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Chapter 13: Hero Killer Part 2

Stain looked around, taking careful note of his surroundings and exit while keeping an eye on the two men that had 'invited' him to have a talk. These two – the one with the hands all over his body and the humanlike black smoke cloud behind the counter – were clearly villains of some sort, but he supposed they might be useful in his crusade.

"I see... so, you're the ones who attacked U.A.," he mused. "And you want to add me to your numbers."

"Yeah. Come on, you'll get so much more experience as a villain," the younger one – Tomura, he recalled – pleaded, but clearly he did not actually believe in what he was asking. He could even pick up a heavy hint of sarcasm behind the monotone.

"What are you after?"

"For now? I just want to kill All Might. I want to break everything I don't like. Damn kids like those... everything. Especially the energy brat," Tomura growled, holding a photo of someone Stain recognized as the boy who had won the Sports Festival. But that was secondary to what he had just said.

"I see. I was foolish to think you would be useful. You're the type of person I hate the most." Both villains looked at him in confusion. "You are having a childish tantrum, and you want me to go along with it? What meaning is there to killing without conviction?"

Kurogiri gazed at his charge and their 'guest' in worry. Bringing Stain here had been something of a spur decision, expecting it would help Tomura grow. But, given how the situation was going, he could not help but be concerned. However, All For One did not seem to share his preoccupations, and told him to let the situation continue.

"Well, I am looking forward to what you can teach me," Izuku said, grinning.

"Good, good," Gran Torino replied, pulling out a stopwatch from his pocked. "We'll start with... three minutes. Let's see if you can try to get a hit on me in that time frame!"


"Good, now get ready, because I'm going to be harder on you than I did with Toshinori! I'm not holding back!" The elder man took a deep breath, and suddenly he disappeared from Izuku's sight. Almost immediately he could hear something bouncing off the walls around him.

"I'm already losing my patience!" Gran Torino shouted, jumping to attempt to kick Izuku from behind: he did manage to jump away and avert the attack just in time, but before he could try to retaliate, Gran Torino was already gone. Izuku kept looking around, trying to pinpoint Gran Torino's location.

'He is moving even faster than Iida! I'm going to have to watch out!' he thought, remaining vigilant as Gran Torino kept bouncing around the room at almost supersonic speeds. Eventually, though, he managed to find the old man's trajectory. 'Got you!'

The retired Pro Hero suddenly went in to kick Izuku in the face, but he managed to quickly form a barrier between the two of them, negating the attack and forcing Gran Torino away.

"You are reacting quicker than before, kid!" he said, still jumping from wall to wall, side to side, even hitting the chandelier as he went fast enough to create small sonic booms. "Not many can make a claim like that. You might just be cut out to become the next Symbol of Peace!"

The refrigerator shook as Gran Torino jumped on it before going for another strike. This time, though, he was not met with empty air courtesy of another dodge, but with a counter in the form of an energy ball thrown at him. Gran Torino managed to twist in the air and got out of the way in time, leaving the destructive energy ball to strike part of the wall.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice job, but still not enough! Do you think you have what it takes to keep up with me at my absolute best?" Gran Torino asked, while Izuku stood there at the display of the old veteran Hero's power. 'This kid is on a level I've never seen in anyone his age!'

Izuku smirked.

"Yes. And I'll show you."


Izuku closed his eyes and clasped his hands together, starting to glow green.

"Superpower for All – Full Mask!"

The energy that had accumulated around him exploded, and suddenly he was covered in an aura of emerald lighting while streams of energy flowed from his eyes to cover his face, and Gran Torino felt his jaw threatening to drop at the display.

"I came up with this trick after the Sports Festival. Lets me combine Superpower and One for All temporarily!" Izuku informed him, grinning, and Gran Torino replied with a grin of his own.

"Oh, interesting. Perfect! It will be much easier to train you, now that you actually have a grasp on both of your Quirks! Now, let's finish this!" Gran Torino shouted as he began to use his Quirk again, jetting across the room several times in an attempt to goad Izuku into attacking... but the boy stood there, unmoving, clearly waiting for him to act.

Gran Torino decided it was time to go full speed, and he pushed to one hundred percent power, now going beyond supersonic speeds, as the furniture began to shake from the gusts of wind he created as he passed by. Much to Gran Torino's surprise, Izuku was able to dodge or block all of his attacks without even looking and, apparently, with no effort.

Suddenly, Izuku sped up towards him and tried to sweep him away with a roundhouse kick, but Gran Torino was able to narrowly dodge the attack by jumping away from him.

'What the hell, I barely saw him move! Not even Nana and Toshinori combined could go this fast at his age! I better watch out, kid could take down an average Pro... easily!'

Deciding to put some distance between the two of them, Gran Torino chose to jump up to the ceiling. Izuku looked up at him, and the elder Hero shook his head, chuckling.

"Even with your fancy moves, you still can't land a hit on me!"

"We'll see about that! Metal Hero Edge!" Energy began to swirl around his green hand, turning into a large buzzsaw ring that Izuku threw at Gran Torino. He predictably dodged it, causing even more damage to his home – he would have to see about hiring someone to fix the old damned thing – but when the saw struck it turned into energy particles that latched around him, forming energy rings.

'Clever boy. You used this trick against the Iida boy during the Sports Festival, and I didn't see it coming!' Gran Torino thought, now immobilized in the air as Izuku charged at him, his legs surrounded by lightning.

"MOTHRA SMASH!" he roared, kicking Gran Torino right in the face and sending him flying against the wall with a loud thud. He then walked over to the downed Hero, who picked up his stopwatch and pressed the button with one hand while he held the side of his face with the other.

"33 seconds... in your Full Mask. Good job," he groaned in pain, as Izuku deactivated his Full Mask and panted for air.

"That... was... awesome," he said between deep breaths, smiling and looking at his hands.

"You really are something else, kid. You managed to dodge everything I threw at you, caught me off guard with your ring attack, and you managed to make it through with analysis and prediction. You actually put your brains to use in the fight, that was something Toshinori had to learn and grow into, but you already have that down pat. Just one day here, and you made me take dodging you seriously with a move you came up with a couple of days ago. The way you are going, you might become a monster like in those old movies you like so much." He kept rubbing the pain on his cheek away, and decided it was time for a break. "OK, kid, since you've got such a firm grasp on your Quirks, let's have some grub! Go boil up some noodles and chop..."

That was when he realized that there were packs of cheap noodles – his entire stock of noodles, he realized – strewn around the floor, and charred from Izuku's energy attacks.

"NOO! They are all burned!"

"I'll go buy more!" Izuku said, running out of the house to find a supermarket, leaving him to deal with the burned food. 'Man, I've still got a long way to go... but I can see the light. I am definitely going to master Full Mask!'

"You want to add me to your numbers? You will never accomplish anything without conviction and desire, boy! Those without it, and those who are weak, will be weeded out," Stain said, staring Tomura Shigaraki straight into the eyes. "That is why it always turns out like this."

In a burst of speed, Stain unsheathed his swords and pinned Tomura against the wall by stabbing his shoulders before either him or Kurogiri – who suddenly grabbed his left sleeve – could react: the Hero Killer's speed was on a whole other level. Tomura did not even have the time to blink before Stain toppled him.

"Oww... that's too hard. Kurogiri, send this guy back," Tomura grunted, realizing too late that he may have made a mistake in trying to recruit the ruthless swordsman.

"I-I can't move my body... it must be his Quirk..." Kurogiri struggled to say as dark blood seeped down from his left sleeve: not only had Stain stabbed Shigaraki, he had also landed a sharp blow on Kurogiri just as he attacked.

"This society is overgrown with fake heroes, the world itself has lost its true meaning, and the criminals who wave their power around idly should all be purged!" Stain exclaimed, digging his sword further into Tomura's shoulder, until the hand-covered villain grabbed one of them with his hand.

"Heh, wait a second... not this palm..."

Stain was surprised when the sword Tomura had just touched crumbled away into dust.

"You sure talk a lot. Conviction? I don't have anything grand like that," Tomura said, getting rid of the sword stabbing his older shoulder and reaching out to Stain, who jumped back and unsheathed a knife, clearly knowing that he probably should not let him touch him. "If I had to say... yeah, it'd be killing All Might. I feel like I really want to completely crush this society, where trash like that gets worshipped!

"And my last injuries were about to finally get healed... we don't have a healer in our party, you know. Will you take responsibility for this?" Tomura said, scratching the back of his neck as he glared at the Hero Killer.

"So, that's who you are..." Stain replied, looking back in disgust.


"We might agree on one thing, destroy the present, but our goals completely oppose each other's," Stain said, somehow finding common ground with the villain.

"Stop messing around. Go home and die. I'm the kind of person you hate the most, right?"

"I was testing your true motives. People show their true colors when they are on the verge of death. It's different with you, but there's a warped sprout of conviction living inside you. How will you bud? It might not be too late to wait until after I've seen that to dispose of you..." Stain replied, outstretching his arms.

"You are gonna dispose of me?" Tomura questioned in a mocking tone.

"He's moving," Kurogiri warned.

"Kurogiri, I don't want someone as crazy as this guy to be a party member."

"Tomura Shigaraki, he will be a great asset if he joins us. The negotiations could still be successful-" Kurogiri said, trying to reason with Tomura, but Stain interrupted him.

"My business here is done. Now, return me to Hosu City. There are things I must attend to there," he stated, licking his lips with a bloodthirsty grin.

On the third internship day, Izuku and Gran Torino enjoyed a lunch made of two different packs of Korean noodles of the same company along with diced up expensive steak, Izuku had managed to buy on a discount after he saved a woman from falling down the stairs: the woman turned out to be the butcher's wife, and he rewarded him with the meat.

After their lunch, they took to spar again. This time, Izuku was weaving around Gran Torino's attacks while using another move he had come up, Superpower Limiter Release: right now, it lasted just three minutes and left him exhausted, but in exchange during those three minutes it pushed all of his physical skills to the maximum, and at least it was less straining than Full Mask. Gran Torino instructed him to push it until he reached the limit, so he could get used to it and so it would become second nature to him, perhaps even pushing the limit up. He was making good progress on it, as his control got better each time and took less of an effort to start it.

The sparring ended as Gran Torino's right leg struck Izuku's left fist with a mighty clash, forcing the two to separate before the elder raised a hand, rubbing his chin in thought.

"Let's stop for now. You aren't going to benefit much more from fighting me."

"I'm not trying to think about how you fight," Izuku replied, deactivating his move and breathing for air. "Right now, I'm just trying to get the hang of Limiter Release. We can keep fighting!"

"Not right now, you need something else. Let's move on to phase 2! Grab your costume!"


"We're going to fight some Villains!" Gran Torino exclaimed, raising his wooden cane. Izuku quickly began to put on his gear.


"Kid, if you only fight against me, you'll be getting too used to my style and then you'll be in trouble when you have to fight someone else, and this is supposed to be about teaching you how to be a Hero, so, yes, we're fighting Villains!"

"Not that I am complaining, but don't you think I need more time to prepare myself? I only just managed to come up with these new abilities, and I'd rather master them so I could use them more efficiently against Villains," Izuku said, concerned, as the two left the building.

"You've already experienced combat against Villains, right? We aren't going to touch anything as big as that mess from last month, and way I see it you are more than capable of handling the small fry. It may actually be a little too easy for you," Gran Torino replied, waving a taxi cab that was passing nearby. "We'll go on a little excursion. Not many people living here, so crime rate is probably among the lowest in Japan. That's why Hero Agencies establish themselves in urban areas, because the more people around, the more trouble you'll find. Shibuya's got enough small fights on a daily basis that you could easily handle."

"Shibuya? As in Shibuya, Tokyo? I didn't think I'd be wearing my Hero Costume when I first went there," Izuku said, smiling at the idea of going to Tokyo's most fashionable ward.

"You wouldn't get to wear it if you weren't with a Hero, so be happy that you'll get to display it on such a wonderful stage!"

"So... we'll be taking the bullet train to Shinjuku, right?"

"That's right."

'We will pass through Hosu City soon... I wonder how Tenya-san is doing. I should get in touch with him later.'

Shoto sighed as he finished with his lunch. It was sad to say that the soba served in his father's agency's kitchen was mediocre at best, certainly nothing compared to his mother's cooking.

The changes his father had undergone had not meant he kept from being wary, but still he had to acknowledge that Endeavor was probably the best Pro when it came down to teach him how to handle fire: his reaction time, speed and experience in using it were above any others that controlled fire. As he put his plate in the dishwasher, the door slammed open.

"Shoto, pack up, and put on your costume. We're heading to Hosu City," Endeavor announced in a booming voice.

"Any reason why we're heading there?"

"Because, according to my research, Stain is there, and we should be able to find him. I will show you how a top Hero performs in the field."

Stain was standing on the edge of a rooftop, watching the city spread under his feet, as he heard the sound of the purple vortex opening behind him.

"This place looks nicer than I expected," Tomura said as he came out through the portal. "So, what are you gonna do?"

"I will reform this city. In order to do so, I require more victims," Stain replied, not even looking at the villain.

"Is this what you meant the other day, when you said you had business to take care of?" Kurogiri asked.

"I see you're someone who understands."

"Hey, what are you trying to say about me?" Tomura asked in an offended tone, but Stain chose to ignore him, outstretching his hands as he took in the view of the city.

"'Hero'... it is a title that should only be given to those who have accomplished great deeds! But there are too many... too many who claim to be heroes, but are really money-worshippers. Until this world realizes its mistake, I will continue to act."

With that said, the Hero Killer jumped from the rooftop and fell into the city: he was determined that his crusade to purge the corruption from society would continue, no matter what.

"He talks all high and mighty like that... but basically he's trying to start a grassroots movement, huh? He's so noble I could cry," Tomura said, sarcastically.

"You shouldn't make too much fun of him. Every time he appears, crime rate falls dramatically. Some critics attribute it to a rise in Heroes' consciousness and shoot him down, though," Kurogiri replied, knowing that Stain might have a point about what he did.

"How wonderful! Heroes working hard to bring down the cost of food, huh? So, the 'Hero Killer' is also a 'Hero Breeder'!" Tomura exclaimed as he laughed. "How many Nomu do we have?"

"Seven," Kurogiri replied. "The good doctor has been investing more time in producing them, ever since he heard a single child managed to defeat it. None of them are like the one we used the last time, though."

"Well, this time it will be enough." The hand-covered villain grinned as he pointed out in the distance. "It's too roundabout, we will never agree on a basic level. He's also annoying. Kurogiri, bring out the Nomus."

Another purple vortex appeared, and seven monsters, similar to the one that had ended up killed at the USJ, came through, only they were smaller and gray in color.

"You think you can get away with stabbing me, Hero Killer? If I want to kill you, I just will. That's all. It will be a wild contest. I will crush your honor and pride."

"This train won't arrive to our destination until the evening. Is that okay?" Izuku asked from his seat on the train.

"You better believe it! There will be a lot more fighting at that hour, so it will be more fun!" Gran Torino replied, while Izuku just felt the sweat dropping down his back.

"Doesn't sound like that much fun, but I guess I understand," he said, pulling out his phone to check on his messages.

"Kids these days, using their smartphones when there's other people next to him!" Gran Torino grumbled.

Izuku paid no mind to Gran Torino's comment: he was more worried about his friend. He had sent him a message mentioning he would be passing by Hosu City, and asking him how he was.

'He read the message, but didn't reply. Tenya usually responds within three minutes of reading a message,' Izuku thought, looking out of the window: it seemed like Hosu Station was nearby, and he wished he could get off to find Tenya.

Suddenly, a flash of fire went off in the background.

"Look at that! That building just exploded!" one of the other passengers shouted.

"What? Where?"

"What's going on?" Gran Torino asked, standing from his seat.

"Could it be a fire?" Izuku asked, although he feared the worst.

"Passengers, please take your seats," the operator said, but his petition was interrupted when a crash shook the train and the wagon suddenly got a large opening where there should be none. Everybody yelled in panic, and the cause of the hole was revealed to be a Pro Hero, who was trying to stand up in spite of the multiple bleeding injuries he was suffering.

"What's with that-" Izuku asked, but before he could finish, something else entered the train and slammed the Pro against the floor with a violent boom, allowing the passengers to see it... something only Izuku out of everyone present could recognize, for he had already seen one like it a month before.

"NOMU!" he shouted, getting ready to fight the monster, but Gran Torino got in front of him.

"Kid, sit down!" he told him before running straight at the monster, kicking it out of the wagon with a powerful kick – and straight into a nearby building. Izuku, however, would not stay back.

"Sensei!" he yelled as he started to follow his mentor through the opening, just as something exploded on the other side of the city. 'What is going on here?'

Had he been closer to a certain building in central Hosu City, he would have seen a hand-covered villain laughing in amusement as several Nomu caused havoc and chaos all over the city, and civilians ran for their lives from what was becoming a war zone as Pro Heroes faced the monsters that had come from nowhere.

As the attendant tried to calm the passengers down, Izuku knelt besides the injured Pro Hero and infused him with Help, quickly healing his worst injuries, to the amazement of all witnesses.

"Alright, I'm getting out! Be careful!" Izuku said as he jumped out of the train.

"Wait, kid, it's dangerous!" the attendant tried to say, but it was too late.

"Wait, wasn't that Midoriya?" a passenger asked.

Izuku ran as fast as he could through the rails as the sun began to set, and as he did his brain was going a mile a minute.

'It was clearly different from the one at USJ, but how many are there with their brains spilling out like that. Was it the Nomu's brother? And why here?' Recalling the monster that had attacked him and his class, he realized what it was. 'Of course! Shigaraki and Kurogiri! They probably have some kind of lab where they are making them, and Kurogiri brought them here with his Warp Quirk! Damnit, I do not have any time to take detours, I'll have to go full ahead with what I know...'

"Superpower for All: Full Mask!" he said, and soon he was covered with the emerald aura, pushing himself further as he jumped out of the rails and into the streets, running towards the biggest hotspot.

Elsewhere, civilians were trying to run away in fear of one of the Nomus, only for Gran Torino to arrive and kick the monster away.

"It's been too long since I had to fight this hard, but damn, I've missed it! And I've gotten mixed up in something crazy, but don't think I will let you do whatever you want!" he shouted, attacking the Nomu as he bounced around it. The Nomu screeched as it went to attack Gran Torino.


But suddenly a figure jumped between monster and Hero, punching the Nomu straight on the dome and knocking it away. As the Nomu was sent rolling to the ground, Gran Torino looked to the one that had helped him, only to meet great confusion as he saw it was a human-sized figure of the old TV action hero, Ultraman.

"URRGH!" the Nomu grunted as it stood up and tried to retaliate for the attack, but Ultraman was faster than it and kicked it on the chest, sending it to the ground again. Finally, he walked over and grabbed it by the neck, snapping it and throwing it away. The monster finally defeated, Ultraman put his fists on his hips before turning into light and shrinking down into... an action figure.

Gran Torino, who thought he had already seen everything, could not help but reassess that belief all of a sudden.

"Excuse me?"

Gran Torino turned to see a middle-aged man in a business suit, as he walked up to the action figure, picked it up and put it inside his coat.

'Who was that man?' Gran Torino wondered before he turned to finish off the Nomu, but before he did a stream of fire struck the monster, turning it into ashes.

"I was looking for the Hero Killer, but it appears that these monsters have chosen to pick a bad moment to attack," Endeavor announced as he walked in on the scene. "I know not who the two of you are, but kindly leave the rest to me."

Running through Hosu City's streets while doing his best to avoid the running crowd, Izuku turned a corner to see several heroes fighting against four Nomus with little luck, as the vehicles around them kept exploding from the attacks and counterattacks both sides were carrying out.

"Manual, quick, put out the fires!" a Hero with bull horns ordered as he ripped a fire hydrant and threw it at the nearest of the monsters.

"Not sure if I should be glad Iida went off on his own or not," Manual muttered as he quickly took control of the water to put out the fires and distract the monsters.

'Iida? Tenya! I have to find him!' Izuku thought, getting interrupted when the bull-headed Hero's charge against a Nomu was halted as another tried to attack him.

"What the hell are these monsters made of?" he grunted, trying to push it away before he was tossed against a building. The Nomu screeched and turned towards Izuku, pouncing on him, but Izuku quickly infused One for All into his left arm.

"Gyaos Smash!" he shouted, and the punch sent the Nomu flying into the air hard enough to be launched into a building that was at least a block away. He quickly turned to Manual, who was still struggling with containing the fire. "Did Iida Tenya intern with you?"

"Yeah, he is interning at my agency, but I lost sight of him shortly before those things began to attack. Don't even know why he came here, after what happened to his brother," he gritted, shifting the water to another fire.

'Oh, crap! The Hero Killer is here! I should have realized it earlier that Tenya would to go take revenge on him! I have to find him NOW!'

Izuku took off, regrettably leaving the Heroes to deal with the other two Nomus so he could save his friend from the murderer.

"So noisy... those idiots have come out, then? I will dispose of them later. Right now... I will do what I should be doing," Stain muttered as he turned his gaze to the Pro Hero Native, whom he had reduced to a bloody mess. The Pro Hero had tried to engage the Hero Killer in battle, but he had been outclassed and paralyzed by Stain's Quirk.

"My body... won't move... you bastard..." Native struggled to say, as the pain from his injuries and being paralyzed kept him from speaking well.

"You should consider your last words with more care, you false hero. Today, you will die," Stain sentenced, drawing his sword to deal the fatal blow.

Before he could do it, the sword was struck from behind, as metal met metal and the weapon was almost sent flying away from the Hero Killer's grip.

The former Vigilante turned to see who had just dared attack him, only to see a boy wearing armor, glaring at him from behind a pair of glasses. The looks, as well as the mutation of his legs, made him suspect he may be related to the one he had been merciful with and left paralyzed instead of killing him.

"A child wearing a suit... who are you?" Stain questioned, as the boy's glare intensified. "Go away. This is no place for children."

"A scarf red as blood, blades all over your body... you must be Stain, the Hero Killer! I've been chasing you the day, but I did not think I would find you so soon! I am..."

Stain interrupted him by pointing him with a sword.

"Your eyes... are you here for vengeance? Beware of what you say. Even children may become my targets if they are not careful."

"Listen, criminal scum!" the boy shouted, balling his fists in rage. "I am the younger brother of a Hero you attacked! Of a most excellent older brother whose career was finished by you! I have come to stop you! Ingenium! Remember that, because it's the name of the Hero who will defeat you!"

"I see. Die."

"Like I would!" The young Ingenium activated his Engine Quirk and swung a kick at Stain, full of pent up rage and aggression, but Stain swiftly and easily dodged the kick, letting the boy fly by.

"Ingenium. You're brothers, huh? I let him live... so he could spread my message." Stain proceeded to rush as the boy's failed attack left him on the ground and used his shoe spikes to step on him, pinning him to the ground. "You're weak."

He coldly stabbed him on the shoulder with the sword, and the boy let out a scream of pain.

"You and your brother are weak. Because you're fakes," he continued, matter of factly.

"Shut up, Villain! Because of you, he's paralyzed from the waist down! He can't work as a Hero anymore! Tensei is the best Hero I've ever met! He saved many people... led so many... until now... he was a hero... there was no reason for you to crush him..." the boy started to cry, tears leaking out of his eyes, although Stain could not bring himself to care for what a fake like this boy might feel. "He's my Hero... he was the Hero that gave me a dream! I won't forgive you... I'll kill you!"

"Save him first," Stain lectured, pointing at Native, still paralyzed on the wall. The boy was clearly wondering why Native could not move in spite of only having a cut on the shoulder. "Reflect on yourself and save others. Don't use your powers for yourself. Being taken in by the hatred and trying to fulfill your own selfish desires... that is the furthest from what a hero should be."

Tenya could not help but glare at Stain. A villain, especially this villain, giving him lectures on how to be a hero? It was infuriating and humiliating to be receiving such a lesson. Still... his words rang true. He should have just called for help when he found Stain. Find a Pro Hero that could probably do more. He could have even used his Recipro Burst to go in, grab Native and escape. But, instead... he chose to fight for vengeance.

"And that is why you must die!" Stain said, licking the blood off the sword he had stabbed him. Immediately, Tenya felt a painful jolt go through his body, and he found himself unable to move a muscle.

'This feeling... it's almost like Shinso-san's Quirk! I still have control of my mind and my mouth, but everything else is paralyzed!'

Stain flipped his blade again, and raised it high up above his head.

"Goodbye. You're an offering to a more just world, just like your brother."

"Shut up!"

"I know I'll become an amazing Hero, because I cannot let my little brother down."

"I don't care what you say about me, BUT YOU ARE STILL THE CRIMINAL WHO HURT MY BROTHER!"

Stain did not seem to pay attention to him as he prepared to stab down, but before he did the deed he stopped, as if he had heard-


Suddenly, Stain was sent flying away from him as something hit his head, the sword clanging as it was ripped from his hand and fell to the floor. Tenya gasped as he realized how close he had come to dying, as a figure landed in front of him.

"Get away from him!" the new arrival shouted. For a second, just a mad second, he thought that his brother had somehow managed to come to his rescue, but a blink allowed him to see the green costume of his saviour.

"Mi... Midoriya?"

"You're a hard man to find, Tenya," Izuku – who seemed to be cloaked in an aura made of emerald energy and lightning – replied.

Stain came back to his feet, coughing up blood as he looked in shock at the person that had managed to do what none had managed since his encounter with Knuckle Duster several years before, back when he was still Stendhal.

'This boy... he's the one from Shigaraki's picture. The one that did all those things in the Sports Festival. Looks like I've attracted his attention,' he thought.

"Midoriya, why are you here?" Tenya asked.

"I realized something. When they talked about the Hero Killer's victims on TV, they mentioned that 60% of them were found in places with few people nearby. I found Manual, so you clearly were somewhere nearby, and even then it was a mess to try to find this alley. At least I managed to find you just in the nick of time! Tenya-san, can you move?" Izuku asked, keeping his eyes on Stain while he fished out his phone with the other hand and started to touch the screen.

"No... I can't...move my body. He cut me, and I couldn't... I think it's his Quirk," Tenya said, struggling to move even though it was obvious he could not.

"So, cutting is how he activates his Quirk, then? One for the TV commenters, I guess," Izuku replied as he looked over to Native, confirming that he had been injured as well.

"Don't get involved, Midoriya! This has nothing to do with you!" Tenya yelled, drawing Izuku's surprise at the amount of anger in his voice and face before he turned back to Stain.

"Your friend came to save you, and yet you act so ungratefully towards him? But it matters not. I have a duty to kill you. If we clash, of course, the weaker will be culled," Stain said, turning his gaze at Izuku. "Now, what will you do?"

'He's different from the Villains at USJ,' Izuku thought, glaring as he finished his little backup plan. 'He's not only a killer... he's got conviction in his ideas.'

"The Pros are busy dealing with the Nomus, and my backup hasn't arrived yet, so it is my duty to protect those who cannot defend themselves. Stall for time by myself. Even subdue the Hero Killer, if I must."

"What are you talking about? If what you say is true... then Heroes won't be able to do anything!"

"Meddling when you don't need to is the essence of being a Hero! I will put my life on the line and protect you all with everything I have! Because it's the right thing to do, and that's all the reason I need!" Izuku yelled defiantly while balling his fists.

Stain felt the surprise at the younger boy's words, a smirk forming on his face. For a second, he could have sworn a ghostly image of All Might had just formed behind the green haired boy.

'He's stepping into a fight where he knows that losing equates to death, yet he is not backing down. He's not shaking or fleeing from feeling my bloodlust, but instead he faces it head-on... just to save these two fakes. I never thought I would find someone that could become a true hero in this corrupt system... but only if the rot doesn't get to him first.'

The Hero Killer and Izuku took their stances, glaring at each other as they prepared for the fight. Knowing that he was going to need to hold on, he released Full Mask and activated Superpower Limiter Release, which would not be as taxing on his stamina as Full Mask, and it still gave him enough power to deal with him. Izuku is glowing emerald aura and emerald streams of energy flow from his eyes.

Much to Stain's surprise, Izuku's hands began to glow with greater intensity, prompting him to unsheath his other sword.

"No! If you get cut-" Tenya yelled.

"I know!" Izuku shouted back. 'I need to do this quickly! If I land enough damage, I should be able to finally stop him!'

Without warning, Izuku shot a stream of energy from the palm of his left hand, but Stain easily dodged the attack while he closed in on Izuku.

'I must put an end to the fakes before these 'reinforcements' arrive,' Stain thought as he slashed at Izuku, attempting to draw blood he could use to paralyze him. However, his blade did not meet flesh, but a green sword that had not been in Izuku's hands a second before. 'What?'

Izuku's reactions being what they were, he had managed to turn the energy in his right hand into a sword that was more than capable of holding Stain. With a sudden push, he was able to force the murderer away, but Stain quickly retaliated by attacking with his other sword: Izuku only managed to avoid it by jumping over the Hero Killer, taking advantage of the move to swing his own sword, tracing an arced blade beam in the air.

Dodging in the last second, Stain tried to turn in order to stab at Izuku, only to meet a blast of energy hitting him in the stomach and blinding him, leaving him unable to see as Izuku shook his right hand to wipe the smoke. It did not take long for Stain to recover his sight, though, but by the time he did, Izuku was nowhere in sight.

'What? Where did he-' he wondered, before seeing the shadows moving, prompting him to look up. 'No...'


Stain tried to jump away, but Izuku was faster and managed to hit him in the head, sending the Hero Killer tumbling down.

'How is he able to control that much power? He's not even breathing hard after that!' Tenya thought, realizing that his friend had become even stronger than he remembered.

'OK, I got a good hit in, but it wasn't enough! I have to win this!' Izuku thought as Stain coughed up even more blood, struggling for a few moments to stand up again.

"That was... strong, boy. But not powerful enough," Stain said. "You managed to keep me distracted long enough to leave my field of vision, and you managed to injure me hard enough to make me bleed. People who are all talk spread like mushrooms in the dark... but you are worth letting live. Unlike them."

Internally, Stain could not help but applaud the Pro Hero-in training's tactics. He had successfully combined long ranged attacks and close quarter combat to strike him several times, all while leaving him unable to properly counter him. But it would not be enough to stop him.

Izuku charged up another energy attack, this time his Ultraman Beam, but when he was about to fire he realized that the injured Native would be hit if Stain dodged again, and he doubted. The second of doubt caused him to drop his guard, allowing Stain to suddenly appear behind Izuku, his sword raised and ready to deal what could be a critical strike.

Izuku counted his lucky stars when he heard the crackling of ice falling down towards Stain. The Hero Killer, unfortunately, also heard it, and managed to jump towards the wall moments before a sudden burst of ice fell right where he had been. And then he was forced to kick off the wall to avoid the fireball coming at him.

"One after another.. too many people are getting on my way today," he muttered as he saw another boy, this one with red and white hair and a red scar covering one of his eyes.

"It's about time!" Izuku said, smiling at the new arrival. "What took you so long?"

"Midoriya... your text was kind of sudden. I needed to decipher what you had just written. I also had to deal with my father, and you know how he can be. Next time, kindly give more details before requesting my aid. Not that I would deny it, of course," Shoto stated as his left side ignited with orange flames while the right was covered in ice crystals.

Soundtrack: Battle Theme 03 from MHA One's Justice when Gran Torino trains and spars with Izuku until ULTRAMAN from ULTRAMAN when Izuku unleashes his ultimate move. Victory from Ultraman 1966 when the animated Ultraman action figure attacks the Nomu.

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-Izuku's Super Move shown-

* Superpower for All: Full Mask: Superpower and One for All combined while renaming Full Cowl based on Toku masked heroes.

* Superpower - Limiter Release: Based on the Limiter Release ability from the ULTRAMAN manga and anime.

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