A book and its Cover

Judy paced back and forth in Nick's living room. She'd decided to visit him during one of his, 'Guy Nights In'. She'd been personally concerned he didn't have much of a social life and was sliding back into his old can-mammal ways. She paused in her circuit around the coffee table to look at what she felt was proof positive; damning evidence that Nicholas Wilde, Officer of the Zootopian Police Department, had begun the tragic fall from grace.

When she'd arrived she heard him talking to someone on the phone about, '...getting the good stuff'. When she knocked on the door, she'd heard him squawk and hang up, then begin shuffling things around. It took him a minute to finally open up the door for her. He'd given some weak arguments about not having anything ready for guests, but eventually relented and, after a brutal application of 'Bunny-Eyes', agreed to run to the corner store to pick up a frozen Zanto's(tm) Pizza. She bowed out with a complaint about her feet aching.

Once he was gone she began her search, which ended almost moments later at the ill-concealed glossy periodical. She couldn't believe anything like this was actually published for con-mammals, though with the existence of publications like "The Anarchists Cookbook" and terrorist manuals like "Inspire", she supposed there must be a market for them.

Her only, faint, ray of hope was that it had been so poorly concealed as to almost beg to be found. She hoped against hope itself that this was a cry for help: a subconscious act by her friend to guide him back on the straight and narrow. With the Sheppard as her witness she was darn well going to try. Her ears perked as she heard Nick coming up the stairs. She grabbed the offending magazine and stood facing the door, her foot drumming on the floor.

The key turned and the door was bumped open by a crimson tail. "Sorry I took so long Fluff, but I got distracted; Sadie was at the counter and they were running this special on Buffalo Chicken... are you okkk!"

Judy noted that Nick nearly swallowed his tongue when he saw the magazine she was brandishing. "You and I have a LOT to talk about Nick!" There was fire to be seen in her eyes over the solid black magazine bearing the large X's on the cover, along with the title and headline.


"Hustler: Special Edition"

Beaver Hunt: Hustling the Ultimate Score"