Hey guys! I'm back after a very long hiatus. I have no excuse other than I couldn't come up with anything. But one day while I was at work I got inspired (for some unknown reason) to create a story based off Barbie and the Nutcracker. Yes I know kinda childish, but I just love my childhood movies still lol. Well here's my take on it. Of course I will add my twists to it, but it will follows the movie's outline. Hopefully you guys enjoy.

Disclaimer: both Miraculous Ladybug and the movie aren't mine.



It started out like any other normal day. Everyone getting up and getting ready for work or school. Suddenly an alarm clock starts going off and we see a pale hand pop out from under some pink bed comforters and a young girl with blue-black hair popped out from under. She rubbed her eyes and slowly opened them as the first thing she sees is a reddish blob floating in front of her.

"Marinette!" Scolded the reddish blob. "Hurry up or you'll be late for school...again."

"What time is it Tikki?" Asked Marinette as she looked at her phone. When she saw the time she bolted out of bed and rushed to get ready. "How can it be this late!? Is this the second time my alarm went off?"

"Actually Marinette it's the third time, but who's counting?"

"Tikki!" Whined Marinette. "You should've woken me up sooner if you saw that I didn't hear my alarm the first time."

"I'm sorry Marinette, but as much as I love you, you have to start learning to get up in time." Tikki giggled as she saw Marinette stumble a little. Taking pity on the poor girl she choose to lend some help.

"Thanks Tikki." Marinette said as Tikki helped put her hair in her famous pigtails. "Now I'm set, time to run to school."

Marinette bolted down her trap door and down the stairs that lead to the bakery her parents own. As she passed them by her mother asked if she was going to have breakfast, but Marinette had said no. Once she was out the door she rushed quickly to the light seeing that it was still green for her to cross and ran across. Once she has her school in view she slowed down a bit, searching for her friends and crush. Once she saw them in view she smiled and called her bff.


Alya friend around and saw Marinette. "Girl! You have to get here sooner. It's almost time for us to go in!"

As soon as she finished talking the bell rang. Everyone headed inside to their rightful classes. Once everyone was seated the teacher walked in. So far everything was going smoothly until a scream was heard. Everyone rushed to the windows and saw an akuma floating outside causing havoc.

"Uh...I need to head to the bathroom/lockeroom!" Both Marinette and Adrien said at the same time as they back away and fled from the classroom.

"Tikki! Spits on!"

"Plagg! Claws out!"

Soon outside both Ladybug and Chat Noir arrived.

"Well M'Lady," said Adrien, "guess we have an akuma on our hands again. Wonder what this one does. Oh! Maybe she lets us know who our soulmates are...though I already think I know who mine is. What do you think bugaboo?"

"Not now Chat." Said Marinette rolling her eyes. "Save your flirting for later when we don't have an akuma to defeat."

"I am Queen Fairytale. I make fairytales come true! Now watch as I put everyone into a fairytale if my choice!"

Both Ladybug and Chat Noir watched as she blasted everyone and they disappeared. Both shared a look and went about their ways to try and figure out where the akuma is hidden. Unbeknown to Ladybug, Queen Fairytale had set her eyes on our beloved bug. The villain quickly and stealthily flew behind Ladybug and charged up her blast. Chat Noir noticed, but it was too late.

"Ladybug watch out!" Chat screamed and quickly rushed to Ladybug's side to push her out of the way.

Unfortunately it was too late for both as the blast hit them. A swirl of colors came around both and they felt a pull that was separating them from each other. Both heroes screamed out each other names as they were torn apart and sent into the fairytale of the villain's choice.

Well there you have it! Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think about it!

Feedback is welcome and so it constructive criticism.

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