Clarke POV

Oh if only I had known, I was confused when Jordan had awoken Bellamy and myself but soon things started to make sense. Monty and Harper were gone; I now understood Jaspers last message but something told me I would be seeing him soon anyways.

It was time to wake the others and that was a decision in itself. I didn't tell either of them why I wanted Madi awake first just that it should be done. Jordan was rightfully confused not knowing much about us; Bellamy I just asked for him to trust me and he did without question. So now we stood before Madi's thawing pod, with a hiss the chamber unsealed and began to open. I noticed something as I glanced in at her, the mark on her forehead still remained.

Madi POV

As if nothing had happened the first face I saw as I woke was the same as the last.. Clarke's. But there was a stranger with her and Bellamy, something was familiar but I couldn't place it.

"We meet again" Clarke smiled as she offered her arm to help me out. It was our key phrase, proof that we both remembered what had happened.

"From here to Valhalla." I replied that I too did remember. Our handclasp had a hidden reaction as well. "I'm sorry for your loss" I just knew once we touched who the stranger was. By the slight widening of Clarke's eyes she was as unprepared.

"What's going on here?" Bellamy cut in catching both of us off guard.

"That can wait, let's wake the others then we can talk. There is a lot to discuss and Clarke needs to have a talk with your sister.

"What's that on your forehead?" That was Jordan, it was weird just knowing his name like that. Not knowing what he was talking about I brushed my hair away from my eyes when I felt something. My eyes shifted to Clarke's and she nodded slightly, the mark from our visit had followed me back.

"The mark of the Commander." I knew that wasn't enough for him since he knew nothing about us but at the moment I wasn't looking to get into it. Bellamy looked like he wanted to ask questions as well but realized he would have to wait.

Clarke POV

It took almost 2 hours before everything was sorted with waking everyone up and mandatory health checks by my mom. I had seen Octavia a few times but they were still keeping her separate with the other Eligius members. Bellamy had hardly left my side since we woke up and I had to fight myself not to snap at him. He knew something was up between Madi and myself, something 125 years of sleep couldn't explain.

"Hey Clarke?" I turned to find Madi closely followed by Gaia and Indra. By how they were following her she had already managed to fill them in on our experience. We had no idea the reaction of Wonkru so getting those two on board was a good start. "I know you've been busy dealing with everything so I managed to track down Octavia for you."

"What do you need from my sister Clarke?" Worry slipped into Bellamy's voice.

"It's not what I need from her but what she requires from me." Leaving him with that cryptic sentence I followed Madi knowing he would follow. "Everyone has been gathered?"

"They have been Waneheda" hearing the name from Indra felt different now. It was more than just that, it was a title that soon would mean so much more.

We ended up heading to the bridge where the small gathering waited us. Everyone of importance was there; that is most members of Eligius were not. Octavia stood slightly separated from the group with a small group so I went directly to her.

"Octavia, might we speak privately? Well mostly as your brother won't leave until he knows." With Octavia's acceptance Madi and myself lead them to a free room.

As we entered the room Madi put her back to the door blocking any others from entering before nodding in my direction. "Waneheda"

Both siblings had confused looks upon their faces as they turned towards me but that was understandable.

"Madi and myself had something happen during cryosleep, it's hard to explain but all will be explained in time. The reason I wanted to talk to you Octavia is a bit of a personal matter. My time during our sleep I truly became Waneheda." As expected my announcement was met with silence and scepticism. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the flower, don't ask me how it was there but like the mark on Madi's forehead it was unexplainable.

Octavia POV

When Clarke pulled the flower out of her pocket my thought process stopped dead. This private meeting was confusing enough add to this new dynamic between them but why would she have THAT flower.

"While Madi and I were in cryosleep we visited another place. I won't get into it too much to save repeating again but I can see by your reaction you recognize this flower." She offered it to me which I took gingerly swallowing back a lump in my throat. " the true position of Waneheda is a pathway between us and them. Since we landed we adopted their 'may we meet again' farewell; I have now learned that we will and can. Lexa, Anya, Roan, Jasper and yes Lincoln all had their piece to say."

Stay strong I told myself, she's lied countless times in the past this isn't any different. I ignored the flower, that's just pure luck she knew about that although who knows why she had one. Hearing from him again was my hearts greatest desire but if I have learned anything the past few years is to guard it like a fortress.

"My heart, my fire, my morning flower"

My head shot around to meet hers and my fortress shattered into pieces. Repressed memories of my time with him came flooding back with a vengeance. I could vaguely hear my brother calling my name and arms around me but I was so overwhelmed I just melted into the embrace letting the tears flow.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and wiped my eyes. The effect on Octavia was instantaneous when I uttered the sentence. I walked over and rested my hand on Bellamy's shoulder to get his attention. "Be there for her now but let her know that he waits as well. All she has to do is open herself to the possibility. I'll be a call away if needed but Madi and myself need to inform the others. " Bellamy nodded with wet eyes as he held his sister.

That was hard but easier than I had expected. I reached out and took Madi's hand as we returned to the others. I knew as I'm sure she did that what would come next would challenge us all as never before.