I don't think either Clarke or I was prepared for what awaited us in cryosleep.

From what I've picked up from the others only the two of us had anything special happen during the 125 year period. But I expected that because well I just knew. I know I know it sounds like I'm talking in riddles so let me start from the beginning.

At some point after closing my eyes on Clarke's face and drifting off I felt my mental awareness tugged in a different direction. It felt like I woke up; I could touch, feel, smell but I knew it wasn't true.

"Greetings Madi kom Louwoda Kliron"

I blinked to clear my eyes as a figure appeared before me in the woods of my now destroyed home. "Becca?" I'd only recently seen her in visions burned alive but I knew in my gut it was her. "What?.." but a raised hand paused my query.

"Gaia has done what I attempted and failed. I never wanted my bloodline to stand alone but to use the Flame as a connection through all time. " with a small wave she urged me to follow her which I did with no fear. Why would I fear my ancestor?

"But Gaia has done nothing other than help me see..."

"Ah now you understand my child. Gaia has opened you fully to the Flame, but you took the first step when you changed the password. You fully accepted it as one with you."'

We had entered a clearing and headed towards another figure that appeared triggering fear and love within Madi at his sight. She understood the fear as this was the one who condemned Becca to death but love? How was that even possible? She was answered a moment later when Becca approached greeting him with a hug and a chastise kiss. Madi was awash with confusion and understand as memories within the Flame answered her just as Becca spoke.

"I'm sure you are aware who this is but also confused. This is Bill Cadogan my husband." She paused as she let my mind catch up. "The grounders saying 'head over heart' grew over the years following what the two of us understood as a necessary sacrifice but that is for later."

"We thought it better to explain some history to the both of you so to better understand what exactly is happening." His voice was deep and calm but that wasn't what caught her attention. As he had spoken another figure had appeared, one she knew very well.

Clarke stood beside him with her smile lightning up her face and a nod in Madi's direction. Normally I would have run into her arms but the feeling of the situation had me returning Clarke's greeting before returning my attention to our 'guides' I guess would be appropriate.

"A long time ago" Becca began after a nod as well in Clarke's direction. " humanity was a lot more segregated than that we know of today. But one group that caught my attention was what some called Native Americans. They had many other names over the years but that has no bearing on this story. They intrigued me with their love and closeness to nature and the spirit within oneself. I felt that if we could get ourselves back to that uniform frame of mind that just possibly it might have been the break to save humanity" Becca sighs with a morose look on her face. " unfortunately Allie 1 had the opposite effect, I made it too singular. In some ways over the years that has also been the downside of version 2 which you now call The Flame. A singular entity with hundreds of years of untapped knowledge, answers to thousands of questions lost because of fear of opening oneself up to the unknown."

"These Natives as they opened themselves up to the world would go on what was called vision quests. " Bill continued smoothly " when you Madi" he nodded in my direction " accepted the help of those before you, that removed the final barrier blocking yourself from such a quest. Clarke, your road has been much harder but your acceptance of yourself and those around you have given us hope that revealing what you are missing will allow you to flourish. " with a slight bow of his head towards Madi he then turns back to Clarke. "If you shall just follow me we shall begin. " with that he turned his back and wandered into the woods closely followed by Clarke after i gave her an encouraging nod.

"Now Madi Griffin, let us begin."