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Currently in the room that function as the headquarters of the Service Club, a group of men and women could be seen gathered in its walls as a tense atmosphere gripped the room. Kakeru and Yoshiteru sat in the center of the room in a frightened state, the eyes of the two darting between the young ladies surrounding them. Why had they decided to indulge their curiosity and seek out Hachiman? At first it was to honestly congratulate the ravenette, both more then happy to hear that he had finally found his spring. But when they caught sight of the other racing to find the man, it had turned into a competition between the two men, both believing themselves to be closer to Hachiman then the other. But low and behold, their recklessness cost them as the two found themselves in a den of lionesses, gulping as Yukino turned to address them.

"Forgive my lack of hospitality, but the two of you stumbled into the clubroom in a panic and caused quite the ruckus. Please, if you two would, explain what exactly did you said earlier when you entered." The raven haired beauty asked in a calm but icy tone, the two young men gulping as they exchanged glances with the other.

"A-Ahaha, w-what are you talking about, Yukinoshita-san? We didn't say anything, ain't that right, Yoshiteru-san?"

"M-Mhmm! T-That's exactly correct my comrade! P-Please excuse my bluntness, but p-perhaps you misheard us when we entered! We were merely greeting Hachiman in a friendly manner is all!"

Nodding their heads as they completely bought into the excuse that they had managed to pull together, the pair sat silent and sweating as a number of equally cold stares pierced their bodies. Yukino, Yui and Iroha were the biggest culprits of those stares as they were completely out of the loop concerning Hachiman, Saika and Kaori were simply glaring at each other while Komachi kept a befuddled expression though her eyes were sharp and calculating. Watching the scene unfold in front of her, Shizuka let out a sigh as she moved to gently rap the trio on their heads, breaking the oppressive atmosphere as they blinked and turned to look at her.

"Look, I like romcoms as much as the next guy, but watching it happen in real life is a complete and utter disaster. No need to scare those two just to validate some rumors, just ask Hikigaya, he's right there." The woman told the younger ladies in a tired tone, the three soon blushing when they realized that they had indeed acted in an overly dramatic manner.

Offering Kakeru and Yoshiteru an apology, which the pair accepted mostly due to the fact they would no doubt be torn apart if they declined, the eyes of everyone fell to the man who had remained silent throughout the whole debacle, Hachiman feeling completely exhausted as Komachi frowned slightly before wrapping her arms around his neck and nuzzling against his hair. A choked sound leaving Kaori as she watched the affectionate display, her worries only skyrocketed when she saw that Hachiman didn't even bat an eye at the act, seemingly enjoying it as a bit of the exhaustion in his eyes faded with the gesture.

"So, Hikigaya-kun, are those tasteless rumors surrounding you true? I would hope not as it would no doubt affect your ability to carry out your duties here in the Service Club, no matter how minuscule and insignificant that they may be."

"Yeah, Hikki! Are you really d-dating someone!? Y-You can't do that sort of stuff yet!"

"Senpai! You need to tell me these things so I can set it straight with your girlfriend!"

Wincing when the three snapped at him, mostly due to Yukino's ever cutting remark, the glasses wearing man sighed before relenting and dismissing the allegations charged against him. Suspicious and still doubtful, the three were completely locked onto Hachiman as Shizuka helped diffuse the tension as she led the still frozen pair in the middle of the room into the hallway.

While the others were panicking at the outlandish statement Kaori made, the young lady at the center of it had a slight grimace cross her face as she realized the truth behind their words, Komachi feeling her stomach churn and heart tighten when faced with their words. They weren't hiding the disgust and disapproval of the brunette's assumption and the youngest Hikigaya felt that, a shiver running down her spine as she imagined their scornful and disgusted gazes.

Left alone in the room, said raven haired young man became the center of attention once more as Kaori finally broke off from her staring match with Saika, turning to look at Hachiman with a wry smile on her face.

"Haha, s-so I guess you're joking about not having a girlfriend, Hikigaya? I mean, s-she's probably your girlfriend, right?" Asked the brunette in a somewhat sullen tone, those who knew about the pair freezing as a wave of unease swept through them at the notion of the two siblings dating.

"W-What are you talking about, Orimoto-san!? T-They are siblings!"

"T-That's right, Kaori-san! H-Hikki and Komachi-chan are brother and sister!"

"Y-Yeah! E-Even Senpai isn't that desperate to have Komachi-chan pretend to be his fake girlfriend when he has me!"

"S-Sheesh, can't you be more tactful!"

The three along with Saika rebutting the brunette, Kaori jumped slightly being the target of the shouts of the four, blinking as she finally connected the dots as a relieved sigh left her. Offering the sister of the young man she loved, Kaori flinched when Komachi's gaze was anything but friendly, icy and hateful as her face remained stoic. That expression of the ravenette was a completely foreign one to those who saw it, though Komachi quickly lost it when her beloved brother turned to see what it was that was shocking everyone.

"Mmm? What's the matter? Don't think we look enough alike to be siblings?" Asked the man in confusion, though a tiny part of him was pained at the thought.

"What're you talking about, Gomi-chan? Hehe, even though your lovely Komachi doesn't look like you, she'll always be your precious little sister!" Chirped the young lady as she squeezed her brother tightly, a grin on her face that seemed rather vindictive to them.

A chuckle leaving the man, Hachiman raised his hand to run it though her raven locks, getting a purr of delight from his sister as she pressed her head against him with a bit more pressure. Watching the 'lovey-dovey' scene playing out before them, the five in the room felt a slight surge of envy fill them, though they opted to ignore it as it was between siblings. But, eventually enough was enough as Yukino coughed loud enough to catch the attention of the two, Komachi having a slight twitch of annoyance but hid it well enough to pass without issue. A semblance of peace returning as did Shizuka, the older woman a bit surprised that they had managed to get the awkward air out before she came back. Seeing as things were back to normal, Saika's request to talk with Hachiman had been forgotten in the brief chaos that took hold of the club, five of the seven women talking with each other as the seventh had managed to inch her way beside the sole man in the room.

"Do you have a minute to talk after this, Hikigaya?" Kaori asked after a few minutes of banter, gaining the attention of Hachiman as he turned to look at her with a bit of an anxious glint to his eyes.

"U-Umm, sure, what's the issue?" Countered the man as the brunette gained a tint of pink on her cheeks, an equally nervous smile crossing her face as she took a breath to calm herself.

"W-Would you like to go out again sometime? A-As a date this time, not just for a chat." Braved Kaori as Hachiman felt himself flush at her request, sweating slightly as she had asked the one question that he hadn't wished to hear from her or anyone.

"Oi. What're you doing." Came a cold voice as the two stiffened upon hearing it, turning and seeing an unamused Saika staring straight at Kaori.

"Tch. What's it to you?" Snapped Kaori in an irritated tone, narrowing her eyes in a challenging manner as Saika returned it in full.

"I had something to talk with Hachiman about, could you please give us some privacy?" Saika said with a pleasant smile on her face, though her eyes were anything but amiable.

The two butting heads, sparks danced from their eyes and clashed, Hachiman gulping as he skulked away while they were glaring at each other. Moving to check his phone, he let out a relieved breath when he saw that there was only half an hour left of club time, the youth turning to Shizuka and heading towards her as she fiddled with her phone. Seeing the man approach, she flashed him a bright smile as he returned it with a wry one of his one, Shizuka laughing as he started talking about class rep duties, something that surprised her but also drew a hint of pride in the woman. Hearing that he wanted to leave a bit early to start on the informative handout that was to be made for the class, Shizuka nodded in appreciation and excused him, Hachiman thanking her as he stealthed out of the room.

When he was a safe distance away from the room, he sent a text to his younger sister stating that he had to prepare materials for the next day's class meeting. Offering Kami a silent prayer for the disaster that would no doubt be following him after slipping out without saying a word, he left the building only to run into Kakeru and Yoshiteru as the two were animatedly talking about something to the surprise of the man. Debating on wheither or not to meet them, they made that decision for him when the two spotted him, making their way towards him as he let out a tired sigh in return.

"Yo Hikitani! Haha, looks like you made it out in one piece!"

"Hachiman, my friend! You survived such a perilous ordeal, truly you are one of my own!"

"Wouldn't have happened in the first place if you two hadn't shown up."

At his words the pair were honest enough to laugh in a wry manner, apologizing to the him as they moved off of the school grounds. A bit curious, Hachiman voiced that curiosity as he asked what it was that they were talking about, instantly drawing sparkles to the eyes of the two as they crowded around the man.

"Get this, Hikitani! Yoshi here totally vanilla! He says that OG Artoria is top tier! Everyone knows that she fell off a long time ago, it's all about Nero now!"

"Blasphemy, complete and utter blasphemy! The original will always be on top! I thought that you were a fellow connoisseur of the finer things, but Nero!? NERO!? You are a fool!"

"You callin' me dumb?! Do you even have her as a bride?! Her kit is great! All three of her skills are targetable, all three! That let's you decide on who to buff, when you need to buff!"

"Pah, rubbish! Lady Pendragon as an Archer, now that is what you call a true servant! While her base NP stats are ordinary, when combined with buffs, her high base critical and her refund and high hitcount, she is capable of spamming her NP more often then any other Servant."

"But is she a bride!?"

"Ha, she is a free spirit with a magnificent two-piece swimsuit!"

Listening to the two, Hachiman felt an eerie sense that he was out of place at the moment, completely lost as to what they were talking about. Unable to get a word in, he simply walked with the two as they continued to argue between the two 'servants' as they were called, Hachiman searching the term and game on his phone and raising a brow when he saw them. While he understood why Yoshiteru would play something like that, Kakeru playing came as a surprise to him as he expected the brunette to be more into sports games and the like. A chime signaling a text, he felt his stomach churn when he saw a name that usually brought him joy, Hachiman reluctantly opening the message and wincing when all that he saw was a emoticon from the girl.

["( ` ω ´ )"]

Sending her a quick apology and a note that he would get her something to eat on the way back, he turned his attention back to the two men when they seemed to have calmed down from their heated debate.

"I didn't know you played something like that."

"Haha, right? I wasn't interested at first but I kept seeing the ads for it all over the place and eventually signed up when there was a free five star event going on, after that I kinda got sucked in. You play it too, Hikitani!?"

"No, I tend to keep away from mobile games, most of them are money sinking traps."

Hearing his words, the two other men froze as they stiffly craned their heads to face the man. While his words weren't false, they also weren't true or at least the pride of the two prevented them denying the claim. Wrapping their arms around his shoulders, they brought their phones to his face and scrolled through the various that filled their accounts. Lazily alternating to look between the two, he still didn't feel any desire to pick up the game despite their insistent pushing but opted to download it anyway.

Seeing that, grins bloomed on the faces of the two as they headed towards a quaint looking cafe that didn't seem too feminine to house three highschoolers in their final year. Stopping at a table, Kakeru took the orders of the three along with the money to pay for their items and made his way to the counter, Hachiman quickly learning that despite his overly loud and obnoxious behavior from the year prior, the current Kakeru was relatively easy to be around. The same could be said for Yoshiteru, though still as strange as he was from last year it seemed that he had mellowed out over the break, able to keep his eccentric personality to a minimum out in public.

"Alright! Here we go, let's see that first roll!" Declared Kakeru as Yoshiteru and himself flanked Hachiman, intently looking at the screen with rapt attention as the raven haired man felt his brow twitch in turn.

Having spent the past few minutes finishing the tutorial, Hachiman had just reached the tutorial roll of ten, the two men beside him swallowing rather loudly when he tapped the icon to roll. In an animated sequence, the gacha cards appeared and in a flash exposed their contents for the men to see.

"Freaking lucky, you managed to roll Hera, Tama and Sieg on the tutorial roll! Herc is probably the best thing you can get on the fisrt roll, but you also got two other four stars!"

"Indeed, Kakeru! Heracles is obstinate and versatile enough to be effective through the game, Tamamo is good for farming and Siegfried has decent firepower!"

Happy for and slightly envious of him, the duo urged him to continue playing until he reached over forty five 'quartz' for a true roll. Hearing that he was lucky, Hachiman felt his ego grow slightly as he indulged himself a bit more in the game, finding that it was simple but somewhat enjoyable nonetheless. The three chatting over the game, Kakeru and Yoshiteru grew quite surprised the longer they spoke with each other, finding that the two had more in common then they thought.

"I agree, Kakeru! People who let their kakiage soak in broth instead of eating it while its crispy aren't human!"

"Right, Yoshi? What's the point of getting something fried if you're just gonna make it soggy in the end!"

"Oi. Don't mock soaking fried food, it not only adds to the flavor but bring out the umami locked inside of it. Also, the two of you are just doing it wrong if the food is soggy by the time you take it out. Tempura and other fried add-ons should be served so that the tempura is sitting on, not in, the soup. It should also be plated right before serving so that the parts of the tempura that are in contact with the soup don't have the time to become even remotely soggy."

The three having veered off into the topic of food as the light snacks that they had bought weren't enough to completely tide them over, a heated debate about the ethics of soaking friend food or not was brought up. Kakeru and Yoshiteru were adamantly behind the 'get fried, stay dry' faction while Hachiman was an advocate of allowing something to take a quick dip before digging in. While seemingly petty in contrast to most things, food was amongst the most important things to the trio, just behind sleep and video games, soccer in Kakeru's case.

"Oh now you're just throwing out fancy words that all people who think they're chefs use, umami? That's just a fancy word for something being savory, just use that!"

"Ha... Some people just don't understand the finer things in life..."

"Hachiman, you may be my comrade but you don't have a clue of what true umami is. Is there anything more umami then a piece of freshly fried shrimp tempura? I think not!"

"Here, here! Though I'll skip on the shrimp and take lotus root or ayu instead."

"What?! Have you no respect for shrimp tempura?!"

"Ick, and you do? Have you ever eaten a bit of shrimp tempura with all of the shell on and still veined? No thanks, I'll pass, man."

"You do know it helps make the shrimp look better, right? And if your shrimp still had its vein, blame the place that prepped it, not the shrimp."

"Aha, so you do understand, Hachiman! For shame, Kakeru, for shame... To think I thought of you as an equal tempura comrade..."

"Who needs shrimp when you can just have ika tempura!?"

"It's just called calamari then."


For such a serious conversation about such a nonsensical and tiny thing, the smiles and grins on the faces of the three spoke volumes of how they felt inside. For Kakeru, while he did have conversations like these in his clique, they usually petered out when Hayato or Yumiko were involved, no one in the circle wanting to really indulge the brunette in his silly arguments when juicier gossip and rumors were prevalent. Yoshiteru wasn't very social to begin with, many finding him weird or creepy with how passionate he was about the things he liked, usually keeping to himself when at school.

Hachiman was just apathetic about most things that didn't involve his sister, Saika or the things that he found interesting, which didn't involve school. So, while definitely silly, the current conversation allowed the three young men to express themselves without leering eyes or judgemental gazes. It meant more to Kakeru and Yoshiteru then most could imagine, the two always having to limit themselves when in the prying eyes of their schoolmates.

"Just what the hell even is your luck, Hikitani?!"

"Did you make a sacrifice to the gacha gods to attain this level of luck?!"

While not quite understanding what they were getting at, Hachiman looked down at his phone at the two five stars that he had pulled. Their names were foreign and he knew enough about history to have a somewhat vague idea of who they were, moving to look closer at them as the two men beside him seemed to bleed at the sight.

"Zhuge Liang and Leanne d'Arc, are they good?" Asked the raven haired man as he could have sworn that the two coughed up blood, snapping to look at him as if he were crazy.

"G-Good?! They're probably among the best that you could have pulled!"

"Zhuge Liang has exceptional abilities concerning support and Jeanne d'Arc is extremely durable! The two of them combined a grand start and that is not counting summons you pulled after the tutorial."

Hearing the two sound so bitter about his luck, Hachiman returned to his phone and decided to link his account to ensure that it wasn't lost. Though he didn't intend to play much, just having something that drew the envy of the two was enough of a boon to keep the game installed on his phone, though he did have to admit that the 'Mordred' character that Kakeru had did seem like someone he would want to have. Finishing up his coffee, which was lukewarm with how long they were talking, the raven haired man moved to bid the duo 'adieu'.

Getting a pair of weak hands in return, Hachiman left the cafe and made his way home, though he froze when he remembered the treat that he owed his sister for abandoning her during his escape. Checking the time, he saw that most of the bakeries would either be closing or close to closing with how late in the evening it was getting. Deciding that making her something quick and easy would be much less of a hassle then taking the risk of entering a store just as it was closing and ruining the hopes and dreams of those who wished to return home after a long day, he sent a quick text to his mother to check if she needed anything. Without waiting for a reply, he walked to the neighborhood market and made his rounds after picking up a basket.

A soft chime and light vibration getting his attention, he pulled out his phone and saw a small list sent by his mother, Hachiman stifling the sigh that wanted to leave seeing as he did offer to pick up anything while he was there. The list in hand, Hachiman browsed the store and took his time securing the goods, hedging his bets on the notion that giving Komachi a bit longer to cool her head with spare him from her fury. In the midst of his shopping, he lightly bumped into someone a surge of panic and embarrassment filled him, turning and offering a slight bow towards the other person as they did the same.

"S-Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention where I was walking."

"M-Me too, I was on my phone!"

Raising his head, Hachiman blinked when he saw a flash of blonde hair that seemed vaguely familiar to him. It wasn't until said owner raised her face that Hachiman saw that it was Yumiko who he had bumped into, the blonde mirroring his action of blinking before she shot him an irritated look.

"Hikio! Watch where you're going! What if it was someone other then me that you bumped into!" Chided the blonde as she shook her head in a tired manner, Hachiman feeling his brow twitch as a small scowl crossed his face.

"And what about you? You shouldn't play with your phone while you're shopping." Countered the man as Yumiko froze in the midst of a shake of her head, narrowing her eyes as she shot a dirty look at the man.

"Fine, fine; we're both at fault, that work for you?"

"...Seems to me that you're just making us share the blame..."

Straining her ears, Yumiko did manage to catch the murmur of the man, giving him a sharp look that forced him to turn his head to avoid it. Smirking at her victory, the blonde huffed before stomping away, the raven haired man not turning his head until he was sure that she was gone. A sigh of relief leaving him, Hachiman returned to his shopping with more haste then before, intent on finishing least he run into the tyrannical blonde once again. Checking his phone once more, he scanned it and nodded when all that was left for him to get was a package of consommé, power walking to the isle after double checking the contents of his basket.

When he got to the isle, he scanned the shelves and paused when he found his bounty, making his over and looking at the various choices laid out for him. Weighing the price vs. volume, he eventually settled on a brand that he hadn't tried before, hoping that his adventurous spirit didn't come back to bite him. Grabbing the box, he slipped it into his basket and made his way to the register, though he paused when he saw Yumiko kneeling while looking between two packages of flour. Alternating to look between the two, she pursed her lips and looked at her phone as she mulled over the reviews of the two brands. When he saw her sigh and stand up, Hachiman ducked his head and nearly hopped to hide behind the endcap display of cookies but Kami had grander ideas as he accidentally kicked the display, knocking down a few boxes as crimson exploded on his face. Kneeling quickly, he started picking up the fallen boxes while cursing the god of supermarkets, freezing in the midst of picking up a box when a delicate hand grabbed it as well. Stiffly raising his head, he felt his stomach drop when a smug faced Yumiko could be seen kneeling beside him, only adding to the man's embarrassment when he saw that she was obviously holding back her laughter.

"Are you being serious, Hikio? You seriously thought that no one would see that?" Asked the blonde in an equally smug tone, drawing more red to the cheeks of the raven haired young man as he grunted and looked away.

"Hahaha, come'on, I'm not gonna tease ya! Well, not too much at least!" Chrirped Yumiko as she helped the man replace the boxes, Hachiman muttering a weak 'thank you' as she dusted off her hands.

Standing and taking a look at her, Hachiman felt that something was different about the blonde though he wasn't able to pinpoint just what exactly it was. Currently, Yumiko wasn't wearing her Sobu High uniform, being dressed in a slightly large pink hoodie with a cat on the front, black leggings and a small purse with her hair done up in a slightly messy manner; somehow, Hachiman felt that she had a friendlier air around her then what he felt in the classroom. Feeling him stare, Yumiko also grew a bit self conscious as she turned away and gave shot him an aggrieved look, pink coloring her cheeks as she grumbled at him.

"W-What? You've never seen a girl in casual clothes before?" She barked at him in a flustered tone, Yumiko mentally cursing herself for offering to go shopping while dressed in her favorite comfort clothes.

"Ah, n-no, it's just... Uhh, y-you look nicer then usual." Blurted the raven haired man as Yumiko blinked at the statement, turning to look down at her clothes before returning to stare at Hachiman with a set of dead eyes.

"...Hikio, it's not nice to lie to girls..."

"T-Tch. I'm not lying, you just feel friendlier is all."

"A-Are you saying that I'm not friendly normally?!"

"W-What?! No! What do you want me to say then!?"

A round of bickering falling on the two, eventually it settled when a pair of women passed by and giggled at the duo, likening them to a couple arguing. At that moment, Yumiko paled while Hachiman froze, the two moving away from the other and coughing awkwardly as they let the air clear. While embarrassed, they eventually found something else to talk about when Hachiman brought up the brands of flour she was looking at earlier. A bit surprised and slightly creeped out that he had seen that, Yumiko remembered that the glasses wearing man had quite a talent for baking, practically dragging Hachiman over to the flour section and pestering him for his take on the various brands. Annoyed and irritated, Hachiman pushed it down when he saw the hopeful glint in the blonde's eyes, relenting as he explained the differences in flour to her.

"I knew that types of flour had different purposes but wow, who would have thought that you can't substitute certain kinds."

"Yeah, most recipes are pretty strict when it comes to flour. You can change the flavor, filling and frosting but you can't skip out on the flour. All-purpose is probably the best thing to have at your house but it doesn't hurt to keep a few others, especially if you bake often."

"Huh. What kind of flour did you use for those cupcakes, Hikio? All-purpose?"

"That was cake flour. It's got lowest protein content of all flours at about five to eight percent. It also has less gluten because of that, which leads to softer baked goods. All-purpose also doesn't absorb liquid as well as cake flour, which is what makes things like cupcakes and muffins moist and fluffy."

"...It's kinda creepy that you know so much about flour, Hikio."

"...Who was it that asked me in the first place..."

An unladylike snort leaving her at his comment, Yumiko had a toothy smile on her face as she giggled slightly at the thought of Hachiman being a flour covered creeper. Sharing tha tassessment with said ravenette, Yumiko quickly found herself alone and chasing after the man as Hachiman didn't want to entertain the blonde any longer. Anger and embarrassment coursing through him, Hachiman ignored Yumiko and her prodding up to the register, after paying and once they left the market. Then, and only then, did he turn around to meet her once more, seeing a disparaged look on her face as she fiddled around in her bag.

"Sheesh, Hikio, you need to learn how to take a bit of teasing."

"...I don't think being called a 'flour covered creeper' is a 'bit' of teasing."

"But it is funny, right! Just imagine a Hikio with an open bag of flour on his head, with his head and shoulders puffing with white!"


Laughing despite his unamused expression, Yumiko fished out a chocolate bar before happily handing it to the man. Surprise coloring his face at the act, he was about to ask what it was for only for the blonde to take his hand and place it inside of it. Beaming a smile at him, all Yumiko said was that it was payback for the treat he had shared with her earlier. The man furrowing his brow, it was only after she left that he remembered the cupcake that he had given to Saki and her, a bit of pink coloring his cheeks as a faint smell of watermelon lingered on the candy bar. Quickly shaking his head, he placed it into his bag while trying to control his blush, fortunately cooling it by the time he arrived home. Slipping out of his shoes, he entered the kitchen and saw his mother humming a tune as she cooked, turning and smiling warmly when she caught sight of her eldest child. Returning her smile with a small one of his own, the man deposited the goods on the counter and sorted them out, handing his mother the box of consommé before anything else. Finished with his task, getting a loving ruffle of his hair from his mother to his utter mortification, the young man headed upstairs to change and show. But alas, there in front of his door stood the final boss of the day, Komachi standing imposingly with her arms crossed and a powerful pout on her face.

"Yo, Komachi."


Hearing a strange grumble leave her, a chuckle left the man as he patted her on the head, eroding a bit of her anger as she beamed at the gesture. It all fell when he offered her the candy bar that Yumiko had gotten him, offering a silent prayer to the blonde for her generous donation to the 'save the Hachiman' fund. Gleefully, she took it and followed him into his room, happily nibbling on it as he smiled in a warm manner at her. Spending a few minutes talking about what had happened after he left, Komachi felt noticeably quieter and much more irritable when she explained that Saika and Kaori were more then sad that he had skipped out on them, Yui and Yukino also saddened but had a vague feeling that he would pull the stunt that he did. But seeing as they didn't text or call him, the raven haired man assumed that he was home free, asking his beloved sister to leave so that he could change. Following his orders, Komachi skipped out of the room but not after demanding a headpat from the man, to which he performed with perfect form. As he strode to the bathroom with his change of clothes in hand, Hachiman had to admit, all things considered the day wasn't as horrible as he had expected when he first entered his class. But when he felt his phone vibrate, instantly a sense of doom filled that man as he stiffly craned his neck to see who had texted him and felt ice form in his stomach when he saw a number he never wished to see.

["Hello, Hikigaya-kun! It's your big sister, Haruno! I've been hearing so many things about you, I just need to see it in person! Ah, I also heard that you're quite the chef now! Your big sis will stop by soon, so have something tasty for her, alright!"]

"...Kami-sama... What crime did I commit...?"

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