Chapter Five

The doctors discharged Ste later in the afternoon, Brendan taking him back to the village. He was just told to stay careful. Returning to the village after fourteen hours of being in hospital felt surreal. Brendan just wanted to get him inside as he led him up the stairs, he unlocked the door and let him go in first. Looking across the balcony to check if anyone spotted them, the coast was clear. So he returned and shut the door firmly...

"Just make yourself comfortable" Brendan told him. Removing his jacket and placing it on the coat hanger.

Ste giving a smile as he leaned back on the couch. Cheryl and Lynsey were currently out (both men were grateful for that). The younger man hasn't been inside Brendan's home since they first slept together.

"You got anything to eat?" Ste asked him.

"I will check the kitchen...I think we got crisps in here somewhere"

"You know because you're still my boss, does this mean I get a bonus?"

"Don't push your luck, Steven" Brendan replied instantly.

Chucking him a packet of 'Doritos'. Which he opened up and ate quickly, he hasn't eaten for hours. Without much thought, he then placed his legs across the couch and switched on the television. He was treating Brendan's house the same way he would treat his own. Brendan shook his head as he sat on the couch besides him, Ste reluctantly resting his legs on Brendan's lap.

"I hope Rae's you think I should ring her?" Ste queried.

"Let her cool down"

"'re probably right; I mean, I'm just glad she has Antia and Jasmine to look after her"

"Has she got somewhere to live?"

"She will just move back in with her nan"

"Are you sure you done the right thing? I'm not exactly a great substitute" Brendan muttered.

This made Ste move his legs away from Brendan's lap. He moved up closer towards him, placing his hand on his upper leg. The Irishman responded with a kiss, easily pushing him down on the couch; pulling himself on top. The two shared a rather longer kiss, Brendan's hand touching the top of Steven's tracksuit bottoms.

"Let's take this up to the bedroom" Brendan then commanded.

"Lead the way"

He gave a small smile, forcing himself away from Steven and taking him up to the bedroom to finish what they started.


A rather scroned Rae meanwhile was sitting at the bus stop, ready to go to her grandmother's. She was spotted by Gaz Bennett, the two had spoken many times. He could tell looked hacked off about something. His arrival made her sigh as he sat besides her, he had a blue plastic bag with him. She glanced inside...

"Is that spray paint?" Rae asked with a laugh of disbelief.

" what brings you here? I thought you would be playing nursey with Ste...blokes love it when girls do that"

"He has somebody else to do that for him"

"What? He got some other bird?"

"Something like that"

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I always thought he was a muppet and you deserved better"

"I wish everyone would stop telling me that...look, if you really wanna make me feel better then you can help me do something before you leave"

Grabbing onto one of his spray paints, she began walking towards the club. A confused Gaz followed her with intrigue. Nobody was around, it was getting quite late and the only sound came from inside the club (Warren was there tonight). Rae wanted to let the village to know exactly what went on. Gaz watching as she began to write something with his spray paint, after a short time, she stepped back to reveal...

Brendan Loves Ste

"I'm done now...thank you" Rae simply stated; passing a mouth opened wide Gaz his spray paint back.

"He's gonna kill ya for that!" Gaz shouted at her.

He was still barely able to comprehend the meaning of what was written. The bus has arrived by the time she walked back. Rae gave a simple smile as she took one last look at the village before getting onto the bus.


The walls were closing in on their little secret, Brendan had heard the downstairs front door opening. He gave one look to Steven, quickly removing himself from the bed and putting on his clothes (they were scattered around the room). He could hear Lynsey and Cheryl talking loudly downstairs.

"Get dressed...come down in a moment; flush the chain and make it look like you been to the bathroom" Brendan commanded.

"You sure know how to make a guy feel special"

"I'm not having Cheryl find out this just do it"

Before he could even dare to object. Brendan was out the door and down the stairs to greet his sister and friend. The ladies were not born yesterday however as they noticed he still had his buttons undone on his shirt (not to mention that he was sweating).

"What girl are you hiding up there?" Lynsey asked rather innocently.

The sound of the chain flushing upstairs did nothing but make him look more guilty. Steven did as he was asked however it was too late. The Irishman shaking his head as he sat down on the couch.

"Come on may as well tell us before she comes down" Cheryl spoke up.

A rather flustered looking Ste soon walked down the stairs. Making the two women stare at him like he was something abnormal. Making Lynsey clear her throat as she walked towards the kitchen to make them a cup of tea.

"Sorry, I just went up to use your toilet" Ste tried to explain.

"I heard...don't take this the wrong way but what are you doing here?" Cheryl asked him with honestly.

She had expected some woman to be up there however no, it was no woman.

"I was too scared to go back home in case they came Brendan said I could kip here on the couch for the night" Ste lied, looking down.

Brendan felt rather guilty about the whole ordeal. He stood up again and walked over towards Steven. He put one arm around him (he could see that Steven looked hurt as he was saying that lie). He meant it when he said he wanted to look after him.

"Look...he's staying with me for a bit, Chez; he's broken up with Rae" Brendan spoke up.

He was shaking despite himself, keeping a tight hold onto Steven while he looked at Cheryl's reaction. She didn't know what to say, her brother and her barman? They have both been lying to her.

"I need a breather" Cheryl told them both; sitting on the couch.