks, but remember, you cannot use them in public until you get your Hero License," The teacher kindly reminded them.

One particular person snorted. Izuku rolled his eyes, knowing who it was.

"Sensei! I don't believe for a second that I'm in the same class as these extras here!" Bakugo Katsuki stated. Even though he was not looking at him, Izuku knew that he had his feet propped up on his desk and was having that smug, snake-like smile of his. "I don't want to be seen in the same level as those with weak Quirks!"

Izuku ignored him, still writing in his notebook. Even after ten years, Katsuki was still an arrogant, rude, aggressive and generally unpleasant person that still looked down on anyone he did not consider strong. Izuku was sick of him and his attitude, and for the most part ignored him: while he did not hate him, he did not like him either, not after how he had turned on him when they were kids.

'He never changes,' Izuku thought, while everyone else in the classroom glared at Katsuki for his comment.

"What's the big idea, Bakugo?"

"Shut up, fodders!"

"Ah, yes, Bakugo-kun," The teacher said, perking up. "I heard you are going to apply for U.A. High School, right?"

Izuku stopped writing, now turning his attention to his former friend as he acted even smugger.

"Yeah, the best high school for Heroes!" One of the others whispered. "I've heard that it takes an average of 80 or more just to be able to apply this year!"

"Not to mention that the entrance examination is the most difficult, too!"

Everyone's mood dropped at the mention of the school: instead of glaring, a few of them were looking down in sadness, while the others were a tad fearful of the situation. Katsuki smirked at the display.

"I'm not that surprised that all of you cower at the mention of U.A. I will ace the entrance exam!" The blond stood up and jumped on his desk. "I will surpass All Might and become the greatest hero the world has ever known! My name will be inscribed on the list of best heroes in history!"

Izuku just ignored him and his big talk before going back to writing in his journal, minding his own business as usual.

"Well, I believe Midoriya-kun intends to apply for U.A. High School as well, if I am not mistaken," The teacher pointed out. Everyone turned their eyes to Izuku, who had looked up after hearing his name being mentioned, and most of them nodded in agreement.

"Huh? Midoriya? Most definitely!"

"If there's anyone that can get easily into U.A. its him!"

Unlike Katsuki, Izuku had earned the respect and admiration of the others in the class, thanks to his willingness to help those who asked him, as well as encouraging them to keep pushing forward to become better at what they did. Naturally, this was not liked by a certain someone.

"HEY, DEKU!" Katsuki bellowed before charging at Izuku's desk. Izuku knew that he intended to use his explosive sweat to blow him up, but he already knew how to deal with him: he kicked his desk forward. Katsuki tripped over the sudden obstacle while Izuku side stepped to his right before grabbing and firmly gripping Katsuki's wrist, holding him in place. Katsuki's expression changed to discomfort as he felt his strength wear out.

"We aren't allowed to use our Quirks here, Bakugo," Izuku said while glaring at him, pushing him forward and away from him. Katsuki grabbed his wrist and gritted his teeth as he felt his strength coming back.

Ever since Izuku had manifested his Quirk, he had received more praise than Katsuki, and more people clearly preferred the former over the latter, as Izuku was much more approachable than Katsuki. This only fueled Katsuki's own anger, hatred and jealousy for his former friend, and ever since he had tried his best to become better than Izuku, often to no avail.

"You think you can insult me by believing to be in the same league as me?" The explosive boy yelled. Izuku just sighed and looked at him straight in the eyes.

"Me applying for U.A. is none of your concern. Whether you feel insulted by me is none of my concern, either."

Izuku could see Katsuki was getting angrier, at least judging by the vein growing in his forehead and his hands starting to emit smoke again.

"The fuck is that supposed to mean, huh?"

"That you shouldn't try to intimidate others just because you fear they might become better than you. You are so blinded by your pride and ego that you hate the idea that someone may have a more powerful Quirk than you," Izuku replied, showing no sign of nervousness as he emphasized the last word. Katsuki growled angrily at the statement.

"What did you say, you fucking nerd?"

Before Izuku could reply, a bell rang signaling the end of class, so Izuku just packed up his things, noticing that all the other students were now hugging the walls while the teacher hid behind his desk: obviously, they had expected a fight to break out. Izuku shrugged and walked towards the door.

"Nothing. Just... mind your own business," He replied before opening the door, not even bothering to look back as Katsuki loudly raged.

He only noted that his path to becoming the Symbol of Peace had just got a tad harder and more interesting, particularly when he enrolled for U.A.

Somewhere in the shopping district

"Somebody stop that thief!" Someone yelled as a pile of gooey slime with egg-like eyes and sharp teeth slinked away, carrying several stolen goods in its body under everyone's eyesight.

"You can't catch me!" The slime-like thief laughed, his voice as gross as his appearance.

"Someone is coming to help us, right?"

"There is no end to this kind of people!"

"No need to fear! There is indeed an end to them BECAUSE I AM HERE!" A loud, heroic voice yelled: everyone turned to the voice, and their eyes widened in surprise.

"Look there!"

"No way!"

"Is that...?"

The last class for the day had ended, and everyone was now heading off to their homes or to do whatever they wanted, with Izuku being the last to leave, packing up as he went over his plans for the afternoon.

'The entrance exams are ten months away now. I could do more training with Superpower and refine my martial arts. I can catch up on Kamen Rider Gaim after that,' he thought as he put his notebook in the backpack, but just as he was leaving the building his thoughts were interrupted.

"We're not done talking, Deku," Katsuki said with clear rage, walking up to him while flanked by his two cronies – the same that had been with him ten years ago, when Izuku discovered his Quirk. "I've got a bone to pick with you. I am going to be the only student from this mediocre junior middle school to make it to U.A., and I'm a perfectionist, so don't you dare apply for U.A., nerd."

Izuku just looked at him, completely uninterested at the usual threat.

"Sorry, no can do. Plus, I don't have time for you. See you tomorrow!"

Izuku immediately sped away, leaving a dust trail behind him before Katsuki could get to him, causing the blond boy to flip out.

When he felt he was far away from him, Izuku slowed down and began to walk at a normal pace. As he looked up at the sky, he thought of how much things had changed between the two of them since the 'incident'...

Izuku had been a Tokusatsu fanboy since he was three. Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, Giant Robo, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, Super Sentai... he loved them all, enough to collect as much merchandise as he could find of them. But, if there was something he loved more, it was a particular Pro Hero. The one who always fought against his Godzilla figure whenever Izuku played with his toys. A hero called All Might.

He was the first Hero he learned about. He still remembered watching a video his mother had shown him, seeing how All Might rescued all the people that had been trapped in a collapsed building, always smiling, and that had excited Izuku to no end: he had then made it his objective to be like All Might and make everyone smile when he developed his Quirk.

And when the 'incident' happened, when Izuku discovered his Quirk as he defended a kid from being bullied by Katsuki, his mother had brought him to the doctor that had once stated he was Quirkless.

"It seems I made a mistake in stating you did not have a Quirk, Midoriya-kun. It did manifest later than usual, and I can see why," The doctor said as he stared in amazement at Izuku, who was using his Quirk to cover his right hand with a dark green glow.

Izuku's mother, Inko, was also staring in awe at her son. After the initial diagnostic, she had felt crushed at seeing her son's dream of becoming a hero vanish into thin air, but now she knew it was possible for him to achieve it.

"Why did it take longer to manifest than normal, doctor?" She asked in a serious tone as Izuku waved away his energy.

"What kind of Quirk do you have, madam?" The doctor asked, tapping his chin. Inko took a deep breath and wiggled both her hands. The two figurines that were resting on the nearby chair came floating towards her hands.

"I can manipulate small objects that are close enough to me, and my husband can breathe fire," She explained. The doctor nodded and motioned towards the X-Ray showing Izuku's left foot.

"Most Quirks appear at the age of four, but your son has shown it later than the usual. As you know, Quirks manifest when a person's pinky toe has one joint. In the previous X-Ray, your son did not have this, but now he does. Whether the joint appeared because he found his Quirk or whether he manifested because his pinky developed a joint, I cannot tell."

Inko turned to her son.

"Izuku... how did you manifest your Quirk?"

Izuku looked down and sighed.

"I... I was helping a Quirkless kid Kacchan and two other kids were bullying, and he decided to beat me. I put my arms up to defend myself, but then my arms glowed light green and there was a wall around me, and when Kacchan tried to hit me the wall pushed him and the others away from me."

Inko gasped and covered her mouth, while the doctor raised an eyebrow.

"Allow me a moment. You mentioned your Quirk glowed light green, but a moment ago it was a dark green. Hmm..."

"What is it?" Izuku asked.

"I am not an expert, but it is possible that your Quirk may actually have different aspects, with each aspect having a particular ability. That's something very abnormal... it seems you have a one-of-a-kind Quirk, Midoriya-kun. One-of-a-kind Quirk for a hero."

Izuku smiled at his words.

Later that night, Izuku was watching his favorite All Might video on the computer when Inko entered the room. Izuku did not turn, but he knew she was there.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were being bullied, Izuku?" Inko asked with a stern, yet worried tone. Izuku had not mentioned it, but she knew how to read between lines and had realized the truth. The seriousness behind her tone told Izuku that he should not lie to her, especially now that he had a Quirk and could be a hero.

"I... I didn't want to worry you or get Kacchan in trouble," He replied, looking down. In spite of everything Katsuki had done after getting his Quirk, Izuku still cherished his memories of him.

Sensing the sadness in her son, Inko slowly walked up to him and turned the chair to make him face her.

"Being courageous enough to stand up to those who are suppose to be your friends is a very admirable thing... but you need to let Bakugo-kun know that his attitude and actions will have very dire consequences for him, so he learns that what he is doing is wrong."

Looking up to her, Izuku saw the serious yet sincere look in her eyes, knowing that she was right and he should not doubt her. Inko resolved to have a very long talk with Mitsuki about the incident, and decided to change the subject.

"Now that the doctor has confirmed you have a Quirk... are you happy that you can gain your dream?" She asked, smiling.

"Mom... is my Quirk powerful enough... can I really... be a hero too?"

"Yes. Yes, you can be a hero, Izuku. You have what it takes to be the one that defends anybody in danger, even if it's someone like Bakugo. Never doubt yourself and keep your head up with confidence, to show the world that you are the true hero it deserves." She still remembered a similar conversation a few months ago, when she had a different answer for him. This time, though, she smiles and grips her son's shoulder with confidence. Izuku answers with a smile of his own, even with the tears in his eyes.

"Right! I'll be the hero dedicated to peace and justice! I will achieve that no matter what!"

"That's the spirit, Izuku!" Inko said as she hugged her son.

With this maternal encouragement and support, Izuku found the confidence and courage to become a hero that would change the world for a better future to come...

Izuku, after wondering what to call it, had decided to name his Quirk 'Superpower', because it was like one in the old comics he had read. During the next ten years, he trained to get used to Superpower in order to learn how to properly use his Quirk's three aspects, which he had named Attack, Block and Help, each of which had its own particular color and what they all did. He also supplemented his Quirk with training in martial arts, which he took to like a fish to water in order to not become overreliant in his Quirk.

In the meantime, his mother had undergone a change of sorts, and had decided to divorce her husband, because, after years of barely seeing her husband Hisashi at home, she had grown tired of him getting jobs abroad. The feeling had become mutual on both sides, so Inko was not sad nor bitter about him being gone for good, and neither was Izuku, who barely remembered his dad being at home either.

Now, though, as he passed through a tunnel, he clenched his hand.

'Just you wait, Bakugo. I'll be getting into U.A., and there's no way you will stop me.'

His thoughts were interrupted, though, when a sewer lid moved out of the way. The hideous stench caught Izuku's attention, making his eyes water as he looked for the source – and then he found it, a green sludge coming out of the sewer that had a pair of yellow eyes and incredibly sharp teeth.

"Looks like I managed to slip past him," The sludge said with a disgusting tone. Izuku tried to slip away, but the sludge saw him and the toothy smile grinned maliciously. "Oh, look, a very lovely body for me to wear!"

The thing immediately threw its tentacles at Izuku, trying to grab him. However, Izuku quickly dodged the first limb before activating Block, bringing up a light green barrier that shielded him from the other tentacles being thrown at him.

'This must be the thief I read about from the news!' Izuku thought as he analyzed the villain. 'I can't just keep defending, sooner or later I will run out of energy, so I need to strike back. I may be able to hold him up as much as possible while a Pro Hero arrives and deals with him. But, for how long will I be able to do it?'

The villain was showing clear frustration at being unable to get through the barrier: he really did not like when his victims fought back.

"Oh, come on, kid! I promise you it's not going to hurt a lot. Just a little! So let me take your body!"

That was when Izuku decided to change how to fight. The barrier flashed brightly, temporarily blinding the sludge villain before he was knocked back by a dark green energy wave. With the villain caught off guard, Izuku vanished the barrier and pulled the dark green energy over his arms, getting ready for another attack.


The sewer lid the sludge villain had escaped through went away flying, and the owner of the heroic voice that had just sounded out jumped into the scene. Izuku looked and saw a very large man with muscular and well-defined physique, with short, swept back blond hair that had two distinct tufts sticking up above his head.

"All Might?" Izuku whispered. He couldn't believe he was seeing his favorite Pro Hero in action, and he put up his clenched hands with excitement.

"You!" The sludge villain exclaimed with obvious hatred, as he shifted his attention to the hero. Immediately, he began to attack him, with more ferocity than he had against Izuku, and he threw more tentacles with more power into the fight. However, All Might easily dodged all the tentacles and charged at the sludge while cocking his fist back.


Izuku, knowing what was coming, quickly produced an energy barrier to protect himself from what was going to happen.


All Might's fist shot forward, so fast that it generated a huge wind pressure that impacted into the sludge villain, splattering him around the tunnel. While Izuku dealt with the shock of his favorite Hero saving him, All Might picked an empty bottle and gathered the remains of the sludge, putting all of it – eyes and mouth included – into the bottle.

"Are you alright there, young man?"

Realizing that All Might was talking to him, Izuku dispersed the barrier and looked up to see the grin his idol was known for.

"Uh, yeah! I'm perfectly OK, All Might. You arrived just in time, like you always do!" Izuku said, admiration obvious in his voice. All Might laughed loudly, causing Izuku's grin to widen in excitement.

"Well, I am glad to hear that, young man. I'm sorry that I didn't arrive sooner, but thanks to you, I captured the villain I was persecuting!" All Might replied, making a pose and grinning as his teeth sparkled under the sunlight.

'Oh, man, he is so much cooler in person!' Izuku thought as his inner fanboy took over, so much that he probably had stars in his eyes. Still smiling, All Might put the bottle in his cargo pants pocket.

"I must take this thief to the authorities now. That Quirk of yours is really something special. Keep practicing with it, and I am sure you will become a great hero one day!"

Izuku's eyes widened in shock.

"Y-You really mean it?"

"But, of course!" All Might laughed, proud.

"Wait, before you leave... could you sign my notebook?" Izuku asked as he pulled out Notebook #1 and opened it on the pages he had left empty precisely for the chance he might meet him. All Might happily agreed to do so and wrote his signature across the two pages before giving the notebook back to Izuku.

"I am glad you are fine. Farewell, for now!" All Might then bent his knees and launched himself into the air as Izuku watched him in wonder.

Unbenknownst to All Might, he had failed to firmly secure the bottle that contained the sludge, and as he jumped the bottle flew out of his pocket into a rooftop, where it broke.

Meanwhile, Izuku felt that the smile on his face would never vanish, as if today had suddenly become the best day of his life.

'Not only did I meet All Might, but he said I could become a great hero! And I got his autograph! Today I am just going to go watch Kamen Rider Gaim!'

Izuku started to run with excitement, using his Quirk to boost his speed as he made his way back home.

"Motherfucking Deku! Such a pathetic coward running off! Next time I see him, I'll be sure to give it to him!" Katsuki snarled as he finished drinking his soda, before crushing the can and tossing it away in anger.

"Calm down, Katsuki. Aren't you... overreacting a bit here?" One of his cronies asked while smoking a cigarette.

"Yeah, I don't think you should be picking fights with Midoriya, he's got a powerful Quirk," The other crony replied, extending his fingers to get another cigarette for himself. Katsuki glared at him.

"Shut up! That shithead's Quirk is not anywhere close to mine in power, you got that!" He bellowed before kicking several bottles away in a fit of anger. The other two guys kept exhaling some smoke, but Katsuki, now getting sick of talking about someone he considered 'inferior' to him, decided to focus on something else. "Will you two morons stop smoking around me!"

"What is that?"

"Katsuki, behind you!"

Katsuki turned around, but it was too late, and he barely had a second to see a mass of filthy sludge falling on him.

"Oh, good, a body with a powerful Quirk!" The sludge villain said, giving out an evil laugh.

A few blocks away, Yagi Toshinori, better known as All Might, was leaning against the railings to recover for a few minutes. Skinny, with sharp, angular features and long limbs, long neck and absent eyebrows, he was a great difference with his heroic persona.

'I have been thinking about finding my successor, and it's distracting me so much that a third rate villain was able to slip by me. Still... I'm running out of time,' Toshinori thought.

His train of thought was suddenly interrupted by a loud explosion in the distance. Instinctively, he tapped his pockets, and realized something was missing.

The bottle that contained the sludge villain he had captured earlier must have fallen while he jumped away.

"Oh, god, no..."

Izuku was getting closer to home, walking instead of running as he happily hummed, when an explosion shook the air. Knowing it had to be something serious, Izuku started to look around for the source of the explosion, only to hear more of them in the following seconds, so he began to follow the sounds, running until he found a large crowd of people watching the scene.

Looking on, Izuku was surprised to see the sludge villain he had fought earlier. Clearly, he had somehow escaped from All Might, and now it was once more rampaging around. To his shock, a group of heroes were standing aside, focusing only on keeping the crowd away and restoring damage rather than trying to stop the villain.

"Why aren't they fighting?" Izuku asked one of the people watching the fight.

"The villain took a schoolboy hostage, and he is using his Quirk to cause the destruction here. The Heroes aren't acting because they don't want to harm the kid," Someone explained with a worried tone.

Looking back at the sludge villain, Izuku was shocked to see that it had taken none other than Katsuki. Even more, he could see Katsuki's eyes were full of despair and pain as he soundlessly pleaded anybody to help him. Looking at the Heroes again, he wondered why they were not sweeping in. Death Arms was lifting a heavy piece of rubble to help several trapped civilians, and Kamui Woods probably feared getting close to the explosions due to his wooden body, but neither Backdraft nor Mt. Lady were doing anything other than watching.

That was when Izuku decided to do the unthinkable and ran towards the sludge villain, dodging the people trying to hold him back.

Nearby, Toshinori had just arrived to the scene, still in his normal form, and was horrified to see the damage caused by the sludge villain, who this time had succeeded in claiming a victim. That was when he saw the kid from earlier running towards the threat, ignoring the calls from the crowd and the heroes to stop.

"Bakugo!" Izuku shouted as he dodged the flames and debris littered around without slowing down for a second. Katsuki's eyes widened in disbelief when he saw Izuku, of all people, running towards him with a worried look. Unfortunately, this also caught the attention of the sludge villain, who clearly recognized him from earlier, and he began to turn one of his tentacles into a glowing fist.

Izuku did not care, though, and as he ran closer he called his dark green energy to his hand, creating a sword arm to the surprise of those who were witnessing the boy's bravery, and then jumping into the air while the sword glowed.

"I'm not gonna let you hurt him any further!" Izuku yelled in defiance, slashing the air to fire a sword beam. The sludge tried to intercept the beam with the glowing tentacle, but it was too fast for him and hit him straight at where his eyes and mouth were, causing him to close his eyes and yell in pain.

A second slice with the sword opened it by its midsection, allowing Katsuki to grab a much needed breath while Izuku grabbed him by his clothes, but as he did that Katsuki glared at him.

"Why the fuck are you doing this, Deku?" Katsuki snarled, although his coughs made it sound less threatening than normal.

"Just shut up for a second, Bakugo!" Izuku fired back, using his yellow green energy to weaken the sludge's grip on Katsuki before shooting dark energy through his legs, launching himself and Katsuki backwards, and incidentally further injuring the sludge villain from the blast. A light green barrier cushioned the two teenagers' impact against the ground.

"Deku," Katsuki growled again as he was now on the ground, between coughs trying to get his feeling back to his lungs after nearly asphyxiating. Now that his former friend was safe, though, Izuku focused his attention on the sludge villain, who, after recovering from the multiple attacks he had thrown at him, was now charging at Izuku.

"As much as I can't stand you, Bakugo, I still plan to be a hero," Izuku said as he gathered dark green energy in his arms, which began to glow once more. "It is a hero's job to guard those who cannot defend themselves, and I could tell you were in need of help."

With that, Izuku began to walk fearlessly towards the charging villain, readying his attack. Unbeknownst to him, Toshinori, after being shocked by his brazen walk, started to smile as the boy proved his heroism, first by saving the hostage and now by ensuring the villain would be stopped.

Izuku suddenly stopped and crossed his arms, forming a plus sign.

"Ultraman Beam!"

All the energy concentrated in Izuku's arms fired at the villain, forming a beam so bright that everyone else was forced to cover their eyes to avoid getting blinded. When they managed to recover their sight, they found the villain unconscious, most of its sludge disintegrated with no trace left in the ground, while Izuku still stood on the spot he had fired the beam from.

The civillian crowd began to cheer for Izuku, who remained in place while breathing at the effort, and Toshinori smiled again, realizing that he had the answer to his problem right there.

'I should have realized it earlier. He is the one...' Toshinori thought, amazed.

As the unconscious villain was finally apprehended and taken away while Katsuki was checked up by the paramedics that had come when the warning about a villain attack came, Izuku was now facing a new challenge.

"Hey, kid. We'd like to have a word with you," Backdraft said, the other heroes following the Rescue Specialist.

Not geeking out at the sight of four Heroes talking to him unlike All Might.

"All of you?" He asked, feeling a bit on edge in spite of them being... well, heroes.

"Yes. Look, I understand wanting to help people, but what you just did was incredibly dangerous, young man. You could have gotten hurt, or worse, you understand?" Backdraft continued.

"I do know that it was dangerous. I won't deny that it was very reckless of me, and for that I apologize," Izuku replied, bowing.

"Hmph, you should've just left this to us heroes in the first place, kid," Mt. Lady barked out. Izuku's previous elation turned into irritation.

"Excuse me?" He asked, offended.

"You heard me, kid. Should've just let us deal with it."

Izuku snorted.

"To you heroes. Yeah, right, I get it. What I did was rash and dumb, but at least I did something, because, let me remind you, Mt. Lady, that while I risked my life helping Bakugo, you did absolutely NOTHING," He fired back with disdain, making the debutante step back in surprise. But Izuku was not done with her.

"And you want to know the worse part? You were probably the one that could have done the most. You could have gone out and brought backup, or you could have helped put down the fires, or even punched the sludge guy and grabbed Bakugo. I saw you this morning when you stole Kamui Woods' thunder at the station, and to be honest you didn't leave a good impression to me. Maybe, before telling me off for trying to help someone else, you should remember that a hero's work isn't all about fame and glory, but about helping people." Mt. Lady cringed, acknowledging that Izuku was right.

"And you, Backdraft, you could have helped several times, and don't tell me you were busy putting out the fires, because I saw you gawking at me doing something for way too long! You could have actually put out the fires, or helped Kamui Woods get closer, or diluted the sludge. Being patient is good and all in the right situation, but doing nothing sometimes does more harm than good."

"True enough. I apologize," Backdraft replied with a nod.

"And, as for you two..." Izuku said, looking at Death Arms and Kamui Woods, the former apparently pissed off. "Well, Death Arms was busy saving the civilians, and Kamui gets a pass because of the fire, but next time maybe you could do something rather than hope a miracle solution happens?"

The two heroes nodded, and Death Arms' expression softened.

"I guess you are right, kid. But, still, don't do that again until you get your license. You are lucky the police is willing to let this one slide."

Izuku nodded and left the four heroes to their work, with them now intrigued by the boy. All Might saw his chance and sped off away.

The sun was now setting, and Izuku was finally getting home, a little exhausted after using what he considered his super-move, as well as processing all the events that had taken place earlier.

"Hey, Deku!" Izuku did not even turn, knowing who it was that had interrupted his thoughts. "Don't think for a second that I owe you anything! I never asked to be saved and you never helped me, got it? I was fine by myself, and my Quirk is still stronger than your's, so don't you dare look down at me, you damn nobody nerd!"

"You're welcome!" Izuku replied sarcastically as soon as Katsuki was done yelling, and soon he heard him running in another direction.

'Seriously, I can't believe that, even after I saved him, he is still an ungrateful ass!' He thought, thankful that at least he would not have to deal with him and his idiocy any more for the day.


Startled out of his introspection, Izuku watched as All Might suddenly landed right next to him.

"A-All Might! What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to speak with you, young man," The hero replied, looking down at the surprised expression on Izuku's face.

"What?" Izuku's eyes widened so much that All Might thought they might actually pop out of their sockets. "You want to speak with me?"

'Not only do I get to speak with All Might, he actually wants to speak with me!'

"Of course! When I noticed the sludge villain had escaped its bounds, I sought him and was too late to stop him... but when I found him it was to see you going against him, all to save that boy, even though there is bad blood between you two." Izuku nodded quickly, smiling at his hero."You did it without hesitation, because it was the right thing to do, even when the other heroes couldn't do anything. I can even tell that you just started to run as soon as you realized someone needed your help."

"I just couldn't stand there and watch someone get hurt, even if it was someone I disliked, and I would do it again, no matter how dangerous it is," Izuku replied.

"And that, I believe, is the huge difference that demonstrates having the true ideal mindset of a Hero! That is why I believe you are worthy of inheriting my Quirk and becoming the next Symbol of Peace. You, young man, will, if you want, become the next torchbearer of One for All!" All Might declared.

"What?" Izuku asked in shock, not knowing that that declaration would forever change both his life and the world...

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- Yellow Green: Help. This allows Izuku to project energy that can augment or heal either himself or others, as well as temporarily reduce someone, by reducing their physical attributes like strength, defense, speed, etcetera and even quirks as well. Izuku can make binding restraints that holds and weakens the target for 3 minutes.

Weaknesses: Izuku's ability to use Superpower is restricted to his stamina so he can't use any of his energy for a prolonged amount of time. If fully drained, he becomes tired and exhausted, he won't be able to use Superpower for a while and will be out of commission as a result.

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